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The day was April 28. Bekins was supposed to come and pick up our items we moved to Florida. They called that morning stating they could not do my move that day because Frank the mover was still in New York packing up another house! I was making settlement the next day! It had to be done that day! I called Jeff ** who works for Bekins who came to my house to give me a quote in the first place! He never called me back only until I called corporate. So they had another moving company Olympia come out. They told me they would not be going to Florida. That my belongings would be put on a dock until Frank comes back from NY! That was a couple days!!

Finally pick up truck broke down! In between that time the truck took on water. Destroyed my TV. The box was so wet the TV fell through!! They packed a very valuable statue in paper not a blanket. It was thrown which broke!!! I did not take any extra insurance. I only got $124.00 back!!! It was my fault the truck took on water! And the statue they could never replace!!! It's an antique!! My furniture was all over the place on a truck off the track on a dock!! NEVER use them! They're rude and they say they understand but they really don't care!!!

Satisfaction Rating

Rip off artists, liars, theives, scoundrels... Need I say more. Bogus quotes, lied about costs boxing, crated, special handling charges, weight of shipment was not correct, did not provide correct weight tickets before or after... Broke many valuable items, tried to hide broken items. Boxes missing etc. Worst company in the USA!

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Founded in 1891, Bekins Van Lines is a moving company that specializes in different kinds of moves, one of these is international moves. The company has international partners that can help you move all of your belongings seamlessly across different country borders.

  • Planning: Bekins International Movers does extensive planning in order to make sure that you are getting the best international moving deals that you can. They advise you to contact them to begin taking inventory three to four months in advance of a big move.
  • Individual care: They are very attentive to individuals in order to make sure they get the right packages needed for moving their belongings abroad. They treat each move individually and tailor their services to your needs.
  • Competitive pricing: They can save you money on your move by helping you with packing or sourcing moving materials for you.
  • Experienced staff: Their staff speaks over 37 languages and has lived in more than 50 countries, so they offer a level of expertise and experience.
  • In-home estimates: The company will come to your home or office to do an in-person estimate of what your international move will cost, for free.
  • Best for Large businesses, art dealers, military families or families with large amounts of items to move internationally.

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Bekins Van Lines International Moving Company Profile

Company Name:
Bekins Van Lines International Moving
Year Founded:
8010 Castleton Road
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United States