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Amazon says it will no longer sell Nest products

Removing the line of smart home products is the latest development in the war between Amazon and Google

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Nest products are expected to disappear from Amazon once the site’s current stock runs out, according to a report from Business Insider. 
Amazon’s retail team told Nest on a phone call late last year that it won’t be listing any of the Google-owned company’s newer products, which include a smart thermostat and the Secure home security system. The online retailer reportedly told Nest employees that the decision “came from the top,” but didn’t directly confirm that it was from CEO Jeff Bezos. 
In response to the directive, Nest has decided to remove itself from the website altogether. Once existing product inventory is gone, it won’t restock. Nest says its reasoning is that Amazon should either sell its entire lineup of products or none at all. 
It remains unclear whether third-party vendors will still be able to sell Nest products on the Amazon Marketplace.

Google and Amazon’s feud 

The removal of Nest products from Amazon is just the latest development in the falling out between the corporate powerhouses. 
In 2015, Amazon pulled Chromecast and Apple TV listings over their lack of Prime Video support. Then, the e-commerce giant removed YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV products and the Echo Show due to “lack of reciprocity.”  
Amazon has refused to sell some Google products, like the Google Home voice assistant speaker and Pixel smartphones. But in December, Amazon announced that it will start selling Chromecast streaming devices again, leading many to believe that the feud between the companies may be dying down. 
However, this most recent report suggests that the war between the companies may be far from over. 

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