6 excellent ways to celebrate Bastille Day

This July 14th, celebrate liberté, fraternité and égalité!

Bastille Day, or as the French say, “la Fête Nationale Française,” is a celebration recognizing the storming of the Bastille by French citizens and the turning point of the French Revolution. The people of France celebrate in many different ways, including parties, fireworks and the Paris Bastille Day military parade (Défilé militaire du 14 juillet).

However, several countries (including areas in the U.S.) all have their own parties recognizing the occasion — so why not join in and start your own Bastille Day party? Here are some great, safe ways to celebrate Bastille Day.

Make French-inspired food

The French take a lot of pride in their cooking. Although you may not be a Michelin star chef, making simple French-inspired food is an excellent way to enjoy Bastille Day. Make croque monsieurs for breakfast, cheese gougeres for an appetizer and everyone’s favorite ratatouille for dinner. You can even try your hand at making macarons for dessert!

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Enjoy wonderful french drinks

Simply enjoying the weather with a glass of fine French wine is a great choice, especially if you can purchase a bottle of French pinot grigio straight from the Alsace. If you’re looking for a nonalcoholic option, try citron pressé — a traditional French lemonade made from water, lemon juice and sugar served on ice.

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Learn more about Bastille Day

This is an excellent project for you and any little ones that want to learn more about the history of Bastille Day. Do some online research or watch some documentaries to explore the event. Find out more about the storming of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789, how the first celebration started in 1790 and what the people in France do today to commemorate the event.

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Embrace the theme and decorate

It’s time to replace all those great Fourth of July decorations with some festive Bastille Day-inspired trimming! Embrace the Tricolore, throw together some Eiffel Tower centerpieces and stream some Edith Piaf songs. Do your best to bring some vibrant French aesthetics to your living space.

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Experience French cinema

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The French have a deep tradition of filmmaking that is celebrated throughout the world, and you can explore these movies through most streaming services. Stream some films made by France’s most cherished directors, such as Godard and Truffaut, and sit back while experiencing the French New Wave.

Take a virtual tour of Place de la Bastille

place de la bastille
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The Bastille no longer exists, but you can virtually tour the area where it once stood. Known today as the Place de la Bastille, the original building was destroyed during the French Revolution sometime between July 1789 and July 1790. However, if you want to keep socially distant, check out 360 Cities’ virtual tour of the area.

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It’s great to learn and experience festivities from around the world, and Bastille Day is a wonderful celebration to start. If you’re interested in some help traveling once things are safer, we can help with our travel agencies guide. Vive la liberté!

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