I used moveforfree.com as an apartment finder service which in turn they provided a service to move my furniture for free from my old apartment to my new apartment. Not everything was moved free, some items were an additional charge and I purchased insurance through them on my furniture. This was on August 1st.

In moving my furniture, they scratched the top of my waterbed, a computer desk, and damaged my console TV. I placed a claim with moveforfree on August 2nd for my TV since I witnessed them lift my tv on end and drag it along the concrete balcany at the old apartment. They scratched the glass top of the TV and punctured 2 holes into the Speaker covers. The mover advised me to call the company, his name was Jake.

North Cott advised me he would send a TV repair company out to look at my set. I advised him that it is a Sony Trinitron Console from 1980, and that it would have to be a Sony Authorized Service center to fix it. A month went by and no one showed up to my house to look at the set and no one called me. I called Moveforfree to inquire about it on almost a daily basis and was advised that someone would call or show up to fix the set.

On September 10th I called moveforfree which was on a Monday and advised them I wanted this to be resolved by that Friday. On Friday, no one had called me or shown up. I called them and was informed North Cott was no longer with the company and that James would be taking over the account. He asked me how much I wanted for the TV. I informed him per an apraiser that my set is worth $699.00 on today's market for replacement. He advised me he would need to get an arbitrator and would call me back on Monday of the next week. I agreed to this.

Wednesday of the next week came and no one had called me on the set. I called James and asked what wa happening with my TV. He advised me he had forgotten about the arbitrator and would call one today and give me a call back. 6pm came around and no phone call ... I left a message stating I would put a response on a consumer survey site every day my tv claim is not handled and that if I do not get a resolution by the end of the week, I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Bexar County Court House.

The Television set is a piece of furniture and a focal point in our apartment. I have had the set since 1980 and collect 80's memorabelia which the set is a key piece of, it cant be replaced. I had advised the movers at the time to be very careful with the set that it was my pride and joy. It is also the main set in the house and now we will need to purchase a new tv to replace it, the do not make consoles like this anymore, so i will also have to get a entertainment center.
James should get the set fixed, then sue the company in Small Claims Court.

On Feb. 3, 2002, the company responded:

The claim was settled to the customer's satisfaction and he even contacted you about this. If you read the complaint the customer wanted current market value for a 22-year-old televsion. If you crash your 1980 Pinto your insurance company will not cut you a check for a brand-new car will they? We have moved 10,000 people without incident, so if unless you would like to discuss this in a court of law please consult with our satisfied customer and remove any slanderous statements you may have about our company.
Thank You,
James Schermerhorn

President Moveforfree.com Inc