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This is a terrible company. They gave me a BINDING QUOTE for moving my belongings. The contract and many emails between me and the company clearly state that the price will not exceed the quoted price. A representative came out and looked at the things to be moved. They quoted the price and was asked to look over it again and make sure. After they came, loaded up all my belongings, they doubled the quote. The man that called me was extremely mean and rude. He said he would not deliver all of my belongings for the quoted price and I could tear up that contract. If I didn't agree to their new quote, they would only deliver half of my belongings.

They also had a packing supply list signed before, and it is noted on that form that it was signed before loading and charged me an additional $1000 for packing supplies even though everything was already packed. Unless that amount was for wrapping shrink wrap around a king size mattress. When I called them originally, I asked if they used their own trucks and was assured that they did. However, when the truck came to bring me my things, it was a subcontracted truck.

I have pictures of my belongings dropped on the ground off the dolly. So much of my things were damaged and destroyed. And of course prior to them moving my things, I tried to call the insurance company they gave me to add the additional coverage, but that was bogus as they weren't part of that company. I was tortured for a week, lost 11 pounds and didn't sleep because I knew I had trusted my things with a rogue company. They have had many name changes and corporations. The owner has many aliases.

All I can say is, unless you are into torture and lies, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I also assume that if there are any positive reviews after the numerous negative reviews on any other consumer reporting site they are made by the company themselves as there is no way my experience is an isolated event after all the negative reviews I have seen. The government needs to regulate this type of business. There is no help out there. They have been given a license to steal. Horrible experience.

Do not use this company (or any of their aliases). They change names a lot! Also, don’t use World Wide Van Line, the broker who used this company. We are out about $13,000 in fees and damages they caused!

Beware, Express Van Line is only 1 of 5 or more names this company has used to avoid reports, claims, and legal actions. You can find that Express Van Line, Experience Van Line, Experience Moving LLC, Bleus Paradise LLC, and Capitol Asset Ventures are the same people. They keep jumping between them as they get their licenses revoked and reinstated. They are non-American and have no values or respect for others. This group of people really needs to be shut down for good and deported! They are refusing to honor the contract and pay the standard 60 cents per pound insurance!

I am simply asking for them to honor the contract that states they will pay for damaged items at 60 cents per pound. I sent all the proper pictures and supporting materials. They damaged 2,180 pounds of our items and charged a ton of extra fees that were supposed to protect these items. I asked for a settlement of $1,308.00 for the damages and asked if they would refund some of the packing fees since they didn't protect our stuff. None of them will ever say their names, but one guy told me to ** myself and that he was ** my wife! Wow! They are crazy and can’t really speak English either.

I think Express Van Line is about to change names again. They have changed names many times before to avoid issues. All their companies’ addresses and numbers intermingle. A few known addresses are 3111 S Valley View Blvd #B-208 in Las Vegas, NV; 8357 Brittany Harbor Dr. in Las Vegas, NV; 2515 Begonia Valley Ave in Henderson, NV. Known phone numbers: 855-834-3400, 702-834-3400, 702-734-4000, 702-997-6458, 702-326-3702, 702-210-2261. These crooks have taken a lot of money from a lot of people and ruined a lot of stuff. Some names that I have heard are Mike, Paris, and Alex. They also fabricate many good reviews for themselves!

How long does it take before the proper authorities take this company out of business? This company loaded up all of our household goods for one agreed price in writing for $1,700. Once all was loaded onto their truck, they said said that $1,700 was not enough, that Joe was always making these mistakes and that the new price was $ 2,670 or they would not unload their truck in Prescott Valley, Az where we moved to. Please, anybody reading these complaints spread the word around that this company is a rip off! Please spread the word so that other people won't become victims of these Middle Eastern punks!

They shiested me out of 4k dollars. They bait and switch and loaded my stuff up then took off. They assaulted me by puling my arm to make me come in the house so the neighbors didn't see us arguing and then chased me around the house til I had to hide in the bathroom. Then they loaded up my stuff on the truck and then after I got a written quote for 2200 they changed after the stuff half loaded and the other stuff in the street. He then upped to 4500 and I told him no and then they put my stuff in street6 in the dirt and that's when the assault happened. I called Joe, the owner, and he told me "please sign the paper and I will give you the money back, please he is an ** and I will fire him".

So then I did. He told me he would give me some of my money back. All of a sudden they came back, but was a day late and not at the right time. They said and I was supposed to be out of the house and had to pay a thousand dollars and then still didn't take everything and told me I had to pick and choose what to leave and what didn't fit in the truck as they were leaving. So then they charged me 5000k and I paid half down and was supposed to pay the other half when I got here and they never came.

They are holding my stuff hostage and all of a sudden they want another 3000 dollars to deliver or they won't come. They knew about the contract and it is insane how a business can do this. They told me they are Mexican workers with no papers and worked for them for a long time. I was sad to see how hard they worked for nothing. I am so disgusted with this company and will go all the way to court to get some of my money back.

I packed my own home which was supposed to be done by them but they did nothing. They didn't even wrap my furniture like I was told they would. I have a piano and original oils which they didn't wrap and they put my old cat pissed on blankets from the garage that had a black widow on them on my paintings. I saw this with my own eyes. They put a piece of my mother's whose dead bookcase that is maple on the back on the outside of the truck and it was raining and they took off. They were so unprofessional and cussed at me and told me I was gonna pay or lose my stuff. I have texts from them telling me if I don't play with them and pay in cash, they will keep my stuff. I am so fed up with the threats and need to talk to an attorney.

My stuff is still not here and they are raising the stuff more and more each day. They are playing games and won't deliver my stuff. I have since rented two storage units and they are not used and money gone. They refuse to bring my stuff up here and I am lost. I don't have any clothes, no bedding, no blankets, nothing to eat with no money. I am stuck with an empty house. I live in a hotel till my stuff is here. I have cancer and pneumonia and I am a disabled woman living alone and they have my medication on the truck. I need a hip replacement and I have a tumor and I'm on my 4th surgery. And they want to kill me by making me sleep on the floor. I can't do this, I am at my wits end as they are driving me crazy.

Experience Moving LLC has lost/stolen 30% of my load, refused to address my claim in a legal manner, charged me 84% over the original binding quote, damaged my goods even before loading, then refused to be responsible for these goods. They have committed numerous violations of Federal Motor Carrier Regulations and have cost me over $20,000.

I contracted Experience Moving on November 20, 2010 and paid $200. They emailed me a binding quote for $1980. They were aware of the granite and quoted an estimate of 6500 lbs. for an estimate of 660SF (see page 2 of Binding Quote). On November 22, 2010, they arrived at our storage unit at Jones and Cheyenne in NW Las Vegas (over four hours late after 6 p.m). The supervisor immediately reviewed our belongings which were 104 boxes and plastic crates, antique furniture, framed pictures and exotic veined Brazilian granite. He stated that the insurance would not cover my armoires because they were particle board.

I showed him the details of my two late 1800s antique armoires and proved to him that they were not particle board! There were a total of 13 pieces of granite tied together to the wall of the storage unit. Alex ** noted the granite in open view and commented that I was lucky to choose cubic feet instead of weight. He immediately set up shop on my antique sideboard and had me sign all of the paperwork that he filled in later after everything was completely loaded. According to 49 CFR 375.403(a)(5)(ii) and 375.405(b)(7)(ii), the Interstate Revised Written Estimate is valid only if fully executed before any work begins. Mr. ** required me to sign all of the paperwork at the beginning, holding me and my belongings hostage as he filled in the additional charges after everything was completely loaded.

He did not explain what 60 cents per pound per article meant but had me write that on the order for service. He filled in the $3650 and Space Reservation of 1000 feet after the van was loaded. I was never sent or given the booklet from the DOT "Your Rights and Responsibility in Moving" that I found out afterwards is required by Federal Law, so I did not know what my rights were. On the Household Goods Bill of Loading, he x-ed the option A box, circled some words there and told me I had to sign under there. I was never offered additional insurance.

The van was a 26 Penske Truck. I was told by Mr. ** that the truck measured was 8' x 8'6, then times the linear feet to get the cubic feet. They filled this truck to 13 foot with up to 2 ft. clearance at the top. Later I called Penske and according to Penske, their 26 ft. truck is actually 7'8" by 8'1". I was overcharged by Experience at least 270 cubic feet.

On the Order for Service that Mr. ** made me sign prior to loading, he specifically stated that none of the special services applied to me. He never checked, before or after loading, Bulky Items. About an hour into loading, Mr. ** shook the granite that was tied to the wall and the specially designed and crafted granite window sash fell and shattered to micro pieces. I was upset and Mr. ** asked me how much it would cost to replace. I told him I didn't know exactly because the granite cost $13,500 total and it was special order from Brazil and I wasn't sure if just the piece could be replaced or even if the same line of granite was still available. He said nothing further until the truck was completely loaded except for the granite. Then, all of a sudden, he said that I would have to pay $500 for a bulky item and pay $125 per piece to have the granite hard crated.

I stated that I did not have that kind of money, that I was never quoted that when I made contract with Experience and they were fully aware of the granite, that he himself was fully aware of the granite before loading the truck and never mentioned anything until now (after the truck was loaded). Mr. ** stated, "Well, my company can't pay for all that". Mr. ** said that I would either pay theses extra costs or I could sign off on the granite. He stated that if I didn't do one or the other, he would leave the granite behind. So I was forced to sign off on damage to the granite that Mr. ** had already caused prior to loading. When the load arrived and we opened the soft crating (because only 10 pieces of granite arrived), it was obvious that another piece of granite had been broken prior to packing because two pieces with a common broken edge of the original one piece were taped together and they obviously hid this additional damage from me. Upon unloading, there was one long piece of granite backsplash that was intact as I saw the drivers helper carry it from the truck, then throw it forward onto the ground, breaking it. If it was so heavy, he should not have attempted to move a piece of granite by himself.

Only 55 boxes of 104 boxes arrived to their destination in Flint, Michigan. This was documented, not only by the driver in writing on a separate piece of paper, but also it was documented in writing on the inventory list upon delivery. I also documented all of my inventory that was supposed to arrive on a separate piece of paper and checked off those items as they arrived. In the upper right hand corner after boxes is the tally of boxes that actually arrived. Those that mysteriously disappeared were our most valuable items in boxes--clear plastic crates of our power tools, my medical supplies for my nurse practitioner office (in clear plastic boxes), an unopened box of our new security system, etc. The boxes that were actually delivered show evidence of taping and re-taping with new tape clear evidence that they were gone through and tampered with sometime between being picked up by Experience in Las Vegas, NV and being delivered in Flint, MI.

Upon arrival to Flint, there were items other than boxes that were missing including the center mirror to one of the antique armoires and the extremely ornate decorative crown molding top to the other antique armoire. Two major pieces of granite were completely missing and only 10 pieces of granite were delivered (13 pieces total, one was smashed to smithereens by Alex ** prior to loading, 12 were loaded on the truck by Experience Moving). My 1939 Gone with the Wind framed movie poster was smashed and completely destroyed. Even though I was charged for a picture box for this, it was only wrapped in a blanket! None of our other pictures were protected with anything and were also damaged, even though we were charged for picture boxes.

On loading, I had an antique Coca Cola pendulum clock that was the only thing I didn't have a box for. Alex ** told a worker to get a wardrobe box (expensive), and they loaded other boxes in this wardrobe with the clock. We discovered that this clock was not protected with anything, and it also was destroyed. All of our precious furniture were not protected and were severely damaged. I paid for storage of my items for almost four years because they were valuable. Now, everything that was valuable has either been stolen or destroyed by Experience Moving! Plus I was charged almost twice what was originally quoted!

Further, I was told at the time of getting a quote for service that I would get $100 of free shipping materials and not to worry because you won't even be using that because you're packing your own boxes. On the Packing Materials Charges, Mr. ** made me sign the date and time and prior to loading, but he filled in all the charges after the van was completely loaded. The total charge was $750 and all charges were written in after loading, so there was no opportunity to verify anything.

Upon arrival of my load in Flint, I documented every item as it came off the truck. Missing, but expected items were circled. When there were only 55 boxes that were delivered and several items missing, the driver, Tamir **, recounted boxes and pieces of granite with me, my husband, and the driver's helper. They confirmed that there were only 55 boxes and 10 pieces of granite. They rechecked the other loads on their truck and the driver signed a handwritten confirmation that to the effect of what was known to be delivered and missing or damaged at the time. Further, these missing items were documented on the inventory list at the time of delivery.

A few days after delivery of our load, I telephoned the driver to see if he found our missing items within his other loads that were still on the truck when he left Flint. He said that he did not find any of our belongings. I telephoned Experience Moving and asked them to look for my belongings that were missing. I spoke with the female receptionist that had originally called me about their services. She told me I would have to file a claim before anything was done. She said she would send me one. It arrived via mail on Saturday, December 18, 2010, about 12 days after it was requested. I sent out the claim form on Tuesday, December 21, 1010 by certified mail with return receipt requested.

On December 27, 2010, Experience Moving refused the letter. It was not returned to me until January by the post office. When I received the letter back, I again telephoned Experience Moving and spoke with Darryl, the office manager. Darryl was concerned about my belongings and wondered why is this the first time I'm hearing about this. I was also surprised that no one--not the driver nor the receptionist--had mentioned or looked for my missing belongings. He requested that I re-send the document by regular mail, otherwise, it would not be accepted.

On Monday, January 17, 2011, I received a phone call from Alex **, asking me to phone him. As soon as I saw the missed call, I telephoned him back and asked, quite excited, if he had found my belongings (because this is what I had anticipated). His reply was full and overflowing with expletives and he accused me of doing something with the driver to get him to sign that piece of paper. Then within minutes, I received four text messages from Alex ** of Experience Moving, phone number ** on January 17, 2011: (14:36) "Even if u r not lying which u r All of ur boxes were pbo and we dont know if u had empty boxes or what u had in them so good luck"; (14:39) "Pbo means packed by owner and we r not responsible for those ** boxes of urs U are going to Waste ur worthless time on this for over. 3 months wit"; (14:39) "h our claim department and at the end gets Nothing.. So go for it"; (14:41) "We don't pay liers . If u think u get anything from us U r not the first cockroach we faced Wont be last either." I still have these text messages on my phone.

I called back and spoke with the office manager, Darryl, but he said that Alex ** was his boss and that I would have to deal with him only.

To date, I have not received anything by letter or phone from any claims or insurance or arbitration department to address my claim. Today, as I was gathering the original emails from Experience, I found one that was dated January 28, 2011. (I do not regularly check emails unless I am aware of one specifically coming in). I was not notified by Experience to expect an email. On this email, Alex ** states: "Hello dear Niki, how are you? We received your claim and we like to let you know that after the further research with our driver, we found out that you have altered the original note that he signed and also you got the signature from him under duress so your claim is totally invalid. Note: About your grant, you didn't pay for proper crating of your granite and also have signed off on the inventory list for any damages due to your granite and you took full responsibility for that. Please read your inventory list very carefully. Thanks and have a great day."

It is obvious that if Mr. ** has, in fact, spoken with the driver, it was to threaten his job for signing the document. I have the original and it has not been altered in any way, shape, or means. The losses are also documented on the copy of the inventory list that the driver had me signed and that Experience Moving would be in possession of! Mr. ** also tries to intimidate me by claiming that the driver was under duress when he signed the note! I wrote down what was missing after all of us had already searched the delivered items. When he came back from his truck to do one last search there, I asked him to sign the paper since he was keeping the copy of the inventory list that documented the missing items. He signed "still not find" and his signature ("still not find" because he had just searched for them on his truck). How was the driver under duress? (I didn't have all of his most precious belongings being held hostage or stolen or destroyed!)

I paid for storage of my items for almost four years because they were valuable. Now, everything that was valuable has either been stolen or destroyed by Experience Moving! Plus I was charged almost twice what was originally quoted! They have refused to address my losses and claim in a legal manner. They have committed numerous violations of Federal Motor Carrier Regulations and have cost me over $20,000.

After filing complaints with Federal Motor Carrier, Arbitration, BBB, and Las Vegas Attorney General, Experience offered me a settlement $54! Does anyone want to start a class action lawsuit?

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In October 2010, we asked Experience Moving to give us the cost to move two rooms of furniture and boxes from Las Vegas to New Jersey. They provided a cost of $1,750. As our budget was tight, we asked the representative, Darryl to have someone come and look at exactly what we were moving. When Joseph arrived, he looked over all items and the cost was increased to $2,100. We decided to schedule the move on November 5, 2010. Alex, the head mover arrived and loaded all items onto a truck. Once everything was loaded, he indicated that it was more than expected and the cost was now $600.00 more!

He indicated that "Joseph always under estimates and I am left to clean up his garbage". From this point forward, the entire move went to hell. They did not answer calls after our furniture was over 10 days later than they committed. They blamed each other, the driver, etc. When the items arrived, we lost count of how many things that were broken.

While we will file a claim, I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to google this company and read all the complaints! The same company also owns a packing material company and we were charged $400.00 extra for minimal packing material. They are truly a bunch of middle eastern rip-offs. Stay away!

My husband got a quote from Experience Movers to move us from NV to IN and they quoted us $2380 for the whole move. Once the move got started, my husband was there, noticed one of the guys shifting things off to the side, which my husband quickly gathered and put into his own truck. Once we got completely packed, our costs skyrocketed!

It went from $2380 to $8000! At that point, you're stuck! They have all your stuff and it's pay them or they hold it until you do! To make matters worse, there was damages to most of our furniture. The way they unloaded everything and stacked them in so tightly, I couldn't even see most of it until we started unpacking and moved things around.

To make matters worse, I asked how I write it on the form, so HQ knew about the damages I did know about and was told I would have to ask for a separate claim form to do so and now I'm told since I signed the papers that my things were received that I can no longer claim them! This is outfit, is the biggest scam I have ever experienced!

On June 13th, I received a cell phone bill for $4,560.85 from T-Mobile. When I received this bill, I allowed my daughter to call (as me) because the phone was for my granddaughter. She handled anything that went wrong with the phone. Well, on May 19th, my daughter called T-Mobile because my granddaughter was going to Eastern Mediterranean for two weeks, and she wanted to know about international calling. My daughter spoke with the customer care representative.

He told her, “Don't use the Internet, and don't make any calls because it would be very costly.” He said she could text for 35 cents per text message and that would be cheaper. So, on the 21st, when my granddaughter was leaving, my daughter called again to make sure she was clear about texting international. The second customer care person told her to cut off her synchronization data and roaming data, but she will still be able to text for 35 cents outgoing and charged 20 cents per incoming text message. My granddaughter turned off all data, and on May 29th, she called her mom from the cruise line. She asked if she could call and find out why she could not send or receive text.

On the 29th, my daughter did what my granddaughter requested, and she called the customer care department. She talked to a female customer care representative. She told her that my granddaughter could not send or receive text messages. Then she said, “Let me check her data to see if everything was turned off right.” It was all okay, but she did not know why she could not text a message. After she went through the Internet work, she then told my daughter that she needed this free international roaming text on her phone, so she would be able to text. My daughter asked if this would cause her to have a high phone bill, and she assured her that she would not.

The only cost would be 35 cents per outgoing text. Also, she said she had unlimited text messaging, so she would not get charged for incoming text messages. The customer care representative then sent my granddaughter a text message from T-Mobile to see if it worked. The text read “Turn off your phone and cut back on. I am on the phone with your mom. Send a text to your mom.” After that, my granddaughter was able to send a text message to her mom.

When I received the bill, my daughter called and talk to six customer care representatives because the bill was not accurate. My granddaughter did not use the Internet. She knew that she was only allowed to send text messages. The charges started racking up the day my daughter called to fix the text messaging. They told me the charges were accurate, and I need to pay. My daughter disputed the charges. She asked to speak with a supervisor. A supervisor by the name of Heather was put on the phone and my daughter explained the situation. She told her the same thing, that the charges are accurate.

She was not trying to hear anything my daughter was saying, so my daughter asked to speak to her supervisor or to the complaints department, and she told my daughter, “No!” She asked if there was anything else she had to discuss other than the bill, and she said was hanging up. She did this while my daughter was still talking. The whole reason for my daughter calling was to make sure I did not get a high cell phone bill. I have been a faithful customer for four years. My daughter would not have allowed them to put any feature on the cell phone that would cause a high bill. It is T-Mobile's responsibility to educate a customer on everything. They should all be in one accord with information for the customers.

All three customer care representatives gave my daughter different instructions, but all agreed it was 35 cents per text message. If they are not informative and clear about T-Mobile’s equipment, then the customer should not be held responsible for their mess up. I do owe for the monthly bill, text messages and disconnection of the cell phone, but I dispute the international Internet access charges. I have the complete bill and the text that T-Mobile sent my granddaughter on May 29th 2010. This whole ordeal has been very stressful because I dispute the bill, and I did not pay in full. I am trying to resolve without going to the small claims court. I am risking a mark on my credit report because I want to fight this. T-mobile is harassing me with four or five calls a day. They will not even talk or listen to what I have to say. I cannot afford to pay a bill this high.

On February 24, 2010, I received a quote from Experience Moving to move my household from Huntington Beach, CA to San Antonio, TX. The quote was for $1090, which I agreed upon and gave them a deposit of $200 to secure April 6th. Because I would have been traveling with an ill parent I made sure that Donna, rep, understood that I needed my furniture a.s.a.p. She insured it would arrive by the 9th as I have the original quote with this date.

They were to arrive April 6th, between 1-3. They showed up at 11 pm the day before I was leaving for TX. They loaded the truck and then told me because it was too late to go to the scales they would have to charge me $1449. What choice did I have, my car was being shipped and unfortunately my mom had passed 5 days before. I was distraught and my driver Ray knew it and took advantage of it. My things arrived in TX on the 21st of April. Imagine had my ill parent been with me. I called everyday to no avail. No one would return my calls. My TV was shattered, the dresser broken, the table broken and bookcase also. Ray the driver wrote down TV and dresser, and when I kept telling him about the table and bookcase he said, “Don’t worry, it’s late. I need to go. Just put it on the claim form they send.” I did. They refuse to acknowledge.

I went to the BBB to fight it. They fought it with a letter that says my TV was already broke but they graciously would pay for it. Why would I move a broke TV? They said they never told me it would be there by the 9th and that I knew that. I have a quote showing otherwise. They say they never delivered a kitchen table. It’s here. It did not travel by train and it’s on the quote. When you look at the actual inventory list on the day of move, their copy now says tableside’ my copy says table. They falsified their documents. I have the copy. It can’t be falsified. They lied. I am appalled that a company can get away with this. Will anyone help resolve this, please?

The consequence is damage to my TV (shattered), dresser (broke), bookcase (destroyed), and table (broke). To replace and or fix this was $600. I have had anxiety attacks and sleepless nights over this. It makes me sick to my stomach. I have original documents and I can produce statements from others on the condition of my things before and after. My mom’s funeral was on the 5th. My entire family, uncles and aunts, were in and out of my home in Huntington Beach. They will all testify that there was no previous damage to my TV. My son whom is in the military was here in Texas when they delivered. He too will testify. I’m am appalled.

Had an estimate for moving household goods from Las Vegas, NV to Alexandria, MN on 2/06/10 of $2300. We requested a second estimate and we got it on 2/12/10. This time it was for $2585. We agreed on that price and a truck came and loaded household goods on 2/19/10. After everything was loaded, they said that the estimate was too low and the total charge was $3969. Seeing the truck was loaded, I see no other choice but to agree but because being 69 years old with COPD.

And now we cannot find out where the load is. The driver refuses to return any calls. I called the company today, 2/25/10, and was told they didn't know where he was because he works for a sister company. I requested the phone number for the sister company and was told she couldn't give out that number.

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