AT&T jumps into the tablet game with a specially-designed kids’ tablet

Photo (c) Lurii Sokolov - Getty Images

The price is good, the parental controls seem tight, and the battery life can last the distance from your house to grandma’s this Thanksgiving weekend

If AT&T is your carrier and you’ve got kiddos in the family, that combination is being fused by the carrier with the launch of its first kids-focused tablet.

The tablet is a version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite where the hardware and software are designed specifically with parents of young kids in mind – easy to set up and restricted access to apps, the internet, and other safety points of concern.

In an email to ConsumerAffairs, an AT&T spokesperson said that the table is perfect for little hands, too, with an 8.7-inch display with a rugged, durable case to handle the toughest of tough love and a battery life estimated at up to 11 hours. 

The price and the bonus content

Consumers actually have two price options: They can either purchase the device online or in stores for $250 upfront or spread that $250 over 36 months (a little less than $7/mo.).* 

AT&T customers also get access to Samsung’s Kids platform for free. That way, parents have the ability to quickly toggle out of “kids mode” and use the tablet like any other tablet when they need it.

*(0% APR, 36-mo. installment agreement with. $0 down for well-qualified customers. Tax on full price due at sale. Credit card may be req'd [except MA, PA, ND]. $35 activation fee and other fees may apply). 

And the all-important parental controls

Parental controls are nothing to be messed with and both Apple and Google (for Android) have made sure that those controls remain well-guarded.

AT&T/Samsung are following suit with the new tablet, allowing parents to set limits on playtime as well as give access to specific contacts and apps. Parents can also check the usage report to see what their child is doing or make sure they’re only seeing what’s appropriate when using this tablet.

How do you know if this tablet is the “right” device for your child? When that question was posed to AT&T, they said this:

“AT&T has teamed up with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to create free digital resources found on AT&T ScreenReady to help families use technology safely and responsibly. Parents can use the AAP’s interactive Family Media Plan tool to help create healthy digital habits for their family.”

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