PhotoWhy should younger drivers have all the fun -- and make all the money? You might normally think of an Uber or Lyft driver as a Millennial trying to make a few extra bucks to pay off his student loan. But why couldn't the driver be a Baby Boomer still trying to pay off her student loan?

That seems to be the reasoning behind a new lash-up between Uber and Life Reimagined, a non-profit subsidiary of AARP aimed at helping older drivers discover a new source of income.

Of course, being a non-profit with lofty goals, AARP wouldn't do anything just to make money. Rather, an AARP news release says, the Uber-Life Imagined lash-up will "offer millions of people the opportunity to learn more about the sharing economy and earn additional income as driver-partners on the Uber platform, in a way that is economically meaningful, socially engaging and highly flexible."

A higher goal

So it's not just driving people around? Not according to David Plouffe, former Obama strategist and now a member of Uber's board of directors.

“The Uber platform is used by many people over 40 to supplement their income, and it’s a great way to make money, meet people and serve the community. We are thrilled to work with Life Reimagined to spread the word about this opportunity to their members throughout the U.S.,” Plouffe said.

It might sound kind of overblown but if you think about it, this is sort of what AARP has always done: taken something very ordinary, like getting old, and spinning it so it sounds new and innovative. Even edgy.

And what is this Life Reimagined again? As AARP describes it, it's "a one-of-a-kind online and live experience aimed at guiding millions of Americans through their life transitions by helping them discover new possibilities and connecting them with a community of people pursuing similar passions and goals."

Like, you know, driving people around.

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