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On 12/12/2012, I had a bad experience with a moving company, Best Moving Company of Southern California, 160 N. River View Drive, Suite 1200 Anaheim Hills, CA 92807. Customer rep was David and phone is (888)815-9666 / 949 630-6116. I hired them to move me local from San Pedro, CA to N. Long Beach, CA. I paid for three men, $70/hr for 4 hrs - $280 flat rate. We pulled off to go 1:39 pm to N. Long Beach, CA. Representative David called me and said the guys needed another hour, 70 more dollars adding up to $345. I was already upset and stressed out, not thinking to tell him what happened and why he sent only two men. Two men would have been $60/hr.

I called Customer rep. David on December 15, 16, 17, 2012 and told him I did not get a receipt and I had some boxes missing. He told me he would email me the receipt and would talk with the two who worked with the company about the 6 missing boxes and he would get back with me on December 18, 2012. David emailed me a receipt. I called on December 21st and 23rd. There was no answer. I called on December 26th. David answered the phone and said he would have Daniel, who was in charge in moving me, call me and that if he didn't call me, he would call me back to give me his phone number to call him. This never happened.

I talked to David. I told him I was wanting the 6 boxes I did not receive. He offered me $100 or $300, and I refused the amount because the value price of what they had taken cost more than what he offered.

I would like them to give me the rest of my boxes they stole from me. I am a senior citizen and have been taken advantage of. Please, if you can help me resolve this matter exposing them. I will never hire another moving company to move me again.

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My property was picked up in Minnesota then I was forced to sign another contract or have everything unloaded then held hostage in some sort of storage for three months in Chicago, IL then driven to Florida. I was given the runaround and they did not like that I wanted them to be on the up and up on the weight! They had none! Nothing! Then they put my property in storage and are making demands beyond! I need help!


This company was hired by the realtor to help pack and move my items. F.B. Rich failed to move all items as hired to do causing a tremendous loss. I also caught the movers stealing and later discovered more items were stolen. F.B. Rich failed on many occasions to fulfill their duties as both a moving company and a storage facility pursuant to the MA consumer protection act (C.93a). I was lied to and deceived by this company on multiple levels. this includes: poor customer support, erroneous billing practices that can't be resolved, misrepresentation of the service provided, failure to move all items as hired to do; theft of personal items; deceptive sales practices, poor business practices; improper, confusing and misleading billing statements; improper accounting; malicious and deliberate intent to cause damage to personal items just to name a few.

I made several attempts to try to resolve these issues privately with F.B. Rich stemming over six months with rude and arrogant responses by the owner. When my items were stolen, I did not even receive an apology from the owner. To me, that is disgraceful in itself by a business. However, when F.B. Rich realized that I was going to vacate due to their despicable treatments, they locked me out. At the time of the lock out, I just reported another problem to F.B. Rich, a tampering of my lock to one of my units. Also, payments and credits were not properly issued as they should have at the time.

I repeatedly asked for clarification of their reasons for issues from the owner and received no clear response as supported by the Pembroke police and attorney general. The credits were issued after the lock out, but were still not permitted to enter and wanted me to continue to pay them. F.B. Rich violated and deprived me of safe protection of my goods and loss of personal belongings for failure to move items as hired. I have incurred emotional and financial distress and damages as a result of their actions or lack of.

F.B. Rich also failed to protect my goods under the contract by failure to allow anti-moisture products like damp rid into the units so my personal belongings (everything I own) do not get ruined with mold and mildew. They maliciously put my goods in harm's way. The female owner, who never would identify herself, was rude and arrogant and flat out said no. Hence, F.B. Rich failed to properly protect my personal property in a dry and safe environment.

The bottom line is F.B. Rich violated MA consumer protection act on multiple counts. I attempted to show the clerk receipts from another unit I initially wanted to use, a plus storage. I had been happily with a plus storage for over 3+ years and wanted to demonstrate my good standing in payments, accurate and proper billing, professionalism, good business practices, with no complaints on either side regarding theft, damage, or poor management. I was in the process of moving my items to that facility when the lock out occurred. My relationship with a plus storage is validation to my claims, but over bad business and deceptive practices by F.B. Rich.

According to Linda ** of the attorney general's mediation department, South Shore Community Action, F.B. Rich has refused to cooperate in any way or allow an inspection of belongings to see if there has been any damage or additional theft unless their demands were met. That is not a way to negotiate and shows a pattern of deceptions and unfair practices as stated in MA consumer protection act (C.93). Please note: F.B. Rich admitted to poor billing and invoice errors. F.B. Rich admitted to theft of belongings. F.B. Rich admitted tampering of my locks to storage facility. F.B. Rich admitted to their refusal to allow inspections of belongings and to allow damp rid inside units to prevent mold and mildew damage.

Upon recommendation of Linda ** and her office staff, I filed a complaint with the Department of Telecommunications & Energy, Regulation & Transportation Department. Also upon their recommendations, I filed a complaint with the Pembroke police department. Unfortunately, the Pembroke police department was unable to make any headway with F.B. Rich as well and advised me to contact, "Help me hank."

Unfortunately, everything I own in that storage facility and those pictures may possibly be there as well. I have had to spend money I do not have or accept hand me downs to replace items in storage including winter clothes, office items, office printer paper and office supplies and more. F.B. Rich currently is holding my items against my will, and yet they continue to bill me a different amount every month--from $166-$500 a month--and are demanding full payment.


I signed up on the company website for a free trial to watch movies online based on an advertisement to watch a particular movie. When I signed up and searched for the movie, it was not available on their website for viewing. At that time, I wanted to cancel my account before they decided to charge me. I went online to cancel but it stated that to cancel online, they would charge me 1.00 dollar.

So, I waited until this morning to call their customer support number. No one answered this number, rather it went to a generic voicemail that said leave a message. The voicemail didn't even indicate that you were calling HDQmov or that it was its customer support. I called the number 6 more times to the same end. No one answers the phone. I believe that the company doesn't answer the phone in order to force consumers to simply pay the $1.00 cancellation fee rather than pay the automatic premium upgrade at the end of the trial. I will have to pay $1.00 in the next 4 days in order to avoid additional charges. I am not specifically complaining about the nominal amount. However, if this company is doing this to me as well as other consumers they are making tons of money by default because they refuse to answer the phone and allow consumers to cancel their subscriptions for free.


I moved from Nevada to New Jersey. New Planet Moving was supposed to move my boxes and furniture by June 20th, the date on the contract. I paid them $450.00 with a balance of $495.00 to be paid when delivered. Today is July 8th and New Planet says my boxes are still in Las Vegas. They have been lying to me every week giving different dates when my boxes will be delivered. I don't know what to do. Because they have not delivered my boxes, my daughter and I sleep on the floor in our new home. They have all the important paperwork; I can not open a bank account and change license to new state. We've been eating out every day 3x a day.

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I moved in from October 31 to November 1. I signed a contract with Shannon’s sales person Patrick. The contract stated what was to be moved. Shannon sent one crew to pack up. It rained around the last hour or so that my mattresses, carpets and 2 sofas were soaked through when received at the new location and had to be disposed off due to mold growth. A second crew showed up to finish packing on the day of my closing and moved into the new location. They came late and not only delayed my closing by 1 hour but they did not move all items as specified in the contract. I was not able to do a final walk through as closing had begun. The buyers were very upset as to the condition of the movers when they left the basement because that was where the left items were. Not only were we delayed in closing but we had to give the buyers $500.00 credit to fix the damage the movers caused to hardwood floors and walls.

Shannon first charged my credit card in full before the move in took place which I was told that would not happen until the move was completed on Monday, November 2. The phone conversation with Joanna at Shannon at 8:30 am did not reverse this wrong doing. The move later that day brought a different crew from the packed up crew. Not only did they not have any familiarity with my belongings when they arrived to unpack, they had no tools or cords or lights to see what they were doing, as the bulk of move in was during dark. The handling of my belongings was not only sloppy and unprofessional but I had many damaged, dented, scratched and missing items. The movers presented me with an additional bill for overtime, etcetera which I refused to sign around 8:30 that evening.

I was in frequent contact with Shannon the entire day as things were clearly not going well. The crew stated that they were done but none of my beds were put together and many pieces of furniture hutches, breakfronts and vanities were missing like their tops, mirrors, drawers, etcetera. I had photos of all items before move to show the guys what was missing. They located some of the items where they had piled them in my garage and basement and to this day, they have never been recovered. I took countless photos and demanded Patrick and his boss to come to my home to see what had been done. They did. They also took photos. I had damages to wooden pieces estimated by a Furniture Restoration and they sent someone also to estimate repairs. Photos were taken by all.

After 6 months of no satisfaction, Shannon said that they would not process any claims until I paid the balance in full. I finally did as I had to try to get some settlement to have the repairs and replacements done. Though the damages were estimated to be around $11,000.00, Shannon’s independent insurance company, Baker, came up with $1,388.40 for everything. Now, this only would not cover repairs but also would not allow me to replace carpets or mattresses as well as the items which never arrived here. They have dragged this out for 8 months with absolutely appalling disregard for me, my homes and my possessions.

I am still continuing to have a fight with them. I am without 2 queens and 1 full mattress and box spring. I am without 4 large area rugs. My patio furniture has been dented and many items were not delivered. I have over 20 very minor damages in my wooden pieces of furniture. I have ruined my sofas and pillows which were damaged by the water. Items that were not moved are Chandeliers and weight machine that stated in the contract to be moved. They were not and have been disposed off by the new owner of my old home. I have damaged floors and walls in both properties. I have had to deal with 2 insurance companies. Shannon turned the case over to with no satisfaction. I really need help in fighting these claims and not allowing them to continue to do this to others.


I hired a moving company (Acme Van Lines) based in Brooklyn, New York for a long distance move from New York to Florida. I had a two part move. One on May 28th, 2010, which was placed in storage for a month. The second was on June 27, 2010. On the second move date, it was understood that my belongings from both moves would be sent together to Florida from New York starting June 28, 2010, and delivered within 3 to 5 days.

We are 10 days past the initial pick up and the owner of the moving company (Abraham B.) refuses to communicate with us as to where our belongings are. When my mother called the owner of the company he stated, "do not call me, what do you want me to do? Your things are on the truck!" We asked where is the truck, and when will it arrive at our home? He then hung up the phone! At this point, I am concerned about where our belongings are, and if they will arrive. My younger sister is learning and speech disabled, and we need certain things to start vocational services in Florida for her. We are stranded in Florida with barely any clothes, no furniture, and the like for basic living.

We really need your help so that we can get our things! Please call! Thank you for your help in advance.


This has proven to be a grave mistake, Totally misrepresenting themselves, Lynn came in towards the end of the transaction and started accusing us, the customers, as the ones being at fault. An order was placed for 2 vehicles to be picked up in Atlanta and delivered in CA. The order was placed on Wednesday, June 29th and was quoted to be delivered in 4-6 business days. It was communicated and confirmed by the staff at National Transport and to Christian M. the driver of the Transport Truck that the vehicles would need to be in CA by Wednesday July 7, 2010.

Everything was on track for a Wednesday 7/7/10 delivery until Monday 7/5/2010, when Lynn stepped into the equation and everything fell apart. Lynn told us on Monday early afternoon that per Christian M. of M & M Transport that the delivery was on schedule. I confirmed with her that delivery would occur on Wednesday 7/7/2010, and that Christian will update me later in the day. As Monday, 7/5/10, progressed the driver was stating he may have delays but will try his best to be there late on Wednesday evening, and he would confirm with me as he made his first delivery.

My last communication with Christian was at 7 pm that evening. I called him and text messaged him requesting an update and no answer. The next morning I emailed and called National Transport requesting an update since I had not heard back from the driver. I spoke to Lynn, left a message with Teresa, and finally spoke to Tiffany. When speaking with Tiffany she revealed that the driver picked up an additional vehicle and now had another drop off which was going to cause a delay in our delivery by one day!

When I stressed that this was unacceptable and that this should have been communicated to us, they became verbally abusive and blamed us and stated if was our fault and we were demanding and that Lynn only heard this as of Monday that there was a request for a Wed. deliver. She continued to send the Owner of the vehicles nasty letters about his staff instead of taking the responsibility to fix the problem. It appears that Lynn set up the new pick up and delivery of the extra vehicle for the driver. And when she realized that it conflicted with our delivery she became defensive and extremely unprofessional when I asked her could it have been avoided if Lynn and Christian would have kept their open line of communication which they did up until Monday,7/5/2010.

Lynn's unprofessional manner is without justification since she is claiming to be the supervisor. She should be the supervisor of customer service. She stated it was a privilege that we were receiving updated information, that in all rights,she did not have to tell me as a customer anything? I would not recommend or advise anyone to use this company. I had to spend an additional $1000.00 to fly an associate out to CA to accept delivery.


Florida Southwest Van lines aka was hired to move my household goods from Fort Rucker, AL to Monterey, CA. The company received full payment from my Visa credit card in two separate payments on May 25th and 27th for a total amount of $4,540.75 as per the quote of moving 10,000 pounds of furniture. Florida Southwest Van lines states that they were having bank problems with Bank of America during the transaction. They are now banking with Regents Bank. I've contacted my Visa card services with my bank, USAA and Visa clearly states the burden rest with Florida Southwest Van Lines and their bank.

Florida Southwest Van lines admits that I have paid the amount specified, however, Florida Southwest Van Lines is refusing to deliver my HHGs to Monterey, CA while at the same time instructing me to dispute the charges on my credit card and then pay the same amount in cash or with a cashier check. I believe that I am about to be either extorted an additional $5,000.00 or never see my Household Goods again.

In the last 24 hours, the company has changed its address from Florida Southwest Van Lines Inc.102xx SW 129 Terrace Rd. Dunnellon, FL 34432 to the following: Florida S.W. Vanlines, Inc. 20xx NW 8th Avenue, Building 500 Ocala, FL. 34471. Here are some numbers they list on their website: US DOT: 1875494 MC: 677116. My work reference number with the company is: **. The owner of the company is: Tevel **. Your assistance with this issue is greatly appreciated and if there is anything I need to provide or any advice from your office, please advise me. Not receiving my household goods has made it impossible to move into our new home. We are currently living in a hotel until we have assurance that our household goods will be delivered. The hotel expense is $77.00 dollars per night.


It is the first time that I am hiring a moving company. After reading all kind of scary stories about charges from moving company I decided to hire STI Movers for the following reason: The sales person Martin came to my house and inspected all items to be moved. He agreed that the amount of $3,850 would be the final price for moving all items that I have showed him, all furniture including all boxes and items stored in one room downstairs. I insisted on making sure that there are no extra charges that I am not responsible for weight or volume or any additional charges and he answered me no problem. That is why he was the one inspecting the house.

After he sent me a binding agreement of $3,850 for the entire move at no additional cost, I gave him my credit card and schedule the pick up. He scheduled the pick up for Monday at 8am, and said that the moving will take 2-3 hours. After they arrived at my house, they asked me to sign a waiver for breaking any stuff. I refused to that. It was never discussed or part of the agreement. So he said he has to charge me $850 more for they have to pack the furniture more carefully. I told him that the best I could give him is $200. The person that is renting my house said that for two hours they watched TV.

They began slowly after I called the company several times to tell them that I have a renter living there and complains that the people that are there do not know what they are doing and are doing nothing. At 5 pm, my renter text me frustrated that his son was stuck in the house all day and he is coming from work and they are not done. So I called again the STI Movers, talked to Martin and he gave me the news that I have more volume than he thought and instead of $3,850 I have to pay $7,500. I almost had a heart attack and after spending two hours on the phone with him and the sales supervisor that was very rude and hag up the phone on me, I had two choices either to put the furniture on the house unassembled piled in the middle of the house, (impossible my house is rented) or accept the price that they lowered to 6,250.

In order to have them leave the house, I told him that I will do whatever he wants so he left the truck in front of the house and he will go back tomorrow to finish uploading the furniture. Please let me know if anyone can help and give me an advice in what to do. Attached please find a copy of the final estimate that I received before giving him my card


I moved from Idaho to Texas. What should have been a two day move turned into a one day move. They crammed everything way up high in stacks, broke a lot of my things. I have not had a bed to sleep in since December of 2009. They did not put anything together. I sent a registered letter to them on 3-28-2010. No response from them. I finally called them on June 6th. Their reply to me was I could only collect .69 per pound. I would have to weigh all the things damaged. I am 5'2" with two open heart surgeries. How am I supposed to weigh a couch, etc. Plus they damaged the car. They also repacked some of my boxes without my permission.

Because I am so small and have a bad heart, I had to hire people to put things together for me. They damaged my mattress on my bed because they laid heavy boxes on it. So I have been sleeping on a couch for 6 months. These movers knew I was the only one moving into this house. They should have put my bed etc. together for what I paid them.


I was contacted by Neal the owner of Pay Less Moving and agreed to retain his services on 5/17 (after a home evaluation). I was scheduled to move on 5/29 and Neal promised his movers would be at my home at 8 am. On 5/29, I waited until 8:30, no movers arrived. I contacted Neal, who informed me that he pushed my move back to 1 pm. No one from Pay Less Moving Company contacted me to let me know my move time was changed. I asked why I was never contacted and Neal informed me that his girlfriend, Lisa failed to make a call. He was not apologetic at all. I asked if I would receive a discount because of the mix-up and was told that nothing would change (I would still receive the standard rate and the movers would still arrive at 1 pm). I told Neal that he was unprofessional and I would be reporting him to the Better Business Bureau. He then informed me that my move was canceled.

Neal and my fiancee spoke to each other and Neal informed him that he still wanted the job and would arrive at 1 pm. I received a call from Mike (at 12:15), Neal's driver and he advised that the crew would arrive at 2 pm. Mike then called me at 2 pm to tell me, he and the movers would not arrive until 3 pm. I received a third call from Mike at 3 and he advised that he would arrive at 4 pm. The moving crew finally arrived at 4:23 pm. I was promised an 8 am moving time, and ended up waiting around all day for the movers to arrive. Neal did send one extra mover, but never gave me a deal on my price ($85 per hour), never apologized, or offered real explanation for his lack of professionalism. I think Neal took advantage of the fact that I was moving on Memorial Day Weekend and my other moving opportunities were limited. I still had to pay $356 dollars for a moving company that arrived 8 hours late and were extremely unprofessional.


The description of moving fraud is currently my nightmare. My father is terminally ill (myelodysplastic syndrome) and needed to relocate closer to us from Connecticut to Virginia. The situation with my father's illness. I really need some quick resolve. To do this to a dying man? Take his sentimental picture and stuff is beyond my comprehension.

At the beginning, I spoke with Affordable Moves for Less for over a month. After, great customer service and a reasonable quote, I electronically signed a contract. My father paid $1228 upfront as to not to burden us here in VA. Our journey started May 6th when the truck did not arrive in CT. Their truck broke down in NY and against our contract, they contracted another "third party" to load. Public Van Lines picked up my father's furniture. My father signed nothing and was handed a list of inventory, simply said box at the top of a column with lines proceeding down then two pages. The inventory list has for over 100 items. I have no update prices/list of boxes but they are demanding an additional $1000 to deliver. They refuse to email any communication.

I still do not have his belongings. I found out that they lost the truck from the 3rd party. Public Van Lines man was going to steal and deliver the load to us for the additional cash. Affordable Moves for Less called me and demanded I do not pay this man in advance to send them an additional $1000 to their private bank account and submitted their bank account to me. On Sunday the 16th, Affordable Moves for Less caught up with Public Van Lines in Brooklyn and reclaimed, what we think, are my father's belongings. I have no accurate bill of lading, especially now that Affordable Moves took the belongings back from Public Van Lines. I still have not seen my belongings because I refused to sign anything else and as far as I am concerned, they broke the contract by hiring a middle man.

This is it for me. My fire was a fire fighter for 30 years and police commissioner in Seymour, CT. He has served well to all communities. The moving company laughed that I would have a legal representative, stating it was a civil matter and law enforcement can't touch them. I don't want my father, who has less than a year, to have to go through this ordeal. Is there any way to stop this? I don't mind paying extra fees for the real deal but not even the moving company knows what is my father's now. I have no price list of Affordable Moves for Less box size pricing? My father packed everything up except a few things. Since they terminated placed a middle man in the mix, we have no idea what he did, what my father did. No prices. No bill of lading. I do have the license plate to the truck with Florida plates. I demanded in a phone call to just let me know where the truck is and we would personally meet them. They refused. Are there criminal charges that might force them to open the doors to the truck for itemizing?


The company representative told me that storage would cost between $40 through $60. However, once they got my things into his company to storage they are charging me $85.35. He also suggested I should not complain since it was cheaper than other storage companies. However, I decided to go with RUNGE Storage because his $40-$60 was a great offer. However, I feel he was misleading because he is charging me $85 and 35 cents. In the end, he even said that the price I was given was in fact incorrect because I made a notice of the handling in fee (which he said would be the same as the storage fees) and there were a total of $98. As a result, his estimate was incorrect by $38 if you look at the higher estimate amount of $60; but it was incorrect by $58 if you look at the lower estimated amount of $40. $40 to $60 is a big difference compared to $85.35 and $98.00.

Additionally, when he gave me the first estimate of $40 to $60 he did not mention that he would charge 20 cents per square unit or so. He mentioned that after the bill was in my hand and he had all my things in his storage. I believe he was misleading, unfair and sneaky. I told him I wanted to remove my things from his storage because I was displeased at his misleading ways and asked how much it would cost me to get the things to take them to Public Storage; he said he had to offer me an hourly rate when at the first two times I needed to use him he offered a flat rate. I needed to move some boxes a first time on 4/30/2010 and he charged me $175.00. Then my new tenants did not want the furniture; they had agreed to keep in the apartment on that same day of the first move 4-30-2010. Al said since he had a van and not a truck, he would have to come again for the bigger pieces that were in the apartment so I had to rehire the moving company to do a second move for me, which Al first said would cost $330. He told me this while he was in my apartment for the first move. Additionally, he added if I had done both moves together in one shot I would have saved about $75 to $110. When I called to confirm for the second move on 5-5-2010 he said it would be $350.00.

After seeing my storage monthly charge I was upset and I tried to get a fair price according to his estimate, but to no avail. Then I asked him what it would cost me for yet a third move (to take my things out of his storage); he suggested he needed to charge me an hourly rate. I said I wanted a flat rate and he said it would have to be 794.88 just like in the bill. In that bill he was charging for boxes, storage, handling in, and other many fees. Now, he wanted to charge me all that again to bring my things to another storage unit when originally he charges $175 and then $350. However, the third flat rate should have been $480-$515, according to his first estimates, and being overcharged $75 to $110 extra due to having to come to my home twice instead of shot. I think he throws prices around and changes them at will to his convenience. His estimates are far from his real charges. He is misleading, deceitful and operates in bad faith.

I am stuck. My things are in his place now and I have to pay $58 more than his initial estimation and he wants to charge me an exorbitant amount for bringing my things back into another storage. I want to take my things out but I am now going to have to pay another moving company an amount that I would have not needed to incur had he been truthful with his estimates. My things are in his place and I do not trust him now. I feel I have a case here. I need help.


I started working with this company back in February for a move across the country from Atlanta to Laguna Niguel, CA. I have a pending job offer contingent up a security clearance. The security clearance can take up to a year but, I fully expected it would be done in by around April or May. I needed to know the costs involved etc. to plan for such a large move. I contacted Ocean Moving In Storage for a quote along with several other companies. I sent the inventory list from when I moved to Georgia to them, which has not changed at all to get prices. I did some research on the companies and narrowed it down to them based on price and the fact they actually had some reviews etc. Although I believe the good reviews here are posted from people from within the company.

I wanted to wait to set the dates, but the sales person (Victor) told me I should go ahead and lock in the price before the prices go up in the spring. I agreed to a contract and then sent them a deposit of $500 on May 12th 2010. I made it extremely clear, the dates were tentative in all of our correspondence and I even wrote "Apr 30 tentative" date on my Credit Card Authorization form. The date on the contract was April 1st, 2010, which as of March 12th, 2010, when I gave them the deposit, I already knew it was not going to work and told them to make the date April 30th, approximately as stated on my authorization form. They agreed and told me, no problem.

All of a sudden, I get a call on April 14th asking if they could change the move to Sunday, April 18th. I didn't know what they were talking about or know where that date came from? I told them I'm not moving on Sunday and still don't have any viable dates. I also told them, maybe I should cancel and I will get back to them when I have something more solid to work with. The sales person, Victor, then told me, if I cancel, then they are not going to refund my deposit since it wasn't within 3 business days of the move. First, the way I count it is Wednesday is 3 days prior to Sunday? Which he of course did not agree. He said, "Why don't you just extend again instead." So I did, for an additional month which would have made the date the middle of May. It is now pretty apparent that I may not be moving since I was promoted in my current location. I emailed them on 05/03, asking them to cancel the move and return my deposit. They stated that, since I did not cancel with the three days of my original date, they are not going to give me my deposit back.

I even went so far as to tell them, when I was cancelling that, I would be back in touch with them when I have actual dates and if I actually take the job. My deposit of $500 was over the minimal amount required of 15%, I gave more as an act of complete good faith, and so I would have a less of the balance due at the end. This company has spent minimal time and effort in setting this move up. I sent them the complete inventory and contacted them. I made it extremely clear from the beginning that I did not have confirmed dates. They assured me that I would get my deposit back as long as I adhered to the 3 business day policy, which I feel I did.

They are unreasonable in the fact that they are acting like I ripped them off. Quotes from the sales person emails, "After review of the order, my manager will not let me give your deposit back because you did cancel first with in our cancellation window last month and then I changed the date. I thought I would be able to save the deposit for you but my manager will not let me. "My system shows you cancelled 2 days from the original date of move and signed our terms and conditions. I really wish I could help you with this but I have no other option.

"Well, we do have an electronic signature from you as below for the date so you are wrong on this one. We do this so when we have disputes. We have documents with your IP address and date and time so we don't lose money and I boded the date for you. Listed below is what you signed last month. We have everything in writing as a legit company. We don't scam any one and you can post what you want but all phone calls are recorded and all emails are saved in the computer system" and lastly, "from the original date, Brian, not from when you switch it. We can't have customers try to scam us as a company. You tried to cancel 2 days prior to the original move date which we have the phone conversation recorded for our credit card companies."

Enough said, so this poor company needs to protect themselves from all us scammed consumers, silly me. Not to mention, there is no mention of any phone calls being recorded when speaking to them. So, if they are recording people's conversation without their knowledge, it is illegal. Not to mention also, that I have asked them to produce some sort of an agreement that shows the date the move was changed to the 04/18/10 date, which they have of course not provided. So they have no evidence to provide that I agreed up the date they were trying to move me. I extended and cancelled two weeks prior to the date I extended to and they are saying I didn't do so in time. No trucks ever came to my house or anything. They conveniently did not contact me prior to the supposed date until it was at or within the cancellation period and now I am the one trying to rip them off?

I even went so far as to offer them $100 of the $500 for their efforts which was refused even though the actual required deposit was only $360. They will not even refund the difference between the $500 and the 15%. Nice, anybody want to do business with a company that treats someone like this? So watch out all you scamming consumers we sure wouldn't want these moving companies to be ripped off by us. Let me see all I did was try to use them, act in good faith, give them a larger than required deposit, and cancel a move that I might not be making, and it costs me $500. Usually, the scammer comes out ahead somehow so I scammed them and it costs me $500? I must be the worst scammer in the world?

And by the way, when they respond concerning my language and the fact I cussed them out, well that's probably the only thing they say that will be the truth. I'll be seeing them in court. I filed a complaint through the BBB. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company, and I will be posting this on every moving web site I can find. This is how stupid they are. If I cost them one customer, they will have lost far more than the $500 they took from me for doing nothing. Well, so far I lost $500


I requested bids from moving from Altamonte Springs, FL to Santa Fe, NM online. Several companies responded. I selected The Movers Group and sent an itemized list of items to be moved. This list was correct since I had just placed items in storage with a local moving and storage company. The bid I received from Iris was $2,913.42.

I arranged the pickup for Monday, May 3rd at 9:00 am. The storage company was also scheduled to place my items outside the unit for pickup. I received a call @ 11:00 from a dispatch person with The Mover's Group stating that the cost estimate would be more than the original estimate. I stated that all of the items were listed on the original "order for service" and the amount should not be substantially higher. He responded that the cubic feet were more than anticipated. I advised him that I would need to speak with a supervisor to discuss. After my items were loaded, the dispatch operator called me to advise that the new rate would be $5,700.00. This was $2,700.00 more than the estimate which I advised him this was not acceptable and I demanded that a supervisor call me to discuss. At this point, I have signed cc authorizations for $2,400.00 to this company which have been charged.

I have sent 3 emails and called twice and left messages advising that someone needs to contact me to discuss this overcharge. I advised by email that I could understand possibly up to $1,000.00 more but twice the estimate is unacceptable. This is Thursday night 5/6/10 and no one has contacted me. I am unsure where my household items are and cannot reach anyone at this company. I left a very strong telephone message for Iris this morning and no one has called me back. Thank you for any help.

Since I do not know where my items are at this point, the consequences are unknown. I do know that I will probably have to pay this inflated price just to get my household items.


They damaged over 20 items, tried to overcharge for storage by $800, used day-laborers with no moving experience when "Professionals" were promised, rendered a player piano inoperative, made a pathetic settlement offer to us, etc. Have before and after photos all assembled for a website on the fiasco. Tell me where to send the .pdf for total detail on this lousy company. Damages: Still to be determined. Probably $thousands.

I signed a contract with them on 12/29/09 to move a curio cabinet from Maryland to San Diego, CA. They were supposed to come while I was there but did not until three days after I returned to California. No one would answer my calls or emails letting me know what was happening about the pick up or delivery.

When it was delivered, they had broken the legs off the curio, broken the glass shelves, chips off the cabinet and one of the drawer pulls was missing. They were also accredited by the BBB but lost that the end of December 2009.

I have sent them a claim but as of 4/12, I have not received any more response other than the letter on 2/6 saying that they had 120 days to resolve the claim. This company has had a lot of claims against them and should not be in business. I am asking for the money I paid them returned. The cost of replacement or fixing this curio is almost what I paid them to ship the item to me. I would appreciate any help I can get to get this resolved as quickly as possible. If you need pictures or any other information, let me know. I will help in anyway possible and yes, I would like to have an attorney call me as soon as possible. I am at my work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


I was relocating from Orlando, Florida to Gillette, Wyoming. I was shopping around for Moving Quotes before committing to U-Haul, since I was going to have travel with child, dog, and then towing a car. I found several competitive quotes and after sharing some of the quotes, I had some companies continue to try and outbid each other. I settled upon Precision Van lines for $1,250, guaranteed rate. I then had a girl named Lee call to confirm the pickup time and date and took my credit card information, at which I was charged $650. The movers were to be at my residence at 7 am the following Saturday.

They showed up at 4pm. My belongings were already packed and furniture disassembled for the movers only had to put it into the truck. When they had finally shown up, they spent a lot of time calling back into the office, speaking in Russian. They also started to try and repack my belongings. I told them it was not necessary. They then proceeded to try and shrink-wrap recliners and couches. I put a slip cover on my couches until I can afford to reupholster them. I assured them none of my furniture needed to be wrapped and just told them to put it into the truck.

What should have been a two hour job, took them until 11pm at night to finish, being that the electric was already turned off by the time they supplied any paperwork. I noticed Trans-United Inc. was on the paperwork. No amounts were listed on any of the paperwork, just an inventory list. I would say they were polite but I never understood a word they said. The next day, I got a call from my former landlord saying that damage was done to the property. They knocked over a stop sign that had the wiring for the gated entry to the neighborhood and scraped the side of the building when they tried to leave the area. I was already on the road towards Gillette with what I could fit into the car.

The delivery date was always after April 2nd, which was the date my fiancé and I were closing on the house. We had received a call from the dispatcher Gary that they were ready to deliver on March 30th. I explained my delivery date was still for April 2nd or after with a 14 day window, Gary told me that they would then deliver on Saturday, April 3rd. April 3rd came and went with no word. I called in and I was told from Gary that, “oh no, they would deliver on Tuesday.” Tuesday came. I had called out of my new job to receive my furniture by noon, nobody had shown up. I called in. Gary told me that he had left me a message that it wouldn't be until Wednesday that they would be able to make the delivery.

Wednesday came and we received a call that due to weather conditions, the road was closed down. The driver also wanted to be sure that we had cash upon delivery for the remaining balance. I said sure, I have all $600 of it, as I was quoted $1,250 for this move. He corrected me and told me in order to deliver my furniture; I needed to have $2,788.34. I explained that there had to be some kind of mistake. He gave me the number to reach Russell, which was the same number to reach, Gary the dispatcher. I was then told that he would look into it for me. I had to return the phone call as I heard nothing from Trans United. I emailed my quote, the account transaction showing the initial $650 deposit, and the Guaranteed Quote I had agreed upon. They told me during the moving process they had received weight tickets, and that I am to be held responsible.

My stuff is now in storage until I can come up with $2,788.34. How is this legal and why isn't Precision accountable. Since they subcontracted the job, shouldn't they have to cover the difference? They have not given me an address as to where my stuff will be stored, or how much more fees they will be adding on. My child sleeps on the floor and I now have a brand new house, completely empty, while some guys hold my furniture ransom. Shouldn't I be able to charge them? Precision and Trans United Inc should be held accountable to some sort of ethical standard. If I had known they were to charge me this much, I would have done it myself.


Eric / Derek was hired as a moving service. My move date was 3/18/10. While moving, he and his 2 men broke a picture that holds great sentimental value. He apologized to great length and said that he would take it to have it repaired and have new glass. He said it would be delivered to my door the following business day. I called him on 3/24/10 and inquired as to the picture. He said that he had been busy and that it would be returned by 3/25/10. It is now 3/27/10 and I still have no picture. He has not returned my phone calls since I last spoke with him, nor has he provided me with any information. I need to recover my picture asap. Any help with this effort would be greatly appreciated. This picture holds great sentimental value. I have been extremely stressed and worried that I may never get it back.


On 06-11-2009, I signed a contract, entering into agreement to hire a company named Move Improve Relocations, for my move from Houston, TX, to Neptune, NJ. The company packed and took my belongings on June 11th, with an understanding and assurance that they will deliver my furniture to my apartment in Neptune on June 18th. I was also told that my car will be picked up by the same company at my door in Houston, and will be delivered on June 18th at my door in NJ. The company arrived 2 hours late for the move, and they didn't pick up the car. We were told that they forgot we also had a car to be moved, and we need to drive our car to their office 40 miles away.

We met their demands, and met the manager at the weighing station, 40 miles away from our home. We were told his name is Tom, which we found out later was false. They weighed our stuff with three people in the truck and the weight was over our estimated weight, at that point they demanded more money. They told us that when the truck was weighed earlier, it had the three people in it. Although I was told by the sales representative, David, that they will weigh the truck empty with no one in it. They took our car, and we agreed on a $3,000.00 fee, complete with taxes and the payment for the car. We paid $1,500.00 on June 11th, using our MasterCard.

One week later, on June 18th, the agreed upon date for deliver, we had not heard from the company. On that date, I contacted the sales department, my numerous phone calls and emails were never returned. When I finally got in touch with David, our sales representative, he told me our furniture will be leaving Houston on that day, Friday the 19th, one day after the promised delivery. I was offered no explanations from the owner Tom or manager Rick. I was told to deal with it. The owner also used foul language, hung up on me a few times, and threatened that I will sleep on the floor, if I attempt to contact the office one more time, or if I attempt to contact BBB. These conversations continued over the following week. The company never offered any explanation as to why the delivery is late, or the whereabouts of our shipment.

The car was finally delivered on Monday June 22. I received a call from a different company, telling me the car was in Jersey City, 2 hours drive from our Neptune apartment. When I attempted to contact Move Improve, they told me that that "sounds like it is my problem," and they will not try to solve it. I was met again with angry tones, threats, and foul language. At this point, I spoke with the car company, Roche Auto Transport, and they arranged for the driver to drive my car to the door. When the driver arrived at our apartment, he told me that I needed to pay $500.00 in check, and drive him back to his trailer 30 miles away. I drove the driver back to his trailer, and paid him with a check. At that point I was told by Move Improve Relocations and Roche Auto Company, that Move Improve Relocations will take the $500.00 out of my remaining balance of $1500.00.

Our furniture was finally delivered on June 29th, 11 days after the promised date. The shipment was missing our king size bed, which is part of a $5,000.00 bedroom set, purchased from Fingers Furniture 1.5 years earlier. I was told that it is still in storage in Houston, and will be delivered with the next shipment leaving Houston that day. I was forced to pay in full with a money order from a post office, otherwise they refuse to release my shipment, which I had no choice but to go along with. I was also charged $1,700 as a remaining balance with no explanation for the extra charges. "It is what it is, deal with it," was what I was told every time.

Our furniture was also damaged, and we had lots of broken china. I was told by David to take a picture of the damaged shipment, and email them to him. As I am writing this letter on August 7th, I have not been able to contact Move Improve Relocations, or the parent company Cross America, who has received our $1,500.00 via MasterCard, either via phone or email. I contacted Texas Consumer Complaint Center at UH Law School, but every time they attempt to get some explanation of whereabouts of my bed, they and also I, receive the runaround. The man in charge, Tom, gives us phony explanations which he contradicts himself, two days later. I have not received my bed, nor have I been contacted by the company, via email or phone.

At this moment, I believe that the company has lost my bed, and does not want to deal with our claim. I am putting in a formal complaint with you, concerning both companies mentioned above. I am also requesting arbitration in the amount of $5,000.00 for my missing bed, damaged furniture, and china. I also like to get my bed back, if the company can locate it. It is important for me to mention, and for them to understand, that I am not complaining about the late shipment. I am complaining about the way the company behaved towards me, which I believe it to be cruel and unprofessional. I was also told so many lies, which have caused me to lose faith in every moving company there is. I am a professional and educated woman. I understand what my contract says, and that things happen that cause delay in shipment. However, what I have trouble understanding is that Move Improve Relocations's owner and management failed to provide me with accurate information, about the whereabouts of my belongings, even after they have been paid in full.

I also believe that the company forcing me to pay only in cash or money order, specifically from the post office, and not delivering my bed, was done with a sole purpose of keeping me from making a formal complaint against them. I find this extremely unprofessional, and will be disappointed if their actions go unnoticed by your association. I have also had to stay home from work 10 days more than the planned time, to meet the movers. Therefore, I have lost even more money in lost wages. This process caused me a lot of financial damage, since it delayed me starting a new job for two weeks, waiting for them to deliver a bed, even after our belongings finally get to us. This is in addition to the fact that we were overcharged. Also, emotionally, I feel like I was harassed, disrespected, lied to, and stolen from. To me, this is not short of theft and fraud. your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

At this time, 03/27/2010, the company attempted to bill us again, for the disputed amount on a credit card, unauthorized. They have cited that they have delivered all of our belongings, which is untrue. We have not had any contact with this company, or any of their representatives, since September of 2009. At which time, they have informed us that they have found our missing bed, but will not deliver unless we cancel our dispute. I took their threat as a form of blackmail, and told them we will only talk about the dispute, which included a missing luggage with our clothing, if and only if, I get my bed delivered. Tom hung up the phone, and we have never heard from them again. Needless to say, at this time, our complaint has not been resolved, and I have given up all hope of resolving this matter. I have attempted to replace our bed, which costs over $800.00 for one similar to it, which still no match to our $5000.00 bedroom set.


Dave who said he was the owner came out to give an estimate. He said all our stuff would fit in a 26 ft truck. We doubted him and called him prior to the move and he reassured us that he knew what he was doing. The day of the move our stuff did not fit. We got stuck with having to move what did not fit. In addition, all our expensive furniture was ruined by scratched, gouge, chips and scuffs.

The movers admitted that it happened during the move. Dave said to get a quote, which we did. Now, he won't get our furniture fixed and we are now forced to hire an attorney and take them to court. Do not use them. They do not use the proper blankets on furniture or other supplies to protect your things. They do not seemed to be insured. The estimate to fix our furniture is $1700 at lowest. We plan to take them to small claims court.


I was overcharged for a move; I am due a $300.00 refund and they have refused to pay. Also, I used 3-day old WT ticket. I have a signed contract using a starting WT of $18,900, and they refuse to honor it and I was charged an additional 200 lbs. Also, it did not show up in the two-day window. I incurred $1200.00 for additional airline tickets and expenses. They refuse to negotiate as did American Van lines (broker). I have lost several hundred dollars to the lack of honoring contract. MTL sent a fax of a check to AVL but never forwarded it to me. AVL has refused to acknowledge my complaint.


I used the listed company to move my housing items from San Francisco CA to Eclectic AL. I signed a contract online which stated Warehouse Handling charges are free. I also was advised by the moving company that If I had much less than 2000 lbs, I would be charged at a 1000 lb rate. The day of the move the driver added a $175 charge for "Warehouse handling".

I advised the driver and showed him my contract, that it was supposed to be free. The driver told me to call the dispatcher, which I did and was told someone would call me back later to discuss the added charge. I attempted to call them back 4 times with no response. The day before, my items were to be delivered in Alabama. Cameron called me back to discuss the matter. Cameron stated, "I am the last person in this company you will speak with and you can't speak to my boss." Cameron also told me the contract he was given did not show a "free warehouse handling charge".

I called back the office in Southern California. I spoke with Hal and Lisa, I believe. Hal advised me that Jet Lines Moving and Storage had actually dropped my contract and allowed MTF Relocations to move my items. Hal advised me someone was supposed to have called me to get approval; however, I never received such a phone call. I took extra effort to ensure the moving company I chose was reputable and someone who would not take advantage of me. Hal advised he would resolve the issue and call me back by 2 pm.

It is almost 4 pm as I write this message, because I had to go and make a deposit into the company Bank of America account in order to ensure my items were sent from Alabama to New York where I would incur even more charges. My contract states I would have to pay $1896.60. To date, I have paid $2017.60, not to mention I may have had less than 1000 lbs of items which means I was over charged. I would like someone to call me as soon as possible to discuss this matter.

I have also found out this company's license has been suspended at least one time in 2008 and might have been suspended more times under other company names. It should also be noted I was never provided a copy of the weigh ticket, which I know and was told I would be. The truck which was weighed had extra empty boxes, blankets, tape, and other items inside when my items were weighed.


I requested services from this company to move my items from Reading, Pennsylvania to Tampa, Florida. I gave them an inventory of my items and based on that, they gave me a binding estimate. We scheduled the date for February 9, 2010. The movers arrived on February 11, 2010 at 10:00 pm. My items were in storage. The gates closed at 9:00 pm. The movers stayed in a hotel for the night. We agreed to meet at the storage at 7 am the following day, the 12th of February. The gates were open but unfortunately there was snow and the plows had not come to plow.

Well, the driver from the truck, along with my husband, shoveled some of the snow from the gate to make a pathway for the truck to enter. So, they did the driver back the truck with the lift down on the truck and plowed the snow to where the storage was. From there they began to place my items on the truck. I then reminded them that there was one more stop at the furniture place, which according to them they were unaware of.

When we arrived there, it was an issue because there was no more space on the truck. So, they told me that on top of what I had paid, they were going to charge me an additional $2000 to take the rest of the stuff. I told them no because I didn’t have the money. Well, after a while of disputing with them, the drivers left with what they had already loaded on the truck. According to them, I still owe $500 and until I have the money they are not going to bring my stuff. But all the while my stuff is not even here in the state of Florida. I have kept in contact with them over the course of the time they have had my stuff. And every time I speak to them, it is a different story and it’s always “This week the stuff will get here.”

I am going on a month as of the 11th of March and my stuff has not arrived. They are demanding. I pay more money. Not only do I not have the money, there were items on the inventory they did not take, which forced me to rent a U haul truck to bring the rest of my items they left. I spent money that I had not budgeted. I can’t afford to pay them and I don't feel I should when they did not conduct the move properly and my stuff is not even in the state of Florida. I really just want my stuff. My children are sleeping on top of clothes on the floor and this is a disgrace. Can you please help me?


We were quoted $4,805 to have a few things from our garage in the USA (PA) shipped to where we presently are in New Zealand. We signed the paperwork, including an order of service. That was in October 2009. We understand Intlmove contracted a company called A Pioneer (from Philadelphia) to collect our stuff. The day it was collected, we were then charged a further amount $2387,40 for packing and overflow. We paid. Then Intlmove said A Pioneer would not release our shipping and they wanted us to pay more for it to be released.

We contracted Intlmove to move from our place there to NZ and we said if you have to pay A Pioneer more then it is up to you to do so. The amount was $400 and we finally got the stuff released (or Intlmove did) a few weeks ago. Now, they Intlmove want an extra $900 for more overflow and when I asked week before last why is there more volume they billed another $500 as hold.

I have asked if we pay the $900 (which we do not want to do), can we be assured there are no more charges? They say "any more charges will be according to your order of service." They have also said further charges will occur March 1st if we have not paid. We have been waiting since last November for our stuff. The hold up has been because they had a problem with the people they got to collect our stuff (unless they are scamming together?). We are not the problem here. We are scared. If we pay the money, they will just keep wanting more as has been the pattern so far. We have had no table, chairs, outdoor table and chairs, bed, lounge suite. We are going to work in Indonesia mid March and needed our stuff here! We will have to arrange for it to be placed in store here if it ever arrives.


I went online to find a moving company. The very next day, I had Budget Van Lines contact me by phone. Rhonda said that there were carriers in our area. The lady wanted information such as inventory of what would be moved. Rhonda asked if we would want full service. She stated that is when the movers do everything such as put everything in boxes. She said it costs more when they do that. I said no. We will pack everything in the boxes. Next, she said cost of the move is based on weight or cubic feet. I said I would like to go by the weight and she agreed that would be fine and that it would be $0.32 per pound.

She said the carrier will go to a weigh station and weigh the truck before everything is put in and then way after everything has been put on the truck. Rhonda said that they will have weight tickets that I would be able to see. I said that was okay. Next, she wanted an inventory list of out belongings so she could calculate an approx. weight. I went through everything we were going to move with her on the phone.

After entering into the computer, she said it would be 13,244 pounds. When the truck gets weighed with our things and it's more than the 13,244 pounds, we pay more money and if it is below that amount then we pay less. I agreed. She asked for the pick up address and I told her that it was Crystal Falls, MI. I then told her that the new address was going to be Belen, New Mexico. Rhonda informed me that it was going to be n1.247 miles and that the total would be $4,569. Rhonda stated that the movers would take apart everything, wrap it and mark over the boxes so that our things wouldn't get mixed up with other peoples things.

They were then supposed to set our things up such as the beds, tables, etc. I said okay. She said of course you will see the weight tickets also. We had to make sure gas was out of the lawn mower and such. She then said when do you want your pick up and delivery dates to be. I asked if they worked on Christmas and she said yes. I said I wanted pick up to be on December 21st and for delivery to be on December 26th, she said that was fine. Rhonda then wanted $1,142.27 to reserve dates. She wanted a credit card which I gave her the information to. Rhonda gave me a confirmation number which was xxx and a reference number xxx. So Rhonda now told me that I would be contacted by the carrier, to let us know the time he would be coming on the 21st.

On December 17,2009, I get a call from Rhonda ***. She wanted to change the pick up date to a later date. I was apprehensive because we had already agreed on December 21st and because of Christmas and having small children. I didn't want movers to move our things on Christmas. I said how about the 24th of December to get our things picked up and the 28th for the delivery. She agreed. I asked when the carrier was going to be here on the 24th and she said that she didn't know and that the driver would call and that it would probably be in the morning before noon. On the 23rd, Roy called the carrier of Midwest movers. He talked to my husband and said that since it was a full service move, he would need about eight guys to help him move but he wasn't able to get a hold of them. My husband, Tom, then said that it wasn't a full service move because everything was already in boxes and ready to go. Tom then told him that he had to weigh the truck, he said, "Okay, see you tomorrow morning."

Roy did not show up on the morning of December 24th. I called dispatch to find out what happened to Roy. They told me they would have him call me in about 30 minutes. He called back and said that he had a leak in the line of the truck. I then asked him when he would be here because we were all set to go. He said he didn't know. I told him to please call me and let me know what was going on. He agreed. The 25th of December (Christmas) came. Nothing from Roy. Late evening on the 25th, Roy calls and says they will be here tomorrow morning before noon. So I asked again whether or not he would be here on the 27th of December, in the morning. He said yes. At approx. 9:45 on December 27th, Roy arrives with five guys. Roy told us that he couldn't turn around in our driveway so they would have to shuttle all of our things. Roy gets on the phone with a U-Haul company in Iron Mountain, MI which is about 40 miles away from us. Tom and Roy go to get the U-Haul.

The five guys stayed and started to take apart the bed and wrap chairs in blankets. One of the guys was actually slamming our things around. I was very uncomfortable and uneasy with five strange guys in my house with my husband gone. While Tom and Roy were out getting the U-Haul, Roy went and picked up lunch at Subway for him and the workers. So two houses later, Tom and Roy get back with the U-Haul. The five guys start loading the U-Haul to shuttle to the semi at the end of our driveway.

Roy then told me it was time to do some paperwork. I then asked him if he weighed the truck and he said no he hadn't. I then asked him why because that is what he was supposed to do. It was supposed to be weighed before everything got put on it. Then the $0.32 per pound, and the estimate that Rhonda J. from budget van lines gave me which was 13,244 pounds. Roy said he would just write that down. I had come to find out that our prices went from $4,569.00 to $6,061.79. But he had told me not to worry because we would still get a good deal. He said that we would all go through everything to make sure it is all straight and that everyone is happy. I was told that I had to then sign the paperwork so the guys could continue to work.

I signed the paperwork and then Roy said that he would need $2,000 before they would leave and then we would just pay the balance before they unload. I wrote Roy a check for $2,000 through Discover which he never wrote me a receipt for. After all the paperwork was out of the way, Roy started to help the other guys pack. He had stated he wanted to get home and that he lived in Denver, CO. I called Rhonda J. at Budget Van Lines and explained that Roy, the carrier, didn't weigh the truck like he was supposed to and that he had just arrived on the 27th of December. Three days late. He was supposed to be here on the 24th.

Rhonda again said that yes, he was supposed to weigh the truck. I explained that I didn't like this situation and that Roy is doing whatever he wants to do with our move. She said she would call me back and then never did. I was starting to get more and more scared about this whole situation. My family even started to move things closer to the door to make it easier for the movers. Roy kept telling everyone to hurry up and motioning with his hands to be faster. While I was in the bathroom, Roy told my three kids that they were leaving now and wished us luck. My daughter said to me they are leaving now. There was still about a quarter of our things left! I then asked Roy if he was leaving and he said yes and that they aren't taking anymore. I told him we still have all of this stuff to be moved. Roy told me that he was still going to leave because he wanted to get on the road.

My husband, Tom, asked when they were going to get to Belen, New Mexico to deliver our things. Roy said January 3rd he would be at our new location. Roy told me that we would need to have cash when he comes to deliver. He also told me not to call Budget Van Lines anymore and the only reason I should call him is about our belongings. I then asked him where he was going now and he said he was going back to Chicago and that he would see us soon. My family and I arrived at our new location on January 3rd 2010. We called Roy immediately thinking that he may have been here already. Roy and our belongings were still in Chicago. He then told me the $2,000 check didn't go through.

After I called Discover card, they told me it was because it was written for such a large amount. Roy told me he needed Bank of America credit card information or your things will not get delivered, it will be grounded. The next day, we called Roy with the credit card information and the transaction of $2,000. He then said that he would call back with the confirmation number. He never did. We called Roy back on the 6th of January and asked where he was and when we were going to get our things. Roy said that he would get here around the 8th through the 12th of January, for sure the 12th. The 12th came and went without a sign from Roy.

My husband, Tom, needed his medication. We needed clothes, dishes, birth certificates and school records which were all on the truck. We were at a total stand still and still sleeping on the floor.

I called Budget Van Lines and spoke to Rhonda and explained how we are still waiting for the delivery. Roy was supposed to be here on January 3rd 2010 in Belen, New Mexico. Now he has charged us $6,061.89 instead of the original $4,569.00. No boxes were marked, the truck wasn't weighed empty or with our things on it. He didn't even take all of our belongings and the one worker was slamming our things around. He said I had to pay a balance in cash and only to talk to him and not Budget Van Lines. Rhonda said that she was sorry and that she would fill out a trouble form and would give it to the manager. She also wanted me to talk to her because it would mean more. So she did not answer her phone so I left her a message. Pleading with her to call me back, she never did. I tried to call Rhonda J. back and still wouldn't answer any of my calls. I emailed her and still nothing back.

Now, it is January 13th and we haven't heard anything back. I called Budget Van Lines and was put through to sales as if I was a new customer. I then actually was able to talk to someone. The person (male) that I spoke to seemed like he wanted to help and gave me a manager's name and phone number, Ann ext. xxx. So I called her and explained everything to her, which by this time I am in tears. She said to fax her all of our paperwork and she would do the same from Roy. She never called her back and she said Roy in in Denver, CO (where he lives). She was told that he would be here with our delivery tomorrow for sure.

At this point, Ann said there is nothing she or the company can do about all of this and she sees nothing wrong with our move. So now Roy calls and says Budget Van Lines keeps calling him. I then asked him if he would be here tomorrow, January 14th. He asked me who told me that and then said he had to go to Texas first before he would deliver our things. He told me he didn't know when he would be here and said maybe the 17th or the 18th. On January 16th, we get a call at 7 at night. It is from a guy named Mike that says he has our delivery. He is in El Paso, Texas. He will be here at nine in the morning the next day. On the 17th of January at about 9:15, I get a call from Mike saying he is in Belen looking for our address. I look out the window and see the semi. Mike comes to the door and says he doesn't have any workers to help me.

I explained to him that we paid all of this money and that it has been bad from the beginning. Mike said that he was sorry and that he could drive around town and try to find people to help him. Tom said no, that we don't want people off the street handling our valuables. Mike called Roy and said that before anything was allowed off of the truck we would have to pay another $2,919.62 off of another credit card and sign for it otherwise they would keep our belongings. So my family unloaded all of our belongings, the service that we paid to have done for us. That is supposed to be part of the move. I noticed that the boxes felt damp. I was hoping it was my imagination. But the more boxes I felt the more I started to realize they were damp. I asked if the boxes felt wet and Mike said yes they are because there is a hole in the top right corner of the truck. All of our belongings were put right under the huge hole.

We had severe damage to a lot of our precious things. Most of the damage was due to water because of the massive hole in the top of the truck. Other damage was also noted. I demanded to fill out a damage report. All of the items listed were damaged severely and pictures were taken of everything. Pictures of the semi were taken, inside and out, exposing this large hole. Please note that I have tried to contact the company numerous amounts of times. Rhonda J., email, and Ann S. ext. xxx, email and the phone number being 1-800-. I have a phone bill with proof of all the times we have contacted or tried to contact both Budget Van Lines and Roy, the carrier. I also have proof of emails with no reply. Attachments are included along with the forms from the financial institution.

Budget Van Lines and Midwest movers are fraudulent and they are scammers. They should be in prison as a former customer states. This carrier doesn't follow what them and the customer agree upon, such as the terms and conditions of our move per telephone conversation. Once I notified Budget Van Lines of a problem they did nothing to help. Basically, just let the problem get worse and worse with no resolution. Someone has to be accountable for this kind of shady business. The Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General are going to get a copy of this letter. Class action lawsuit is being filed. The affect and impact that this had on my family is huge, financially and emotionally stressed. We were lied to and scammed, degraded and left helpless. All of our precious things damaged. We were left unable to communicate with Budget Van Lines. Budget Van Lines and Midwest Movers think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, without consequence. These scammers have to be stopped. They have to be held accountable for their fraudulent ways.

They did not price according to weight. They did not weigh truck and get weight tickets. They did not mark all of our things as not to have our things get mixed up with other peoples things. They charged for boxes and materials when we did it all ourselves already, $350 more. They did not take all of our belongings. We had to leave a quarter of our things in Michigan after we already paid to have it all move. They did not receive an inventory list during or after the move. Mover slamming our belongings around. Carrier told Tom and I he would deliver our belongings to a new location by Jan. 3rd of 2010. That was 21 days after the pick up. Picked up was three days late. They did not have workers to help unload our things when he finally did arrive Jan. 17th 2010. Tom and I and our two children unloaded our belongings. They did not set up or put anything together again as that is what they were supposed to do.

We were lied to over and over again. We were unable to communicate with Budget Van Lines, once they were informed of a continual problem. Stopped communication with me. I have proof of that. They were aware of massive hole is in top right corner of semi with all of our things put right under it causing severe damage to our things. We have proof and pictures of our position. Price quoted on telephone with Rhonda J. as to our move is $4,569.00 but was changed to $6,061.89. They were fraudulent charges. They absolutely did not follow any aspect of how customer had arranged move with sale representative, Rhonda J. Charges are currently being filed.


Reps are nice when trying to gain your business, however, when they do, it's downhill from there. Initial furniture pick up was great, but then they don't drive out of state. They drive to the border of your state then transfer your belongings onto an 18-wheeler. That's when the trouble starts.

They are nice people, however, not professional movers. Go elsewhere. Don't use American Van Lines. They don't tell you about all the extra cost of wrapping your furniture. It cost us an additional $600. We had to wait 8 days for our belongings to arrive from FL to NC with breakage of items and crushed boxes. They didn't pick up all of their packing cardboard or bubble wrap.


Moving With Us made my moving from San Juan Capistrano, CA to Clifton, NJ in June 2009. Please see reference no. **. Many times I called them. I sent many e-mails. They promised to send me $1,250. They don't want to send me the final receive which is against the law. I need my receive for the service of moving that I paid: The first deposit was $200.00. The pick-up was $500.00 check. The delivery was $525.00 cash. The total I think was $1,250.00. The consequence and the damage for me is that I need the receive for my taxes. I still need my receive for my personal file. Would you please tell Steven that I need my receive for the ** (June 2009)? Thank you.


The move was scheduled for 9:00am of 1/30/2010 beginning in Richardson, TX ending in Allen, TX. My things were in storage and a list of all the items was given to the moving company. They were courteous before the move and answered all my questions, yet they never told me about having to crate any piece of furniture that has glass in it. They never informed me that they would not move TVs, microwaves, or stereos.

My main issue is they were three hours late and there was no phone call from them. Mike dropped off the third guy to help, and claims he knew exactly how many boxes I had (which were already on the truck). And even though my furniture was packed neatly in storage, he claims that my things were thrown in haphazardly. These are the type of impertinent things that he tries to say to condone his behavior and his movers' inadequacy. I have never had to deal with a company as unprofessional and offensive as this in my life. I do not think it's fair that they cut their rates to get your business, then give you shoddy work to compensate. This to me is false advertising.

Even though all of my furniture was scratched or broken, the only settlement I was seeking was to be reimbursed for the trip charge and part of the time it took them to move because they were going very slow. It should have taken four hours with three guys which would have cost me $280. They charged me $460 and it took them seven hours. I was left with the impression from the manager that she would be getting me a $200 reimbursement. They should at least reimburse me $180 for the difference.

Because of them being three hours late with no phone call, I wasn't home to receive the delivery of my appliances and utilities. The inconvenience of that alone should qualify me for a settlement offer from this company. They made no apologies for being late, being slow, and not being professional/ready to move. All I got were rude attitudes and harassment.

Otherwise, I want a settlement for all of my broken/scratched furniture which would total approximately $555 which is $0.60 cents per pound per article as their contract states for reimbursement. I'm sure they understand that they would be out more money if I filed a claim for all my furniture, which was why I contacted them in the first place to see if they would settle amicably so that we didn't have to go through all of this.

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