Apple confirms problem affecting some MacBook Pro laptops

Photo (c) gece33 - Getty Images

Some users have reported that the device shuts down unexpectedly

Apple has confirmed an issue causing the entry-level 13-inch 2019 MacBook Pro model to shut down randomly while there is still battery power remaining.

Users reported on the MacRumors forum that the device shuts down unexpectedly when its battery life falls to about 25-50 percent. In order to reboot the machine, it has to be connected to its charger. 

Apple has confirmed the issue and published a support document describing how to navigate the issue if it occurs. 

What to do

The company says users should connect their laptop to a power adapter once its battery percentage drops to less than 90 percent. After that, users are advised to quit all open applications and let the device go into sleep mode for a minimum of eight hours. 

“Close your computer's lid, which puts your Mac in to sleep mode. Let your Mac charge for at least 8 hours,” Apple writes. “After 8 hours, update to the latest version of macOS.” 

The tech giant says users should contact Apple if the issue persists after updating to the latest version of macOS, as servicing might be needed. 

Apple’s acknowledgment of the problem affecting some 2019 MacBook Pro devices follows other user reports of glitches impacting devices. Apple currently offers a keyboard servicing program for MacBook users and a battery replacement program for certain MacBook Pros.

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