Benjamin Moore ranks first with consumers doing interior paint jobs

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Sherwin-Williams is in the top spot for exterior paint jobs

Many consumers are heading for the paint aisle as spring cleaning chores get underway. For indoor jobs, they tend to favor the Benjamin Moore brand, according to J.D. Power’s annual Paint Customer Satisfaction Survey. Sherwin-Williams and BEHR came in second and third, respectively, for the indoor category.

While Benjamin Moore is consumers’ favorite interior paint, Sherwin-Williams was the top pick for exterior jobs, followed by BEHR and Valspar.

When we checked how ConsumerAffairs reviewers rated the four paint brands, we found a close correlation. Using our 5-star rating system, here’s how consumers rated the brands:

  1. Benjamin Moore:  4.6 stars

  2. BEHR: 4.5 stars

  3. Sherwin-Williams: 4.4 stars

  4. Valspar: 3.9 stars

Consumers like multiple brands

While there were disparities when it came to the overall ratings of each paint brand, consumer reviews show that there's something to like about each one depending on your needs. Here are some reviews on each of the major brands:

Benjamin Moore

Trina, or Burbank, Calif., says she likes Benjamin Moore because of how it covers surfaces. She also says it seems easier to apply. 

“I recently painted over a damaged surface with a Benjamin Moore light pastel over old dark red paint,” Trina wrote in a ConsumerAffairs review. “It only took a few coats and now the walls look almost professionally done even though I'm an amateur. I highly recommend this paint.”


Patricia, of Memphis, Tenn., told us she has gotten good results with BEHR and likes the fact that the paint and primer are mixed together, reducing painting time.

“Paint dries faster which means you get to enjoy the work you have done faster,” she wrote. “With the beautiful colors that you have picked for your rooms.”


Yolanda, of Camden, S.C., says she buys her paint at Lowe’s and usually picks up Valspar.

“Valspar paint is awesome,” she wrote in her review. “I used a Vessel Gray to paint my kitchen and it turned out great. I used the flat. The colors are vibrant and lively. I would suggest Valspar paint to everyone.”


Patricia, of Anthony, Fla., is a fan of Sherwin-Williams and said she always gets good service at Sherwin-Williams stores.

“Quality of the paint is very consistent, colors are beautifully mixed and match the samples,” she told us. “I never feel pushed while deciding on my purchase. Employees are friendly and always clean and nicely dressed.”

Many research at stores before choosing paint

The J.D. Power survey found that nearly half of paint shoppers visited a store to do some research on various brands before making a selection.

“With the do-it-yourself trend continuing, there’s a huge opportunity for retailers and brands to partner and focus on training salespeople, despite the challenges of high turnover and supply chain issues,” said Christina Cooley, director of the home and retail intelligence practice at J.D. Power. 

Cooley says the best way retailers and paint brands can meet the needs of paint shoppers who rely on in-store guidance and support during their purchase is to set themselves apart through their staff and the knowledgeable advice they provide.

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