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6 household improvements for Baby Safety Month

These items can help you keep your little one safe

mom holding baby up
Photo (c) kate_sept2004 - Getty

September isn't just the start of pumpkin spice season — it's also Baby Safety Month. Childproofing your home is essential if you have or expect a little bundle of joy (or maybe several!). It isn't easy to think of everything when making your home safe for babies and toddlers, so here is a selection of items to help.

1. Safety straps for furniture

You might be surprised by the number of accidents that kids can have because of furniture — TVs and dressers tipping are just a few of the most common mishaps. Make sure your furniture is secured with a product like these easy-to-use safety straps.

bebe earth furniture anchors
Photo (c) Amazon
  • 10 pack
  • Earthquake resistant

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2. Cord safety wraps

Window blinds are also dangerous to babies and toddlers — the blind cord is an extreme choking hazard. Use a cord wrap to keep them neatly organized and tucked out of reach of your child.

safety innovations cord wrap
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Contains 12 cord cleats and 24 screws
  • Mounts to window frame

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3. Toilet lock

Another place that tiny hands love to explore is the toilet, which is not an ideal situation. Secure your toilet lid to prevent mishaps, injuries and drowning risks.

erockbuy toilet seat locks
Photo (c) Amazon
  • 30-day hassle-free guarantee
  • Eco-friendly

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4. Corner guards

Sharp corners are everywhere! Protect your children’s heads and bodies by making sure your furniture's edges aren't risks and using corner guards to make your furniture safer.

calmyotis corner protector
Photo (c) Amazon
  • 24-pack
  • 30-day guarantee

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5. Stove knob covers

Toddlers love exploring the kitchen! Small children might see their parents switching a burner on or off and want to try it. Keep your stovetop safe by putting a baby-safe cover over the knobs to prevent little hands from turning on hot surfaces.

eudemon stove knob covers
Photo (c) Amazon
  • No tools need for installation
  • Temperature resistance up to 248 degrees

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6. A safe spot to play

Letting a baby crawl around on the floor while adults are cooking or chatting can be dangerous. There may be small choking hazards on the floor, or they could wander into harm. Instead, let your baby bounce and play on this Jumperoo, which keeps your baby entertained and off the floor.

fisher price animal wonders jumperoo
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Seat spins 360 degrees
  • Removable, machine-washable seat pad

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dad wearing baby
Photo (c) GrapeImages - Getty

Don't be intimidated by all of the potential hazards around the house for toddlers and babies. Get lower to the ground and analyze your home. Are there small accessories that are easy to grab? Or sharp corners that you wouldn't usually notice? Our list of baby safety products can help you find the products you need to babyproof your home. And if you're looking to take your baby out for some fresh air, check out our baby carrier and sling guide.

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