Boeing 737 MAX grounded again over electrical issue

Photo (c) Karol Ciesluk - Getty Images

Airlines are shifting to accommodate schedules

Boeing has found its way back into the news cycle. Only a few months after the Federal Aviation Administration gave the company permission to restart production of its 737 MAX aircraft and allowed airlines to use them, hopes for a successful return have been dashed again.

The company recommended grounding a specific group of 737 MAX planes because of an electrical issue. Officials said they asked 16 airlines to verify “that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electrical power system” on certain MAX planes. 

Boeing said it has also made the FAA aware of this “production issue” and that it will provide “appropriate corrective actions” to the airlines that own the planes it’s identified as possibly having the electrical issue.

However, this is not the only issue relating to the 737 MAX that has recently come to light. Just last week, the FAA proposed an airworthiness directive concerning reported failures of the automatic shutoff system during refueling. 

Airlines make shifts to accommodate schedules

The largest domestic carriers that own MAX models -- American, United, and Southwest -- have removed more than 60 of the planes from service. Southwest confirmed that 30 of its 58 MAX jets were affected by Boeing’s notification. However, the carrier noted that 15 or fewer MAX jets are scheduled to fly each day. 

“Southwest anticipates minimal disruption to our operation, and we appreciate the understanding of our customers and employees as safety is always our uncompromising priority,” it said in a statement.

ConsumerAffairs asked Boeing if there was a way for travelers to make sure that the plane they’re scheduled on is not one of the ones identified as having potential issues. The company has not yet given a response.

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