Burger King invites customers to create a new sandwich


Enter the competition and you’ll get a free Whopper, so why not?

It’s been 50 years since Burger King (BK) wooed consumers with its “Have it your way” pitch. Remember?

“Special orders don’t upset us, all we ask is that you let us serve it your way!”

Giving the customer some power was a smart marketing ploy, then, and the chain thinks it can re-tool that idea now that it has generative artificial intelligence (AI) on its side.

More than half of BK guests already doctor up their Whopper and the fast food chain has come up with a new idea that plays right into the hands of those folks. Any BK customer who thinks they can dress a burger in a way that will capture the hearts and tongues of others can enter their idea in the Million Dollar Whopper Contest.

If their creation is good enough,  there's a $1 million prize waiting for them and the honor of having their creation sold in restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

Entering the Million Dollar Whopper contest

If you think you can out-burger the rest, all you have to do to sign up for the Burger King Million Dollar Whopper contest is visit BK.com/MDW or the BK App (no purchase necessary). You have until Sunday, March 17. 

Customers can follow the prompts to submit their Whopper sandwich concept, which can feature up to eight toppings from the 200,000 combinations the company said are possibilities. By the way, this reporter’s got dibs on the spinach, mayo, mushrooms, bacon Whopper so hands off that idea, okay?

Once you submit your custom Whopper idea, artificial intelligence (AI) takes over and shows each entrant an AI preview of their flame-grilled creation.

From there, you can top off your entry with a personalized AI generated-jingle, and a thematic background. The final image or video can then be shared across their social media platforms. 

And, lest we forget, every entrant can claim a free Whopper with a $1 purchase in the Offers tab of their BK app. Terms apply.

How do you win? Well, you’re at the mercy of a panel of judges who will select three finalists, call them to BK headquarters in Miami and give the finalists one last once to tweak their masterpiece.

Then, those three burgers will go on to Burger King menus nationwide to let foodies try them out for themselves. Those diners will have the chance to vote for their favorite and the finalist who receives the most votes will take home the $1 million prize. 

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