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5 creative ways to get your life in order

Here are a few great things that you can do at home to be more productive and live a better life

Face it: Life gets hectic at times. We're always looking for ways to stay on top of things. It’s so easy for challenges to get in your way and old habits creep back in. Below are some super simple ways to keep and maintain order in your life.

person planning their week
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Create a schedule

Creating a weekly schedule helps set the tone and structure for your week. It enables you to be clear about what you want to accomplish during your week. Some weeks you might want to be more social, while others may want to focus on a new hobby.

We suggest getting a journal to write down how you want your week to look. Studies about writing down goals indicate that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

Additionally, make sure you always reflect on your previous week. What went well? What didn't go well? These questions will continually help plan your weeks more effectively, and before you know it, you will quickly feel more accomplished.

weekly planner
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  • Plan meals, to-dos and priorities
  • Track water intake

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Do something in advance for yourself

How many of us sleep through our alarms? A great tip we’ve heard is to set your morning self up for success the night before. This way, your alarm going off is a little gift and motivates yourself in the morning. Some ideas of this are:

  • Set your coffee pot to turn on right when your alarm goes off
  • Layout your workout clothes and get your water bottle set up next to your bed
  • Set your computer next to your bed so you can journal right away when you get up

Starting the day like this helps you feel set up for success.

coffee pot brewing
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Meal plan

Meal planning is a healthy way to get control of your life and save some time. Plan your meals weekly and then go grocery shopping right after, ensuring you have all the ingredients. A good start is posting your meal plan on your fridge or in your kitchen where everyone will see it — this way, everyone in your household will know what’s for dinner and might actually start cooking themselves if they want to join.

meal planner
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  • Magnetic weekly meal plan
  • Perforated shopping list

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Daily meditation is something most experts recommend, as there are so many benefits for you. If you don’t know how to begin, download one of the free apps like Calm and follow directions. Sitting on a soft meditation pillow can help.

meditation pillow
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  • Supports proper alignment
  • Lotus flower acupressure points

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Make lists

Lists can help you to ease your mind from worry and help you from forgetting something. You can make a list for grocery shopping, chores, errands and several other chores throughout the day. By using one notebook, you can store everything in one place, and you never have to worry about losing that sticky note again.

4 pack of notebooks
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  • 4-pack of notebooks
  • Penholders, stickies and page markers

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It is never too late to get your life back on track, we all mess up and fall behind on our goals. You just need to keep looking forward and find something that works best for you. And while you’re organizing your life, why not try organizing your home office, your closets and your garage with some help from our other great articles!

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