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I've used Premier Van twice in the past 6 years and have been delighted each time. I've moved a lot over the decades and speak from experience. Premier is a professional, cautious and responsible company. They recently moved me into a place with some rather tight stairs and did so without a single scuff or dent to walls or furniture. If (god forbid! ) I move again, I will use Premier Van again without a second thought.


I found this company after filling out a general search inquiry for moving companies. I was contacted by this company (as well as others). The agent, Rageine, was very helpful at first. She was careful to analyze my moving needs. I was moving household goods from Virginia Beach, VA to Miami, FL. The contents of my move was very small - well under the normal weight minimum of most movers. So, she gave me a "guaranteed quote" based on the minimum price since she agreed that I wasn't moving much. She took a detailed list of all the items I was shipping, and even added on a few things just in case I decided I had extra items to move.

My quoted price was $845. I gave two desired move dates. I was told I would be called 48 hours in advance to confirm the date and time the mover was coming. The day before my scheduled move date, I had not received any calls from the company, or a dispatcher. So, I called myself and the same agent contacted the dispatcher, who said he would call me to confirm the move time.

Once again, I received no follow up. When I called back, they stated that the street I lived on was too narrow to fit the truck. And they said that they would have to send a smaller truck to carry the items from the house to the large truck - which would cost an additional $450. Since I had previously shipped household goods to this address, I knew for a fact that an 18 wheeler would fit in the street (their truck was smaller). After going back and forth with them all day, they agreed to try to fit the truck into my development.

My date was confirmed for Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 9 am. On Sunday morning at 9 am (when my move was scheduled to begin), the trucker called me and said his first move was running behind, and he would be at my home immediately after. By 3 pm, I still had heard nothing so I called the dispatcher, who had given the trucker the incorrect address. Once the trucker had the correct address, he said it was too late to begin the move, so he had to come on Monday morning instead.

The new scheduled time for Monday was 9 am. At 11 am, no one had showed up. Once again they were trying to say that the truck would not fit down the street and that they had to wait until a U-Haul station opened to rent a smaller truck (for which I would have to pay). Once again, they threatened the extra charges of $450 then "negotiated" that they would waive the fee. Finally, the trucker arrived at 1 pm (the truck fit). When he saw the sectional sofa that had to be moved, he called the dispatcher to get help (he was solo, and had an injured leg). But they would not send extra help.

After struggling to move all the items, the trucker gave me a bill for $2,060.00 (half of which had to be paid then, the other half upon delivery). His explanation was that the pricing went by square footage rather than weight or number of pieces - which was not the case when the appointment was made. The "guaranteed quote" was no longer valid. And at this time, upon calling the company, I was unable to get in contact with anyone who could advise on this discrepancy.

At 9 am, I was told that my agent Rageine was in a meeting that would last until 3 pm (?). I called throughout the day for the entire week and received no follow up. When I finally got her on the phone (after acting like she had no idea who I was), she assured me that the new price of $2,060.00 was incorrect. And she said that she would fully review the trucker's billing before delivery so that pricing adjustments could be made.

I never heard from her again and was never able to get in contact with her after that. On Sunday, October 24th, I received a call from the trucker (despite the guaranteed 48 hour notice of arrival) that he would be arriving at 8 am the next morning (at this point it was obviously too late to get a check from the bank and they did not accept personal checks or credit cards). At this time, I notified the trucker that the city was working on the parking lot in front of my place, and this would likely be a problem. I asked if the move could be rescheduled. He said that doing so would cause my items to be stored for at least a month - and fees to be incurred.

He said the road work would be no problem and he mentioned no extra fees for carrying items from a further distance. When the trucker arrived, he demanded that the payment be made before he began moving the items in. I went to the bank to get the certified check. And doing so caused me to incur an extra $100 fee due to the trucker having to wait. I gave the trucker the certified cashier’s check (from a federal credit union). He said that they could not accept that; they only accept postal money orders.

So, I had to go back to the bank and cash the check - incurring an additional $100 fee. Once I paid the trucker, he began moving everything in. Then, he claimed that there would be an additional $75 charge for wheeling the items 100 feet (which he measured from the truck to my door). At this point, I had to consider the value of this. I only had enough items to fill a 1 bedroom apartment - all of which did not value the amount that I was now paying for this move. When I considered the personal items in the truck, I decided that I had to pay and get my items. At the end of the move, I had paid a total of $2,330.00, instead of my "guaranteed" $845. From that point on, I was unable to reach the moving company at all. Every time I call, I am told that I will be called back.


Choose Premiere Van Lines. I spoke with sales rep Nirva and gave me a great rate. I set pick up date, and when I called back, I was informed that the storage rate would be higher. When I called to confirm pick up, since no one called me, I was once again given a new rate on storage, but lower rates on pick up. The driver, about 60 and 120 or so pounds, showed up by himself, and said he would be loading all of our things by himself. The kicker is, I was then informed that the quote was wrong, and it would be cost me additional money. He had me speak with his boss, and from there, the call was like talking to a car salesman (I will only charge 2500.00, okay, I'll let you have it for 2250.00 ).

At this point I was informed by the driver that he could only take about 1/2 of my shipment, and would pick the rest by Monday. I informed the driver that this pick up was canceled, and then I was told that I may be charged the deposit, since the driver showed up at my home. I would tell any one who calls this company,FI,to call someone else. I am waiting to see if a cancellation fee will be charged to my credit card, which I had to given, when I set up "pick up anywhere", for $200.00 to $800.00.


On Feb. 10, I made an online agreement with Premiere Van Lines, Inc. to make a move on Feb. 26, from St. Louis to storage to future residence in Chicago. I made this agreement from Chicago for the St. Louis resident had utilities turned off. Also my contact person was Nirva. I arrived in St. Louis on Feb. 24 and called Premiere Van Lines, Inc. on Feb. 25 to advise them that I was at the residence. They advised me that dispatch would call and advise of the time of arrival. On Feb. 25, dispatch called and advised that they would need to make move on Saturday, Feb 27. I called Premiere Van Lines and advised them that our agreement was for Feb 26.

They advised that they would check. They called back and advised me that movers would arrive around noon on Feb. 26 as scheduled. They never showed and I called Premiere Van Lines and they then told me they would be there between 4:00 and 7:00, they never showed.

Dispatch later called me and advised me that they could not make it and would have to reschedule for Saturday Feb. 27, between 4:00 and 7:00. They never showed and later they called and advised me that they would arrive in about 40 min. The truck arrived about 1 hour and 40 min. later. I asked the driver where the moving crew was and he advised me that he was the moving crew. There was no way this one 130 pound man could move all my furniture. He knew it and I knew it. I could not believe that all this could possibly happen. On Sunday, I called another mover and had to pay $150 for moving on Sunday but I got it done very quickly and professionally. Everyone is allowed to ** up a few times but this company is abusing the privilege.


My husband contacted several moving companies and Premiere Moving & Storage sent us back a quote pretty quickly based on what we had. My husband contacted the agent "Ron", and told him he was accurate on the furniture but off on the amount of boxes. We were moving a 3 bedroom house from PA to AZ. They quoted us around $2k. But again we sold mostly all the furniture and had mostly boxes. They emailed us the contract and it was basic, but nothing compared to what we would encounter.

On the week of our move, we called them to confirm the day. First, they had our day and place wrong. They then found us and said they would call the day before the move which was to be on Thursday, July 30. They called on Tuesday to confirm the move for the next day. Oops wrong day. They apologized and said they were going to be late because they were having mechanical problems with the assigned moving truck. We told them we weren't scheduled until the next day. They called back the next night and said they would be there between 10am and 12pm.

Well, 1pm came and a driver called and said he would be there in about 3-4 hours because the other driver couldn't make it and he was just given the job. I asked him if this was the precedence for what was to come. He nicely apologized and said he would be there ASAP (I should have known). About 5pm, my son called and soon the movers were there. I pulled in a couple of minutes later and was appalled at what kind of truck they had. It was a white straight truck. They did show they were from Premiere Movers. The back of the truck had a bunch of stuff and blankets thrown all over the place and behind it another move was neatly stacked. I looked at my husband and we just thought we had to have faith. We were on deadlines.

I asked the drivers if my stuff was being loaded in the front of the other stuff because there wasn't much room and he said no. They have enough room for 1,200 cubic feet. Honestly looking at the space, it meant nothing except that I didn't know how they were going to fit it all. He came in and looked around and said that we had more than the paperwork was estimated at. The estimation was 507 cubic feet. The mover said we had tops 1,200 cubic feet. So we said okay. We trusted them. Everything they had us sign and the way they explained was completely backwards. He had me sign a black form which was the revised estimate form. He said I had to sign it but they couldn't fill in the rest until they knew the definite at the end. It was a disaster. (I wrote on the original that the form was blank when signed. I have the copy of it.)

Basically, what they did was low ball the numbers to get the job and in the end they tripled our amount. They said every little thing had to be in a box and that they don't pad anything except for the furniture. So, I went down to U-Haul and purchased another $135 worth of boxes which they used for my mirrors also. They left my house two times to off load other people’s stuff and some of my stuff and didn't leave for good until 2am. I asked him if this was typical of this mover and he said, "Yes". I asked where he kept taking the stuff and he said they had a storage unit about 20 minutes from my house.

In the meantime, they broke my landscape lights, scratched my wood floors, scraped the ceilings with the one and only mattress set and scratched the doors and walls. Also, when I was signing the paperwork, it said that my stuff could take up 10-14 business days. My husband called the agent Ron and questioned this and the estimate. Ron said "Oh no don't worry we have loads going to AZ every week. Your stuff will be there by Tuesday or Wednesday the latest. And don't worry about what the driver is telling you.” Well Ron is nowhere to be found now. The movers labeled everything but did not mark on the sheet if anything was damaged or its condition. They also chose my insurance limits for me and said this is what my option was because my amount was under $5,000. Go figure. Remember this was all signed in advance. The mover said it had to be.

Now reading the sheet, I see that the insurance chose must be in my handwriting not theirs. The driver wrote it, not me. Also on the revised written estimate that they also made me sign blank (which I noted on there), it is not checked binding or non-binding. So according to their paperwork, it really shouldn't be 10% above the original estimate. They also made me sign the next binding estimate of cost blank. How confusing. I'm sure this can't be legal. So anyhow, the drivers in the end said we had 2,500 cubic feet worth of stuff and our move went from $2,000 to $8,000. I said you have to be kidding me. Then he said you know what I'm going to do you a favor. I only have limited authority but I can say it only took up 2,000 cubic feet and I will drop the price to a flat $6,500.

Well, let’s see at this point. I had no choice. You made me sign what was now probably all bogus paperwork. I gave him the originally agreed $1,000 down. He told me to contact the company in the morning and he was sure they would make a discount for the under estimate. I couldn't figure out how this was possible. All I really had was boxes. Oh and they also left from like 10pm to 1:30am to supposedly off load more stuff. It truly was a night of hell.

The next day, I called the agent, Ron, who was nowhere to be found. I was able to reach the main office and spoke to a partner, Mike, who had a very strong accent and was really nice and said don't worry your stuff was loaded onto the moving truck this morning and when he gets the original paperwork on Monday, he will be able to see what's going on. He told me to pay nothing, but I paid the original agreed upon 50%.

Well Monday came and I have now traveled across the country and am in 115 degrees and receive a call from Mike who says he can discount my load $500. He's not sure why we would think he ripped us off. The $2,000 was only an estimate. I asked where our stuff was and he said New Jersey, then he said 5 minutes from my house in Philadelphia. I explained I lived 1 1/2 hours from Philly. He then said it was on I 40 in Tennessee. I guess he thought it was comical. I told him there was no way there was that much cubic feet.

I then went on line to the BBB and that's where I realized what was being done and that there was a huge chance I could never see anything again. All of my business checkbooks were in there. My mother's checkbooks (I pay her bills), my step dad's checkbooks and I were late paying his cost of share for his nursing home now). Our lives were on this truck and they wouldn't tell us where anything was. When I was on the BBB, I saw a blog who was the real Premiere Movers and I called him his name was Art and he had a satellite office in Mesa, AZ. We went in, spoke to him, and found out everything that this company was doing. Unfortunately, we also found out that we may never see our stuff again. He did an average weight of our stuff and on the high side it was about 7,000 pounds. That was on a high side.

We knew that we had to agree to what they wanted because if they kept our stuff in storage too long they would sell it off at auction. My husband called and spoke to this Mike guy several times. Mike told my husband we could go by weight, but someone would have to go there and witness the weight, and he would almost guarantee that it would be more. Probably because he knew this was impossible. He was rude and hard to understand. He never let you speak.

He then spoke to Regime ** who we just had to kiss her butt to find out what to do to get our stuff. What it came down to was we had to give more money up front to get our stuff. It was a week later and our stuff was sitting someplace that we had no idea where. All we knew was this a company of scammers that changes their names when they get shut down. So Regime said, give them our card and we have to sign the authorization form and the non-dispute. What would you do? I didn't have a choice. All of our personal and business stuff were in that truck. She guaranteed it would be here by the 13th. Wrong. After a different moving company called and said he had my stuff and had two flat tires and a speeding ticket, it arrived Saturday night, the 15th.

He opened the back of the truck and my vacuum almost fell out. The first two layers the stuff was pretty much thrown in. My dining room table was dropped and has a giant gash and indent on the side. The dining room chair has the bottom of the legs broken and one of the rungs broken completely off. My wine cabinet is scratched and dented. The only bedroom set is missing the backings to attach the mirror. My sofa table has the bottom leg missing and the bottom is off. My husband’s tool chest is completely scratched and dented. One of my china dolls faces cracked. Glasses from my wedding set are broken. Boxes were crushed and some had tape completely around it to re-tape it. (I used U-Haul boxes. They are pretty strong and sturdy).

A giant mess from these people. They took one of the hoses from the house in PA and they shouldn't have. When they took it off the truck, it dumped water all over everything. The center rows weren't too bad but the last rows were once again crushed and damaged. My son's bike had the cables ripped off. The driver said he didn't pick up our stuff until Wednesday. Hmmm. He also said his ticket for the cubic feet was 1,400 cubic feet. We were on the truck and saw the markings and tried to take pictures but it was dark. The driver wasn't too happy that he had to wait for me to transfer everything from my handwritten sheet to his original copy. I asked him for it, like 8 times, but he didn't give it to me. He signed my handwritten one on the cubic feet and for the damages, but these guys are so slick who knows what’s next.

On Monday, we called the company and told them we knew what the actual cubic feet was and that they should refund us at least $2,000. In reality, it should be only 10% above the estimate but I don’t know how much I have left in fighting. They didn't call back and I called again today and they said no it is only $340.00 we owe you. What they do is figure a cubic foot price before your job and low ball. They pick up your stuff and tell you your stuff is way over the estimate and they already have it figured in what they will make. The only difference is you are forced to pay that amount before they will give you any of your stuff. They sit there and laugh at you, which is what they have done to us. These people need to be stopped. There is so much more to this, but I think the basics are there.

The economics that have been done to my family are what we thought was costing us $2k is going to cost us way over $10,000. The damage that these people have done is horrible. They said that they will not cover any of the damage that I have to claim it on my homeowners. I don't have the money to go and replace what they have damaged. They had absolutely no respect for other people's property. Maybe it wasn't the best stuff, but my $1,500 dining room table was mine and I didn't owe anything on it. Now it's worth nothing. I could go on and on. All of the stuff I sold when I left PA was covering this part of the move. These people forced me to run up a credit card and use my savings to pay them. Instead of being up front and honest in the beginning, they lied every step of the way.

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I was looking for a mover to move my things from Massachusetts to North Carolina, I filled out a form on the computer that described what I would be moving as far as furniture and boxes and whatever. I was contacted by several companies and picked the first one that I was contacted by from the computer. It was Premier Van Lines, Inc.

I spoke to a woman named Karen, and she gave me a price for the things that I had listed on the computer. I contracted with them to pick up my things on Monday, July 6, 2009. I called them back on June 30, 2009 and spoke to Karen and told her that there would be a change in the list of items going, and this change resulted in the cost of the move to go down. At that time, I eliminated some big furniture off the list. I told her that I had about 6 big green garbage bags (double-bagged), and I asked her if they would be able to take them on the truck like that. She told me yes.

At the time I contracted with them, I had to give them a $200 deposit, which I had to do by going to a Staples; and they faxed a form to me to sign with my credit card information on it. I signed the form and then faxed it back to Karen within 15 minutes. At the time of pick-up of the furniture, I had to leave them a check for $535.50.

I left North Carolina on June 30. I received a call from the van driver who asked me if he could pick up my furniture and belongings on Sunday, July 5, instead of July 6. I told him that I was not at the house but that there would be someone there and that he could pick up my belongings, which he did on July 5. At the time of pick-up, the driver would not accept the personal check for $535.50. So, the person at the house had to give the driver the money in cash. He then called me and told me about it.

So the following day, I called Karen, who was the person that I set up the contract with; and I asked her if she had not told me that I could give the driver a personal check. She said yes and that she had told me that. I told her that he would not accept the check, and her response to that was "I do not know why he did that." I asked the driver when I could expect my things to arrive in Massachusetts at my new address, and he told me to call the company and they would be able to tell me.

I called their company, and they told me that they were not sure yet and they would get back to me. No one called me back. So a few days later, I called again. And again, I was told that they would get back to me; and again, no one returned my call. I called them for 2 and a half weeks, trying to find out when my furniture would be delivered. I would talk to someone, and they would tell me they would get back to me. But they never returned my call.

I finally received a call on July 22, 2009 from a man named Dave, who was the dispatcher. He told me that my furniture would be delivered the following day. I also received a call from the driver the same day telling me the same thing, and he then added that my balance would be $1087.59. I told him that that was wrong and that it should be $535.50. He then told me that he had to do some extra packing of my things, which was the 6 plastic bags. He had to put them into boxes, because he could not take them like that. The girl, whom I made the contract with, said that he could take them and never told me that they would have to go in boxes. So, he charged me $282.00 for 3 wardrobe boxes plus some kind of fuel charge, which I do not understand.

I called the company, and Dave said that on the contract, it showed those 6 bags as being ladies' hand bags? My furniture traveled around on their truck for 18 days, when it only had to be delivered 728 miles away. When I contracted with Karen, she never told me that they could take up to 14 business days to deliver my things. I was without a bed for that length of time plus without pots and pans and dishes.

When my furniture was finally delivered on July 23, 2009, there had been some damage done. There was a roll-top desk that has a hole in the side of the desk, and the roll top goes up half way and then has to be forced to go up the rest of the way. Plus, there is a piece of wood along the bottom that has been totally broken away; that is, about 4 inches in height and 10 inches long. The bed is a Craftmatic bed, and the bottom piece of the bed, which is like the box spring but a stationary part of the bed, has a rip in the fabric about 3 inches long. I also have a microwave stand, which foot is cracked; so that it allows the wheel to fall off.


This company promised to be at my daughter's home in Missouri on Friday, July 17, 2009. The van arrived on a Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 7:15PM CST. The customer service contact lines were not answered and the sales representative was not helpful. My daughter was moving with a 4-day old child from MO to VA. This company charged the credit card company in advance of arrival. The sales representative was informed of the circumstances behind the move. Their website claims that they are listed with the BBB, but upon investigation, they are not represented.

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