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Last updated: Dec. 1, 2014

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2014

An absolute nightmare with Ace Worldwide and Atlas Van Lines. The worst possible moving experience and my recommendation to other consumers to avoid this company at all costs:

Prior to engaging with Ace-Atlas, we contacted several moving companies for on-site moving quotations. We lived in a townhome complex and none of the other moving companies we spoke to mentioned any concern with an 18 wheeler truck navigating into our complex. The Ace-Atlas sales rep did mention that he had a minor concern but we spoke to the complex project manager (there was still construction occurring at the complex) and he assured us that 18 wheelers were making regular deliveries to the site and this information was relayed back to the Ace sales rep. The day of the move, the driver of the Ace moving van arrived and stated in no uncertain terms that he was not going to attempt to drive his truck into the complex. And that if we wanted to move that day, we would have to pay the additional costs for a shuttle service.

We contacted the Ace office and we were told that the driver was in total control of the move and that there was nothing that Ace could do. As we had to move that day, what choice did we have but to ante up an additional $1K. This larcenous act was just the beginning of the nightmare. We were assured that there would be a total of 4 workers involved in the move and that the loading of the van would take approximately 4 hours. There were 2 workers and the driver, and with the additional delay in getting and then utilizing a shuttle truck, the loading of the van from arrival to departure was almost 11 hours!

We were moving to Canada and Ace had sold us on their extensive international moving experience and we were also assured that there would be constant communication with us as to the driver's progress. The communication was a joke. Days would go by without any updates from either the driver or from Ace. When we did get word, the information we received from Ace would differ from the driver's. We were assured prior to the move that we would not be required to meet the moving truck at a Canada Customs border crossing. We were moving to British Columbia approximately 4 hours east of Vancouver. Over the course of a week, we were told that the van would be crossing at Seattle (5 hours from our new home), or in Alberta (8+ hours from our home) and that we would need to drive and meet the van at Canada Customs. The confusion as to the actual location of the van, where and when he was crossing the border and whether or not we were required to meet the van was frustrating and comical. And this from a moving company that had sold us on their solid international moving experience. Fortunately at the last moment, we were instructed that our presence would not be required at the border crossing.

When the moving van arrived to our new home, the driver's assistant directed the moving van right into a residential street light in front of our home, significantly damaging the street light. I took pictures of the damaged light and immediately emailed the pictures to Ace and received a written reply assuring that damaged street light would be paid for by Atlas. I will not go into the details of the damages caused to our household goods as we did eventually settle the claim for those damages.

For months I followed up with Ace about the damaged street light as I will be assessed for the damage by our local HOA. At first I was told that we needed to file a claim directly with Atlas Corporate. After several weeks of no response from Atlas Corporate and their complete non-responsiveness to my calls and emails, I finally was referred to EDC Moving out of Houston. When I asked as to why I needed to now communicate with EDC, I was told that the driver was employed by EDC. My contract was with Ace and Atlas but no matter, according to both Ace and Atlas I now had to communicate with EDC.

When I did so, after again many weeks of follow up I was told that EDC would be rejecting the claim for the damaged street light because the light was in the public domain and under a required height per a DOT statue. What hubris and ignorance to deny responsibility by hiding behind some DOT statue (which they have yet to identify to me) and to apply a US regulation (if it even exists) to an event that occurred in a foreign country Canada.

Ace, Atlas and this EDC company have all one thing in common - a contemptuous attitude and an unwillingness to take any responsibility. As another reviewer has so eloquently stated in a previous review, I write this review as a warning to other consumers to avoid Ace and Atlas by also exposing their unprofessional and unethical approach to business conduct.

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Atlas International expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Atlas is a trusted International Moving Company that has local representatives as well as a network of licensees and partners. They are headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, and are the second-largest carrier of household goods in the U.S.

  • Size: There are more than 500 Atlas Agents with equipment and warehouses around the world, making them easily accessible to a lot of consumers.

  • Complete services: Atlas offers a full service international transition, including packing, delivering and unpacking customer's belongings.

  • Storage: The company offers storage solutions for anyone who needs an interim place to stow their things while transitioning between homes.

  • Experience: For more than 50 years, Atlas has been providing international moving services for thousands of customers each year.

  • Network: They have a strong network of partners who help them make smooth international transitions for their customers, such as local movers within each country who they can transition items to in order to handle the move efficiently.

  • Best for: Businesses, military families and students who rely on strong deadlines for their international move.

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Atlas International
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9750 Third Avenue N.E., Suite 200
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United States
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