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Protected Van Lines' goal is your satisfaction. Providing our customers with professional and courteous moving experts, we ensure your move - whether around the corner or across the country - is handled with the care you deserve. We offer packing services, residential and commercial moves, and auto transport. Contact us today for a customized moving plan.

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Satisfaction Rating

Terrible service. Took 3 weeks to get household items from PA to FL and they arrived at 10 pm and it took them 3 hours to move all the items out of the truck because ours were in the front of the vehicle! Miserable customer service. Had to live without any household items, including furniture for over a week. And it was expensive - more than quoted. Don't use them. At all costs.

Satisfaction Rating

Trying to get in contact with them but they never answer the phone or call you back. The person I spoke with Dan ** don't answer the phone and I can't even send him emails anymore. I signed a contract and gave them 350.00. They suppose to ship my car but they don't answer anymore. I am trying to figure out how I can get my money back but like I said they never answer the phone. Worst company ever!!! Don't trust them!!!

Satisfaction Rating

We made the mistake to use this company for a move in June. Our belongings still didn't arrive until 7 weeks later, as opposed to the 7-10 days that we were promised. When you call PVL after you paid them, they will not even pick up the phone anymore, unless you suppress my number. On weekends, it is almost impossible to get a hold of them (they advertise their "24-hour hotline" on their website).

In fact, we got a taste of what would be ahead of us already when pick-up was supposed to happen: PVL told their subcontractor the wrong date, they were supposed to come on a Saturday, not on a Friday. The company they hired called us on Friday and said they would be there in 10 mins. We were out of town that day. They returned the next day, but only after screaming at my wife on the phone and demanding an additional $150 for moving the pick-up day. The company PVL selected has a Better Business Bureau rating of F, and a Google Reviews rating of 2 stars, by the way. That is already quite telling. Apparently PVL believes this is the right company for their customers.

The worst thing however is that people at PVL will lie to you. I called multiple times, and they would tell me that they would get the shipment "re-routed" for an earlier delivery. They told me this on four separate incidents when I called. I called the subcontracted company myself, and they did not speak with PVL a single time. They also told me that our belongings were still in their warehouse and had not been moved anywhere yet. So much for "re-routing" it. In fact, once I got another PVL employee on the phone, and she also told me that there was no way for them to get something re-routed or expedited.

So, this means they literally lie to your face and will tell you whatever they can to make you stop calling. And then they will not answer your calls anymore. Of note, once our belongings finally arrived, several items were missing or damaged amounting to a loss of 700 USD. PVL has at no point be of any assistance or help in resolving this problem.

Satisfaction Rating

I am not going to say anything that is not true. First they charged me 3 times the original bid. They are IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of. We had 117 missing boxes including a king sized pillow top bed, a 48 inch smart TV, and 1000 DVDs (the box the DVDs were in was opened and the DVDs removed, and replaced with a holiday box and taped closed) as well as my file cabinet that was taped closed and shrink wrapped was opened and all of the files containing my families personal information, i.e. bank account info, social security number, credit card info were removed.

They held my belonging hostage for 2 months while they charged me storage fees. They promised me a refund of $1000 2 months ago and we have not seen it yet. They told us to file a claim for the missing items. That was 2 months ago. Still no claim form. We call every other day. They will put you on hold until the line mysteriously goes dead or you get tired and hang up. The managers have more family emergencies than I have ever seen. They also have meetings that last all day long, and promises to call back in 15 minutes go weeks or months without anyone calling. Many of my belonging were broken in transit.

Satisfaction Rating

PVL hired "Al" of 365 Moving and Storage as the person responsible for transporting my belongings. During the initial phone call with Al, I found out that he was unable to take a credit card, because his card reader was revoked. This was a red flag. I requested another mover. PVL then set me up with Eight Mile Road Moving and Storage. Also, Google them for their terrible 1-star reviews. Upon researching this company it was clear that PVL again failed to choose a reputable mover. I knew I could not trust them to ensure safe and timely shipment of my belongings (I chose another company and moved flawlessly).

Bruce ** of PVL has not returned voicemails or emails. I left a voicemail with Heidi at the main desk demanding answers, and I was called back by a "Carol". I told her that I wanted a refund since PVL proved (twice) to show no judgement in picking a moving company. Carol told me she would get back to me after speaking to a supervisor, but she failed to do so.

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Satisfaction Rating

One of my friend decided to go with this company to move her stuff from Texas to South Carolina. They were almost 2 weeks late to deliver her stuff and she had to go through the hassle all by herself. They didn't even care to contact her or update her during the 2 week period. At least they should own their actions and offer good customer service. But overall HORRIBLE SERVICE! Think twice before hiring these people.

Satisfaction Rating

They are not the company you will get service from. They broker out the work to a company that will be in charge and rip you off by lying about the weight and overcharging by thousands of dollars. No one at Protected Van Lines will answer the phone and if they do, they will not call back or respond to messages... No matter what they tell you or promise you. Two way relocation showed up and charged me $72 in tape to wrap my furniture in blankets, which Protected said was in the cost. Plus an elevator cost and if you have a storage room, that cost extra too. Then there was the booking fee that was not mentioned. They estimated the weight for my 1 bedroom apt at 4100 lbs. They "claimed" my stuff weighed 11,000 lbs. They got that weight with other customers stuff on the truck to make it seem more on the weight ticket.

When they finally arrived 9 days later, the driver refused to show me the last weight ticket of for weight the truck stating that he would get fired. Probably fired for showing me the correct weight. They also copied my signature on a revised estimate for 6000. How did I sign a revised copy if it was changed after the weight ticket from my stuff on the truck initially and then at the destination my signature is on the revised version. They overcharged me 6000 dollars for the 11,000 lbs. They also ruined my old apartment's landscaping that I got charged 100 for and scratched my furniture. When I complained about the overcharge, they offered me a waive on the elevator fee and 250 dollar discount. They know what they did was wrong.

Satisfaction Rating

Protected Van Lines overcharged me by $860 in my recent move. They guaranteed that the price I would pay was based on the items I shipped rather than the estimate that they created. However, their estimate was over 1,300 pounds too high, and they refused to refund me the difference. Despite dozens of phone calls and emails over the course of 2 months, I am finally giving up. After each call with a representative, they would refuse to call me back, and when I reached out again they would screen my calls. Upon finally reaching a separate representative (mostly by calling from different phone numbers), they would say that the previous rep was on vacation or sick.

This happened with 4 different people. They completely went back on their word, which I should have realized when the receipt they sent me was an online form rather than a permanent file. When they refused to hold up their deal, I tried to look back at the receipt but it had been deleted. They have no permanent record of transactions so they are not held liable for their deceptive practices. Protected Van Lines has horrible pricing, customer service, and ethics, and I would strongly advise anyone looking for a moving company to LOOK ELSEWHERE.

Satisfaction Rating

The one star is for the sales experience. They certainly sell extremely well. Where to start? DO NOT USE PROTECTED VAN LINES. They can't even commit to an exact moving date until 9 hours before you move. This is not a moving company. This is a broker. You will not be moved by a company called Protected Van Lines. Instead you may get a no name mover with a truck, who may or may not be experienced at moving. They may requote your job based on what you move looks like, and when you call PVL, you'll reach a full mailbox. So you'll pay. Because you're moving. It will take hours longer than it ever has to move, and on several occasions you'll be angry because their inexperience is endangering your stuff.

Finally, as the truck is loaded, you'll be told: "We have up to 21 days to get this to you". Which will be the first time you've heard this number. Your stuff might get where you want it, roughly around the time you expected, but probably not, and if, like me, you're sitting on a camp chair after 2 weeks, cancelling work commitments "just in case" a van shows up. You'll wonder how you were such as sucker as to have signed up for this torture.

Satisfaction Rating

I retained this broker for moving and once a moving company was assigned my calls were not answered, along with email and voice mail. The problem was the assigned mover was broken down (3 times) and said they were coming and did not show up day after day for a week. I was promised 4 workers and 2 showed on the move out day and only one on move in day. I asked for another company to be assigned. I incurred a extra week of car rental and cost to change a flight. Changed plans allowed for 6 extra days after promised pick up as I have moved many times. Do not broker your move book with a known company!

Satisfaction Rating

We hired Protected Van Lines to move us from Kentucky to Las Vegas. We sold almost everything we owned so we're only moving 3 dressers, 1 bedroom, and the living room. We were quoted 4300. Movers were 2 days late, we have yet to get our things and it has been 9 days. Customer service does not answer and does not return your calls and to top it off they have made us pay 7100!! Please do not use this company. They're the worst I have ever experienced and I have had a few movers in my day and never had any issues. If you notice they have marked out all of their bad reviews and only have kept the good ones. I had to write this review, they are ripping people off and that is not ok

Satisfaction Rating

I got 8 calls a day from this company when they wanted our business. Now, when we are trying to find out where our stuff is, they won't answer our calls. There is a clear pattern that Protected Van Lines follows. They estimate your shipment over the phone, and it ALWAYS comes out that you have more stuff and owe them more money. The movers they contract with are the bottom of the moving company barrel! They show up late, they take longer than estimated, and they are generally not very careful with your stuff.

We had stuff put in storage. When we finally got it delivered (late!) things were covered in pollen and moldy. And, we found out (after we paid because they won't unload the truck until you pay) that we only had a partial delivery. We were told that the rest of our stuff would be delivered in a few days. A week later, a small delivery was made, but still not all of our stuff! We have a dining room set with a China cabinet and table, but no table top. The same for our kitchen table. The mirror for my dresser is also missing, as well as a cedar chest that was handed down to me and has a lot of sentimental value. An entire box of my china is missing as well. Thank goodness we paid with a credit card so we can dispute the charges!

Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from this company! They'll tell you that are a five star business. They aren't. I'm convinced any good reviews they have are fake! They will tell you that they will save you money. You won't. They estimate low and charge you later. They have no customer service. You can not get a hold of anyone once you've agreed to do business with them. And you will be dealing with multiple company names making it difficult to contact anyone or trace anything! The movers they contract with are not professional. Your stuff will be wrecked, if you even get your stuff!

Satisfaction Rating

Please note Protected Van Lines will not be the shipper to move your merchandise. Also Protected will give you an estimate that is very low. Once the trucker arrived in a RENT A TRUCK and loaded, his price became 3x the original quote. We do not know where our belongings are as they were picked up by a company called OUT OF STATE MOVING SERVICES who is not reachable via phone or computer. Protective also is not taking our calls. Our shipment was picked up in NJ on August 16. It is now September 22. We have been calling and emailing Protective and have not received any assistance. We just asked them in writing for a full refund along with $16000 loss of merchandise claim.

Satisfaction Rating

DO NOT USE this company. I repeat do not use! Worst experience ever. Ryan the sales guy got our quote TOTALLY wrong and then our price doubled once Heidi confirmed. It was too late at that point to cancel. It was a week before our move. They sub out their movers so only God knows who shows up to do the job. Alexis never called me back to confirm our exact moving time. I was given 3 time frames!!! We waited on Tuesday Sept 19th ALL day for them to show up. They never showed. So they finally show on sept 21st. They barely spoke English!!! We were promised that we could use a credit card. Well the sub company couldn't take it. When trying to call Protected Van Lines for help they were not helpful AT ALL and never came up with a solution. Instead "Micah" or Mike hung up on me!!! Sub company is Interstate Best Moving out of St Louis. They all smoked like freight trains and I'm just appalled at the whole situation.

Never again will I use this company. I'm reporting them to the BBB and will tell everyone I know how awful my experience has been. When you pay a lot of money for a big move you expect nothing less than the best. My boxes were not labeled. They basically went to Home Depot bought boxes and showed up with a 28ft truck to do the job. I have over a 3,000 Sq ft home. My stuff most likely won't fit in a 28ft truck or else it will all be broken. Unprofessional, Rude and Fake is how I would best describe Protected Van Lines and Interstate Best Moving. Do yourself a favor and use a company who doesn't sub out people. Use a local company and meet your movers ahead of time. Lesson learned for me! Stinks that this lesson cost me $10,000. Again DO NOT USE this company!!!

Satisfaction Rating

Protected Van Lines did not live up to a single promise made, is impossible to communicate with, and lost part of our items with no resolution. I had so many issues with this move. I will just try and summarize the major issues. I contracted Protected Van Lines (PVL) on 8/1/2016 to move my daughter's belongings from Mooresville, NC to Chicago, IL. I told Paul ** at PVL exactly the number of boxes, sizes and furniture that we would be moving. He estimated the weight at 1477 pounds and said we would have to pay the 2000 pound minimum. The total charge would be $1786, "one quote guaranteed". He told me the move would take 3-10 business days. Job number was **.

The movers showed up on 8/4/2016. They loaded the truck and then came in with a pre load weight ticket and an estimate of 2500 pounds. This added $275 to the price. I did not believe that the weight was higher than 2000 pounds and they promised me they would go by the scales to get another weight ticket with my stuff on board and email it back to me. This never happened as much as I begged for it.

I began calling on a regular basis to try and find out when my stuff would be delivered. I only got voice mail, and could not seem to get a call back. The only time I could get this company to call me back was during their sales job, before I signed the papers. The movers themselves finally called and said they would deliver on 8/23 in the evening or 8/24 in the morning. They didn't show up on 8/23 and never called so my daughter had to take off work. They never showed the next day and never called. Calls to them and PVL went to voice mail. They finally showed up, exactly 21 business days later on 8/25. They added $275 for a "long walk" of 50 feet. Total cost for this move ended up being $2283.50. I don't believe any of the extra cost was warranted, but they would not unload the truck until they were paid.

They did not check the items against the manifest. My daughter had to leave for the airport. They did not deliver a desk and 4 very valuable boxes (estimated value $2000). I cannot get anyone to return my calls from PVL. One of the boxes had legs to a table in them, and the doors to a TV Console. This renders these items useless. My daughter asked about the desk and the movers said it was not on the manifest, which was a lie. The reason I am writing this complaint is because no one will return my calls about the missing items and because they increased the cost of my move by close to $500 without a valid reason and we had no option except to pay it if we wanted our stuff.

I am so mad at myself for not reviewing this company before doing business with them. If I had, I would have seen their "F" rating on BBB and negative reviews on YELP and would not have gone this route. This was a very bad experience for us, and I would warn anyone who is considering doing business with them to not do it.

Satisfaction Rating

BEWARE! Hiring this company is a nightmare. They will subcontract your move so you have no idea who you are signing up to work with. They subcontracted my move to a company with an F from the Better Business Bureau. The movers showed up 8 hours late and I am still waiting for a delivery of my stuff over a month after it was picked up. When I contacted Protected Van Lines for help I was told they can't do anything (and aren't willing to) because the moving company is not violating the law for delivery time yet. Please save yourself the heartache and hire better movers! This place needs to be put out of business.

Consumer Increased Rating!

tl;dr They didn't show up on our moving day. They didn't try to help us, and over a month later, we still don't have a full refund.

Moving is stressful enough. These brokers left us in a lurch. I guess we should have gone with a mover who handles your stuff from point A to point B. Instead, we contracted with Protected Van Lines, who hires other movers from around the country. I liked the guy who signed me up and promised that if we had more stuff than expected, it could be accommodated.

After the movers that Protected Van Lines hired were already late, we still could not get ahold of the movers. And neither could Protected Van Lines. When we finally did, the movers missed their own ETAs three times and never ended up at the correct address. We were frustrated, and the only help the owner would give us was a message that we contractually needed to wait and there was nothing we could do.

After the day the truck was supposed to show up, we didn't hear from the owner again. Protected Van Lines claims we had too much stuff. How ironic! Not only did they fail to show up (how could they know), but we ended up actually using a space that was smaller than Protected Van Line's minimum space. Now that we've begun to dispute the charge with our credit card, the owner has offered a 20% return of our deposit. But what did they do to earn the 80%? They only made a stressful day more stressful as we scrambled to find a new, last minute way to move. We were caught in a lurch.

Satisfaction Rating

I interviewed numerous move companies for my whole house pack, load, transport, unload service from AZ to VA. From the very beginning they were very professional, not always telling me what I wanted to hear but telling me the truth. We had 23000 pounds of nicer furnishings and we weren't looking for the cheapest move, we were looking for a quality move with great value. We got that with Protected as they worked on our behalf to organize and arrange all aspects of the move.

With a move of this size, don't believe someone who tells you there will be no problem such, there will always be things that come up that no one expected. The key is how do the players act when problems arise. That is Protected strongest asset. When we had problems with the packing company, Protected quickly stepped in and resolved the problem. When we had an issue with the transport company, Protected made it disappear. So when they say they will be representing you, believe it. Based on their support of me, I'd recommend them to organize your largest move.

Robert, I remember you specifically as I handled your job personally. We appreciate you taking the time to write a positive review on behalf of Protected Van Lines, and love that your had a superior move through our company.

We will continue to give service throughout the years to our customers, and absolutely love to see that customers have such a great experience that they write good reviews about it.

Enjoy your new life in Virginia!


Protected Van Lines


After repeating phone calls of convincing and over promising, I went with Protected Van Lines for my move from Boynton Beach, FL to Clifton Park, NY. I told them I needed them to pick it up on the 25th, they said no problem but would need to put the 22nd - 25th. They said they would call for a confirmed date. After they took my down payment it was impossible to reach them through all the false phone numbers they gave me. On the 21st, I drove to the office in Lantana, FL the only way to get in touch with them. They finally found out the truck was to be there at 7am on the 23rd. Less than 24 hour notice. They told me their turnover is 3-5 business days.

I am currently on the 8th business day with none of my belongings in sight and can no longer get in touch with a working number for Protected Van Lines. They outsource to a company Vargo Moving Services, who is just as bad. Since last Sunday (5 days ago) they continue to tell me "a couple days." I have heard this four times now. They make note that in fine print they have 21 business days to deliver my stuff. Protected Van Lines will tell you anything you want to hear to get your business and then you never hear from them again after the down payment. Do not use them and do not use Vargo Services. I can only imagine what my stuff will look like when I finally do get it. Another scam artist in Florida.


These people don't care about you or your items. Once they have the movers pick up your furniture and other belongings it is almost impossible to get them on the phone. You can get voice mails but they never call you back. Then the mover ask "When would you like the items at your new location." You tell him or he makes an offer date but they actually have 21 days and they don't care as long as it gets there by that day. Many items were broken. This company is one of the sorriest moving companies or should I say moving broker, that I have ever dealt with. Whatever you do if you are moving don't go with this company. Worthless company with worthless employees.

Satisfaction Rating

We used Protected Van Lines for our moving. They didn't do any packing, they just moved a car and furniture. We had a hard time estimating what the rate might be. I told them it's a tiny bedroom apartment and they said we'll never go over a certain amount, so we signed up. The price ended up being triple, and my sister was amazed. At the last minute, she panicked because she didn’t have the money, so she gave away all her furniture. So all we really moved were her washer, dryer, boxes and one piece of furniture.

Another problem is that the person who dropped the stuff off wasn't careful with things. He also had to call a friend to come help him since he didn’t have the necessary equipment to get big boxes off the truck. They didn’t even have a ramp to get the things off the truck, so my brothers had to help them. He also had so much stuff in the same truck, having ours mixed up with other people's stuff. We were just glad to get it done.

This is the condensed version of a very bad experience that is currently ongoing. I called PVL in May to set up my move. At the time we did not have a secure transfer date. The person I was working with, somebody named Tim, was very helpful, got me a good price and said we could move the date if we needed to.

July rolled around and still no secure date. I notified Tim who moved it out to September, just in case. The good experience ended right there. In July I ended up with a move date. I emailed Tim and called him and left a message. In fact, I left several messages. Nobody ever got back to me. I kept calling his number until one day, all of a sudden, his "supervisor" Duane answered the phone. He informed me that Tim had up and quit.

At this point we were a week away from the transfer. I told him what had happened, he forwarded me to somebody else who, in turn, forwarded me to somebody else. In the end I had to pay an expedite fee (which I was fine with) because things needed to be picked up on July 29th. I was told that everything was ok and to expect the movers on the 29th between 8 and 6. That's not what happened.

The 29th arrived and no movers. I called to discover that nobody had moved the date on the computer as they said they did and dispatch had me moving in September. I was then sent to a very nice guy named Mickey who DID go above and beyond to find us a truck. I was able to push things to August 1st, even though I had to pay another month's rent so Mickey could secure us a definite pick up. In the midst of this I had to talk to some guy in dispatch named Gary who accused me of lying (which I DID NOT appreciate) about the date switching and that 'he had it on tape that I told Marissa to switch the date to September which was NOT true.

There was some mix ups with the contracts where I accidentally signed the wrong one but given that I'd been speaking to the customer service person when the final date was updated they should have caught it when it crossed their screen which they did not and neither did I. Gary took it upon himself to lecture me on what a horrible person I was. Can't say that I appreciated that much either. The 1st rolls around. No movers. Tried calling PVL dispatch numerous times. Nobody answers the phone. Somebody claiming to be from the movers finally calls and says they'll be there by 12:30. 12:30, nobody. I had to call PVL incessantly before finally getting Duane and demanding to speak to somebody who could help.

I was sent to Victoria. Bear in mind this was ONE WEEK AGO from today. Now I had to leave Florida, I had to be in Oregon by Friday the 5th for my new job. I couldn't wait another day and by that time the moving company was saying it would be around 5 before they got there. Then, around 2:30, they informed Victoria that they wouldn't be there until the next day. SO - our neighbor, an elderly lady, was nice enough to keep our key to let the movers in the next day. The moving company told Victoria that they would be there for pick up by noon.

By Tuesday at TWO EST, we were half-way across the country on the way to Oregon when our neighbor calls, wanting to know where the movers were. This prompted an incessant barrage of calls to the Protective offices where nobody could be bothered to answer, and Victoria's number suddenly didn't go to her desk anymore, the number ended up going to some guy's phone! Victoria finally calls me, I tell her what's happening with the phone numbers, she too thought that was odd (supposedly), and said she would call the moving company. I let her know that we had tried all the numbers that we had been given for the company and either they were disconnected, nobody answered or the guy that DID answer didn't speak English.

Our neighbor and Victoria keep calling with updates until the movers finally arrived - at 7:30 pm. (So much for not working after 6 according to dispatch.) The time of arrival changed over 5 times during the afternoon and into the evening. It should also be pointed out that I was not alone when all of these phone calls took place - I had the phone on speaker and my 24-year old daughter was right there listening.

But back to the movers... One of the movers couldn't speak English and the other mover, who barely spoke English, proceeded to harass our neighbor, demanding more money than was allotted and threatening to 'dump the stuff in Miami' if she didn't pay them. Our neighbor is a gutsy woman who wasn't taking their crap - she showed them the money order and told them they'd get the money order and that was IT and they wouldn't get it until the truck was loaded.

They then proceeded to take FOUR hours to load the truck. There was no reason for this to take four hours. There was ONE room of boxes and totes, one sofa, one bedroom set and a box spring and mattress. Everything was sealed and wrapped appropriately well in advance. It shouldn't have taken them more than 2 hours. They also bitched the entire time about "dumping all this crap in Miami". They then refused to give the neighbor a receipt for the pick up and left!

So it's now Weds. morning, we're over in Wyoming and Victoria calls to see if the movers ever showed up. She's not happy when I tell her what happened. She states she will call the company and see what the ETA will be given, they obviously messed up the pick up. Victoria calls back to inform us that the company states the ETA will be Tuesday, August 9th. Now, I understand that the move is across country and the contract even gives them ten days but the company DID say they'd be delivering on the 9th. (Which I did not believe but, well, one can always hope...) Victoria and I discussed the attitude of the movers and agreed that this particular company doesn't look good for PVL.

On Friday of that week I called Victoria and actually managed to get her - she said she would double check with the company and that she would work with us until our belongings were delivered. (My husband's ashes, along with his flag and purple heart are packed in all of this so this is more than just some 'stuff' being carted across country.) The company again told her that the ETA was for Tuesday, August 9. Monday, August 8th I called Victoria to check in and the number was back to going to some guy.

Today, Tuesday, August 9th, I called again, again with the guy. So I call Duane. He says he's going to put my file on somebody named "Melissa's" desk. She would call me. She never called. SO I called Duane back. He transferred me to a Melissa who wasn't who I needed to talk to, she sent me to some guy who was totally rude who, in turn, sent me to Stephanie... Stephanie informed me that Victoria NO LONGER WORKS THERE. She then tried the line on me that "well, it's clear across the country and it can take up to 15 to 24 days."

I told her that "I understood that but THIS is what has happened in the past week and I was told TWICE that the ETA was today, the 9th. I want an update regarding where my belongings are." Stephanie tells me that she'll give me her direct number and that I will work with her until this is resolved, that I don't need to talk to the moving company, I hired PVL, they'll talk to the movers.

She was going to call them and call me right back. That was at 12:30 pm PST, it's now 2:00 PST and she hung up without giving me her direct number. (I couldn't call the movers even if I wanted to, all numbers we were given for them have either been disconnected or somebody who doesn't speak English answers and hangs up.)

I know and understand how complicated this sort of business is but there is no excuse for any of this. I'd demand a refund but something tells me I'd never get it - anymore than I'm going to get my belongings. At this point I doubt I'm going to be getting said belongings, everything I own - my children's pictures and baby books, my late husband's effects, my daughters' belongings, my awards for years in publishing - our entire life is pretty much on a truck driven by two guys who barely speak English and harassed an old woman before threatening to toss said belongings into the Atlantic.

I thought that working with PVL was going to be a good experience when this all started, I stand corrected and will be looking into legal recourse at this point because nobody within the PVL business structure can seem to 1. stay employed there, 2. tell the truth when they are employed there, 3. cannot or will not answer the phone (they know who's calling, our numbers show up on their caller ID, how else could Duane and Mickey call me back when I didn't even leave a message?) and 4. after all this I wouldn't recommend this company to anybody.

If I could give them a negative score, I would. They owe ME stars at this point. Trust and believe, if PVL doesn't see to it that this situation ends on a satisfactory note this review will go beyond Consumer Affairs fully backed by all the witnesses who've supported my daughter and I while we've been forced to put up with this unbelievable nonsense.


My friend used this company who farmed her job out to ANOTHER company who then charged her extra while holding her belongings hostage. They broke half of her things and when she called to complain they were rude to her and told her she had to submit a claim. She took photos, someone even urinated on her mattress. She is a single mom with 1 child who was taken advantage of and unfortunately she still has nothing to show for this. She had to replace about 60% of her belongings and still has seen nothing from this terrible company.

Satisfaction Rating

We went with Protected Van Lines for their cost. However, it was a nightmare before they got a new CEO. I would have cancelled because I was in Michigan and I was moving furniture from Michigan to Omaha and nobody was returning my emails. I was trying to coordinate because I won't be there and I had to have somebody at the house to help with the move. Then on the first day of their new CEO, he called me and from then on things went well and their moving crew were very good.


My initial contact with Protected Van Lines was ok. I had to change moving dates and they were helpful with that. When trying to lock down dates and get additional help the customer service was non-existent. Numerous phone calls and emails were left unanswered. My estimate was $1500 lower than what it ended up costing me. I was very accurate in my inventory list with them when originally working with them, although some of my items ended up needing additional boxes.

I was moving from a 1 bedroom apartment and I know my items did not weigh what they stated. If they would have been honest with me and I knew it would cost me $4300 instead of the $2800 I was quoted I would never have agreed to it. Even today just before I began this review I have tried calling Colin **, my contact person with the company, and still no returned call. So disappointed to be treated this way by a company. When asked by friends or family in need of a moving company I will tell them to stay clear from Protected Van Lines.


I was supposed to move today from 7-11 am. Woke up at 6 am, had my phone on ringer next to me, and had a full view to outside, since I'm in the ground floor. Come 11 am, I call the company to see what's going on and they tell me "oh, we were there but you weren't actually there" (I actually have a security camera that shows otherwise) and that they would "try to make tomorrow." This is after already paying $1,500. BEWARE. I'm not even sure if this is a scam or not, since at this time, they haven't confirmed if they'll even pick it up.


The Sales rep completely misled me on costs and then I was rushed to resign the contract on my phone. When I finally saw the contract on my email it was completely different from what I was promised. When I tried to cancel the order they refused to return my $700 deposit and then stopped answering my phone calls in customer service.

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Protected Van Lines was the first one who called me back for our move and we were very pleased with them. They were all top-notch. The moving crew that came in and wrapped all the furnitures were the greatest. We were very impressed and I would recommend them highly.


We at Protected Van Lines are pleased to hear that the move was performed to your satisfaction. Protected Van Lines has many goals, but none more important that the satisfaction of our customer. If you or a member of your circle is in need of a long distance interstate mover please do not hesitate to give our contact information. The team at Protected Van Lines will provide the same level of service we did on your move.

Best regards,

Protected Van Lines

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I decided to go with Protected Van Lines' moving services due to their pricing. Their guys were pleasant and although there was a hiccup on the road in the beginning of the process, it got straightened out. The first moving crew was not good. They were supposed to get there on Thursday, but they did not make it to my house until Monday. When they saw the house, they said they didn't have enough people and they didn't have the materials they needed to pack the stuff in the truck. They left and called me back to tell me they found some guy to help them, but he had to finish work on a day job so he could get a cell phone to go on the trip. My husband, who was in Texas while I was still in Indianapolis, didn't feel it was safe when I described to him what happened with the first crew. I called the first crew up and told them not to come back.

I called Protected Van Lines and I was not happy. They sent me another crew the next day who was truly a breath of fresh air. They were on time, very courteous, professional, and very helpful. They kept in touch with me during the course of their trip down to Texas. I was very pleased with them. Everything arrived here safely. The stuff were packed well and there was nothing broken.


I chose Protected Van Lines for their price. The rep I started out with apparently left or got fired. I had to finish with somebody else. That was okay, but my interaction with the moving crew was not good. The first crew would give me updates as they were getting closer but somehow, somebody contacted Protected that it was the wrong moving crew. I was told when the crew arrived to turn them away. The second crew that came the next day didn't want to honor the contract. I had to fire them.

Finally, the third day, after a lot of stress and arguing, their office sent down a truck and that was a good situation. I thought maybe that truck would actually deliver because that third crew did a real good job packing the stuff onto the truck. What happened as they took the stuff from the first truck onto a different truck was all the heavy stuff ended on top and crushed down on the bottom boxes. Their truck leaked oil and left stains on my brand new concrete driveway, too. I was not happy.

Question and Answers - Protected Van Lines

What problem is Protected Van Lines trying to solve?

We want our customers to know the level of service we deliver to our customers, and the strides we are making to be a leader in the moving and storage industry.

What sets Protected Van Lines apart from the competition?

We have some of the most tenured moving coordinators in the industry, which makes moving seamless for our customers. We are also very selective in deciding which Agents (Carriers) can join our network, which reduces if not eliminates issues. We are a company that will not book additional moves if we do not have a reputable mover to perform the work, we believe in quality over quantity. We are also working on developing a back office of Account Managers to maintain constant communication with our customers and to assist them every step of the way. Finally, we are forming a relationship with Qology, which will allow us to offer a concierge service to all of our customers. The concierge service will include phone, internet and tv, making the relocation process for our customers that much smoother.

What needs do your products or services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

We are a leader in the Moving Brokerage industry, that has a network of world class moving companies that are independently owned and operated. Because these companies are independent the rates and service we are able to provide our customers is second to none. We outshine the competition because we are very stringent in who we allow in our network, and because of the the level of service we and our affiliates provide is world class. We are also forming relationships with organizations that can further streamline a long distance relocation. One of the relationships we are developing is with a company by the name of Qology, who is able to process a work order to have a customer’s internet, television and phone service setup on or near the date of delivery.

What are the most common misconception consumers have about Protected Van Lines?

Customers often times think we do not have as much experience as other competitors due to the length of time we have been in business, but when we formed the company we strategically selected our Officers, who collectively have 40+ years of industry experience. Most members of our Management worked at other moving organization and learned what not to do, making the customer experience second to none.

How does Protected Van Lines measure success?

The company measures success on a few different factors, with the most important being customer satisfaction. We have implemented a team that solely focuses on customer retention and satisfaction. The company’s success is also measured by the percentage of customers that leave positive surveys. We have other internal KPI's such as number of unique customer, deal size, ROI and cost of acquisition.

What are Protected Van Lines values?

We have two mottos, the first is “A moving company you can trust” and the second is “Our customers come first.” By living to those two mottos we know our company will be around for years to come, and allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about Protected Van Lines?

I want each and every one of our customers to believe our mottos of “A moving company you can trust” and “Our customers come first.” There is so much bad press around the moving and storage industry, and most of the bad press is focused around moving brokers. We as a company are doing everything to assure the moves we coordinate meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

What are the most common misconception consumers have about your industry?

That all moving brokers charge a third party fee that makes the price of a move more expensive than if they were to call the carrier directly, which is not a true statement. The truth is we do charge a third party fee, but our price is often less expensive than if the customer were to call the carrier directly. The reason for that is we send volume to our carriers, which reduces the dollar amount we are able to have a move conducted for, so even if we had a third party fee the customer is still in an advantageous position, due to our purchasing power.

What is the greatest obstacle Protected Van Lines is currently trying to overcome?

We are in the process of building our back office to ensure our moves are conducted to our customers satisfaction, and we are currently working through that process to make sure we achieve our goals. We are also combating the negative stigma the industry currently has, and we are wanting to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Communicating that message is often difficult.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

The moving industry over the past few years has changed in a few areas, with some of the biggest changes being the evolution of self service moving companies, like PODS, Zippyshell and more. Also, the countless number of review sites that have started up. Most of the review sites are not for the business, and are not there to remain unbiased, which has definitely hurt the moving brokerage industry.

How do you think the industry will change in the next 5 to 10 years?

I believe self service moves will increase slightly, but customer will quickly realize that the price difference is marginal after you factor all the costs in. I also believe that the number of large brokerages will no longer be in business, as the moving industry has become more competitive driving prices down, making it difficult for some of the larger brokerages to remain operational. Along with this I believe that new laws will pass to protect customer interests.

How has Protected Van Lines grown or evolved?

Our company has evolved a lot in a short period of time. We have someone dedicated to marketing, a back office staff that is there to maintain customer relationships and have increased the number of quality movers within our network.

How do you see Protected Van Lines growing or evolving in the future?

I believe as we continue to earn the trust of our customers we will increase the number of sales individuals, and the number of back office individuals we employ. We are also out there seeking relationships with affiliates that will improve customer satisfaction.

Where do great ideas come from in your organization?

We are a company that believes ideas can come from everyone and anyone within the company.

Do you have any advice or comments for your current and/or potential customers?

Give Protected Van Lines a chance! We are here to help, and are not like the other moving brokers.

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