American Airlines CEO vows reliability as massive peak travel season kicks off

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Airlines are providing additional perks to travelers to keep them happy

American Airlines CEO Robert Isom says the airline is all ready to go for the 2022 summer travel season. In a meeting with pilots, Isom said travelers can count on American to manage the expected increase in passengers for both the summer and beyond.

The airline has had to deal with some bumps in recent months, including issues with fuel shortages, system-wide cancellations brought on by bad weather, and issues with pilots. However, Isom says that’s all in the past. 

“People really need to feel like they have control of their itineraries and we give them control by making sure they get to where they want to go on time. I just can’t be any more blunt about it than that,” Isom told pilots during a company town hall, according to CNBC. “Other airlines are really struggling.” 

Isom didn’t call any other airline out specifically, but he may be talking about JetBlue and Alaska Airlines. Earlier this month, both companies said they were pulling back on their normal flight schedules. For JetBlue, that cut was sizable – 8% to 10% at least through the end of May. The company is hoping to minimize the impact of seasonal weather interruptions and air traffic control disruptions going forward.

Airlines offer more to keep consumers happy

Airlines will need to be on top of their game in the coming months to satisfy the throngs of people who are returning to the skies. Many carriers are already taking extra steps like upgrading mileage programs or offering enticing fares to keep travelers happy.

Despite an extension of the face mask mandate, the Transportation Security Administration reports that it is already seeing more people going through security. Passenger screenings jumped to 2.3 million people this past Friday, up 57% from a year ago.

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