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U-Haul is well known for supplying truck rentals and packing supplies to do-it-yourself movers across the nation. U-Haul advertises trucks for $19.95 per day for local moves, but long-distance moves costs significantly more. Additional charges include fuel, damage protection and environmental fees. Even with these expenses, U-Haul can be a budget-friendly option.

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    U-Haul, when used appropriately, is an affordable option for DIY movers, especially for local moves. Be aware of extra fees and make sure to understand that a reservation is not a final confirmation.

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    Original review: Aug. 25, 2008

    This is the worst experienced that I had with this U-Haul Truck rental I will not recommended this company to any of my friend and relative. bad company to do business with.... first I made reservation I told them I want to pick up at 8:00AM they told me no problem when I got there to pick up they don't have my reservation. so I had to find different place but still the same U-Haul company I got it and rent one way and dropped it off at Athens, Ga

    the placed where I dropped off was very ruled not nice at all. He told us don't have place for us to leave the truck he told us to delivery at different location which on the other side of Athens, Ga is 30miles out of our way. As far as my con-cerned this is the first and last. waist of my time and lack of concern.

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    Original review: Aug. 22, 2008

    I rented a truck from u-haul, when I dropped it off I left my equipment bag behind the seat by mistake. Ralph checked the truck in, I waited in line for 20 minutes to pay the bill. I called back aout an hour later and asked Mike if he found a bag of equipment, he said the business was closing in 10 minutes, they would not wait for me to get there, he refused to tell me on the phone if he had the bag.

    I made it back before they closed. Mike came outside, I asked him if he had the bag, he asked me to id it, I did, he said that if any items were missing they were not responsible and asked me if I wanted the bag. I said yes, when I checked the bag my $500. digital camera, a pocket knife and a mini stun baton were missing. All other items were there. I asked Mike what happened to the items, he said that Ralph pulled the bag from the truck and set it on the ground hoping the owner would come find it.

    I asked Mike if that was standared policy, why did he not bring it inside? I was still waiting in line while he processed the truck, he knew who rented the truck, he had 2 different cell phone numbers to contact me. Mike said they were really busy thats why they just set it on the ground. He told me I could talk to the general manager on Monday.

    I make contact with the general manager, told him the story, he said the bag should have been put under the counter. He said he would review the video tape and get back with me. Greg called me 2 days later and said the video had not recorded and both guys said they did not take the items.

    I have made several phone calls to the regional office with my complaint. The refuse to connect me with the regional manager, said there is nothing they can do. They rufuse to tell me if they have any kind of policy or procedures for their employees. They said there is not claim form, or any way to resolve this issue. I will never use this company again or refer anyone I know to them.

    I am out approximatly $700.00 worth of work equipment, which I have had to replace.

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    Original review: Aug. 21, 2008

    My wife and I reserved a 26' truck from U-haul approximately a week and a half before we were moving. At the time of filling out the paper work I insisted the truck be available for pick up at the location we were reserving it at. I was told that the truck WAS NOT ON SITE but that someone would call us 24 hours in advance to the date we were to actually pick the vehicle up to tell us it was there. I called the location several times throught the week to see if the truck was available and on site and was told they hadn't found anything as of yet.

    My stress is now building. I have a 3 bedroom house to load and then drive 8 to 10 hours to our final destination. The day before I am to pick the truck up, I get a call from a U-Haul representitive and I am told I will have to drive out of state to pick the truck up. I get livid on the phone complaining, and get transferred to a higher up. This woman, Cierra from South Philadelphia says she will see what she can do and will call me back.

    Approximately 15 minutes I am talking to her again and she is explaining there is nothing that can be done, that I have to drive to Pa to pick up the vehicle. I specifically ask her for the address to U-Haul Corporate offices,,, and she asks me why I need it. I told her I was going to write a letter of complaint. She put me on hold for 5 minutes, came back on and started giving me the address to her offices. I stopped her and ask her if that was the address to the corporate offices and she said no. I ask her if she was telling me there were no other offices or people in charge higher than her position and she said there wasn't....

    I called the location in Pa where the truck is at, not U-haul center and the owner is also very dissatified with the way things are done at U-Haul and agree's the Pa is not the home location for their corporate offices. I go online and find out the offices are actually in Phoenix Ar. I called the offices there and was told there was nothing they could do from their location that I had to call the reservation manager for my region, which is South Philadelphia, and request another truck at a closer location.

    Needless to say, with only getting a 24 hour window of notification, I am not about to get put back in the system! I will never, never use U-Haul again, ever! Additional driving time and fuel used for nothing.

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    Original review: Aug. 20, 2008

    We reserved a truck (in June) for moving our kids & roommates (in August) out of their apartments and into new ones. The move was to take place during the annual college move,2 hours away from our home. We were text-messaged the night before the move that we could pick up our truck--in another state, over 100 miles away from where we needed it! We received the call after the office was closed, so we were forced to cancel our plans that evening, and try to find someone who could assist us.

    When we called the 800 number to discuss this outrageous arrangement, not only were we treated with utter disrespect and rudeness, we were informed that we were lucky to even get one of their trucks, since their reservation lines were incorrectly re-opened to accepting more reservations for trucks that did not exist. Many people were not going to find out they had no trucks until the very day they thought they were picking them up! When we protested this method of doing business, we were told, Hey, it's not my problem, talk to the owner of U-Haul. After spending an incredibly long amount of time looking for other trucks, the only remaining alternative was to drive to another city north of us, thus making it even farther away from our destination!

    We finally decided to cancel our reservation and spent frantic hours that evening on the internet and the phone, and were lucky enough to find a truck with another company. We then spent a good deal of time 2 days later trying to find someone in the U-Haul Co. to discuss this matter with, only to be given incorect information and were then led back to the same unbelieveably incompetent and ill-mannered woman in Madison. She claimed she would have her supervisor contact us that evening; of course it still hasn't come.


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    Original review: Aug. 16, 2008

    I went to the Uhaul center and rented a 10 foot truck. The truck was available and everything seemed easy. I signed the contract and received the key from the representative, then I drove the truck. I read the odometer which was on 66492 and the gas gauge was a little over 1/4. I made a big mistake of not reading the mileage and gas gauge reading before leaving the facility. My trip was only 33 miles long.

    When I returned the truck the next day I found out that the mileage has been listed on the contract as 66445 instead of 66492, so I was defrauded by 47 miles right off the bat. The gas gauge was listed at half tank instead of closer to 1/4, so I was defrauded again. I complained to the manager and asked him for his supervisor's name and number thinking I will be able to get reimbursed for the error. I was on hold for 20 minutes before someone answered and they told me that it was my fault to sign the contract without verifying it, I admitted my mistake but I demanded that they refund me for what I thought is fraud, but they were adamant about not being able to do anything for me.

    I think this is a persistant problem and didn't just happened to me. I will persue this case to the highest level of their hierarchy and maybe call some investigative reporters in the state paper or a tv station. Even though the local manager tried to calm me down and charged me at a lower per mile rate, the total amount was still higher than my 33 mile trip.

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    Original review: Aug. 12, 2008

    I rented a 6x12 Uhaul trailer for a one way move to the Chicago area. From the minute I made my reservation I started having problems. They are the worst company I have ever delt with in my life. The customer service is an absolute joke and the equipment is unsafe. When I went to pick up the trailer I had a choice of 2 to pick from. One trailer was missing the clip for the ground wire for the trailer lighting system. The other trailer had the clip but when I hooked it up only one light would work. Since I picked it up at a storage facility they had no one to do any service on the trailers.

    The nice woman at the storage facility did try three different times to get Uhaul's service department with no luck. She told me to take the trailer, call the hotline and they would come and fix the trailer. I picked up the trailer around 4:00pm and it was not fixed until approx. 9:30pm. Needless to say I lost a day of my rental to Uhaul but I still paid full price and was never offered any compensation or even an additional day due to the lost time.

    To make matters worse, I dont believe the trailer brakes worked. I have a 2005 Chevy Silerado 2500HD with only 24,000 miles which can haul a trailer more than twice the size of this trailer. Within the first few hundred miles of my trip back to chicago my brakes were warped. I just had my truck in to have an oil change and make sure it was ready for the trip so I know my brakes were fine when I left. I wish I had listened to all the horror stories about Uhaul and mad any other choice.

    Not only will I never use them again, I would tell anyone to be very careful if they do use Uhaul and make sure the tow vehicle has more than enough capacity to handle the specific trailer. I am so very happy I was not using a passenger car or even an SUV for that trip, I'm sure I would have had worse problems if I did.

    One more thing. They dont even have a trailer jack! Ask yourself what you would do if you needed to detach the trailer from the tow vehicle for any reason. Its so heavy when empty that you will struggle to put it on the hitch. If you have it loaded you will need something other than a car jack to get it off.

    Lost time, brake repair, extreme amount of aggrivation.

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    Original review: Aug. 11, 2008

    Picked up truck in Mt. Pocono PA to move my son to Denver CO. Gas was noted as being at 5/8ths full when truck was picked up. Returned truck 7/4/08, with gas gauge between 1/2 and 5/8's of a tank(closer to 5/8's). Gas gauge was rounded down to 1/2 a tank which then triggered a $30 refueling fee and $25 for 3.75gals of fuel (1/8th of a 30 gal tank) They are charging $6.67/ gal for fuel ($25/3.75 gals). Putting aside the issue of rounding downwards for the moment,$6.67 gal is ludicrous particularly since we averaged $4.04 going across the country when refueling.

    I filled out a customer action form 7/14/08, which U-Haul provide[d] on their web site, with a promise to respond to the complaint within 24 hrs. This did not occur. I then called the above referenced tel # and spoke to a customer service rep about a week ago who informed me that there was no record of my computer complaint of 7/14/08 even though I have a receipt that it had been sent. She took my information and told me that someone would get back to me. No one has gotten back.

    Today is 8/11/08 and I have once again attempted to address my complaint concerning this piracy. I've reached a customer service rep by the name of Issac @ 3:48 PM EST to take my information and forward my call to someone else. I've been on hold for an hour and have just heard from another service rep by the name of Farren. (I've been writing this while waiting for them) She spoke to her boss and they are going to be refunding the service fee of $30 to my credit card which is more than I anticipated. I was hoping you could share this with others particularly U-Haul banging people for gas @ $6.67 gal as of 7/04/08.

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    Original review: July 30, 2008

    I called to reserve a 26 ft u-haul for the 31st with a furniture dolly and 10 blankets. Was told no problem, given a confirmation number and that i would be called 24 hrs ahead of time. I get a call telling me I would have to pick uo the truck an hout wedt out of my way and that there is no dolly or pads. Was given 3 different numbers and waited over an hour on the phone only to be told to bad they should have told you this.

    Consequences are pretty obvious no truck for a move, out of more money and time and now being charged for extra rent due to not being able to get a truclk last minute.

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    Original review: July 27, 2008

    Wanted to rent a 6X12 Trailor. Told them I needed it for 1 or maybe 2 days. Was quoted a Daily price. Needed to pick it up by 4:30pm so I could turn it in at West Palm Beach the next evening. Was called and told at 3pm they could not get the trailor and I had to pick it up in North Florida. About a 40 minute drive. When I got there they told me that there was a 3 day minimum for the rental because I was dropping it off in South Florida. What should have cost me about $50 turned into 3 times that amount. I will never deal with this bait and switch company again.

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    Original review: July 12, 2008

    I called the Uhaul center in nanuet directly to reserve a 14' truck for a Saturday-Monday rental. No problem. Then the day before my reservation I called to confirm and was told that everything was ok. On Saturday when I came to pick up the truck they gave me a 10' one but when I told them I had reserved a 14' they were apologetic and offered a free trailer. That wasn't something I wanted so they said I could go to another Uhaul center and rent a 17' truck for the same price...only problem being that I'm strapped for time not to mention I'll be charged 99 cents per mile for the extra distance. Of course they never offered to bring the truck to the Uhaul where I was.

    Frustrated I decided to cancel out and collect the $50 guarantee that Uhaul advertises for not having a truck as promised. But when I was on the phone with the regional office to do that they claimed my reservation was for a 10' truck all along! So I never got that $50. And the people at the store even had an attitude about my not wanting to take the trailer they offered as consolation. The moral of the story is always make reservations online so you have printed proof of what you're supposed to get.

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    Original review: July 9, 2008

    I rented a 14 footer on june 18, 2008. Frank the guy working on the front desk, gave me the key to the truck and told me to check the milage and the gas, the tank should be 3/4. When I went to the truck the milage was good but it only had 5/8 of a tank I reported the problem to Frank before i left the lot. He told me he would change it right away in the computer so i wont have a problem, but i did, they charged my card 25 dollars extra because i brought it back with 5/8 of a tank Frank never made the change in the computer and I ended up giving away 25 dollars to UHAul. I spoke to the manager Virgina Q. and she said she could do nothing about it becuase the computer the computer showed 3/4 and not 5/8.

    I wrote to UHaul and they had a representative call me. I was not home but called them back and spoke to a lady named Loretta, she proceeded to contact Virginia Q. who told her also what she had told me about the gas, Loretta sided her and told me she would call that Uhaul location and talk to Frank, I asked her to please call me at the same time and make it a conference call and did not want to hear me. Loretta refused to give me her last name and did not want to continue listening to me. I never complain about any companies but I believe this was a scam with the tanks to charge people for gas that was not there in the first place. I want the extra 25 dollars that was charged to my card.

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    Original review: July 1, 2008

    I am still so angry at the horrid treatment I recieved at the hands of U-Haul. I reserved a 17 ft truck and soon releized that it wasn't going to be big enough. Called to try and up-grade to a larger truck and that is where the nightmare began. I was lied to 3 times about getting a larger truck. Drove 120 miles to pick up a truck that wasn't there. Drove another 120 miles to pick up the same truck the next day, only to be told I couldn't have it. Settled for a 17 foot truck but I could only have it for a few hours. BTW, the 26 ft truck I was told I couldn't have, never moved one inch off the lot.

    The truck I did get had less than the required 1/2 tank of gas when I left the lot. I drove it 120mi, returned it the same day and was charged 179.00. Even though I put gas in when I returned it, the dealer decided it wasn't enough and put another 50 bucks in and charged me 25 bucks to do it. The gas station is in his parking lot. Tried to phone in a complaint. HA HA. Waited a full week for a phone call I was to get in 48 hrs. Got a huge run around and lots of smarmy psycho-babble. Then was offered 75 bucks in U-Haul coupons for my troubles. They lie, mis-represent themselves, and use me like a door mat and then offer me coupons? NEver again will I use this company.

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    Original review: June 28, 2008

    I went in to give them my new address and contact information so they can contact me if any problems with my storage unit should arise.Not only was the man working behind the counter rude, but he refused to help me. When I told him he was being rude he became very angry and agressive. He started yelling and came out from behind the counter and got in my face, continuing to yell. He scared both me and my 9 month old daughter who I was holding in my arms. There may have been some words between him and myself that were uncalled for, but there is no excuse for him to become physically agressive towards a woman when she's holding her baby.He even took it as far as to follow me out to the car and threaten me if I ever came back. Both my daughter and I were in tears which didn't concern this man in any way.

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    Original review: June 26, 2008

    I rented a 14 foot uhaul truck on 6/14/2008. I picked up the truck and everything appeared to be going fine. They were so generous to give me 3/8 of a tank of gas. So first thing I did was to fill it up with gas, which cost me $75. I then proceeded to the storage unit we had to load it up. We got it all loaded and drove about 10 miles to our destination.

    Just before we got there smoke started coming from under the hood of the truck, since we were less than 1 minute away from where we needed to be we drove and parked it there. As I turned the truck off more smoke started pouring out from under the hood of the truck. We opened the hood to find a fire on the drivers side, we quickly got some water and started dowsing the fire. As we thought we were getting it all put out we learned that the fire has spread to the inside of the truck on the drivers side, we then put the fire out inside the truck also.
    We then dowsed the entire engine and inside to ensure that the fire was out. Finally it was.

    We then called the Roadside Assistance who said they would be by to tow the truck in less than 1 hour, after 6 hours they finally showed up and towed the truck. The next morning I went to talk to the General Manager of the Torrance Store(Carl). I wanted to ensure that my contract was closed out and that I would not be charged anything because the truck caught on fire. I was assured by him that I would not be charged for this. He also told me that there was nothing he could do for me at all at that time to close out the contract. He stated that someone would call me the following day to close the contract out and make sure I was satisfied.

    Still after 14 days I have not received one single call back about this and have called and talked to many people about it that just keep running me in circles. To this day and to my knowledge my contract is still open and well what do you know I just received a charge on my credit card from U-Haul for this truck.

    I am still waiting to get this solved, I would like to not be charged for this rental, get my $75 in gas money I spent and did not use and also find out why U-Haul thought it was a good thing to rent out a truck that caught on fire and risked mine and my family's lives when these trucks are supposed to go through normal maintenance.

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    Original review: June 20, 2008

    I rented a Uhaul that was said to be positraction becuase I needed to move my boat that was in the desert. As I was moving the boat the U-Haul became stuck in the sand, only then did I find out that it was not positraction. I exhausted my efforts on getting the truck out before calling U-Haul.

    I called U-Haul roadside assistance. They then told me there were 2 other people in front of me and that they could find a 3rd party to come and get me. U-haul then called me back saying they couldn't help me and that I needed to find my own way out. I then had to pay 180.00$ out of pocket.

    As I returned the Uhaul, covered from head to toe in dirt The customer representitive who reserved the truck for me and had assured me that the truck was positractin and would be ideal for the opereation of moving the boat in sand, said to me with a smart tone, how was your day. I have tried to deal with U-haul but have only come accross rude representitves who have no intention of reinbursing me for my ordeal.

    I was stuck in the desert with little water, no food and no electricity. Working as hard as I can in 95deg heat trying to get the U-haul I rented only because it was suppose to have positraction. Uhaul refused to help my situation.

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    Original review: June 19, 2008

    Over the past three weeks, we purchased over $500.00 worth of moving and packing supplies at the Indio California store. We Took Plenty as had advertised on boxes and throughout the store, have 100% Buy Back...Today, when I went to return several unused boxes, I was told because I had no receipt for many of the boxes, they would not be able to take them back. I had at the time, three receipts totaling over $370.00 from that store, however I did not have the receipt for 3 medium boxes, and 13 small boxes. I paid with a credit card, and had purchased them in the last two weeks, but was denied a refund.

    I find it abhorring at the time of a move, [they] cannot recognize [their] own merchandise - and your guarantee with both plastered all over the boxes, and stores. The only mention of a receipt being needed, is on the fine print of Packing Planner Checklist. This is the most stressful time, and the fact I even had a receipt let alone three was a fluke. I find NOTHING on my receipts that says in order to get a refund I need to keep it. I find nothing on [their] boxes that says that as well.

    The man at the counter would not look up our credit card receipts for me, and told me when I arrived at my new home, I could find the receipt and return the boxes. I am moving from La Quinta California to Cedar Rapids Iowa. Am I supposed to ship the boxes there to get a refund? We will never use any product from UHaul again, and believe me, I will tell everyone I know.

    We drove all the way there, spent an hour trying to return their merchandise, and now we are stuck with Plenty of boxed we were encouraged to purchase, and have no use for...about $60.00 worth.

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    Original review: June 15, 2008

    Two complaints...the second one is one that could have caused a death. #1: I rented a 26ft U-haul to move. When I first made the reservation I asked if I could have it from 3:00pm Saturday to 3:00pm Sunday. No problem, I was told. I called later that day to say that I needed it Saturday morning at 8:00am to Sundaya at 3:00pm. No problem, I was told. When I went to pick it up, the local manager said Corporate had rented it for the day, that I could pick it up at 3:00. I didn't have anyone to drive it at 3:00!! That's why I changed my reservation.

    The manager said that corporate over-rulled the reservation and there was nothing he could do about it. I scrambled to find someone to pick it up at 3:00. The people who had it didn't drop it off unti 4:30.

    #2: When we loaded the truck and drove it all of two miles to my new home, we realized neither the parking break or putting it in park, prevented the truck from rolling. My new house is on a slight incline. I called service, and they said they would send someone out in two hours! With a truck that could have rolled and crushed any one of my helpers, I told him that wasn't acceptable. He said there was nothing he could do about it. I said I wanted someone from U-haul to come out and get the truck, we didn't feel safe driving it. He said no, that it was my problem and that I should just drive it back to the lot, or he would still send out a technician to check it out in two hours. In the meantime, someone could have been crushed by the truck, but that didn't matter to him. I drove the truck back to the lot and told them to have it fixed before someone got killed. I will NEVER use U-haul again, nor will any of my family.

    Only one incredibly stressed, dangerous day.

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    Original review: May 30, 2008

    This is a description of the events that occurred in relation to our rental of a 14' U-Haul moving truck on Friday May 16, 2008. I booked a 14' U-Haul truck for May 16, 2008 in order to move from Scarborough to Pickering. At approximately 9:00 AM on May 16, I arrived with Barb Gavieres (hereafter BG) at Empire Car & Truck Rentals (a U-Haul affiliated company located at Ellesmere Rd) and picked up the truck. I began driving to Antrim Crescent in Scarborough and we immediately noticed that the engine was really struggling and hesitating, and there was an odour in the cabin that we thought was gasoline.

    We took the truck back to Ellesmere Rd. and told Damian H. and Umair B. that there was something wrong with the truck. We told them that the engine was loud, struggling and hesitating and that we didn't think it would get up to speed on the highway and that we thought we smelled gasoline inside the cabin. Damian H. began to laugh and Umair Baig said that he had just inspected the truck, and that it was in perfect mechanical shape. He said that they use older trucks for local moves, and that they all sound like that, but that is normal. Umair B. said "I guarantee it will get up to speed on the highway." He also said "That is not gas that you smell, it is coolant. I spilled some coolant on the fan while topping up the fluid levels." Finally he said "The truck is safe. If anything goes wrong, it's on me, I inspected it." They would not even come outside and look at the truck.

    We took the truck to Antrim Crescent and loaded it with many of our possessions. I entered highway 401 eastbound at Kennedy Rd and found that the truck would not go faster than 35 miles per hour or about 50 kilometres per hour. I put on the hazard lights and exited at McCowan heading north and then east on Sheppard Avenue East, looking for a parking lot so that I could park and call U-Haul. At a red light I called BG (who was traveling with her father in his vehicle) to tell her that I was going to have to find a place to park because the truck was not safe on the highway. BG and her father returned to Empire Car & Truck Rentals and when she entered, Damian H. said "Now what?" She told him that I was going to be stuck because the truck would not run properly on the highway.

    The truck stalled as I was approaching the intersection of Sheppard Avenue East and Markham Road, and I noticed what I thought was steam coming from the engine compartment. I called the U-Haul hotline (1-800-) and at about the time that they answered I noticed that it was smoke coming from the engine compartment, and it had started to fill the passenger compartment. I exited the vehicle and told the U-Haul representative that the truck was on fire at Sheppard Avenue East and Markham Road, and she started asking for details about the truck type and where I had rented it, so I hung up and called 911.

    A police officer arrived within a minute and a fire truck arrived a few minutes later. By the time the fire crew had arrived the engine compartment and passenger compartment were engulfed in flames. The fire crew put the fire out but when they opened the cargo compartment they found that there was also some fire near the front. Two futon mattresses and a bed frame had started to ignite. They sprayed water in, which wet much of the contents (a list of which will be provided) and moved or pulled out much of the remaining furniture to ensure that the fire was out. In the process, most of the furniture was scratched, dented, cracked gouged, or wetted, and also sustained smoke damage.

    After speaking with the operator for 911 I called BG and told her that the truck was on fire. BG told Damian H., who said "How could it be on fire?" BG asked that one of them drive to where I was, and Damian H. and Umair B. each suggested that the other one go. BG said that one of them was going and Damian H. drove out to the scene, while BG and her father drove there in her father's vehicle. By the time they arrived, the fire was out. Damian H. would not help to unload anything from the truck, although the fire crew did help. Damian H. said that we have to call the U-Haul hotline and then pick up another vehicle. We told him that we were too shaken up to drive and we asked that he drive another truck out to the location. He said that he could not drive another truck and that we must drive it. We called the U-Haul hotline and told them what had happened and they said we could pick up another truck at Ellesmere Road.

    When we complained to Damian H. about our damaged property and the fact that he ignored our complaint about the truck being unsafe, he said "What are you worried about--you're going on a shopping spree!" We told Damian Ha. that we did not want to load items that had fire, smoke and water damage into our house, and we asked that he give us storage space. He refused to provide us with a place to store our possessions until the insurance adjustors could look at them. A police officer at the scene suggested that we unload items that we can salvage at the house, and then put a padlock on the truck before returning it to Empire Car & Truck Rentals.

    After loading our items into a second truck, we unloaded the salvageable items at the house in Pickering and then put a lock on the cargo compartment. When Damian H. saw the padlock he told us that he was going to cut the lock and dispose of our possessions. We told him that he was negligent and that we would take him to court over this incident. We went into the office at Ellesmere and called the U-Haul hotline to see if we could get some fair treatment from the company. While we were on hold waiting to speak with people Damian H. called friends and laughed, saying "They say they're taking me down and I'm letting them use my phone. They don't want their stuff because they say it smells."

    While at the scene and back at the office Damian H. repeatedly claimed that by driving out to the scene and telling us to drive a second truck, he had gone to a lot of trouble for us, above and beyond the call of duty, and he said "If you and rented a truck from the Warden Avenue location and this happened, they would just sit at their desks and say, It's not my problem."

    The regional U-Haul office agreed to give us up to one month of storage in a locker at their Warden Avenue location and Damian H. agreed to let us keep the second truck until we could unload it there the following day. When we arrived at the Warden Avenue location, the manager was helpful. He told us to document everything and he helped us to load our damaged possessions into a storage locker. We feel that offering a storage locker does not excuse U-Haul from responsibility for the actions of Damian H. and Umair B. This incident caused a great deal of emotional stress for myself, BG and her father. We had to reload and unload items multiple times, ask for assistance from family members, and this delayed the completion of our move.

    We were embarrassed at having our possessions scattered at the side of the street and we were chastised by bus drivers for blocking the passenger waiting area and told by a police officer that we needed to get our items off the sidewalk soon or we would be charged. I have spoken with the insurance company that handles the U-Haul Safe Move policy claims. We found that they do not cover replacement value but only depreciated value. Given that this was not a random incident, but one that we tried to prevent by taking the truck back and asking for another truck, it is clear that Damian H. and Umair B. were negligent by not even investigating our concerns about the truck being unsafe. They did not even come out to listen to the engine or to investigate the odour that we complained of.

    In view of this negligence, we want our items replaced with new items and are considering filing formal charges for negligence and emotional stress. We feel that Damian H., Umair B., Empire Car & Truck Rentals, and U-Haul Rentals are liable for this negligence and should also be charged by the government. In addition to financial liability, we feel that U-Haul Rentals should discontinue its association with Empire Car & Truck Rentals, and with Damain H. and Umair B.. They did not even perform proper walk-around inspections when we picked up the trucks. They told us what the gas gauges read and in the case of the second truck, it had tank less than they claimed. Their walk-around consisted of pointing at the gas gauge with the truck turned off and then showing us that the cargo area was clean. This is not proper procedure.

    We intend to do everything in our power to make this story known and to hopefully ensure that this sort of negligence and deplorable customer treatment does not continue. Much of our furniture was damaged by fire, water, smoke, or by the necessity of moving it quickly by the fire crew to extinguish the fire. We were emotionally distraught. Our move took longer than we had planned. I had to take a some days off work to deal with the mess, insurance and paperwork.

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    Original review: May 29, 2008

    My card was charged when I was told that I would not be. They told me that it would not be charged if the bill was paid! The address W. St. Marys Rd, Tucson, AZ 85745. My contract number was 01254966. I was overcharged on my account by $73.00 and I was lied to about charges going on to my card! It is a pending transaction which means it was charged!

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    Original review: May 27, 2008

    Upon return of van,they said I owed for gas. It was slightly below 3/4. I went 6 mi and put in 2.5 gallons of gas too. The milage performance they state for this van is 15 mpg. So i guess I miss read the milage going out (which I signed for).

    They offered to allow me to go out and get gas, but I refused. I will pay the extra fee.

    It's in principle that I write this. Be careful on how you read the gage, as they may take advantage of this.

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    Original review: May 27, 2008

    Upon return of van, they said I owed for gas. It was slightly below 3/4. I went 6 mi and put in 2.5 gallons of gas too. The mileage performance they state for this van is 15 mpg. So i guess I miss read the mileage going out (which I signed for). They offered to allow me to go out and get gas, but I refused. I will pay the extra fee. It's in principle that I write this. Be careful on how you read the gauge, as they may take advantage of this. In customer service you would imagine that with such a short rental and short mileage, and the fact I put in 2.5 gallons, which I can prove, someone would deal with this in a different manner. How much gas do I have to give them for six miles of rental?

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    Original review: May 27, 2008

    I rented a truck for a one way move. I picked the truck up with 1/2 tank of gas (or as u-haul would say 4/8)and I returned the truck to the location given to me by the u-haul rep who I talked with on their 800 number with 1/2 tank. I called U-Haul back to say the location was closed she said no problem just leave the key in the drop box with your paper work. I did just that.

    When my charge statement arrived I noticed a charge for $30.00. I called u-haul and they said it was for fuel. The truck, when checked in, only had 3/8 of a tank of gas. The regional manager in Milwaukee said that I should not have drop off the truck after store hours. I told them I was following u-haul's directions give to me over the phone. [the manager] said it's their word against mine and your're outta luck.

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    Original review: May 1, 2008

    On the evening of Friday March 14th, 2008, I rented a 6'x12' open trailer from University Uhaul dealership in Athens, GA. to move a piece of equipment. The rental was for done as an "intown move", at approx. $35 per day, intended for 2 days to be returned to the original dealership on Sunday, March 16th. This 2 day trailer move should have cost approx. $70 total. I paid a $60 deposit in cash. The trip was uneventful with the exception of the trailer to have a tendency to swerve slightly side to side at times. I delivered the piece of equipment to Melbourne, Florida early in the morning on Saturday, March 15th.

    Due to my concern for trailering back an empty trailer which was tending to swerve, I located a Uhaul dealership in Florida. I knew from prior Uhaul rentals that some trailers were assigned to certain dealerships and some were not and floated among dealerships. I explained that this trailer was rented under an "in town" rental and wanted to know if this trailer was assigned to the dealership in Athens or if it was possible to return it to the dealership in Florida. He checked the computer and informed me that the trailer was assigned to the Athens dealership but that he would see if he could authorize the return to that location instead. He placed a call to a district supervisor and informed me that I was now authorized to return it to the Florida location, however, the rental type would change to a "one way" move with a higher rental rate.

    I asked how much and he informed me that it would be $128.90. He noted that I had paid a $60 deposit and therefore the balance for the rental was $68.90. Even though it would cost me more than a 2 day "in town" move, I felt it would be worth the extra money to not have the liability of a swerving trailer on the trip back. He drafted a new contract as a "replacement" and I paid him cash money in full and dropped off the trailer, believing the rental to have been completed as of Saturday, March 15th. He assured me that there would be no other charges and noted that my contract reflected a zero balance.

    I have since recieved notice from my bank that Uhaul has also charged $155 to the debit card on file. After speaking with many Uhaul representatives and hearing several different stories as to what the charge is and why, I am left with no choice but to file this complaint, as Uhaul has shown absolutely no inclination to remedy this issue. In their opinion, even though I was only doing what Uhaul representatives themselves authorized and instructed me to do, they believe the charges to be justified.

    In addition, I have been informed that they intend to charge an additional $52.50 for a total amount of $207.50. This amount is above and beyond the total rental fee which I submitted in full with cash and have receipt for. The latest story I have been told was that each dealership can charge a one way rental fee for the same rental and contract #. I had to repeat that to make sure I was hearing the Uhaul representative correctly. She confirms that that is what has occurred in this case and they are justified in doing so. Multiple rental charges from different dealerships for the same rental borders on fraud and criminal theft by taking.

    Without satisfaction from Uhaul immediately, I will dispute the charges as fraudulent and contact the State Office of the Attorney General for relief. I remain hopeful that Uhaul will take the necessary action to follow though on the commitment of their representatives and resolve this issue. I request that the charges assessed to the debit card on file are immediately refunded and no other charges will be assessed and a waiver of claim for any charges or fees arising from this matter .

    The company's assistant in the Office of the President contacted me and took down my information and informed me that I would be recieving a call the next morning for the regional office to remedy this issue. Of course, that has been many days now and I am yet to hear anything from them.

    Mr. Charlotte Cowser, our Traffic Manager for the U-Haul Company of Central Georgia, followed up on the information [Marc] provided. She spoke to [Marc] on or about April 8th and explained his charges to him in detail. She informed our office [Marc] understood and agreed to all the charges. He agreed he should pay the one way rate from Athens and he understood why he was charged the fees at the drop off location. Ms. Cowser explained no further action was needed after her conversation with [Marc]. Our customers are very important to us and we regret to hear of situations that cause problems for them. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to offer a response. Sincerely, Maria Palmisano, Executive Assistant, U-Haul International

    Do I accept the response from the business? Absoultely not. The response is nothing short of utter nonsense. I spoke to Charlotte Cowser prior to filing the complaint with the BBB and PRIOR to speaking to the corporate Office of the President. The Office of the President has simply kicked my complaint made to them back down to someone lower, who failed to handle the issue when provided the opportunity in the first place. Because Charlotte Cowser had spoken with myself prior, she appearently did not find it necessary to follow-up on this complaint issued with the Office of the President and instead chose to dismiss and ignore my issue. This is evidenced by the fact that I never recieved the follow-up phone call I was slated to recieve the next morning, as promised by the Office of the President. It was largely due to the complete and utter lunacy of Charlotte Cowser's "explanation" that I felt I needed to escalte the issue to the BBB and the Office of the President.

    Upon speaking to Charlotte Cowser, I inquired as to the specific nature of the charges and informed her that I thought I had been charged for a "wrong-way drop-off" charge of the equipment but that Uhaul had changed my contract and informed me that I had approval to drop-off the equipment at the dealership without additonal charge or penalty. If this was the case, it was clearly not correct to charge me for following through on information Uhaul itself had provided me.

    She emphatically informed that the charges appearing on the credit card were absolutely not a charge for a "wrong destination drop-off" of the equipment, as she said that the current charges stemmed from the dispatching dealership and that only the recieving dealership could charge a "wrong location drop-off fee". Rather, she informed me that the charges were for a "one-way" move rate.

    I explained to Charlotte Cowser that I understood and approved of the change of the "local" to the "one-way" move rate, as evidenced by the fact that I was charged by, and paid for the "one-way rate" to the recieving dealership at the time of the equipment drop-off. She was able to verify this fact. Her absurd final answer was that each location, both the dispatching and recieving dealer, had charged me a "one-way" move rate. Stunned, I asked her if she was telling me that I was charged for the same trailer on the same move rental by both locations. She informed me that this was indeed the case and Uhaul was perfectly within their guidelines for doing so. Is Uhauls's corporate office aware of this?

    I specifically informed her that her "explanation" amounted to outright fraud and could be potentially viewed as criminal theft by taking. I asked her to think carefully about what she was informing me and reclarified with her exactly the position she was defending. She again restated herself and stood by her "explanation". The level of incompetence appears to be so massive, at this point, I find no other alternative than to file complaints with the Attorney Generals of all States involved, including the State of Uhauls's corporate offices. I will have the credit card charges disputed immediately and have the bank initiate a fraud investigation.

    As well, I will seek all other legal remedies at my disposal, including the possiblility of civil suit for the damages caused to myself directly as a resukt of their actions. I will also search out the possibility other customers have been damaged by Uhaul's fraudulent practice of being charged by multiple dealerships for the same rental, in order to determine the possibility of gaining class action staus of any potential civil litigation.

    All this because Uhaul wanted to take a little extra from a repeat good customer of a dozen prior rentals, when I did nothing more than follow the very directives and information Uhaul provided me. This was a very easy customer service issue to remedy with a clear cut resolution for Uhaul to take care of their customer. For the small amount of $155 which they have attempted to take without cause, they could have wiaved the charge, admitted error, kept myself as a loyal customer and had me as a positive and vocal endorsement for Uhaul.

    Instead, they have made the decision to lose my future business and ensure I will spend every day of the rest of my life ensuring that I inform as many people as possible, at every opportunity, about Uhaul's treatment of myself and their fraudulent practices, in the hopes that they do not also fall victim to Uhaul.

    One additional noteworthy item that should alarm Uhaul management is that during my conversation with Charlotte Cowser, she informed me that I was "lucky" because I had actually paid much less than the current "one-way" move rate for that trailer between those destinations and informed me that the actual one-way move rate should have been $250. Interesting bit of information. So I went online and checked the one-way move rate for the trailer between those two locations. It was $83 and included 4 days rental. I called Uhaul and guess what I was quoted, the same $83 rental rate.

    I called a local dealer and asked him to fax me a one-way move rental quote for that trailer between those locations. Amazingly enough, it was $83 and again, included 4 days rental. Does anyone need any additional information to come to the conclusion that this was an outright lie to the consumer of this company? Please remember, Charlotte Cowser is the reason I saw fit to escalate my complaint to the Office of The President.

    Instead of handling this issue, they choose to kick it right back to the very person who caused them to recieve the complaint in the first place. The same person who told me an outright lie and tried to sell me on the idea that I was "lucky" I wonder if Uhaul still has the recording of that phone call. It sure would be interesting to hear it again. Perhaps the discovery process of civil law will tell. Uhaul, you have been caught red-handed and should be absolutely ashamed!

    "Thank you for your continued concern for our customer. Ms. Virly Williams, our Executive Assistant for the U-Haul Company of Central Georgia, reviewed the information [Marc] provided. [Marc] rented a trailer on an in-town rental contract. He signed the contract agreeing to return the trailer to the same U-Haul location he rented it from in Athens, GA. Instead, the trailer was dropped off one-way in Melbourne, FL. Our U-Haul location applied the one way rate as follows: trailer-$250.00, previous deposit -$60.00, tax-$17.50 = $207.50. Our receiving location collected $54.11 at time of drop off and our Collections Department applied a debit for $155.63 to [Marc's] Visa account. According to the above charges, we over collected $2.24 for the rental and have issued a credit back to [Marc's] Visa account for this amount. Ms. Williams advised our office they incurred an additional expense to retrieve their locally owned trailer and that a refund was not warranted. Thank you, U-Haul International"

    What resolution? For me, as the customer, to incur additional charges for performing the very actions which Uhaul themselves informed me I could do? Of course not. Uhaul is simply missing the most obvious part of this matter and the entire reason there is any issue at all...UHAUL THEMSELVES TOLD ME WHAT TO DO AND I SIMPLY ADHERED TO THE INFORMATION WHICH THEY PROVIDED TO ME! Yes, as I stated in my original complaint, I rented the trailer on a "local" move. On this point, we are in complete agreement and there is no dispute, so why do they keep saying it?

    Perhaps because they do not want to focus on the following...Uhaul has simply not acknowledged or addressed the following point whatsoever: Uhaul agreed to change the "local" to a "one-way" move and wrote a "replacement contract" (it even is the same contact # as the original) which I am in possession of a copy. It clearly lists the charges and states them as paid in full, with a zero balance. I was assured that no other charges would be incurred. The fact is, I have a legal and binding replacement comtract with Uhaul which I have completely adherred to in full.

    As a customer, I only did what Uhaul informed me I could do. If it was misinformation on the part of Uhaul, I understand but it should not be that I, as the customer, pay the price for Uhaul misinforming me as to how to handle a situation. They have as yet acknowledged this fact and seem completely unwilling to simply follow through on the very thing which they committed to.


    Interesting again that they have stated the $250 "one-way" move rate quote in their latest response. As I pointed out in my previous information, this appears to be nothing short of an outright lie. The rate for a "one-way" move is clearly $83 to this very day, and can easily be verified on their website and as quoted by a number of local dealers. How incredibly arrogant can this company be as to lie to the Better Business Bereau? I am sincerely hoping that a representative of BBB will verify this infomation at Uhaul's own website.

    Uhaul should prepare itself to state that disproveable nonsense under oath in a court of law. And another obvious question, if the "one-way" rate was $250, why did the recieving Uhaul location only charge me $54.11 after acknowledging my $60 deposit and demonstrate a zero balance on my reciept? It simply doesn't add up and Uhaul knows it. The bottom line is what Uhaul is trying to do is charge extra and penalize a customer, without warrant, for performing the actions I took, which was based on the very information Uhaul provided me.

    Let me say it just one more time in hopes that it clicks for them...The bottom line is what Uhaul is trying to do is charge extra and penalize a customer, without warrant, for performing the actions I took, which was based on the very information Uhaul provided me. I am thankful that this process has committed them to putting their complete lunacy on written record. Their next response should be drafted by a member of their legal staff for civil proceedings. I request Uhaul forward this complaint with all pertinent information to their legal department so they may gain some qualified advice on the best way to handle this matter going forward. Uhaul apparently needs much better advice than they have gotten to date.

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    Original review: April 30, 2008

    I reserved a 26' truck to be picked up in Buford, GA on 3/28/2008 for a one way trip to Mount Juliet, TN. We dropped off the truck one day early in the pre-determined location with a 1/4 tank of gas, which is where it was when it was picked up and as shown on the fuel agreement. Three days later I see a charge on my bank statement for $134.00, which is a seperate charge from the original contract amount. I call to ask why I have an extra charge and the woman tells me that I was charged $90 because I brought the truck back on an empty tank, yet she could not explain why it was $134. She told me that I would have to despute the charges with the drop off location.

    When I went in to talk about the charges they said they had nothing to do with the charges and that they put $40 in gas in it to get it back to a 1/4 tank. That $40 would have bought at max 12.5 gallons which is not enough to fill a 60 gallon tank to a quarter. With that they still could not explain why it was $134 and said that is what U-Haul charges. Given that they didn't even buy enough gas to cover their story and they can't explain why the charges are $44 over what the maximum amount that could have been charged, I see that U-Haul basically facilitates fraud by allowing dealers to buy gas at will and charge whatever they like with no checks and balances.

    From other articles and complaints I see that this is not a new problem. What is worse that this is the end of a very long which started off with breaking down on the side of the interstate in Chattanooga and being stranded for 3 hours until 1am. Luckily, I could file a dispute with my bank and get the money back temporarily and hopefully this is as far as it has to go.

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    Original review: April 29, 2008

    While under contract with U Haul , for a storage unit during the time that the rent for the unit was fully paid, U Haul sold all of our personal belongings out of the unit.When we discovered the loss , management first denined any knowledge of the loss. When the district managemer Mr McGee was contacted he stated that possibly our property was acidently auctioned . He added he would probly be able to get our property returned at present he and other Uhaul managment refusue to coroparate with us, stating that our property is gone and to forget about it, we have since learned that our property was sold by U HAul to Mr Tony Day,at auction. U Haul inspite of the sale of our property and the reciete of money denines any wrong doing.We are asking for the return of our property or fair compansion .

    The damage was both physical and economic, consisting of a excess of 12 thousand dollars property value, and the loss of personal documants , photos ,and sentamental items that can't be replaced.Both physically and mentally we have been vitated !

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    Original review: April 27, 2008

    I rent a uhaul truck from them and I was charged twice, which cause my checking account to be overdrawn, I had to wait several days to have the money refunded back to my account which cause me 130.00 overdraft, I did not get any type of reimbursement or resolutions.

    I contact the Corporate and I was able to get in contact with the CEO, Joe Shoen, he ask me to send him the information by email which I did and he have not respond to my email or my telephone calls. This was not the first time I was charged twice, in happen also in November 2006 and I pay in full by cash and then my credit card was charged.

    There is a problem with their system and they do not take responsibility for overcharging their customer. I sent the CEO a email that I was going to put in a consumer complaint after viewing Inside Edition about their trucks causing accidents, see Inside Edition, Febuary 28, 2007 on the website.

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    Original review: March 29, 2008

    I rented a U-haul on Saturday, 12/30/07 & returned it the same evening at the NJ location determined by U-haul. Later,I recieved an extra cc charge on my MBNA account for $35.26. After numerous calls to Uhaul, I spoke with Tasha, at the regional office. She acknowledged the charge was an error- uhaul staff at the drop location didn't check in my rental until Monday, because they're closed on Sunday. They never adjusted my account to reflect the actual drop off date, thus charging me an extra day. In the meantime, my cc company did a charge back to uhaul. Tasha assured me she would take care of the error. Soon after, I get a collections agency letter. I speak with Tasha again. She initially tells me there's nothing she can do because I did a cc charge back, but then she says she'll remove it since I'm not at fault. I assumed everything was resolved due to Tasha's statements. Today, I get another collection notice from Vengroff, Williams, & Asso's. I've tried speaking with the collection agency but I can't get a live person.

    This matter is 100% the fault of uhaul and they continue fail to resolve their error. I am now under threat of a second notice by their collection agency, for erronious charges. Since I cannot resolve this matter with uhaul, would you please assist me in resolving this matter.

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    Original review: Jan. 23, 2008

    I rented a truck in Albany on Jan 11, 2008 and drove 2 minutes to the house and turned it off. I loaded the truck and drove 5 minutes to the gas station called Stewart Shops in Albany, NY. I filled up the tank with $50 unleaded fuel on my card. I then drove to where I unloaded the truck. I then drove 3 blocks to Coastal Gas Station where I put $20 cash of unleaded gas in the truck. I drove the truck to the above address and returned it with no problems. The Uhaul worker reviewed the truck, then went inside and gave me a sheet to sign stating the charges. They were $168.00 which is what I agreed to pay in Albany. 5 days later I received a call from a gentleman by the name of Julio who claimed to work for Uhaul and said I put Diesel fuel in the truck when it was in my care. I explained to him that I did not put in diesel and it was not the first time I rented a uhaul truck. He then claimed to be a thug and said that he was charging my debit card a $500.00 fee for the diesel I put in the truck. To this day I have not received any paperwork showing the test they did to determine that I put the diesel fuel in the truck. I did not put diesel fuel and I have 4 other witnesses that were with me the entire time who helped me move the stuff from Albany to the bronx. My card was charged and Uhaul refuses to call me back from there corporate offices and I am out $500.00. I some how misplaced the rental contract.

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    Original review: Sept. 26, 2007

    I rented two 26ft U-haul trucks for a oneway trip from Ponca city, OK to Odessa, TX. In Sayre, OK my father was driving one of the trucks going 70 miles per hour down I40 when the tie-rod fell off the Uhaul truck. IT DID NOT BREAK, IT JUST FELL OFF!!!

    I was driving behind him and when the accident occured it flung the 26ft truck from the right lane into the left almost tiping over the truck and he skid to a stop over a quarter mile with the front passanger tire completely sideways. He could hardly get out of the truck he was so shaken by the ordeal.

    Once the Uhaul repair man arrived, he is the person who told us that the tie rod had not broke, it had just fallen off. His conclution was that someone had not finished the work to the truck before they sent it out on this particular run. If it had not been by the grace of God and my fathers experience, he would be dead right now from the truck flipping over while traveling down the highway.

    Uhaul has refunded our rental charge to this truck and is sending me $100 in VIP vouchers (which I don't want). They are considering this to be resonalbe compensation for the accident that occured even though this truck was neglectfully maintained and sent out on a 620 mile trip when it was unfit for the road.

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    Original review: Sept. 11, 2007

    We were told by U-Haul before we picked up our truck that, Colorado Law states that we need to have tow lights on our personal vehicle attached to a tow dolly or we can't drive the U-Haul. The guy there said we could buy them from him, so we did. They are magnetic and they give you two pieces of paper to put underneath them so they do not scratch the paint. Then you have to string the cord to the front and attach it to the trailor itself to make the lights work.

    Everything went fine with the truck except the fact that by our feet the U-Haul was about 130 degrees of scorching heat the entire way fron denver to vegas...about 400 miles out of vegas my husband is filling up with gas and notices that the cord strung along the car has worn of all the paint EVERYWHERE it had touched...being as though we were forced to use these stupid lights we were furious...we called U-Haul they said to call Republic Western and submit a claim, i emailed them photos and a scan of our receipt and they said that it is our responsibility to make sure the lights are put on correctly.

    We followed all the directions and there is NO OTHER WAY to string that cord to the front without touching your car...AND the paper they give you to put under the magnet wore the paint as well...they denied our claim, now i dont know what to do but try and sue them...i am scared to go to the body shop tomorrow and see what the repair costs will be.

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