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This moving company has stolen our items and our money. We hired them and paid by a prepaid credit card on April 21, 2010. They arrived to our home to pack up our small apartment on April 28, 2010. Three men showed up hours late in the evening, and refused to disassemble anything, and our contract said they would disassemble, and load.

They told us we were underquoted and doubled our bill. They made us pay an additional $200 cash, and told us to call the office and speak to the manager tomorrow. It has been 2 weeks and no one has called us to work this out. We have been put on hold, told manager Max is at the warehouse and hung up on several times. After investigating this company on the BBB, we found out they are a scam, doing business under Schneider Movers, and have many complaints and had their license revoked. All of our possessions are in their care, and they are not responding.

We tried to get our credit card to reimburse us, but since it was on a prepaid card, it can not be done. I need help resolving this. This company is a scam and have many complaints under the other identity Schneider Movers, out of Clifton, NJ. Same names of employees, and same complaints from customers as I am making. We are now in Missouri, are only 25 and have no money to fight this. We want our stuff. It's everything we own; tax records, personal information that could lead to identity theft and our babies' photo albums.

Please help us get our items. They refuse to call us back, hang up on us and according to other complaints filed, these people lost all their items as well. Why are they not being arrested? We need your help. Thank you. We had all of our worldly possessions, taken by these scam movers and over $1245.00 too.


Stay away! Do not use these guys. I used them to move me from Atlanta, GA to West Palm Beach, FL in March 2010. Started off being a whole day late. They made countless excuses of why they were late and kept me waiting from 8 am till 11 pm that night. They eventually showed up the next morning. They broke stuff during the move that day. They assured me that all of my stuff would be safely stored in West Palm Beach and awaiting me to be delivered to my house. That was a total lie. I found out after the move that my stuff was taken all the way to NJ! They tried to double my price from $1600 to $3200! I called them to discuss and was put on hold 20 times or more over 3-4 days. I was treated like **. Every time I tried to get a hold of a manager, no one seems to know where he was. He was either in the "warehouse", "on the phone", or "busy"! I had to fill out police reports in both Clifton and West Palm Beach on these guys. I finally got ahold of the joker; he told me some song and dance. He finally went back to his agreed to price after his battle with amnesia.

When I got my stuff in WPB, half of my main items (e.g., hutch, table, pictures, couches, bedroom furniture) was either broken, scratched, ripped or did not show up! These guys are total con artists. The guy who delivered my stuff was driving some random truck that did not say Schneider. He was even sure who Schneider was. Total gimmick. I have eventually found out that I am missing a plasma TV for my computer, lamp, files for my office, kitchen utensils, and other personal items. Save yourself some time and stress. Stay away! I hope that I can save someone else from going through the nightmare that I had to live with these guys! I am now filling out an insurance complaint with these jokers. I am sure it’s not even worth the ink/paper it is written on. The consequence is $3000 worth of damages and lost/stolen items.


My friend was given a quote over the phone by Schneider Movers back March. The price was good so she hired them for a move from PA to California. Once they arrived, they packed up half of her things and then told her that she had been under quoted and that it was going to be double the original quote. She refused to allow them to pack up any more of her belongings and was told she could call Max to settle things. She called for days and was either put on hold, left voice mail after voice mail, and was given various excuses as to why there was such a difference in the quotes.

Anyway, they did take half her things and she moved to California. On March 29, her belongings were supposed to have arrived when she got there, but of course, they were not. Upon researching the company, we found that they are operating under a revoked license and that they do not carry insurance. My friend filed a complaint through the Federal Motor Carrier Association and continued to call the company to see where her belongings were.

Once, they mentioned something about Mexico, then she was told that the truck her things were on did not have GPS so they didn't know where her things were. This company is a huge scam. Do not do business with them. If you do and you have problems, visit People there will help lead you in the right direction.

My friend finally got her belonging on Sunday. Some things are damaged and she is not sure if she has all of her items. She is unpacking daily and is trying to make sure she has everything. This company is horrible, to say the least. Again, this is a revoked license and their insurance was cancelled back in February. Richard ** and Max ** are a couple of names listed on the BBB. They appear to be operating under a couple of different names as well.


We got a quote to move my daughter's belonging from our home to Sarasota, Florida from Schneider Movers, Inc. in the amount of $876.00. She did not have many items, only large item was box spring and mattress. We were told that they could do this that cheap because they will be moving 9 families at the same time. When the movers arrived they said it might be a little more than quoted. After putting everything in the van, we were told that the price was now $3,600. 400 percent over the original quote. We we started to argue with them the price went down to $2,800 if we gave each worker (3 of them) a $50.00 tip. We were to pay half now and half on delivery.

We gave them a check for the $1,400 thinking we could settle the problem the next day, but the next day was told that the movers would only accept cash in the amount of $1,400 before they unload the truck. We placed many calls to the company, were put on hold for long periods of time, told they would call back, they didn't. We went to Florida to be there with our daughter when the truck arrived. She had spoken to the police the day before arrival and they said they would be there to assist in the matter.

When the truck arrived the movers asked for the $1,400 before they would take anything off of the truck.Two police officers were present and tried to help but felt that because we signed the contract we had to pay. Told them to keep everything because we never would have spent that kind of money on the things that were moved. She could have bought all new stuff for that amount. They said we would have to pay for storage. The owner would not agree to lower the price. Finally, we came to an agreement with the movers of $500 in cash and they would leave everything in front of the building, we would have to bring it up the 3 flights ourselves.Our first mistake was not checking with the Better Business Bureau. Second, paying them anything. This is a scam they are noted for. We want everyone looking for a moving company to be aware of such scams. Financially this hit us hard. Her stuff was worth $900.00 and not more than that.


We moved from Ashburn, VA to Elko, NV. For this, Schneider Movers Inc. USDOT 1856807, gave me a quote for $2060.00, including full packing service and materials, 3 flight of stairs charge $60.00, one month free storage, etc. Moving date was 30th December 2009. A driver came to pick up our staff and said that I will have to pay more and he demanded $3500 right on the spot for him to start working. He refused to take my stuff with the original quote, and he walked out. I called the company right away and complained about him. Khan from Schneider Dispatch assured us that he will send a better driver, Alex, tomorrow at 10:00 am and the job will be done on the original quote and nothing more. The 2nd driver Alex showed up at 2:30 pm. He entered and started packing all our stuff and never talked about the money. Once everything was loaded in the truck, he came to me asking to pay more, saying the same thing, "company under quoted you guys to get the business."

He gave us a new quote on the spot at 9:30 pm for $4250, and demanded 75% of the amount right at that time. Our flight was next morning from VA to NV. He knew that and threatened us to leave our stuff on the street if we don't pay him the money. After about 40 minutes of argument, he forced me to write a check of $3187 (75% of his demand). Original quote was for 500 cu. ft. Our allocated space in the truck he showed from 2100 to 2600 line marking. We checked it and after everything was loaded, it took up to 2800 marking, i.e 700 cu. ft. We got the picture to prove it. But he claimed more and charged for 1000 cu. ft. When we started arguing with him, he gave us a 50 cu. ft discount and wrote 950 cu. ft. and said that's it and that's how they do business. There was a $300 discount in the original quote. He didn't even give us that discount. At $4.6 per cu. ft., he charged us $1270 extra. It is clear from the picture that he charged us for empty spaces.

We called Khan on 1st Jan. at 12:00 pm. He assured us to take pictures of our stuff in the truck, send me a copy and resolve this matter. But until today, he never contacted us even though we tried calling him, his company Schneider and emailing them repeatedly for last 10 days. Whenever any rep picked up the phone, either they kept us holding for one hour or more, or they said that Khan is not in the office and will call us back, which never ever happened until today. We even tried to call driver Alex, who picked up our stuff. He did not respond to our calls either. On Thursday, January 7th, 2010, Alex called me and threatened me over phone saying that I will have to pay whatever he is demanding and he doesn't know Schneider moving company or Khan and if I don't pay him according to his demand, he will charge me more and make my life hell, and he's doing this kind of business for 15 years. The driver Fima came today (01/10/2010) to deliver our stuff and demanded the money first. He refused to show me my stuff first and just walked out.

Alex just called (01/10/2010, 2:45 pm PST) and demanded me to pay him $350 more for the delivery. Without it, he will take my stuff to Vegas and put them in a storage, which will cost me more. I had the whole conversation recorded. Just before that the driver agreed to come back tomorrow to deliver my stuff for $4250, again Alex called him and told him not to deliver without $4600. He keeps doing it, and adding more and more money. I still don't have my stuff and I don't know whether those are still in good condition or not.

I have suffered a lot already. I would like to see everybody who are involved (specially Alex and Khan) be investigated for their actions and would like see both of the company's license be revoked and get the money back ($1270+$350) that they charged me extra, and be compensated for the suffering and pain that me and my wife are going through.

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