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5 DIY backyard projects for family fun

Get out of the house and hone your DIY skills while prepping for warmer weather

With summer quickly approaching and self-isolation making us all a little stir-crazy, here are some great projects to take up some of your newly found spare time and have your backyard ready for family fun!

Photo (c) - krblokhin - Getty

1. Fire pit

Who doesn't like to cook s'mores over summer? The first step to any great s'more is a fire pit. Fire pits are as simple or elaborate as you want and what your budget will allow. Some store-bought fire pits can cost as little as $70 - $80; however, you can build one that is more durable for around $60.

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2. Cinder block bench

Need to add seating for your patio, garden or around your new firepit? Building a bench out of cinder blocks and posts gives you seating options on a budget. Plus, you get to choose the colors of your seating to be as vibrant or monochromatic as you wish. This colorful bench has built-in planters to add even more color to your backyard. For added color plant petunias or geraniums. For added bug relief plant citronella or lavender.

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3. Pergola

If your patio is not covered or you would like to add to your existing patio, a pergola is a great way to do so. Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to existing buildings and are a great way to add more space for entertaining. Want more coverage on your structure? Plant wisteria and allow it to grow up and over the top. Want more ambiance? Hang solar-powered lights and sheer curtains. With the right planning and patience, you can even build your own pergola.

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4. Patio table with built-in coolers

No BBQ is complete without a place to put things. Picnic tables are great for food, drinks, games and date nights. You can build your own and be as elaborate as you want. You can even make a picnic table with a built-in cooler compartment, cup holders and condiment caddies! Add this under the pergola you constructed, and you have a completely transformed space.

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5. Cornhole boards

Having summertime backyard fun is excellent with your family, but what do you do to entertain everyone? Cornhole is a great way to delight people of all ages! Building a simple, lightweight travel set of cornhole boards are great for storage. Or you can build a custom LED set that will allow you to play into those warm, summer nights.

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