PhotoAsher’s Chocolates/Lewistown, Inc., is recalling multiple chocolates, chocolate bars, cellophane wrapped chocolates and individually wrapped chocolates, etc. under the Asher’s brand.


The products may be contaminated with Salmonella.


No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem.


The following products are being recalled:

Product UPCLabel DescriptionLot#Size
11516Milk Chocolate Pretzel Pieces 8 oz.0003344698 oz.
11517Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pieces 8 oz.0003344708 oz.
14765Milk Chocolate Vanilla Caramel with Sea Salt 4 oz.0003375564 oz.
47350Dark Chocolate Hostess Mint 6 oz.0003356156oz.
55115KEYSTONE CRUNCH 4 OZ BAG000336374, 0003376584 oz.
55165KEYSTONE CRUNCH 6 oz.0003355916 oz.
55180Milk Chocolate Coated Boardwalk Crunch 4 oz.0003356254 oz.
55185KEYSTONE CRUNCH 1 LB00033637516 oz.
63385Milk Chocolate with Fall String 4 oz.0003358524 oz.
63386Dark Chocolate mini Pretzels Fall String 4 oz.0003358484 oz.
65902Dark Chocolate Molasses Pop 4 oz.000336201, 0003358004 oz.
65902Dark Chocolate Molasses Pop 2 oz.0003363762 oz.
67395Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven 3 oz.000337016, 0003376633 oz.
75005Milk Chocolate Nonpareil Pop 1.25 oz.000335701, 0003365201.25 oz.
75027Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop with Fall Leaves 3 oz.000337574, 0003376733 oz.
75030Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop with Christmas Seeds 3 oz.0003365213 oz.
75037Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop Multi Seeds 2.25 oz.000335803, 0003371732.25 oz.
75085Milk Chocolate Non Peril with Fall Seed 4 oz.0003359634 oz.
75086Dark Chocolate Non Pareils with Fall Seed 4 oz.0003358584 oz.
75087White Confectionery Coating Non pareils with orange and yellow seed 4 oz.0003371784 oz.
75107White Confectionery Coating Peanut Butter Cup 2.35 oz.000336377, 000337560, 0003376652.35 oz.
75141Milk Chocolate POTATO CHIP 4 oz.0003359184 oz.
75151Milk Chocolate Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz.000335843, 0003364814 oz.
75152Dark Chocolate Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz.000335590, 0003364824 oz.
75153White Confectionery Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz.0003355894 oz.
75245Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rod 3pcs Asst. with Asher Bow 3.5 oz.000335802, 000335910, 000336608, 0003371773.5 oz.
75260Milk Pretzel Rod 3 piece assorted 3.5 oz.000335699, 0003376643.5 oz.
75261Milk Chocolate Pretzel Cluster 4 oz.000335930, 000336198, 000336378, 000336879, 0003370134 oz.
75277Milk Chocolate Coated Potato Chip Coffee Bag 8.5 oz.0003360448.5 oz,
75279Milk Boardwalk Crunch Coffee Bag 6 oz.0003350436 oz.
75282Dark Chocolate costed POTATO CHIP COFFEE BAG 8.5 oz.0003358518.5 oz.
76025Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop Multi Seeds 3 oz.000335722, 000337573, 0003354623 oz.
82379Milk SF Almond Butter Toffee 3 oz.0003359553 oz.
82421Milk Chocolate Fruit Center Bar 3.5 oz.0003354143.5 oz.
83851Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (Scored) 4 oz.000335647, 0003358564 oz.
83855Milk Chocolate Non Pareils with multi seed 4 oz.0003358544 oz.
83856Dark Chocolate Non Pareils with White Seed 4 oz.0003358554 oz.
83858Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels 4 oz.0003355884 oz.
83859Dark Chocolate Mini Pretzel Ash Label 4 oz.0003358624 oz.
83860White Confectionery Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz.000335969, 0003372454 oz.
87145Milk and Dark Chocolate Fall Pretzel Pre Pack 3 per case0003364504 oz.


The recalled items, distributed in retail stores nationwide, can be identified by the production code printed on the side of the label. No other production codes are affected by this recall.


What to do


Customers who purchased the recalled products should not consume them, but contact customer service to arrange for return of the products and a refund.


Consumers may contact the company at 888-288-3880 between 9AM and 5PM (ET) Monday – Friday or by email at



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