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Burger King’s meatless burger to become permanent menu staple

The addition reflects growing consumer demand for plant-based food

Photo (c) Roland Magnusson - Getty Images
Burger King is adding a meatless burger to its menus nationwide. The fast food chain launched a pilot program on April 1 to test the Impossible Whopper, a vegan patty made from wheat and potato proteins, at 59 stores in Missouri.

Less than a month later, Burger King says the pilot project has shown “encouraging results” and that the meatless patty is ready to become a permanent menu item. The patty is made by Beyond Meat, a company that also produces meatless burger substitutes for Carl’s Jr. restaurants.

The embrace of plant-based foods by fast food restaurants reflects a growing consumer demand for veggie options, even among consumers who aren’t full-time vegans or vegetarians.

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