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10 common ailments & easy ways to treat them

From stubbed toes and nose bleeds, we have simple treatments

mom putting on bandaid
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On any average day, you probably suffer from more minor injuries than you realize! From a stubbed toe to a splinter to having something in your eye, minor injuries are usually either ignored or quickly treated and forgotten. While the ailments on our list typically hurt for just a few seconds, sometimes they require attention. Here is our list of simple over-the-counter items to keep on-hand for relief from these unpleasant experiences.


A cut, scrape or scratch can happen anytime, anywhere, and usually are minor enough to where we shake it off, put it out of mind and continue with our day. According to the Mayo Clinic, if the skin is broken and you find yourself bleeding, the major steps to remedy the situation are:

  • Wash your hands before addressing the cut.
  • Clean the area around the cut with soap.
  • Apply an antibiotic jelly.
  • Cover the wound with a bandage.

Remember to change bandages once a day or if it becomes wet.


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Antibiotic ointment

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Stubbed toe

One of the more painful day-to-day injuries is the stubbed toe. Bare feet leave themselves exposed to injury when we accidentally walk into obstacles. According to Healthline, if the pain doesn’t subside within a few minutes:

  • Sit down.
  • Elevate the foot.
  • Use a compression bandage and ice to reduce swelling.

If the pain persists or you can’t walk, you may have broken your toe, and it’s time to see a doctor.

Elastic bandage

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Burned roof of mouth

Not unlike a bitten tongue, a great meal can be ruined by taking a big bite of something far too hot. Both your tongue and the roof of your mouth can suffer burns that cause unpleasant after-effects. To soothe your mouth, Medical News Today suggests 7 possible home remedies, including:

  • Swish saltwater in your mouth.
  • Eat honey.
  • Use oral aloe vera applications.

Oral aloe vera

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Nosebleeds can be caused by dry environment, external factors or trauma. In rare cases, nosebleeds can be severe. However, most of the time, they are a simple inconvenience that requires a few minutes to control. According to the Cleveland Clinic, two ways to help a nosebleed include:

  • Lean forward and plug your nose closed for at least five minutes to get the bleeding under control.
  • Apply ice to the nose and cheek area afterward to help healing.

Ice pack

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Bitten tongue

Nothing interrupts a delicious meal like accidentally biting down on your own tongue! It’s almost painful to think about, but at least the tongue can heal itself from such incidents in 3 - 4 days. According to a Healthline article, if it’s a mild tongue bite, swishing with salt water after eating helps clean and desensitize the area. The report also mentions holding ice to the affected area to reduce swelling.

Saltwater rinse

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Splinter or sliver

When working around wood, there’s always a chance that a tiny fragment could dislodge and wind up under your skin, and though it’s small, it’s no picnic. If part of the splinter is still sticking out of the skin, it can be removed with tweezers, a needle or even duct tape, according to Medical News Today. If not, it’s best to visit a doctor.


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Canker sore

Experts aren’t entirely sure why canker sores form, but we all know how annoying they can be. While most heal on their own in days, others are more painful and need medication. According to the Mayo Clinic, certain mouth rinses and topical treatments may help, including the popular over-the-counter medication Anbesol.


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Rug burn

Unless you’ve fallen in a carpeted house recently, you probably haven’t experienced a rug burn — also known as friction burn — since childhood. A rug burn is when friction causes a wide range of skin to tear, usually exposing a very tender, sensitive underlayer. While painful, a rug burn can be treated like any other cut, according to Verywell Health. Washing with a gentle soap, covering with a dry dressing and then waiting for it to heal is about all that can be done!

Absorbent wound dressing

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Chapped lips

Whether it’s excessive licking or just the weather, our lips are a sensitive area of the body that can dry out quickly. Without oil glands, the lips need some extra attention to receive the moisture they need to avoid painful cracking. A lip balm like Chapstick or Carmex can provide immediate, short-term relief, but be sure to up your water intake.

Lip balm

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Dry, brittle skin can lead to the annoying, irritating hangnail. While most hangnails are not particularly painful, others can cause us severe discomfort and seem impossible to leave alone. According to Healthline, one solution is to wash in warm, soapy water and then apply mineral oil or petroleum jelly to the affected area. One can also attempt to clip the hangnail away carefully with a clipper.


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