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I called MicroShip for a small one item move from Chicago to the west coast. By the way, they won't identify themselves if you do call. Need proof? Check out the note here by the supposed MicroShip VP who does not identify who he/she is. Whoever I reached by phone seemed far too busy to talk about my move and asked me to call back then promptly hung up. Undeterred by that, I called back the following day and again whoever it was I spoke with was too busy and said they would call me back. While he took my number, he never took my name so I never expected a call back. What an outfit this is. The website makes it appear they're interested in small shipments and are professional. Far from it. They're rude and unprofessional on the telephone. I felt fortunate that I never was able to set up a shipment since there's no telling what would have happened. I recommend reading these reviews carefully before attempting to use MicroShip.

Satisfaction Rating

I hired MicroShip to transport a formal dining room table and chairs from Chicago to New Jersey. They told me they make this particular trip all the time and that it would only take 2-3 weeks after pickup. While they picked up the furniture promptly, I didn't hear back from them about delivery. I called their office two weeks after pickup and was told they'd return my call. Nothing. Finally, one month later, I was told by the owner that the furniture would leave Chicago the following week. I explained that the paperwork had been misleading since I expected the furniture earlier. He essentially told me that I had misread their crystal-clear contract. About 15 minutes later, he called me back to apologize (for calling me an idiot), explaining that they had misfiled my paperwork, which is why the furniture was not shipped out earlier. (No one told me that).

When the furniture finally arrived, 7 weeks after pickup, the hardware connecting the table leaves was missing, and one of the $500 chairs had a broken back support. After submitting my claim, I received a letter saying they had forgotten to charge me for the insurance premium, but the cost of repair was less than the premium - so they would do me the favor of not charging the difference between the repair and the premium. In addition to the annoyance of the missing hardware and the broken chair, I noticed on the shipping label that the people who picked up the furniture marked every piece as damaged, scuffed and scratched to prevent claims on the other end. Since most of the furniture arrived in pristine condition, one can only assume that drivers are instructed to make these blanket claims regarding the condition to reduce the incidence of claims.

I was very disappointed in the service and lack of professionalism by MicroShip and would recommend finding another option or covering all of your bases since this vendor is more interested in CYA than in customer service.


I called to set up shipping of boxes from AZ to IL. I was told it would be no problem. Two weeks later, when I was ready for the boxes to be shipped, I called again and was told it would be picked up the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. Second week passed and no call; third week, still no call. So on Friday of the 3rd week, I called them.

I was told the truck that was supposed to pick it up couldn't so they had a different truck that would pick it up the next week. So Tuesday of the next (4th) week, I called to find out when the truck would be there. I told Rob that the boxes had to be out by Friday. He said that would be no problem. Then he called the party on the other end and told her that he wouldn't be able to pick them up that week because the new truck he was going to put them on was on its way to CA and wouldn't be back in AZ until the following week.

So she called me and told me what was going on and reminded me that the agreement we had made was that they would be out by the end of the month. She then told me that if they weren't, they would go out to the curb for trash day on Monday. I left a message for MicroShip trying to find out what was going on, but never heard back. I ended up using a different moving company.


Microship delivered the wrong table top to my home. After I called them they Came back to pick up the wrong one but has not yet delivered my tabletop to me. It has been 10 months. They keep promising when I call but I never hear from them.

I inheried this from my mother and is very valuable Thomasville solid cherry suite too old to be replaced. I am without a table in my diningroom for this long.


They broke and scratched almost everything. They did not deliver on time. They never paid for the damages despite repeated, repeated calls and never returned calls. They broke in front of me all of my dishes and glassware. The guy arrived a month late by himself at 10 pm on a work night and had to call a local company for help.

These two guys dropped boxes full of ceramic, dented and scratched furniture. When I looked on the inventory form, Tom had marked "dented and scratched" under EVERY SINGLE item of mine at the time of pick up which of course could not be true.

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We hired them to move our property from Illinois to Texas. We purchased additional insurance for $325 to cover $15,000 in property. We did not receive any state of the art shrink wrapping nor did they do an inventory of our items. They estimated to small of a truck so our items arrived in two shipments, one on March 18th and the second a month later. I followed all of the claim procedures and was initially told by Angela on MAy 31st that they intended to honor our entire claim. On June 6th we received a check for half of the claim.

We have made several attempts to contact them, specifically Tom, and we have nto had our calls returned. We have asked for information on the additional insurance policy for us to file a claim with them, but were then told we could not have that information and on a later call told that they are self insured. I have contacted the BBB, the FMCSA, and the Illinois Insurance Commission. We just want the money back that we paid for the insurance or the additional money for the damaged items.

We cannot afford to replace many of the items. Several of my husband's father's tools were packed in boxes and banged around as were other items we did not even include on the claim. We were told it was preexisting damage but we did not purchase our couch until December and the move occured in the beginning of March.


Microship Movers in Elk Grove, IL. picked up my things on January 29, 2004. It started off bad, because they were two hours late. The driver admitted that they stopped to get something to eat on the way and then got stuck in traffic. My goods were to be put in storage, and then delivered to Florida by March 5.

To date, I have still not received my things. Whenever I contact this company to find out the status of delivery, the secretary tells me that no one is available to take my call. I called again today (March 9), and finally spoke with Frans. He told me that they have no idea when I Will receive my things, because THEIR TRUCK BROKE DOWN, AND THIS IS THE ONLY TRUCK THEY HAVE THAT IS GOING TO FLORIDA. He refused to give me any kind of window as to the delivery date, and do not know what to do.


Im the Vice President of MICROSHIP and want to no why your agencies is running a website ad for a person name Susan. She is complanning from the year 2000.on damages that we have all ready settled.

We would like a explanation! If need be will contact our attorney and have him contact you for explanation!


Microship moving company picked up my goods from Chicago, IL. on July 17, 2002. They told me verbally and in writing that my goods would arrive to my new destination, Salt Lake City, within 2- 21 days. As the 21st day became closer, I called Microship to find out the status of my move. I was told by Dennis that all of my stuff was still in the Warehouse in Illinois and had not even begun the move.

Today I called for another time estimate, and Dennis told me that they would probably get my shipment on a truck sometime the week of August 19th. This will have succeeded the 21 day guarantee, and there are items that I desperately need.

I have moved to Salt Lake City for a new job teaching Latin at the Rowland Hall Preparatory School. I have several books and files that I need to access, and as the beginning of the school year approaches, I am becoming apprehensive about the new job. I would like to be working on syllabi and other items, but without my file of old material and books, this job seems daunting. As I become more apprehensive, I also become depressed and have lost self confidence about my ability to fulfill the terms of my new job.


I contracted with MicroShip to move my one bedroom apartment belongings from IL to Mass in July 2001. They picked up the apartment contacts on Friday July 6, 2001. The written contract was for delivery in 2-21 business days (i.e. by Monday August 6, 2001). Delivery was on Saturday, September 29, 2001 (60 days). I started a new job on August 1st and had to buy new clothes, etc... and slept on a pull-out couch in my sister's basement for 2 months waiting for my bed.

They repeatedly lied to me about the delay, kept promising it was coming, and would keep me on hold for 20-30 minutes long-distance thinking I would hang up. My calls were not returned. They were paid in full on day of pick-up July 6 when I used my VISA. Bank One VISA investigated my claim but said I had to pay in full, that my dispute was with the merchant, not VISA. I paid the bill and have since closed the account. At this point, my goal is to prevent other people from getting treated like &*$#@*& and ripped off like I was. With the end of the school year fast approaching, graduating college seniors who will be relocating are vulnerable to this sleazy company.


U hired a moving company to move my 1 beroom apartment frm Chicago to New York. They picked up all of my belongings on Augut 31st. I paid them upfront over $1300. They said my stuff would arrive in Brooklyn anywhere from 7 to 21 days. My stuff didn't arrive until November 17th. That's 2 and a half months later. When it arrived they were missing 7 of my boxes and my black wooden tv stand. Everytime I call them they say they are trying to locate my stuff.

I spent over $1300 on a company that took over 2 and half months to deliver my stuff. I had no furniture or clothes for 2 and a half months. I had to spend money on clothes and anything else I needed. I had job interviews where I didn't have the appropriate clothing to wear, so I spent extra money on interview clothes.


My mother died in Downers Grove, IL and I needed to move some of her antiques to New York. Allied Van Lines suggested MicroShip movers (370 Romans Road, Elmhurst, IL 60126 (630)833-7770) because they specialize in moving fragile/antique items.

The load was picked up in October of 2000. The final 2 pieces were not delivered to me until January, 2001 and when they were, one of my mother's most precious pieces was dropped off in my apartment and left on end. The mover said he was running late and couldn't come while I was home. So my doorman let him in. When I came home and turned the piece over to put it on its feet, I discovered it was badly damaged. A huge piece of veneer has just been shredded and torn almost off.

I notified MicroShip immediately and emailed them pictures of the damage. I had paid for an ADDITIONAL $1000 of insurance to cover just such an occurrence. I filled out the forms they sent me -- and they said they'd received them. The two estimates for the restoration that they required came to $750 and $850. And I included the estimates with the forms.

I have called many many times. So many times, in fact, that they no longer take my calls (Tom Spellman isn't in the office) and they never return my calls.

I have a bill for restoration for $750 that they have not paid. My late mother's most precious piece of furniture was damaged - causing me a lot of heartache. And even though I paid EXTRA for increased insurance, I now have no way of compelling the company to reimburse me for the damage they committed.

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