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Apparel retailer Marshalls sticks a toe into the e-commerce world

The company’s first online shopping site comes as younger consumers discover the retailer

Photo (c) JHVEPhoto - Getty Images
Marshalls, the popular apparel retailer with over 1,100 brick and mortar locations, has apparently decided the internet is here to stay. It’s launched its first e-commerce site, Marshalls.com.

By moving online, the company said it is now offering a wider selection of merchandise, including “high-quality pieces.” 

"We are thrilled to introduce Marshalls.com, which allows customers to shop Marshalls anytime," said Mark DeOliveira, executive vice president, TJX Digital US. "This site will feature a unique assortment of the brands and values that Marshalls is known for, and also offer customers the ability to shop through fun, interactive features and curations. We are excited for customers to experience the brand in this new way."

Marshalls has carved a fairly secure niche for itself in the retail marketplace, offering bargain prices on a wide range of apparel and beauty products. Its stores are fixtures in high-traffic shopping centers and boast a loyal customer base.

The retailer says shoppers who migrate from the brick and mortar locations to the website will enjoy easy returns since any item ordered online can be returned through the mail or at an existing store.

Mobile features

The company says the shopping portal is designed for mobile shopping and includes a “swipe to shop” feature that allows consumers to quickly view and sort products by swiping left or right to favorite items and buy or save for later.

The Influencer + Shopper Finds feature will link shippers to categories and similar products.

While both Marshalls and T.J. Maxx have long been popular with mature shoppers, the stores have recently become cult favorites of some millennials, which may explain the decision to move online. Industry publication Footwear News recently reported that both brands have gained enthusiastic followers among younger consumers.

A senior executive told the publication that the majority of new customers coming to the stores during the second quarter of 2018 were between the ages of 18 and 34, and that trend is expected to continue.

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