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First it was smoking. Then it was jaywalking. Then big sugary drinks. Now New York City wants a bunny ban -- specifically, a ban on selling baby rabbits in pet stores.

The reason is pretty obvious: rabbits have a very big sexual appetite and they multiply pretty quickly.

A bill currently before the City Council would make it illegal for pet shops to “display, offer for sale, deliver, barter, auction, give away, transfer or sell” rabbits.

“They’re frequently dumped in city parks and brought to city shelters. There’s simply not enough room," said Christine Mott, who heads the city Bar Association’s Committee on Animal LawFollowing dogs and cats, rabbits are the third most common animals left at shelters.

Most abandoned rabbits don't get rescued and when they are dumped into the parks they are eaten by raccoons, dogs, cats and wildlife.

This is all part of the bill that prohibits pet shops from buying dogs from "puppy mills." It gives the city a stronger hand and puts more restrictions on pet stores. The rabbit addendum was added two weeks ago. 

For some reason when people buy rabbits they don't buy just one. That means that pretty soon they have lots of bunnies, and lots of problems.

Three large cities -- Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago -- have banned the selling of rabbits in pet stores already. Petco no longer sells rabbits in their stores and other pet stores may soon follow.

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