ALDI and Instacart team up on a new virtual convenience store that delivers within 30 minutes

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The companies say that the new feature is ideal for small orders

ALDI and Instacart have teamed up on a new virtual convenience store, designed to deliver the essentials right to consumers’ doors within 30 minutes. 

“We know our customers live hectic lives, and sometimes that means they don’t have time to make it to the grocery store – even for a quick trip,” said Scott Patton, vice president of National Buying at ALDI. “Through ALDI Express, we’re making shopping more convenient so you can satisfy a craving or get a missing ingredient in minutes.”

Fast delivery across the country

Instacart will work with over 2,100 ALDI locations across the country to bring consumers ALDI Express. Whether you’re in a rush after work or forgot to grab something for your barbecue, the new partnership will get everything delivered in 30 minutes or less, the companies say. 

ALDI Express will feature nearly 2,000 items, with the primary goal of making it as efficient and easy as possible to get the necessities delivered. ALDI Express is divided into several different categories based on shoppers’ needs: 

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Fresh fruit

  • Dairy & eggs

  • Snacks & candy

  • Meat & seafood

  • Ice cream

  • Frozen foods

  • Cheese

  • Juice

  • Soda & water

  • Coffee & tea

  • Sports drinks

  • Pantry

  • Household

  • Health care

  • Pet care

  • Baby

  • Personal care

  • ALDI Finds (Limited Time)

  • Vegan

  • Organic 

ALDI Express also shows what items are currently popular and trending on the site, as well as tabs for special deals. Items are also tagged if they’re on sale, or if there are “many in stock.” 

While ALDI offers store pickup and delivery options through DoorDash, and has been working with Instacart since 2017, ALDI Express is designed to speed up the process – and is ideal for smaller orders, the companies say. 

ALDI Express is currently up and running, and consumers can start shopping through either the ALDI Express storefront or through Instacart’s Convenience Hub – which also features other stores like CVS, Stop & Shop Express, 7-11, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and more local spots in your area. 

“With this launch, we’re making it easier for customers nationwide to get their favorite ALDI staples delivered faster than ever before,” said Ryan Hamburger, vice president of retail at Instacart. “We know how important it is to get what you need when you want it – whether it’s a last-minute delivery for a missing dinner ingredient, milk for the baby, or simply wanting a late-night snack.” 

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