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North American Van Lines offers local, long-distance and international moves for residential, corporate and military clients. The company makes moves to all 50 states. Common additional services include packing and unpacking, temporary storage and furniture disassembly. North American Van Lines partners with more than 500 local moving companies.

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North American Van Lines completes every type of move. Its fast quote feature is handy, but consumer reviews point out shortcomings like tardy movers and mishandled or broken items.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2010

I moved from NH to VA in '05. Waited 2 weeks for my belongings! When they did come, the driver was extremely hyper (like he was on drugs! ), and he hired a local helper, which was nice. Right in front of me, he broke a few items & dropped my TV (the driver)! It was worse than pulling teeth to make the company make good on the damages and they refused to replace/fix my TV, which ended up w/no pic or sound, unless I brought it somewhere to be looked at.

I'm unable to light things & couldn't do that nor afford it. Months later, I was able to go through my boxed items in garage. Many items were not there! I've been so upset since, for they are not replaceable! Now I know why the driver was in such a clumsy hurry too! He shoved the papers under my nose and told me to just sign! I've never did a large move before, and sure learned my lesson! Never use this company again! They BS you just to get your business, and give you the business!

Non-replaceable family items, antiques broken, mental anguish from dealing w/the company.!

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Original review: July 13, 2010

On April 22, 2010, Abbey Phillips Relocation Consultant for EE Ward Moving affiliated with North American Van Lines and I reach an agreement of my move from Columbus, OH to Durham, NC in the Amount of $2,479.85 (which was charged to my account on June 2, 2010 because their accounting department did not put down the correct expiration date).

My original moving date was June 1, 2010 but I was contacted by Shannon ** to move the date to June 2, 2010 (this was the final date I could be in my apartment). On June 1, 2010, I had to make an appointment for the repair of my car for June 2, 2010 and I notified the moving company by e-mail that I had several last minute items to complete.

June 2, 2010, the Semi driver for the Ward Moving Company said he could not get the Semi into the apartment complex and he would have to get a shuttle. I asked him what he meant by that he stated he would have to rent a truck to get my items and then load them on to the semi. I asked how much would that cost. He stated that either Abbey or Shannon would get back with me. Abbey called me and stated it would cost me a little over $500.00 and I told her I was not paying for her error. This is the same statement I made to Shannon and to the driver. The driver informed me that Shannon would probably take care of it because it was the Relocation Consultant error in planning what type of vehicle would be need for the move.

On June 8, 2010, the moving van not only showed up, but the alarm system company and also the home improvement company. I was running back and forth trying to do the inventories on my house hold goods along with installations services for my home. Again I asked the driver if Shannon had told him anything regarding the error on Abbeys part he said no. Then he gave me a form prior to loading shuttle dated 6/8/10, again I told him I was not paying for Abbeys mistake.

On June 10, while checking my on line account, I noticed two charges were made by EE Ward Moving Company both on June 3, 2010. I then called you (credit card company then I called EE Ward Moving Company and spoke with a Mr. B. ) Mr. B. informed me that Shannon would call me in the morning. When Shannon did called she state yes it was Abbeys error but she shouldn't have to pay for her mistake I told Shannon, I did not know anything about trucks so how could they hold me responsible for their consultants mistake.

I later called the North American Van Lines in Fort Wayne, IN and spoke with their customer service rep and explained to her that this was all happening during the loading of my house hold good and I was not paying for their Relocation Consultant mistake because I know nothing about truck. Yes my house hold goods were placed on a shuttle but I did not give permission for them to charge my credit card for their mistake nor alter the original contract I signed on April 22, 2010.

This is another bait and switch by North American Van Lines and poor training of sales reps and drivers.

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Original review: May 2, 2010

North American Vanlines moved us from SF to NYC. The driver showed up 3 days late (his truck broke down). Multiple items were completely destroyed, damaged or missing. The move was in January, and I've been going back and forth with them for months regarding compensation. Damaged dining room table, bookshelves completely destroyed, armoire/cabinet completely destroyed, bookshelves damaged, end table damaged, missing lamps (2), missing marble counter top, soiled mattress (they didn't box it), general disregard for our personal items.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2010

This complaint covers the movement of household goods from New York to Honolulu. The agent was "Heino **" (HP). Note: At no time did an agent of/for the company actually come to the house to view the goods.

Delivery date, as provided by HP both verbally and in writing, would be 4 -6 weeks. Pick up on 9/9/09 would have had the goods arriving in Honolulu the first week of October. On 9/9/09, all goods were packed by AMS in brown company provided packing boxes (pictures available in color). The cost of move was advised by email from HP on 9/11/09. The email was sent at 7:29 PM EST. This was 2 days after the packing and not as indicated by HP the next day. There was no verbal communication concerning the cost prior to the email of 9/11/09. On 10/2/09, after numerous calls to HP, he had a staff member call to advise that the shipment did not make the 9/24/09 sailing. That the shipment would not leave the port in California until 10/15/09.

On 10/2/09, HP was called a 3rd time and clearly told that he was to ensure that the shipment was to leave from CA ASAP and if necessary, he was to pull all favors in order that he accomplish that. At no time was there any profanity, but HP was clearly advised that the senior management of North American Van Lines would be notified of the complaint and his lack of performance in his job. A letter of complaint dated 11/20/09 was sent. HP had advised that the Oahu movers would be Island Movers. Then in a 10/6/09 email, he stated the movers would be Pasha Hawaiian Transport. Wrong. In an email on 10/19/09, he reverted back to Island Movers. Total confusion. Between 10/7/09 and 10/19/09, there is no further communication with regard to the arrival of the ship, though HP had written that his staff would be advising arrival date, etc.

Island Movers was contacted by Rebecca on 10/6/09 who advised ship to door delivery would be 7 days. HP had advised 2-3 days. That there would be an elevator charge of $65.00 for elevated building. HP had not advised this fact. On 10/19/09, Rebecca had to call HP regarding the arrival of the goods. HP stated that they confirmed on 10/16/09 that the shipment was released and that Island Movers was retrieving. None of this information was advised to Rebecca. Delivery by Island Movers was made on 10/20/09.

The shipment was extensively damaged: Numerous boxes damaged, boxes already open upon arrival at the apartment, different boxes arrived i.e. brown packing boxes used on 9/9/09 and white boxes upon arrival, boxes arrived with labels for Sydney, Australia, damage to the television set that had been originally wrapped in bubble wrap now arrived wrapped in brown paper with a piece of cardboard across the screen - the entire television casing was cracked, a large crack was evident in the side of the large wooden chest of drawers, the use of the stuffed animals, originally packed in box #061 were removed from the box and used as space fillers in the shipping crate, and the contents of each box described on the manifest/BOL did not correspond to the actual contents of the numbered box e.g., box #071 contents on manifest dishware and glassware actual contents of box were shoes. Boxes marked "Fragile Handle with Care do not lay flat" severely damaged.

The computer desk could not be rebuilt since there were no screws. Island movers did not unpack the boxes, which was included in the total cost of the move. There were so many damaged boxes, each box had to be photographed, unpacked and then surveyed for damage. The head mover of Island Movers stated that he would be happy to verify the very poor condition the shipment arrived in. There were 3 men from Island Movers and only one person to cover the examination of the damages. The recipient decided that in order to correct log and photograph all boxes, the unpacking would take several days and the movers were dismissed. At no time did the recipient waive the service of unpacking.

Copies of the 11/20/09 complaint letter with copies of emails and photographs were sent via certified mail to Wes Lucas, President of North American Van Lines, Steve **, manager of NAVL and various other individuals. Response by the President or even the Chairman of the Board John ** amounts to zero. Then to top everything off, Jennifer ** provided incorrect information and lied to the credit card company when the charge was challenged. When called on 2/17/10, she has not returned the call.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2010

Much confusion during the move. Two are crews packing and moving my stuff. One office chair that I did not want was taken but never delivered. Apparently parts to a massage chair were never delivered even though I personally gave one of the packers the main control panel for the chair. Unfortunately, I did not witness him packing the part. It is obvious that the parts to the massage chair are missing. I don't have them. The computer video cable for the computer disappeared during the move. I had to replace it. I have to replace the parts to the massage chair. A food processor vanished.

There was no way I could witness the packing because it was going on in two places at the same time. There were over 250 tag numbers. At delivery, boxes were quickly brought in without any official check off. I was a fool to sign the receipt because all the packages were signed as delivered. Even though there was no way to prove that everything was packed, my claim was denied. Even though I paid for 100 percent insurance coverage, I have to pay for every missing item. Don't trust your packers at American Van Lines. Some of them are thieves. Don't sign anything from American Van Lines because this enables them to deny any claim of missing property. Don't let the moving people of American Van Lines rush you because it will cost you in the end. It also allows the company to deny any claim because you agreed that all packages were delivered.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2009

Absolutely the worst moving experience we have ever had! Since my company was paying for a small portion of the relocation expenses, I was forced to get quotes from several different moving companies - North American Van Lines (NAVL) was the lowest. But the old adage "you get what you pay for" is all too real for us after dealing with NAVL! To start off with, the NAVL rep who came to do the initial quote missed a piece of artwork that had to be "special crated" for the move. She also missed the same piece when she came 4 weeks later to do the final quote. We had two quotes done since we had gotten rid of some furniture between the first quote and the actual move, so NAVL insisted on a second walk through of the inventory in order to generate an accurate quote.

When the third party crating company came to crate the special, fragile items, they informed us that there were only 6 pieces that had been authorized for crating, but there were 7 pieces that needed crating. We were told the 7th item could be crated, but it would cost us an additional $50 COD for the crating. It was also going to be an additional $20 to uncrate this unauthorized item at the destination. Unbelievable! Our moving day was set and we were told to expect a phone call 24-48 hours before the actual move day so that they could give us a window of time when the movers would be arriving for the move. That phone call never happened. On the eve of the move (which was a Sunday), I left our customer service coordinator a voicemail, stating that I never got a phone call and I needed to know when the movers were going to show up. The next morning, 30 minutes before the movers arrived, our customer service coordinator called us and said, "They are on the way!". Great, thanks for the advance notice.

The movers arrived and all three of them looked less than thrilled to be there. In greeting them, only one was wearing an actual NAVL shirt, the other two were wearing typical street clothes. I don't know if NAVL employees are required to represent NAVL with their clothing, but I let that minor fact go. These movers were uneducated, unmotivated and clearly uninterested in the task at hand. My pulse started to race as I knew we were about to engage in a huge mistake by putting the contents of our entire house into the hands of these three individuals. Two hours into the move, there was an assortment of boxes and a few pieces of furniture sporadically placed in our driveway, our neighbor's driveway and the patch of grass that separates the two townhouses. It looked like a neighborhood yard sale!

Watching the movers walk around with the "deer in the headlights" look, it was clear that these guys had no organizational skills and clearly had no idea how they were going to pack our belongings into the van. I watched in complete horror as our leather sofa and leather chair were "squeezed" through our front door completely unwrapped! I realized that some doorways are only so big and our leather chair is an overstuffed one, but it was brought in without any damage and should be brought out the same way. There wasn't one stitch of covering on the leather couch and chair when they were pushed through our doorway. I didn't even have the guts to inspect these pieces after they "popped" through the door frame. I would leave the inspection for when they were delivered.

The rest of the move did not go any better as there was absolutely no care given to our belongings as they were removed from our home before being put into the van: Walls nicked, stairwells were scratched, door frames were gauged and dinged. And this was just in the house! We knew we would find damaged boxes and furniture when it was all delivered. These "professionals" treated our home and our belongings with not one ounce of care! In fact, we spent almost two hours after the van pulled away patching up gauges and dings in door frames, repainting walls that had been carelessly marked up and filling in dents and scratches in stairwells.

Our customer service coordinator had informed us that on the date of the move, the driver would be able to give a pretty accurate date of when everything would be delivered. Before the van pulled away, we asked the driver when we might possibly expect our belongings to arrive at their destination. He responded, "I really can't tell you until I complete the delivery that is scheduled ahead of yours." I accepted his answer and asked if he would contact us throughout the journey to give us updates on his progress. He said, yes. In the next 7 days, we never heard from him once. On the 8th day, I took the initiative and contacted him and asked him where things stood with the delivery. He said he would be delivering in 2 days. He also asked if I could give him directions to our address from the city of his last delivery. What?! I hired a moving company and also have to provide directions to a destination that I have just moved to?

I gave the driver the major highways and route numbers to get him from point A to point B. On the morning of the delivery, the driver called again to say he was 18 miles away, but needed detailed directions to get to our place. I asked him if he had a GPS and he responded no. I told him he might want to invest in one for the future given the line of work he was in. He said, "Well there is one in the truck, but it's not hooked up." I said he might want to get it hooked up soon. He also said, "And I don't know how to use it." Come on! Anyone who drives for a living (moving companies, chauffeurs, movers) should have a GPS. It's 2009 for heaven's sake! After 30 minutes, we finally managed to give him directions to get to our place. When they got out, only two guys were present. So three guys to pack up a truck, but only two guys to unload it? I think there is a joke in there somewhere.

Again, the movers appeared unmotivated and uninterested. The forecast for move-in day was a mixture of clouds and heavy showers, off and on, all day. Because of this, I knew we couldn't dilly dally. This unpacking had to go more smoothly than the pickup day. Realizing he did not have enough help for the unloading, he actually asked one of the residents in our building, who just happened to be walking by, if he could lend a hand for a little while and help them unload the van! He offered to pay the kid $40 and the kid agreed to help. I was completely in shock! I was grateful for the additional hand, but I did not hire NAVL to outsource help with unloading because they did not have enough help. Completely unprofessional!

On top of that, we realized it was taking a long time to get our belongings in once they were being removed off the van. My partner and I jumped into action and played "movers" for the next 5 hours! So not only were we paying NAVL to move us, but we, the customer, were also assisting with the physical labor of the move. If I had known all of this beforehand, I would have simply rented a U-Haul and done this entire move ourselves! We should've been inside checking off boxes and furniture as they were being brought in to ensure that everything had been delivered. Instead, we were assisting with the physical labor of unloading the van. A job that we had hired NAVL to do!

Finally, all of the belongings were in our new home, but not without damage. One leaning bookshelf was totally destroyed, our dining room table had a leg with a chunk off the wood that had been chipped off, two of the chairs from our dining room set had gauges and scratches on a couple of the legs, two small end tables (made of wood with glass tops) were wrapped together with nothing between the two and suffered scratches and gauges in their legs, a television stand arrived with a very badly scratched base and that leather sofa and chair I mentioned earlier? Both arrived with scratches and scuff marks on the arms and backs of them that are now permanent.

As we're accounting for every box and piece of furniture, we realized that we were missing one dining room table leg and one of the slats that goes to the frame of our platform bed. The driver ensured us that they must still be somewhere in the truck. We were told that they ended up unloading the truck "backwards" so some of the pieces that were packed together got separated as they were trying to organize the contents of the truck to be unloaded. What the heck does that mean? Clearly, these guys need organizational skills! Ironically, every single box we personally packed for the move and aside from one pilsner glass, everything we packed arrived with no breaks or damage.

The movers offered to help us put the bed and the dining room table back together before leaving. Upon bringing the mattress into the bedroom to place on the bed frame, the small dolly they used to wheel the mattress in "flipped" up when the mattress was pushed off from it and put a small dent into our newly painted hallway! When the dining room table was having its legs reattached, one of the movers (who probably weighs 230 lbs) actually used one of the legs as a brace to actually lift himself off the ground and onto his feet! I was completely shocked! I could just picture that leg snapping in half from the weight of his body. The movers were about to leave before I stopped them. They were actually going to leave without us checking off each item on the invoice to make sure that it had been accounted for and delivered.

When they left, we were completely mortified. We have never had a more unpleasant experience in our lives. Moving across country is stressful enough, but this experience was simply inexcusable and unprofessional. The next day, I contacted our customer service coordinator to begin the claims for the damaged items. She directed me to the online claim form. When I asked about other "customer satisfaction compensation", I was told I would have to contact customer service at the headquarters. After being bounced around for 40 minutes from one NAVL representative to another, I was finally put in touch with a woman named Sandy **. I began discussing with Sandy the experience we had with NAVL, beyond the physical damages, and was looking for some type of compensation for the non-physical damages that we were put through (i.e. the unprofessionalism of the experience, not enough help with the unloading, the physical that we personally performed, etc.).

Sandy was unhelpful and said I would have to fill out the online claim form for any physical damage that occurred. As far as any other type of compensation, we would not get any. "We don't give monetary compensation." I asked to speak with her direct report so that someone would listen to the experiences we encountered that we honestly felt were deserving of some type of compensation. Sandy flat out said no. As the blood trickled down the back of my throat, I said, "Did you just say no to a paying customer who asked to speak with your manager or supervisor?" She said, "Yes I did. There is nothing he can or will do for you." I asked Sandy for her full name and title. Sandy, turns out, is the direct assistant to the president of NAVL, Michael Wolf.

I again asked to speak with Mr. Wolf and again, Sandy refused to put me in touch with him. If the direct assistant to the president of my company ever spoke to a customer the way Ms. ** spoke to me, you can be ** sure he/she would be standing in the unemployment line. I have since begun the online claim for the damaged items, but after reading several consumer reviews for NAVL, I am not confident that I will ever see a dime! And as for the other compensation that I feel we are entitled to, I have since contacted my credit card company and I have disputed a portion of the moving charges. I figure at this point, disputing the charges might get the attention of someone other than Ms. ** who will take the time to listen to a paying customer's legitimate complaints and work with them to resolve the issues.

No one, I repeat, no one should ever hire North American Van Lines! I wouldn't hire them to move me across the street!

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2009

We moved from Bradenton, Florida to Casa Grande, Arizona and they still have all our belongings and medical supplies including a wheelchair that is needed and my legal documents, furniture, clothing, everything we own. They caused problems from the very beginning after they took all our stuff. When they arrived in Arizona, they flatly refused our money which was more than we contracted for. They have repeatedly refused to honor their agreement and now are lying to the US attorney where we made complaints with documentation. Now, the attorney general is believing their lies and nothing we told them. No one will help, we also were intimidated to pay North American so they would not auction off our stuff - for all we know, they already have. They refused to speak to us, make any agreements, give us information or deliver our property.

They have all our property and $2,500 to boot in a statement to the US attorney. They said we refused to pay them $2,400 which was due. Lie. We have contacted the attorney general in Florida as well, a news station, the police and the disabled American vets who recommended them, all to no avail. Nobody will help. This will be the second time I have lost all my possessions. I'm at my wit's end and it is affecting me emotionally and our health. My live-in friend is a veteran with a purple heart. We both have disabilities, nobody cares!

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2009

This is the worst company ever! North American Van Lines moved us from GA to WA. They were to deliver our stuff on July 1 and it got here on July 16th. My TV was not delivered and they broke my vacuum and clock. There was about $1,000 worth of loss. They left us hanging without furniture for 15 days. They will not reimburse us for our loss or inconvenience. They are a disgrace to American business.

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Original review: July 10, 2009

Do not use this company! It is totally unethical. On 6/8/09, I signed an agreement with them to pack/load my household goods on 6/22/09 and 6/23/09, so my house would be vacant on the closing date of 6/25/09. When I called their Miami agent mid-morning on 6/22 to find out when they were coming to start packing, I was told that they had a problem finding a driver and couldn't guarantee loading that week or even the following week. I was then told to call their customer service manager in Ft. Wayne, IN.

The customer service manager agreed to look into the problem but called me back with the news that they couldn't guarantee loading within the next two weeks. I was then advised to find another carrier. When I contacted other carriers from which comparable quotes were received two weeks earlier, I discovered that they were unable to meet my time requirements on such short notice. I did finally find a carrier that loaded my household goods before the 25th, but at a cost $1250 higher than the guaranteed quote from North American.

When asked to take responsibility for my $1250 loss that was a direct result of North American's failure to meet its contractual obligation, its customer service manager flatly refused. A later conversation with North American's assistant to the president had the same results. An ethical company would never take such a position. I will never deal with this company again, and I would urge all others to steer clear.

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Original review: April 1, 2009

My family has been a victim of bait and switch. We were trying to move from San Diego, California to Washington, DC area to provide better education for my son who has Down Syndrome. My wife sought several moving companies for a bid on our move. North American won in more ways than one. They gave us a cheap price at the beginning then half way through the day of loading the household goods, they said that the weight is more than they expected and wanted my wife to sign a new contract (bait and switch). The old contract stated that the cost would never exceed 10% of the original estimate. Because we signed the new contract, it voided the old contract. What a crock. Mind you, I just got hired to DC and had to be there in less than two weeks.

Earlier on the day of the move, five burly guys showed up at our house to move but demanded tips, very intimidating. My wife and my son were home alone with them. She complied with them for a $50 tip. The movers later said several packaging items were not included like tapes and had to be added. They wanted to charge us $5 per roll of tape used. It came to 22 rolls. Incredible! Other hidden charges keep coming up too. When they asked my wife to sign the new contract, it was almost noon and she even annotated that on the new contract. She had no choice. It was either signed or they had to empty the half way loaded truck. I still cannot believe they did that. My wife, who is a former lawyer and a quick thinker, thought we could dispute the charge later.

When we explained it to our bank, they said their hands were tied because it was a binding contract. I explained and complained to them but they said it was a legal matter that we had to pursue. These movers are really sneaky. They know that little people like me wouldn't take them to court for a few thousands of dollars and if we do, we would win only on principle. No lawyers in their right mind would take our case. When they finally delivered our stuff, the driver and his assistant were sick and our goods were damaged with water. All of our mattresses were wet. They dropped boxes after boxes, even my 32-inch TV. I had to feed them so that they would feel better and have energy. I even help load the freaking truck to offset another hidden charge and almost threw out my back. I was hurting afterwards. How's that for pouring salt into my wounds?

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Original review: March 9, 2009

North American used Cord moving and storage to move us from Memphis to Tampa. They delivered our goods to a storage unit and apartment building. I immediately noticed that itmes were damaged. It was also odd that the movers left in such a hurry and forgot to get there check. It turns out that they stole a new LCD tv and damaged four sets of bedroom furniture, a new grandfather clock, destroyed an amoire and apparently stole several of our boxes as well since we have never been able to find them. I contacted Cord moving and they asked for there check. I said no until the situation is resolved. They sent a claims adjuster to our house and offered a settlement for $ 2170.00. We estimiated nealry $20,000.00 for the damage and theft of our property. We also noticed that by endorsing the check we have agreed to settle. Needless to say the check is still not signed nor have I sent payment in to them. They are not excepting any resposibility for the damage or theft except for the grandfather clock. I have already contacted friends with the Memphis Police Department on the stolen items especially the TV which was valued over $1000.00 dollars. There response was totally unacceptable

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2009

we moved from temple TX to klamath fall or north American van lines moved us. they dropped and broke some of our thing lost 9 boxes and someone broken into our file cabinet and stold 4yrs of taxes paper. as result of this our identity was stolen. i have had credit used by our people, and our bank account was used by someone.we are senior citizen

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2008

My expeience with North American was frankly awful. First the moving crew spend more time trying to hustle tips from me and my family instead of loading. Then, there was no driver going to my drop off destinnation. The load ended up being 10 days late to storage, so I paid for an empty strorage facility. Best of all, they lost a leg to my cherry dining room table, broke a leg off my ty stand and I ended up with some tools apparently stolen. My daughter actually witnessed the leg being broken off the TV stand. North American denied any claims stating that my underage son signed the inventory. Of course the inventory was basically unreadable and didn;t list all the items moved anyhow.

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2008

North American showed up on time to pack my house for a move from Memphis to Tampa. Everything went great and I was actually feeling okay about the move until the gentleman doing the packing said that someone else would be picking up my items. The first thing is they underestimated the size of the truck that they needed and I had to leave some of my yard decorations as well as craming things into the minivan and on top of it. He said that he could get another truck but it would not be until the next day and we had to be out of our house. I also had to ask that certain items be protected. The driver showed up a day late stating that he did not have the right phone number which I gave to him just as he left. The guys unloaded some of my items to storage and I already started to notice damage. It wasn't until we reached my apartment that the real damage was apparent. All of my furniture was damaged. I had two brand new cribs, two new dressers and hutches that were damaged. I had an amoire that was in one peice when it left but showed up in seven pieces. A complete loss. I also had an antique amoire that was damaged. Even the strollers for my girls were damaged. I refused to pay since the amount I owe North American will not cover the cost of replacing my items. I am filing my claim right now so I guess we will see what they say. It's funny that the driver never even asked for payment. I guess he realized what he had done.

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2008

The movers deliberately misinformed/lied to me about my delivery date and my initial estimate (I ended being charged an extra thousand dollars or so - think their subcontractor also manipulated me on the volume/cost he charged me for, but I foolishly let it slide at the time, in the false hopes that my possessions would be well handled and I would be taken care of). Then when my goods arrived over a week late, several items were damaged. I repaired one item myself, and spent several hours completing thorough, detailed claim paperwork, only to receive a curt, one sentence email saying I was not eligible for compensation, but not adequately justifying this. I continued to call and email, and was avoided, and have received no further response to my grievances after several months. I have given up pursuing the matter because I don't have the time and money to continue going after these unprofessional people, who I feel should not be allowed to remain in business. I have reported them to the DOT already, too.

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Original review: Sept. 12, 2008

We moved from California to Texas in June 2008 and we had never moved out of the state or cross country and North American assured us that we had nothing to worry about and that they were there to help us take the stress away but they added to the stress instead. They not only damaged the items that they had, they destroyed our brand new house.

They didn't cover our hard wood floor properly and so now we need the entire area replaced but when I put the claim in and I went above and beyond what I needed to do, they would only give me half of my repair cost. They said that there is always some liability on our part and that because the driver didn't put it on the paperwork then they were only going to give us half.

Well, I explained that not only did the driver have no professionalism but he never did any paperwork. He wanted to leave so bad that he didn't do anything. The two individuals that helped him unload were so rude to him also that at one point the driver and one of his helpers was closed in my office getting ready to physically fight! They didn't leave until 11:30 pm and our house was a wreck! I will never do business with them again and I hope that no one else does either.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

After all the hidous nightmare of living barely through North American Van Lines theft of our household valued at over $1,000,000.This crime that was forced on my children and myself has left us below the poverty line. North American Van Lines, converted our property for their own financial gain. We have been informed by Noorth American Van Lines that they have sold all of our property. This criminal act of North American Van Lines is all the worse due to the fact they have cashed in Security bonds, E-Bonds,and additionl valuable income.

We have and still are plauged by Idenity Theft, since all passports, death certificated, marriage lic, birth records, tax returns, Social Security Numbers etc. are and have been under the control of North American Van Lines. North American Van Lines state in their booklet provided to the consumer that if they sell your property, all money above their claim shall be sent to the person whose property they sold. Notice: I am still waiting for my check in the amount of $980,000.00.

This fraudlent claim of North American Van Lines is difficult enough to handle, but the fact that now North American Van Lines has not followed through by returning my funds of $980,000,.00 is in direct conflict with their published guaranteed promise they make to the consumer.

Identity theft, medical issues, detachment disorder, nightmares, loss of all things that grounded our family emotionally and psycologically to our past and our roots. Loss of living standard, loss of idenity, loss of confidence, loss of trust, the daily living with the burden of being violated by this large corporation and its ugly, and dishonest behavior to the unsupecting consumer.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

After all the hidous nightmare of living barely through North American Van Lines theft of our household valued at over $1,000,000.This crime that was forced on my children and myself has left us below the poverty line. North American Van Lines, converted our property for their own financial gain. We have been informed by Noorth American Van Lines that they have sold all of our property. This criminal act of North American Van Lines is all the worse due to the fact they have cashed in Security bonds, E-Bonds,and additionl valuable income.

We have and still are plauged by Idenity Theft, since all passports, death certificated, marriage lic, birth records, tax returns, Social Security Numbers etc. are and have been under the control of North American Van Lines. North American Van Lines state in their booklet provided to the consumer that if they sell your property, all money above their claim shall be sent to the person whose property they sold. Notice: I am still waiting for my check in the amount of $980,000.00. This fraudlent claim of North American Van Lines is difficult enough to handle, but the fact that now North American Van Lines has not followed through by returning my funds of $980,000,.00 is in direct conflict with their published guaranteed promise they make to the consumer.

Identity theft, medical issues, detachment disorder, nightmares, loss of all things that grounded our family emotionally and psycologically to our past and our roots. Loss of living standard, loss of idenity, loss of confidence, loss of trust, the daily living with the burden of being violated by this large corporation and its ugly, and dishonest behavior to the unsupecting consumer.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2008

My iron four poster bed had 3 of the 4 posts broken. My 17 flat screen TV was missing. It was packed in its original box so it was clear what was in the carton. The original contract called for 100% replacement insurance as part of the pricing. Later received a call that the company had 'changed their policy' and I had to pay for insurance.

My goods were delayed for one week in Florida 'looking for a driver.' I was very unhappy with the 'service' and the response to my claim for damage and loss. Since I signed the paperwork before realizing that my TV was never entered on the original listing, they totally discounted this even though I called the agent in Ormand Beach the day after the goods were unloaded.

I don't think anything will come of all of this. Things like this generally get 'forgotten' by the companies involved. I will end up having my bed repaired...even though I gave it to them in 'good faith.' As to my TV, I guess it is a lesson learned for me. I am just surprised that my computer made was packed in its original box also.

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Original review: July 30, 2008

I am very disappointed by the position taken and response given by North American in regards to handling a claim. This indeed further represents the overall very poor service displayed by North American, the driver, movers and agents who represent [their] company and handled my move. I chose North American to handle my move based on a service level that was promoted and promised by one of the contracted agents--Randy who worked with East Coast moving. He conducted an assessment of our needs, sized up the location, he arranged for the driver and crew assembled to handle the move.

Upon arriving, the tractor trailer was too large to properly navigate the driveway. It ended up tearing up a significant portion of my lower driveway as well as denting a significant portion of my front lawn. They did not go for another vehicle because they were in too much of a hurry. No offer of compensation was made. In fact, the driver told us that North American would not even cover his costs of a dented fender. There appears to be a trend here with the company not acknowledging responsibility in any manner.

In their response letter they asserted the Driver was not instructed to load the treadmill. That is factually incorrect. We walked through the house with the driver and movers, gave specific instructions on which items were to be moved and which ones weren't. The treadmill was labeled with a tag to be moved and even listed on the move sheet. In spite of this, it was not moved. The driver further admitted to us in Calgary that he recalled the treadmill, that it was supposed to be included with the filing cabinet and that he "should not have had the 16 year old kid do the final walk through." The fact was, they delegated and were in too much of a hurry.

In addition to not following proper instructions, the movers were also advised that specific items that were instructed not to be moved (front porch wicker furniture) and yet they were loaded. When we caught the mistake while they were still loading, they advised us that it was too far in the truck and would require a major effort to unload to get to it and that they did not have time. Again--in too much of a hurry.

They then claimed it was a courtesy to return to attempt to get the treadmill, when in fact it was their responsibility and a major inconvenience for us to have to come back. We were called by the movers on Friday at my parents who accepted the call. The moving team advised my parents that they were 30 minutes away (at another location in New River Beach) and would be down around 3 pm that day. Given that we were handing over possession of the house at 5 pm that day, we waited until the very last minute for the movers to arrive. They showed up around 6--at which time the house was locked and we no longer had access. The only things that could be recovered were the outdoor lamps (which also then went missing in the transition).

They claimed that all items were delivered to our place of residence. This is also incorrect. The driver advised us on arrival that he had a crew available but only a short window of time to unload and that it would be quicker not to use the check off list on items delivered. Once again we get the "hurried" statement. He advised us that in signing the move sheet, we were not confirming receipt of all items, just acknowledging that they had made delivery of inventory on the truck. He struck out the treadmill off the sheet and indicated that this was to validate that it should have been moved, but did not arrive. He assured us that we could resolve this in filing a claim through Randy.

When we contacted Randy, he told us he had "sold the contract"--in essence saying "I've got paid - no longer my responsibility". It was only at this time that we realized that he was not an employee, but an agent. He advised us that we should call the owner and resolve the issue with him. When we called the owner, he said that he would make an attempt to pick up the filing cabinet and treadmill at a time when it was convenient for them--saying that it should be picked up and shipped within 2 - 4 weeks. We never received any phone call or update for two months. When I called back after that time I learned that he had the filing cabinet sitting in a warehouse for a while and that the treadmill was unaccounted for. I advised him that I would be filing a claim.

After [we] talked, I received an initial customer feedback form. I completed it with similar information, but never received a response. In my responses with Sirva (which is the parent company of Northamerican) they said on three different occasions that they would get back to me within a certain time. This never happened and I was the one who had to call back a few weeks later on each event. Here are the reasons why I provided them saying that the claim should be paid as requested. The driver was specifically instructed to include the treadmill and filing cabinet. These items were tagged (verified by myself, my wife and even acknowledged by the driver) to be picked up. This was further validated in the fact that it was initially recorded on the sheet to be picked up and then voided on the other end to indicate it never arrived.

The driver acknowledged that these items were missed at time of pickup and even admitted he made a mistake in sending a 16 year old back through the final walk through. We were never advised that it was our responsibility to be present for the final walk through. The driver's left before the scheduled departure time--another indication of them being in a hurry. My driveway and lawn were chewed up in the process of trying to navigate the driveway with too large a vehicle--even though the moving agent (Randy) had assessed the location previously. The movers demonstrated a further inability to follow instructions in loading the wicker furniture. They were reluctant to unload when the mistake was found

Clear lack of and misleading information was provided to us the customer when we were not made aware that we were dealing with an agent and a subcontractor of the moving company and not directly with North American. We were incorrectly advised by the Driver that it was not a big deal to use the check-off list at the point of delivery and in fact, we would be helping the situation by not using the sheet. We were also improperly advised what a signature on the sheet represented and what crossing off the treadmill represented. There obviously seems to be an approach that says, what can Northamerican do to avoid paying a claim to a customer or resolving this situation. This, even though and the company representatives have admitted mistakes and misled the customer. We were very fair and patient in our claim and response. The service, response and follow-up we have been given is unsatisfactory.

This situation represents an extremely poor service-minded approach. Northamerican made mistakes that were preventable on their part. They caused damage to the property I was selling and various representatives show a high disregard for the customer and made direct misleading statements that must be acknowledged and responsibility taken for the fallout of those issues. I am very upset about this.

When I provided them with a week to resolve in my third follow up, I received absolutely no response--even to this day (5 months later). This in spite of the fact, and I directly quote from their representaitive: It is our desire to promptly handle all claims in a manner which will be equitable to all concerned. You will always find us with an open mind, and a cooperative attitude toward our mutual efforts to conclude your claim in a proper fashion. This company takes an approach "not our responsibility" and "what can we do to avoid resolving this with the customer". Out $3500 for a treadmill and misisng outdoor lights

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Original review: July 23, 2008

Articles were delivered damaged and broken, including many valuable antiques. Boxes packed were delivered empty. Mirror missing, dolphin sculpture missing. Kirby vacuum missing. Medication was stolen, sheriff was called, have police report. When mover was confronted about the damage he said it was already like that and it wasn't. 6 people moved items into storage and he moved items out by himself. Then had the nerve to call me a **. Nothing was handled with respect and care that it deserved for such a costly move.

200 yr. old music stand had leg broken off. Almost all furniture had some kind of damage, including crushed boxes. Dining room table had legs cracked and loose. Arms on the chairs were loose. JenAire stainless steel refrigerator had scratches on the door. Kitchenaid Washing machine door won't latch. Lamps damaged, even one broken as he brought it into house. Antique towel rack was so damaged it's bent over.

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Original review: July 17, 2008

We booked a move through the Moving Connection, in Linthicum, Maryland, for shipment from Silver Spring, Maryland, to Duluth, Minnesota. Pick-up date was July 7, 2008, and delivery dates were July 11-18, 2008. On July 9, I called and was told that our shipment would arrive no later than July 17. On that date, when our things did not arrive, I contacted North American's "customer service" people and was told that their records showed that no driver had yet been assigned to make the delivery, while the Maryland company was saying that we were in the computer for July 22.

We pointed out the contradictory stories and cited North American's Rights and Responsibilities, which clearly states in Subpart F: "When your mover is unable to perform either the pickup or delivery of your shipment on the dates or during he periods of time specified in the order for service, your mover must notify you of the delay, at the mover's expense. As soon as the delay becomes apparent to your mover, it must give you notification it will be unable to provide the service specified in the terms of the order for service." We were never notified of the delay or of their inability to provide the service.

My wife is scheduled to start a job next week, and she has none of her clothes. We have been without furniture for ten days, sleeping on an Aero Bed. Neither North American nor its subsidiary has returned my calls, demanding that they honor the terms of their binding estimate.

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Original review: June 13, 2008

I contacted the company to have them deliver me merchandise witch i purchased from four companies in the Los Angeles area. I provided them with a manufacturers packing list witch included the exact dimensions and weight. The proceeded in sending me a quotation ($4045/$1113 cu.ft.) witch I accepted. The charged me a 10% fee for deposit. After making the pickups from the four established locations, they charged me another 50% without the contract or my signature authorization.

After having my merchandise and payments in their possession, the company comes up with a overcharge ($4277.62) on top of the original quotation/price that we both agreed on previously. The overcharge consists in an additional 513 cubic feet that is inexistent; priced at more than double the rate. I contacted them to solve this matter and cancel the job since i could not agree with the new overcharges. They refused to refund me the money or the merchandise they have in their possession. I can not get in touch with them any more because every time i call they hang up the phone.

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Original review: June 11, 2008

We moved from MA to CA at the end of Feb, 2008. We were given an estimate and paid in full up front by credit card., almost $10,000. We received our goods on March 6,2008 in good condition and the bill of lading showed the actual cost of the move was less than $8400. North American owes us $1600, which they freely admit, after many phone calls and a letter to the presdient of the company.

However, up to this time, June 11, they have told us that a check was sent to the wrong address, the wrong amount was put on a check($150, not $1600) and that they have the right to delay for six months and they are having a problem expiditing the payment. Why is it taking months to get our money back when we paid upfront in February?

We are a couple on a fixed income. We moved to CA for the weather and to be near our family. We need the money!

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Original review: May 28, 2008

Alex Moving and Storage, an agent for North American Van Lines, packed our belongings in Oceanside, California on December 14, 2007 and stored them Santa Ana, California before delivering them to our new home in Buckley, Washington, on May 24, 2008. The truck took 3 days to move our belongings from California to Washington. When they arrived, two particularly important items were damaged. One was a leather chair. The arm seam had been repaired previously and was intact before the move.

When the chair arrived, the leather had split where the repair had been. More importantly, we own a large, 3 piece antique armoire. It was in good working order when it was placed in storage. The movers brought it in to the house in 3 pieces and assembled the armoire. They complained heartily that the middle piece (the storage portion with an oval mirror) was inordinately heavy. When we attempted to close the door we found the piece loaded with boxes of belongings that were, indeed, extremely heavy. The door appeared to be twisted somehow and would not close. Nails were protruding.

The claims adjuster suggested that all we needed to do was saw off the bottom of the door and then it would fit just fine. We are unwilling to cut up our beautiful armoire to fit. Our requests for repair of the chair and the armoire were denied twice. We were informed that the armoire had suffered damage "due to the age and shrinkage of the unit". The unit, which we have owned in good working condition for 29 years, has been in fine condition in Southern California. It was stored in the same climate until the 3-day trip to Washington. We do not understand why it would shrink in storage. One of the agents suggested that the damp climate in Washington caused the problem. It had not spent any time in a damp climate.

North American Van Lines will not accept responsibility for the repair. They also refuse to consider repairing the leather chair because they feel that the seam split at a stress point. They consider this an "inherent vice" because we told them the chair had been repaired in that area previously. We are reluctantly willing to concede regarding the chair, but we are heartbroken about our armoire. We are hoping you can help us. Thank you.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2006

We moved from Dallas to Wichita. It was a corporate relocation and Allied Van Lines actually packed us and loaded us in Dallas. That experience was great and we felt the packaging and care to our belongings was outstanding. The problem arose when our goods had to be stored once they arrived in Wichita. King's Moving and Storage took over from Allied once the items arrived. They were supposedly crated and placed into King's Storage. Upon arriving at our home, two months later (North American delivered the goods), we found many of our items to be badly damaged and filthy. All appliances that were shipped (washer, dry and small chest freezer) were crushed and inoperable.

When bringing in a very expensive dresser, they didn't bother to use a pad on the piece or to even pad the dolly. As a result, the dresser was gouged on one entire side as they drug the dolly on it's side up 4 brick steps dragging our dresser on the bricks! As they unloaded the dresser off the dolly into the bedroom, they broke one of the legs off of it entirely. I walked into the room as it was snapping off and asked what had happened. One of the guys shrugged his shoulder and said oh well, it's not my problem. Call the company and make a complaint.

I told him not to take that attitude with me and they walked out and refused to work. They sat out in their truck refusing to work because they said we were abusive. Nothing at all was said that was even the slightest bit offensive to them. Todd, their supervisor, was called and we asked him to come out and help supervise the move as we felt they were not appropriately handling our furniture, and he refused. He was very rude and said we could pack our belongings back up and have another crew some other day deliver, but it was summer time and he didn't know when they could get to it.

Also, we felt insecure about them reloading our belongings and being the ones to unload them back into the warehouse. Then we found out that our belongings had been crated in 3 crates and they only had one! It took them all day to locate the other 2 crates and bring them out to our home. The driver was mad and took it out on us. Barely speaking to us and when he did, he used a very rude tone. They left us at 7pm that night with nothing assembled (they refused to put anything back together), badly damaged and broken items and a very unprofessional experience in general. We have moved 6 times in 11 years and have NEVER experienced anything like this!

We have thousands of dollars in damage to our household goods. We had to go out the day after moving in and replace our appliances as we cannot be without appliances while fighting them over claims.

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Original review: July 28, 2006

On 5/24/06 I had someone meet the delivery company at my new house until I arrived in late June. North American was great until I noticed that item #93 was missing due to the fact that I got someone elses item #93. I notified North American at the end of june due to the fact I had just arrived and noticed this error. My receiver did not notice the error due to the fact that the driver was calling #s out and showing no damage and those #s were being marked off. North American wants me to return the other #93 and has declined my insurance claim saying they have a signed invoice saying all my items were received.

All items were received because the person thought that was my item which it was not. I paid for the insurance to cover actual value with no deductible and now they dont want to stand behind that even though I can prove I have the wrong #93 what are my options this is not right as that box contained baseball and other collector memoribilla that was not cheap and in return I have a kids chair.

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Original review: May 12, 2006

The driver was rerouted and then delayed with my shipment to be delivered two days past my final delivery date put on the contract. After several calls, finally spoke to Cindy (who told me her superior was the President of the corporation). I explained to her why I needed my shipment by the contract deadline and she became rude with me and hung up on me twice. I never once yelled at her nor called her any kind of name or was abusive with her. She was completely rude (along with hanging up on me), refused to give me the driver's supervisor's name (who lied to the Northern California Rep by telling him my apartment complex told him -- the supervisor -- they wouldn't allow delivery on a Saturday); she would not give me the license number of the company until I asked for it four times. I then told her I would be filing a lawsuit if she didn't get my shipment to me before the day I started an important new job.

She then told me it was because of my calling that the driver was being delayed -- when I called I called the first time, I was told the driver was already delayed. The driver, Douglas called an hour after I had spent nearly seven hours on the phone with the company trying to get the issue resolved. He was verbally harassing to me and kept insisting I should have called him and not the company -- when the company told me if he didn't call within 24 hours of the locked in date (which he didn't), I was to call the company. He stated he didn't have time to argue with me but I was wrong in calling the company. He stated he was a human being who needed a day off (which was why he apparently couldn't deliver on Sunday -- a day after the contract deadline delivery date).

The northern California rep and dispatcher both told me there was no reason, from looking at their dispatch screen, that he couldn't get to me by his contract deadline date, yet Cindy continued to insist he just couldn't. They owe me one night's compensation for going over the contract deadline plus compensation for the things I had to buy for my new job which I wouldn't have had to do if they had arrived by the final contract delivery date. My load was a small load and so I was placed in low priority -- and they kept rerouting him to pick up bigger deliveries. The driver, Douglas, also told me it would be very difficult for him to deliver on a weekend because of all the residents being home at my complex. I told him there are many other moving companies that deliver on the weekend with no problem. I am still waiting to see if I get my furnishings, clothing, valuables, etc, by Sunday -- a day past the contract last delivery date.

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Original review: March 22, 2006

Following is a copy of a letter I sent over 3 months ago to the President of the local affiliate of North American Van Lines. To date , I have not had a response. In addition, 2 months ago I filed a claim for a broken shelf ina dining room credenza. Again, to date, no response. About a month ago, I sent an e-mail to the national office of North American Van Lines relating my problems. Needless to say, no response. I would certainly recommend that if someone is looking for a reputable, responsive mover, they do not consider North American Van Lines.

December 21, 2005
Michael ****
Personal & Confidential
Valley Transportation Group
**** Road

Phoenix AZ 85043

Re: Order Number: PHX-0136950

Dear Mr. ****:

I'm writing about our local residential move on December 16th.

First, my commendations to Raoul ( our packer ) and Carlos ( head of the moving crew). All went smoothly in their efforts although we have not yet completed unpacking. We did incur one significant problem regarding the estimate/ bill. When Gary Reynolds prepared the estimate for our move, he saw our 42" tv and included it in our estimate.

A day before our packing was to be done, when I called the office to ask if I had to make any special preparations ( cables etc.) on any of my tv's, I mentioned that the 42" tv was a plasma tv. That was the first time I was told there would be a $225 charge for crating that tv.

I called Gary to find out why that wasn't included in the estimate, he told me he wasn't aware it was a plasma tv. It would seem logical to me that if he is not able to determine whether or not it was a plasma tv by looking at it, knowing there was considerable additional expense involved, he should have asked if it was a plasma television. I should not have been told the day before my move to either pay $225 or move it myself.

At this time, I'm requesting a refund of the $225 charge. I hope that you would value your company's goodwill and reputation regarding referrals to meet my request.


Robert ****

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2006

Estimate vs actual charges. My first estimate on moving one bedroom apt furniture was between 2300-2500 lb. Second estimate 2700-3000 lb. Actual lb charged at destination 3900. In dollars, I was estimated the move would be approx $2500-$3000. Actual charges at destination $4990. My question is how can these moving companies be allowed to overcharge/"over weight" and continue to operate?

I moved these same goods from Brea, CA to Bossier, La in 2002 for a charge of $2300. Now to return to Palm Desert from Bossier City, La, (via North Americn Van Lines) I am charged $3400, plus $1500 to place the furniture in storage. With this type of thing being so prevalent, how can a potential victim protect themselves, and how can I possibly fight this? How do van lines and agents manage to stay in business with this type of overcharging being so prevalent and well known by the public?

There was even an article in our local desert news re the gouging of moving companies to can this type of thing be allowed to continue? Sure I can ask for a re-weighing of my goods, but first I have to have the $4990 + more storage, on hand to bail out my goods.

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