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Amazon to open a second cashier-less Go store this fall

The store is coming to Seattle in just a few months

Photo (c) carterdayne - Getty Images
Amazon’s cashier-less stores -- Amazon Go -- will be opening a second location this fall in Seattle.

The first store in Amazon’s homebase of Seattle opened this past January after the company spent more than a year perfecting it. Customers will be able to find the second location of Amazon Go in the new Madison Centre office tower.

“We are excited to bring Amazon Go to 920 5th Ave in Seattle,” the company said in a statement. “The store will open in Fall 2018.”

The new second location will be almost two times the size of the first store, topping out at approximately 3,000 square feet, versus the original store’s 1,800 square feet.

GeekWire first discovered that Amazon would be expanding its Go stores based on a number of clues around the city. In addition to a permit filing for an “Amazon retail” project at the building, passersby have been able to peek through the gaps in the window coverings from the sidewalk. Moreover, Amazon Go’s slogan -- “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)” -- is also visible thanks to a gap at the top of the window.

Amazon Go

Amazon’s Go stores are another example of the company’s efforts to continually advance the technological landscape.

At Amazon Go stores, customers don’t have to wait in checkout lines -- there are no lines and no cashiers. Consumers can go through the aisles, picking up what they need. When they’re done, they simply leave the store.

Cameras and sensors throughout the store track what customers are taking home with them, and their credit cards are charged accordingly. Customers must have the Amazon Go app downloaded to their phones, as a unique QR code from the app must be scanned before leaving the store.

At the time of the first store’s opening, the company compared the technology used in its store to the technology in autonomous vehicles.

“Our Just Walk Out technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart,” Amazon said. “When you’re done shopping, you can just leave the store. Shortly after, we’ll charge your card and send you a receipt.”

Continued expansion

Following the success of the first Amazon Go store, the company got the green light to continue expanding to other locations.

This second Seattle location has been discussed for some time, but Amazon Go has plans to soon unveil stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. Earlier this year, Recode reported that as many as six new Amazon Go storefronts could be popping up before the end of 2018.

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