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Please do not be fooled by them. Their going to charge you 900 dollars for doing nothing. They are not the actual movers. They call the movers and have them do the work. They are a middle man. Please just do the research and find who they are going to call to have your belongings picked up and delivered. Unique Moving and Storage is one of them, you'll save at least 900 dollars dealing with them directly. Call 614-300-2820.

We moved from RI to FL. They gave us a quote of $4500.00. They came to pick our stuff up, needed to wrap a freshman things better, and took some lawn furniture that wasn't initially included. They packed their truck for 5 hours. I witnessed them sliding things down our stairs. I could have done that. Our wood floors are all scratched. I can imagine what was in those boxes look like. Then they upped the price to 9K. This was 7/7 and our belongings were set to arrive between 7/15 and 7/20. We've made repeated phone calls, finally they say today (nothing) or possibly Monday 7/27. They say they don't guarantee delivery dates. That the truck is still in RI waiting to be filled more. That they will not deduct anything from the price. I've been sitting in my new home for 10 days with nothing. I've been price gouged. And after reading all of these reviews, I'm scared of what's to come.

The furniture was supposed to be delivered on July 8, but the furniture never came. We rented a storage unit because the apartment became unavailable. We tried all weekend to contact them and received no response. On the 9th, we left a message saying that the apartment wasn't available until the 11th, but please call us back over the weekend so we're not waiting for the furniture to be delieverd. We did not hear from anyone over the weekend, and on the 11th in the morning we called again. They then told us that the furniture is on the truck now and going out from NY to SC and will arrive on the 12/13 of July. On the 13th, we received a phone call saying the furniture will not be there until MAYBE the 16/17th of July. No explanation was given, and many phone calls were made to figure out why and still no explanation as to why we were told the furniture was loaded on the 11th and clearly it was not. There are now three people living in SC in an empty apartment with no clothes, and MAYBE their belongings will be there by the weekend.

On another note, they also estimated a written contract with a total of $1,029.50. After their belongings were loaded onto the truck, the total now inflated to $1,759.00. There was a slight change in furniture but by no means enough to fill another 200 cu ft of truck space.

This company has been lying from the beginning and cannot be trusted. I will make sure to let everyone know NOT to use this company and our nightmare continues until IF/WHEN we get our belongings.

Our original move date was scheduled for February 25th 2010. They never showed up but had all morning assured us they were coming and were very nasty when we had asked them why they hadn't let us know earlier. A representative of the company called us and apologized for not showing up and for the rude representative and had decided to reschedule our move for Monday, March 1st 2010. Based on the assurances of we would get the best treatment and they would come when scheduled.

On Monday the movers came three hours late in a rented Penske truck; advertised they had their own trucks. They backed into the driver side door of my unoccupied jeep. The damages were taking care of through our insurance company. The ordeal was not over. The movers dragged all of our furniture at our old apartment. One of the movers in fact acknowledged this and kept directing her coworkers to pick up the furniture and not drag it; the extent of the damage was not realized until we were unpacked.

Once the truck was loaded we asked if he knew where he was going & he acknowledged that he did. We drove expecting them to follow close behind. However we reached our new home at 4:45PM and the movers were nowhere. We called and called and left messages with the companies messaging service. They finally showed up at 5:50PM refusing to take our items off the truck without signing and being paid first; we were held hostage.

Here is the list of damage to our property: top mirror strip on china cabinet was broken, bowl from our china set was broken, the glass broken on all of our picture frames, the corner of our entertainment center was chipped, the corners of our new dresser headboard on our bed was deeply scratched. They refused to clean up the mess they made outside our apartment complex. My wife and I were very displeased by the lack of service provided and the extent of the damages. After months of calling to find out about what their insurance would cover, we finally received a quote of $120. To repair damages exceeds well over $1000.

Apollo was a subcontractor of the moving company we hired. They came today, loaded part of their truck, and then, when we refused to pay any fuel surcharge and any additional fee for blankets (like specified in our contract), they unloaded everything and drove away. We were supposed to be out of our apartment today. Instead, we are still here surrounded by boxes. We purchased a street occupancy permit for today and that money is lost.

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We had several movers come in for estimates. Jay came to our home and we felt that he was not only professional, but understood exactly what we were going to need and the time frame for our move. We got our estimate 3 months before our move and were scheduled the same day.

Move day comes around and our truck was supposed to be at our home at 9:00 am. You guessed it - no show. We gave them until 10:00 am and called Apollo's main number. We spoke to Malik who "called the driver" to see where he was. We were told that he was stuck in traffic on Staten Island but would be arriving in 30 minutes. An hour later, we called them back and Malik again stated that they were in NJ and would be there in minutes. Another hour, I called Malik back and was told that he was connecting me directly to the driver. Pablo got on the phone and said that he couldn't possible be there in minutes as he was stuck in traffic in Queens NY after coming from another job (at 9:00 am). They finally arrived at 2:30 pm and proceeded to drag their feet. We were paying them by the hour but after 45 minutes of "moving", I started packing the truck myself. We get on the road and they were driving insanely slowly (paid by the hour) to the point that I stomped on my gas pedal and forced them to keep up.

We arrive at the new house and after 20 minutes, I had to start unloading the truck myself. At 9:00 pm, I took the last box off the truck and paid the bill which was $100 more than the estimate (they decided to charge for fuel). A month later, I received my credit card bill. 4 charges on it that I did not recognize. 1 cell phone, 2 plane tickets and 2 separate Western Union cash transfers wired to Puerto Rico. After a lot of phone calls, I got AT&T wireless to tell me who the phones were shipped to, Malik at Apollo Van Lines. Criminal investigation for credit card fraud pending in NY.

On April 28, 2010, my fiance and I received a quote from the above-mentioned company to move our household goods from Myrtle Beach, SC to a storage facility in Queens, NY. The quote was in the amount of $1200. The gentleman who came to pack our merchandise stated he could only fit our 30 (pre-packaged by us) boxes in his truck and that the furniture would have to be picked up the following week. The driver informed us that in his previous experience, the cubic feet of our furniture would make the moving cost to $2400. We paid a $100 deposit by debit and $700 in cash on April 28. The contractual agreement stated that we were to be billed after delivery of 30-day free storage in Apollo Van Lines warehouse.

However, this was not the scenario that occurred. My fiance and I were threatened to have our household goods put into a rat- and roach-infested warehouse with no climate control if we did not pay them their money. The total amount that was originally quoted at $1200 now increased to $4428. They demanded that we at least send them $1500 in order for our belongings to be delivered to our new apartment in Selden, NY. We gave them a check (that cleared) for $1500 which puts the total amount that my fiance and I gave Apollo Van Lines at $2300.

They came to deliver our household goods but not without demanding another payment in cash for the amount of $2,228. They did not provide our merchandise to us that day because we did not give them the money that we supposedly owed them. Our belongings are now being held hostage in their warehouse. They have grossly inflated their prices. This is pure extortion!

We are now living in an apartment with no furniture, no clothes, and sleeping on the floor. The mental anguish that Apollo Van Lines has put us through is horrific! Thank you for your time and interest in this matter.

My wife and I decided to use Apollo Van Lines for our move to Hawaii after calling other companies and getting several quotes. They seemed to be professional and gave us a reasonable quote in their Binding Estimate. Our contact at Apollo said that the estimate might change due to packing materials, but he said he included 50 boxes on the estimate for $300 and this amount might change, I was assured "no surprises on move day".

The packers showed up on time and were reasonably efficient and friendly. We enjoyed a laugh when I thought the large crate for our TV they mentioned in the binding estimate would be made of wood, as they continued to wrap it in cardboard and bubble wrap. Once everything was packed into the truck, the foreman was lying on the floor, busy with a calculator. Eventually, he came up with a price $3,526 higher than the original "binding estimate" (nasty surprise #1), the increased amount was due to $3/ sq ft for bubble wrap (the $300 for boxes was a red herring).

Then the next shock came when the foreman asked me for a $9,000 personal check on the spot (nasty surprise #2). We had already paid a 10% deposit by credit card and our contact told us that we could pay the balance "a few weeks after the goods are picked up" (I misunderstood this to mean picked up at the destination--extremely wishful thinking). I called the company and talked to the manager who said that what the representative from Apollo told us was wrong (too bad for us) and we needed to pay the money now. Conveniently, our contact was not reachable at--another job--(cell phone?) (I was assured the representative would be suitably disciplined for giving me wrong information, but I still needed to cough up money on the spot). I negotiated it down to $6000, but we realized then we were dealing with weasels.

During the move, I noticed one of the crew take off the truck and start examining my Xbox which was in original packing and I laughed with the foreman that he should make sure the Xbox is on the inventory list. This turned out not to be such a funny joke in the end.

We were moving to Hawaii, but did not have an address yet, so Apollo graciously agreed to keep our container in storage free for up to two months. They said once we gave them an address, it would take 30-45 days before our stuff would arrive in Hawaii. I suppose a better mover would have stored the goods in Hawaii.

Once we found a place we notified Apollo and they said I needed to pay the balance of the bill before they would ship our stuff, and this had to be a personal check, a money order or a cashier's check. We just wanted our stuff ASAP, so I FEDEXed them a check. Whenever I thought about it, my heart sank, I paid many thousands of dollars to these characters who jived us with the bubble wrap on move day, did I just pay even more money for them to steal all of our things too?

I wanted some reassurance that we were going to get our stuff, so I tried calling them. Imagine how I felt when their phone line was disconnected. I tried emailing and got no reply. I was ready to call the police, when I had an idea--to pretend I was someone else and email them for an estimate and mention that their phones are down. Of course, a prompt and courteous reply.

I became very worried about this company and our stuff. I wanted to gain some peace of mind, so I called them to ask where our stuff was and when we should expect it. "A" told me to talk to "B" who told me to talk to "C" who said "the dispatcher" would call me back and they wouldn't (permutations of this went on for days and weeks, usually ending with the elusive or fictitious dispatcher who doesn't call back and is never in the office when you call). Emails would go unanswered or the email replies would be patronizing and evasive.

Eventually I got someone to say it would be here in 2-3 weeks, but they could not tell me where my stuff was. No word at the end of three weeks, I call to follow up and am told that my shipment is delayed due to the weather--but no explanation about what weather where (the guy also said he "left a message on my answering machine" (NOT).

They never could tell me where my stuff was, no matter how any emails and phone calls I made over the long weeks without our belongings. We were imagining it in a pawn shop. They don't know where it is, but it will be another 1-2 weeks before it gets there? (how does that work?). One humorous reason I was given for why they can't locate my stuff, because "the driver is driving straight through" (to Hawaii?) After two weeks, we were considering our legal options and which third parties to contact for help. I sent an email at the end of the 45 days. The reply was that my shipment was in Honolulu and their local agent would contact me.

Most of our stuff was undamaged in the end, I guess thanks to the $3000 of bubble wrap and a disgusting old mattress they used as packing material. I am sure luck played a part too because our car was not even strapped down. The Xbox was missing, which they could argue was "misplaced" except that the extra controller and games which were packed separately are missing also. I paid $800 for a vehicle surcharge which included only putting my car in the container (not strapping it down or doing any paperwork). When packing, they required me to provide them with a title to my car, I also gave them the registration and safety inspection certificate. These documents were NOT returned to me when my car was delivered.

I contacted Apollo about the stolen property explaining my suspicion concerning the crew member and that I had mentioned this to foreman on move day. I am trying to file a claim to get the $.60/lb insurance coverage for the Xbox (should be about 10lbs * .60 = $6.00), needless to say there is zero sympathy, apology or cooperation from AVL, I have followed up five times about the theft and there is no interest. I am just glad they didn't fancy any more of our stuff as there seems to be no recourse and they could have just helped themselves to whatever they wanted for free (I could almost feel insulted that they didn't take more).

Eventually they found the documents for my car and fedexed them to me (but lacked the common courtesy to let me know the tracking number). The manager's tag line in emails and on the phone is a smug "have a wonderful day"--we rip you off $3000 for bubble wrap, steal your xbox, charge you $800 to put your car in a container and lose your title and registration, force you to pay cash equivalents on the spot, can't give you any information about where your stuff might be--and "have a wonderful day."

Don't believe the nonsense on their website--they don't care about you or your stuff or whether you stress out on move day. My wife and I are not odd unlucky customers writing a nasty review because our move didn't go smoothly--that company and the human beings working there are fundamentally flawed. Dealing with them might turn out to be the most helpless and abused you'll ever feel as a consumer - it was for us. I hope you do better and these shady operators go out of business. I think the advice here is very good if you are looking for a mover. (I would give them a lot lower than a C, but the assessment of the business seems fair).

I don't care how courteous they are before your move or how low the "binding estimate" is, find someone better to help with your move. Don't support these rip off artists. Paid $3,526 more than expected due to packaging materials.

I used Apollo Van Lines for my move from Quincy, MA to Durham, NC. What a mistake! The first person to come to the house wrote up a 'guaranteed' quote which included much more furniture than I actually ended up taking. For three days before the move, I must have received 20 calls - all from Tony, the supervisor / manager of Apollo Van Lines, asking me if I could do a morning move. I explained many times“no” and arranged for a move from 12-4. After many phone calls back and forth, the movers finally showed up at 7:30 (try 5 hours late). The original person who quoted my move told me not to take my clothes out of the dressers and they would move them as is. However, I did pack them, thinking I was doing them a favor. I was also told I would receive 10 free boxes and that all labor and materials were included in my $1800 quote. The movers packed everything and I was given my inventory and new bill - try $2400 including charges for materials which I could have purchased at Home Depot for much less. Okay, it's not the mover’s fault, so I waited until Monday to call Tony and find out about the overage.

He was in a “meeting” all day and never returned my call. After calling and calling, I asked for another manager on Wednesday. By the way, I was also told delivery would be between the 27th and 29th of August. It's now the 30th and I'm still waiting! Anyway, I finally talked to another manager who was so rude, he actually hung up on me because I was angry and he didn't feel he had to deal with it. I was told delivery was on Friday, then Saturday and now Sunday. I sit waiting for furniture which I am being told is in Florida (why Florida? I don't know) and that they had some kind of technical problem? Hey right? Do yourself favor, hire a U-Haul and do it yourself - or hire another company - but never Apollo Van Lines! I will be reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau of MA (my move from), NC (my move to) and NY (their home base). I will also be filling a small claims report on them to see if I can regain some of my money.

I contacted several moving companies about a move to relocate from Jersey City, NJ to Marietta, GA on 8/7. Several companies, including Chris ** from Apollo, came to my home and did a visual walk-through to let me know what the cost would be. Chris walked through my home with me, room to room, and began taking an inventory. As he noted the items I had, I inquired about certain things, like the lamps, computer, microwave, etc. He informed me that they would be included in the cost. He also advised me that the gas, tolls and mileage would be included. There were 2 items in the basement (an arcade game and a huge TV) that I showed him I was taking and he included this in my inventory. He also advised me that the big TV would be crated and that they would do that for free. At no time did he ever mention that anything else would have to be wrapped, boxed or crated. He also advised me that there would be 5 free wardrobe boxes included and the movers would put the clothes from my closets in those wardrobes.

On 8/6, I called back and spoke to Tony to advise him that Chris forgot to list one TV on the inventory. I also informed him that 1 TV and the big rugs should be removed from the inventory. I also advised Tony that I only had 18 boxes instead of the 20 that was allotted on the inventory during the initial walk through that I packed myself. I also again inquired to Tony if I needed to pack the computers and lamps so I could pack them. He advised me that his guys will take care of this. During this conversation, I also wanted to reconfirm that I should leave the clothes in the drawers as instructed by Chris during the initial walk-through. Chris advised me in writing. And as we spoke he said the amount listed would not go up unless the inventory increases and the inventory actually decreased. He also advised me that I would receive a discount if I secured the date with a deposit and I did with $300. Chris sent me an email that stated my remaining balance of $1598 would be paid $749 at pick up and $749 at delivery to close my bill. He also wrote and guaranteed my delivery date of 8/10.

On 8/7, when the movers arrived, the first thing that the guy Derrick wanted was for me to sign all these blank documents. I read through and signed a few and then told him I would continue signing once they were done. I watched them box up my computer and lamps because every other thing in that house was packed. I watched Derrick list the items piece by piece, breaking the lamp down to the lamp and shade, the bunk as 10 inventories instead of one bunk as Chris counted, the computer as 4 pieces when Chris counted one, and the entertainment center as I don't know how many pieces when Chris counted one. What Chris counted as one, the movers took apart and counted as numerous pieces.

On Monday 8/10, the delivery date I was promised, I called Apollo to inquire as to the expected delivery time as well as to inform Tony of how this new inventory tally read. This is when I found out that my bill had been increased by over $4000 and that my furniture and all of our personal belongings were still in NY with Apollo and would not be delivered until I paid at least $2000 more upfront and about $3000 on delivery. How can this be? For the next 4 days I called, begged, cried and pleaded with Edna because Tony told me he would not talk to me again. Edna was rude, used profanity and racial slurs, was unprofessional and was no help at all. It all was a schemed scam that they seem to master.

I am here in Georgia alone with my children in a recession, unemployed, with no money, no clothing to possibly start work or to go on the interviews that I have scheduled for this week. My children started school yesterday and have no clothes. They have asthma and Apollo has their medicine and machine because they promised me a delivery date of 8/10. I have already had to re-buy pots and such, towels, wash rags, underwear and socks for us all. These extra financial expenses were not included in my budget. We all have been sleeping on a hard floor for 5 days, huddled, and crying uncontrollably from Monday 8/10 to Thursday 8/13. They had my fridge, so we barely ate because I had no money to eat out every day. It has been 100 degrees here and both of my children have asthma and you have their life saving equipment. They were afraid, anxiety bound and crying hysterically. We all were. I was up at 4 am typing a similar complaint letter from my phone because they had my computer with my resumes and job information inside. This is a nightmare and we all have suffering immensely. I had to borrow $3000 to get these people to deliver my furniture because they held it hostage. I still owe the $3000 today. This has been a heavy emotional and financial burden for us and I pray that someone helps us.

I had a quote that stated that my move from CT to CA was going to be $3,500. When they came to pick up my belongings, they told me it would be over $6,000. I told them to take it off the truck because I would not pay that amount. Tony ** proceeded to tell me not to worry that he would work with me that there would be no problem. He then lied by telling my husband to sign the document that the signature was needed for the delivery in CA. He told me he wouldn't send the stuff without my approval of his findings regarding the dimensions and size of the load.

On the next day, I called him 5 times every 1.5 hours. I was on the phone, he kept telling me that the information hadn't reached his desk. He then told me he had measured the stuff at 10am in the morning. At 5pm, he called to tell me the price of the move was $7,351.50 and that I had to pay it because the stuff was already gone on the way to CA.

I am now obligated to borrow money to pay something that he misrepresented. The company was rude, obnoxious, as well as unprofessional and sneaking in the way they dealt with this whole thing. I have already furnished myself a lawyer and for the principle of the matter will sue them for part of the money back and for time lost, stress and hardship, I will be making more than they did in this move.

This company lied above each and every issue relative to my move from NY to FL. They low-balled the estimate and pulled every type of cubic foot/weight trick imaginable. They took my possessions hostage and requested $4K. The estimate was for $1,450. I even had an onsite estimator in my home. The customer service is awful and the owner should be sued. I have yet to receive my belongings. They claim delivery will be in a few days. That will make it day 11 or 12 from pick up. I am absolutely floored and fully intend to pursue this matter with the appropriate authorities.

I had a move scheduled months prior to the date I actually had Apollo Van Lines move my belongings. They quoted me $1165 with a $100 discount. The items I listed on my quote were totally correct and accurate. When the drivers came to pack and perform the move, they ended up saying that it would cost me $5765 to complete my move. Since my belongings were already loaded into their truck, I let them take my items. I called Apollo Van Lines immediately and asked them not to move my belongings until I say otherwise. Because I was undecided as to whether or not I wanted them to complete the move for me or to add something else on.

My move was scheduled to arrive to me no earlier than Jan. 16, 2009. That following Tuesday, I called Apollo Van Lines to have them hold my items in a so-called storage and to cancel the move. The guy hung up, called me back and apparently they had moved my items without my permission. Edna, the so-called owner, spoke with me and said that I should have written on the contract what I wanted them to do which really seems irrelevant to me because I had already spoken to a guy and asked them not to move my items. He later stated that he would put that in the notes which he did not! I went into her office/ storage facility to speak to her about the entire mishap and she had a very nasty attitude, not willing to work out any type of discount knowing that her company made the mistake. Not only did they take my items without my permission although I signed the papers, I called immediately and asked them not to move my belongings.

They also tried to deliver my items before the date that I had listed on the paperwork and threatened to place my items into some storage at more cost to me, leaving me furious because I had not even made it to my destination in Houston. Now I was left stressed to worry about who I can arrange to open the home up by this being a new place to me. This company is a company of con artists. They will do whatever they need to make their money no matter what. Customer satisfaction is definitely not their main policy. Once I got to Texas to the home where my belongings were shipped, things were broken. They would not put together as they said they would do. They just left the boxes, demanded to be paid no matter what. In the end, this company placed a bunch of stress into my life and I am scorned from having any moving company perform any move for me ever again. I would never do this again.

As result of the damages made to my property, no one has contacted me back as yet to discuss insurance matters to replace or even be reimbursed for the items they destroyed and it is almost three months later since the move. I received someone else's items and am missing a box of my own goods. No one from Apollo Van Lines has bothered to send me return shipping so that the other party can get their belongings. This experience has been a complete nightmare.

I was quoted a price of 1195$ and was told it was by weight and my items would be weighed. One my items were picked up I was later called and told the price would now be 2500$. My items were held ransom until I paid this amount and a weight was never made. It was done as a guesstimate by the movers. My items did not in any way weight 6000 lbs.

Before the move I was treated with respect but as soon as my belongings were in the movers posession they were rude, abnoxious and nasty. They delivered my items a day early so I was not at the house to accept them yet and when I got there many of my belongings were broken. My babys crib and dresser were both broken as was my computer desk and my bed frame.

I would not have paid the 2500$ , only the 1195 but was told that if I didn't pay my things would be put in storage at an outrageous price per day and I may not get them. I gave a full and accurate description of the items I had and was quoted the 1195 and don't believe I should have been charged more than double the original quote. I believe this is what is reffered to as a bait and switch.

I was conned. I hope noone else has this problem! Luckily I had family to let me borrow the ransom money but if I hadn't I wouldn't have gotten my things. I lost over 1300$ that I did not have and can hardly pay my rent as that was my fall back incase I didnt get my new job right away.

I was quoted $3635.00 to move from New York to Florida on 6/29/08 and that it would take 7 working days. After calling several days after the 7th day, they finally delivered on the 14th of July. I was told to have cash or bank check for $10,007.75 and if I didn't have the money, they would not deliver. I gave in just to get my things. Half of my belongings were stolen - several boxes broken and most of my good furniture was damaged. When I called no one would talk to me and I was told to take it or leave it; they could not do a thing about it. They finally offered me 500.00 but never sent it. I am still fighting with them. They were the most rude and nasty people I have ever dealt with. If you were thinking of using them, my advice would be: run as fast as you can.

Loading did not take place on contract specified date, loading was horrible(according to team who unloaded) causing damage to some items. Unloading did not occur within contracted date. Entire move required ongoing heated phone calls to get things done! Apollo's operations manager is the worst!

Needed to change plane reservations in order to be in Florida from NJ to receive goods. Spent countless hours on phone to Apollo and North American Van Lines headquarters. Have antique and custom-made pieces that require repair.

I went to Apollo Van Lines to move from New York to Florida on July3/2008. I gave the amount of $793.00 to start with th estimate price of $1175.00. On July6/2008 they came to pick up my furniture not before telling me,that i have to give him the amount of $390 at least and he will not do a thing before i agreed to the amount of$2367.30.

They came with my stuff to Florida and the first thing they asked me,do you have the money ready?? went i tried to ask,why are you charging me so much money the responded...Mam,do you have the money?? yes or not!! I was not allowed to ask or say anything at all.

They stole my Lane reclyner brand new,scrached my dresser and broke one more and ther's no way..they would let me say a thing about it.Either they hang up the telephone,or let me speaking to myself.+I never seem anything like it in all my life!1 We are seniors living on a very tied income and had to borrow $3000.00 after all this.This company should not be allowed to steal and mistreat the customer this way.We have laws and they have to be obeyed!!Can anyone help me and make this company pay their horrible conduct??Thank you

After confirmation that a truck would be at my home by 9am, I received a call at 9:15 am telling me that there was a problem with their truck and I would have to wait until 1 or 2 pm to move me. When they finally showed up, the men took their time to move me because their pants kept falling off. Two men were on the their cell phones and one man was walking down the street puffing on a joint. I had to lift heavy boxes and make 5 trips to help move myself. What was the point in getting a moving company? I would have been better off getting a UHaul and a few of my own friends to help. A move is stressful but dealing with this company was worse.

John gave us an estimate of approx. $3800 to move us from New York to Indiana, which was comparable to 3 others we had done. On the day of the move, Apollo employees loaded all our items onto the truck and then raised the price by over $2500 with no justification as to why. When I called to discuss the price increase, Edna would not even look at the inventory and just told me you just don't want to hear that you are wrong.

When the movers arrived in Indiana our mattress, box spring and bed frame were strapped to the outside of the truck in the rain. They refused to give us back any of our belongings until we paid the remaining balance which was the additional $2500. We had no choice but to pay and then found out that all of our belongings were not on the truck. The remaining items arrived a week later after numerous phone calls. In addition to the bed, many furniture pieces were badly damaged.

I finally contact the Department of Transportation - Surface Transportation Board, who reviewed and investigated my case. Based on the actually inventory of items moved (that Apollo employees wrote) they were able to prove that I was, in fact, grossly overcharged. I sued Apollo in small claims court for $1900 in damages and $2553 in overcharges and WON BOTH cases. Edna refused to pay the judgments.

Company came to pick-up articles the last week of October. I was told I would receive it in two weeks. I received my delivery almost a month later. I also paid to have my television crated because I have a 61' television. I was charged an additional 75.00 for this service. The crating was described as the entire television being boxed. Upon receipt of the television, it was nothing more but blankets around the television and cardboard on the screen. The back of the television was not even protected.

Also, my dryer was scratched which I made the driver aware of and he did not even come with my contact. When I called the mover, I was told that this is the way they crate. Blankets around a television is not defined as crating and is not what I paid for. I would like a refund for the so called crating of the television. I also want my contact sent to me

The person who arrived (Mike W) misrepresented himself and stated that he was the owner and voluntarily stated that he came unprepared, such as missing stickers to mark the boxes. These stickers separate other cargo from being mixed up. He kept changing the quote and scribbled all over the order form. Neglected to mark every box with a sticker and promised that he would make sure to mark them as soon as he got into the warehouse. He said he would use stickers, but we later saw that our items were marked with a marker/crayon.

The cargo arrived later than the date promised. The driver did not want to release our items until cash was given upfront-which ended up being a higher balance than what they had written on our bill. We noticed things missing and tampered with and the driver stated that he was not liable and that we had to contact the main office.

At least $7000.00 of personal items were stolen from us. We immediately contacted the office and all we got was the run around, rudeness and people disguising themselves as other people over the phone. No one wanted to direct our calls. Finally, we got hold of the real owner (Edna) and she advised us to write a letter listing all that was missing. We sent the letter certified mail, which was delivered and signed for. So far, the only thing we were told was that they can only compensate us $150.00 and till now we have yet to see anything.

On 5/20/05 I got an in-home estimate for my move from Patchogue, Ny to Vestal, NY. Appollo van Lines gave me a flat rate of $1600.On 7/7 as I was driving upstate they called me and said they just looked on a map and hadn't realized how far away Vestal was and had to raise the price to $2300.That night they again called and told me that they couln't fit all my stuff on one truck and would have to come back the next day with another truck. Meanwhile the price was now up to $3400.

I told them to forget it but they had already sent a truck back to their shop with most of my belongings. My house was less than 800 sq feet so in no way did they need 2 trucks. The next day while I was on my way to my upstate closing I recieved another call from them. They had all my belongings at their shop and the price was up to $4400.They where not arriviving till 7/9/05 when the agreed date of the total move was 7/7. I had no recourse as the Co was holding my belongings hostage.

They arrived in Vestal on 7/9. The foreman, John, told me the price was now $5600 and he wanted half in cash. In addition he expected a $1600 tip for the men. If all these conditions were not met he would not unload the truck. I ended up giving him $3500 in cash, $500 in check and $2650 on my credit card just so they would unload my belongings. He also tried to get me to sign a blank credit card slip and insisted on a case of beer for his crew.

After they finally left I stopped payment on the check and disputed the credit card charge. They had put all the furniture in the wrong rooms. all my clothes were wet and mildewed from sitting on a truck for 3 days. Half of my dishes were broken. they had packed my already- packed boxes into other boxes so they could charge for additional materials.

On June 24,2004, I contracted Apollo Van Lines to move us from Yonkers NY to Holiday, Florida. An Estimate of $3165 was given based on the estimator that came to the house and did the walk through and saw everything that was being moved. On the day of the move they were supposed to have sent a 26 ft truck which holds 1538 cf but instead sent a 25 ft truck which only holds 1400 cf and was told by the foreman that this 25 ft truck held 2000 cf and therefore had to charge us more money, so now we were charged $5300.

We later found out by going to other trucking companies that a 25 ft truck did not hold 2000 cf and we had the proof to prove it. In addition my stuff was held in their storage for two months until we were ready to have them ship out to us in Florida. Upon arrival to Florida, I had major damage to furniture as well as missing items which were never received. We have written to this company and have had no response from them since that time, sent letters to the BBB and the State Attorney General and also to the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The BBB Has done nothing to intervene. and the (FMCSA) has written to me of which I have proof also and have advised me to initiate a lawsuit against them.

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