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5 items to help make your home office more comfortable

Check out our list of items that can help ease aches and pains caused by your home office setup

modern home office
Photo (c) Pekic - Getty

Working from home has many advantages, including wearing pajama bottoms and staying close to your pets; but a less-than-ideal space can make it difficult to work comfortably. A poorly positioned monitor or chair that doesn’t provide proper support can lead to aches, pains and injuries. To help, we have a list of our favorite work-from-home items to turn your home office into your new favorite place.

1. Laptop stand

If you have a low desk or work from your kitchen bar, invest in a laptop stand to reduce the risk of neck strain caused by continuously looking down. These stands also help your posture — something many of us need after months of working from home.

sleek laptop stand
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Detachable and simple installation
  • Can be disassembled for storage

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2. Standing desk

Not moving around enough has a negative effect on your health. Don’t sit around all day when working from home — invest in a standing or adjustable desk that lets you get up and move. This adjustable desk is a classic white and enables you to stand or sit.

white standing desk
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Adjustable height from 28" - 47.6"
  • 5-year warranty for the frame, motor and mechanisms

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3. Ergonomic desk chair

If you’re not interested in a standing desk, it’s worth investing in an office chair that supports your back and arms. An ergonomic desk chair helps prevent lumbar and arm pains that often come with using a poorly constructed chair.

ergonomic desk chair
Photo (c) Amazon
  • 12-month guarantee
  • Simple instructions; no extra tools needed

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4. Ergonomic footrest

A well-made chair and properly aligned desk are great starting points, but less common accessories can also help. An ergonomic footrest helps improve your posture, decrease back issues, increase circulation and take the pressure off your legs.

ergonomic foot rest
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Massage surface
  • No assembly needed

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5. Ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are designed to keep your hands at a natural angle and help prevent the wrist pain standard keyboards can cause. These keyboards relax your shoulders and let you hold your wrists in a better position.

ergonomic keyboard
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Natural arc layout
  • Cushioned palm rest

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virtual meeting
Photo (c) FilippoBacci - Getty

With a few additions, you can make your home office far more comfortable and prevent normal desk work aches and pains. If you need extra help with your home office — such as telephone and receptionist services — check out our virtual office company guide.

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