PhotoIt’s not too early to start thinking about holiday travel plans. To help you figure out where to go, Kayak delved into its database of flight and hotel searches to come up with a list of travel destinations that won’t wreck your budget.

Kayak’s list of budget-friendly destinations includes international locations as well as locations in the U.S. This year, San Jose, Costa Rica topped the international list. The median cost of traveling to this warm, culturally rich locale were 35% lower than the overall median price for international flights (median prices were based on historical data).

For those interested in staying a little closer to home, Las Vegas may be just the ticket. Kayak found that median airfare to sin city is $258 in November, $247 in December, and $221 in January.

Top ten destinations

Whether you’re looking to spend your holiday vacation somewhere tropical or somewhere a little less balmy, Kayak has a budget-friendly travel destination to suit your fancy. Here’s the site's full list of wallet-friendly international destinations: ​
  • San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Panama City, Panama

  • Belize City, Belize

  • Bogotá, Colombia

  • Managua, Nicaragua

  • San Salvador, El Salvador

  • Guatemala City, Guatemala

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Dublin, Ireland

  • Lima, Peru

Kayak's list of budget-friendly travel destinations within the U.S. can be viewed here.

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