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At Neighbors Moving & Storage we are committed to making your moving experience quick and easy. We find that a positive moving experience starts with a positive crew so we put emphasis on having a great customer care team to take care of all your moving needs.

Moving can be a stressful time so Neighbors offers our valued customers a number of services to assist in your move, such as, auto-transport, concierge utility assistance and even air-conditioned storage options. Neighbors also offers both long and short distance moves and supplies you need to start packing. Let us lend a hand and help make your moving experience a success.

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Consumer Reviews and Complaints

DRIVER IS THREATENING, MOVERS ARE TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND BREAK MANY ITEMS. This company lies to you on the front end when you are deciding whether to use their moving services. They tell you all the things you want to hear, like how careful their moving men are and that their moving men are like their family and work for their company.

Come to find out, when the movers show up, some of them look like Ex-convicts and play loud vulgar music and the driver Deimeetrius is very threatening. Since you have already made arrangements to be out of your house and into your new house on a short turn around, you have no choice but to let them complete your move. The driver's name was Deimeetrius and he literally sneered at us and ignored us and acted angry and aggressive toward us even though we had done nothing to invite this. He made us sign the moving paperwork but he wouldn't even give us time to read it first so we did not know what it even said. They broke half our goods. This company should not be in business.

This mover apparently subbed out my move and 3 men could not get my belongings less than 5 miles without ruining half of them. They also completely consumed every ounce of water and soda I had. I didn't know this was part of my responsibility and they talked more than they worked. Price quoted has not been honored and trying to work with their claim company, CSI, is a nightmare. Something so simple has become a complete nightmare. Stay away from this company!

When I moved from one condo to another, I had several other estimates that were little lower than Neighbors, but I stayed with them because of good attitude of the guy I spoke to. He was the only one who sent me something in writing and gave me an estimate, putting down the number of items that I had to take, and he came here. The crew went above and beyond the call of duty as well. Everyone involved was a gentleman, and knew what he was doing. Anybody that I know who is moving, they will have Neighbors' number. You couldn't ask for better movers.

We were moving from Weston to Port Saint Lucie and one time, we saw Neighbors Moving & Storage's truck parked somewhere. We eventually got their service. Their crew were nice and personable, until the very end when they held our TV for hostage. They said that they won't drop off the TV until we sign the papers. I've never done a deal like that before. Other than that, the crew were professional and did a good job. They were fast in doing the move and there were no scratches or anything broken with my things. I would recommend them, except for the last part of the moving process.

Worst move ever... I tipped $100/man each way. They stole my sterling silver and my power tools! They were a day late with delivery (we had to sleep on the floor of our new house). They kept telling us they would be there in an hour until 8:00PM when I could no longer reach them. They lied, they stole everything that was made of silver including a Sterling silverware set and there was a lot of breakage... Things like glasses and dishes were poorly packed. One box was totally crushed. Please don't use this company.

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This was a horrible moving experience. Crew arrived late and did not complete the job until after 10 pm the day after the scheduled move. Items were going into Neighbor's storage facility in Pompano Beach, FL then delivered a couple months later to a different address. Pickup crew did not protect furniture as they moved it onto the trucks and were very rude and abusive to me and my wife on the second day. Delivery was made 3 months later to Doral, FL and there is more than $2000 in damages and over $6000 in items not delivered. Items include TVs, dresser, coffee table, box springs, etc...

Office is not helpful in finding the items and states to just file a claim. This company has terrible customer service and has done significant damage to my property. Losses to property are also significant. Do not do business with Neighbor's as they are poor in every aspect of moving and storage. This was the absolute worst experience I've had in more than 40 years of my moving experiences.

My husband and I used Neighbors Moving and Storage to move from one building to the building next door in our condo community. First floor to first floor. No stairs or elevators. We thought it would be easy and hassle free but it was everything but. The movers worked quickly and at the end of the move they were given a tip. The guys were not satisfied with the tip so one of the guys came back and asked for more money. My husband felt obligated and gave them a little more but they still seem dissatisfied and left.

After the move we noticed that the hallway ceiling light was cracked from being hit by furniture. We also noticed that our kids' chairs were missing. These are two kids’ chairs from Pottery Barn that cost $40 each. We contacted the company and they said they didn't know where the chairs went. How do you lose 2 chairs from one building to the building right next to it?? The manager said the movers had no other job after ours so they couldn't have stayed on the truck, but during the move the guys had mentioned that they DID have another job after ours. When I told the manager this he said he tells his movers that they have other jobs so that they hurry up. Lying to the employees so they do their work?? Doesn't seem very professional to me!!

The company directed me to a website where I could file a claim but the site kept logging me out. When I asked the company to reimburse me for the chairs they said they would only pay 60 cents…(yes you heard that right...CENTS!!!) per pound of weight for the lost items. So for my kids' two chairs that cost $40 each I would get less than $10.00!!! What is to keep this company from stealing people's things when they only pay 60 CENTS per lb that the item weighs?? In conclusion, if you are looking for a moving company, do yourself a favor and NEVER hire this company!! They will steal or damage your things and avoid all responsibility for their mistake!!

The Neighbors Moving and Storage guys were really good and everything went great. They worked very hard, and their crew was one of the best we’ve had in moving - ever. I had too much stuff and it's too heavy, and complicated since it had three stops. I was thinking this can get screwed up so easy, but it was excellent.

Neighbors Moving & Storage is a wonderful company. They did a good job. However, I was disappointed that I had a purse in the drawer (it had about $50-$60 and quarters) that was gone but I can't condemn the whole company because of that. Other than that, everything was perfect and done very nicely. I would still recommend them.

During my move, the crew from Neighbors was very polite and professional. They were on time and worked with my schedule because I had to move the same day and close my house. I had to readjust the time within 24 hours and they were great on helping me. It was an excellent experience.

We were in a 3-bedroom house for 15 years. Then we moved less than a mile and a half away. We got Neighbors Moving & Storage which we had heard about through a referral. The crew guys were helpful and very good during our move. It wasn't a far move we did with Neighbors, but regardless, they did everything they said they would do. So if I had to move again, I would be using them again. They did what we needed them to do and it was a very nice experience.

I did have to call them up again to see if they would move some more stuff to a storage unit. But unfortunately, we couldn't go with them on that one because it was less than $150 to move the whole house. That was a little bit unfair but that was a different scenario. So I ended up doing that myself. It took me about 8 hours, but I had the time. Other than that, our overall experience with Neighbors was very good. I saw their trucks the other day on the road and I had a smile on my face. It was not the easiest thing to do -- to move -- and Neighbors made it very easy and convenient because they were quick, professional and courteous.

I had an excellent experience with Neighbors Moving & Storage and have used them twice. I had a partial move and then a full move. They were good! The guys were professional and on time. They wrapped some of my good stuff really well. Nothing was damaged and broken.

I used Neighbors because it was too much for me to move on my own. The crew was phenomenal and professional all around. I don't usually recommend people for anything, but would recommend them. I have a friend who's a realtor and I said, "If you ever need a moving company, use them."

Neighbors was very nice to me, and they understood my circumstances – I’m disabled and not allowed to pick up a lot of stuff. We were moving three or four blocks from where we were. The person we spoke to prepared the move and called me to make sure that everything I wanted to be done was done. They understood me perfectly, so I have no complaints. I’d recommend them to anyone.

My experience with Neighbors has been efficient and easy. I called a couple of companies but I liked their quote, plus their crew was very friendly. I'd probably tell a friend about using Neighbors in the future.

We had an excellent experience with Neighbors. It's all good all around. We will recommend them to other people.

Everything went perfect. I would recommend Neighbors Moving & Storage.

Neighbors Moving was great. They were very friendly and timely.

I had a very good experience with Neighbors Moving & Storage. It wasn't a big move but the gentlemen who came were professional and helpful.

I was going to use a moving company so I went with Neighbors Moving since they gave me the best quote. It was a residential move and the actual day was a good experience. It was the after I had trouble. They overcharged me and it took me multiple attempts to get them to issue the credit. That was my one problem but everything else was a good experience.

I chose Neighbors because they are reputable but they bite more than they can chew. They have their own story but they don't have any adequate manpower or equipment. Their crew are pretty good but my experience was very disappointing. The schedule wasn't kept - they never showed up on the first day of packing. It was originally set for about 10:00 AM but after so many phone calls, they informed me that the crew will be here at 6:30 PM. They kept on excusing that they're coming. In my condo, there's a regulation that anybody can't come in for business after 6:30 PM so I canceled for the day. The next morning, they should be here at 8 AM and then I realized this person will be coming around 10:30 to help in packing and loading. And then believe it or not, he came to see me about 230 miles from the house I lived to move to new location.

We were downsizing. The guys that moved us were fine, but the administration was very disorganized. The people running the organization are incompetent. I would never use them again.

I was thinking about doing my move on my own, but that was impossible. I decided to use Neighbors instead. Their salesperson presented well, was very accommodating and gave us a good price. They were efficient in making the move, but no one told me that they were going to be turning stuff upside down. I spent hours folding all my clothes and putting them on the drawers, my fish tank had sand and seashells put in it and all were upside down after the move. But even after the minor complaints, they were still good, so I’d definitely recommend them.

When I bought a condo in another city, I moved a lot of stuff on my own, and what I could not I used Neighbors and they did a good job.

I'm moving from one apartment to the other and want to use the movers so I don't have to carry anything by myself. I went online and looked for different movers. I compared prices and liked Neighbors Moving & Storage. Their people were very friendly. I was worried, but they did a great job. The only thing I was very disappointed was one of my columns got cracked. They told me it was broken, just a little tap, but they didn’t tell me there was a crack right in the middle. I’m totally careful with those kinds of columns. Other than that, everything else was perfect and in good condition. I would recommend them to anybody. I would use them again because they did the job in two and a half hours. I made an agreement to pay four hours, but I was happy with the service.

Neighbors were great. The guys were all good, did a good job, no problem at all. I've moved a few times and the only thing is that it took longer than we have anticipated and I was quoted a price for so many hours but then it ended up being more.

I had a good experience with Neighbors Moving. The crew was productive and polite and if I move again, I will use them.

I heard about Neighbors Moving & Storage from a card in the mail and a referral. I need somebody to move my stuff because I can't move myself to a new apartment. When the guys came to do my move, they tried to charge me more money. These people only put their own blankets on top of my stuff. On the whole, that was good, except one piece of furniture got nicked. They tried throwing their garbage out in the dumpsters here and they got caught doing it because it was a construction dumpster. They shouldn't have done that. They were not good representation of the company. Their salesman was far better. Fair experience.

I was living in Panama City Beach, Florida and I was offered a position in Fort Lauderdale. I had to put my stuff in storage in Fort Lauderdale until I had a house, and then I had to find a moving company to get my stuff from the storage to my house. I did an internet search and finally decided to use the services provided by Neighbors Moving and Storage. They absolutely did what I contracted them to do. They sent reminders in my email and they called to make sure that we were right on point. My schedule changed, so my moving date also changed and they didn't drop the ball. They worked with me when my schedule changed. I was very pleased. It was an excellent crew.

Neighbors Moving weren't the best about keeping in touch but once they finally did the move, they did okay. But they did break a few items but they didn't end up charging us for the second truck because they never came out of the house to see what we had. One of the broken items we found was coming off the truck. One of the movers said that he'll bring a new piece of glass for a picture that was broken and have a glass person take care of it but he never came back with it.

They had a second stop to go to on the day of the move and they did that within the next couple of days, and they found a couple of our items still on the truck and they returned one lamp and we had given them two. So we assumed the other one is broken and he just didn't give it. My husband took the lamps and he never said anything to them. The glass thing bothered me and I am upset. I've been thinking about calling the guy, but I've been so busy that I haven't called. But other than that, the crew seemed productive and friendly during the move.

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Neighbors Moving and Storage is a family-owned business with over 60 years of experience. It covers a variety of locations, including cities in Florida and Colorado.

  • Residential and business moving: Neighbors works with both residential customers and businesses to help them with their moving needs.
  • Expertise: Their movers are experts at packing and unpacking and have a reputation for getting even large, expensive items moved safely in their targeted locations.
  • Storage options: While you are getting settled and relocating, the company can provide you with storage options you can take advantage of until you are able to move into your new home or office space.
  • Long-distance moving: Neighbors performs both local and long distance moves.
  • Family owned: This is a family-owned business that takes pride in nurturing personal relationships with every client.
  • Best for Corporations, households, individuals and military families.

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