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Bullet points:

- They have no moving trucks that I can tell - each outsource has their own rental truck.
- Everything is outsourced.
- The outsources are unkempt and very unprofessional. - Each has their own terms and conditions and try and get extra out of you.
- Lied numerous times about delivery dates and terms of the contract.
- Awful customer service.
- Quote ended up being almost 25% more than was stated.

- Will not call back, almost impossible to talk to the same person twice.

So in summation, it took 17 days and numerous calls to get less than 2000 lbs of boxes and furniture. Awful customer service, unprofessional movers, dishonest shady behavior and just lies upon lies, one of the worst experiences of my entire life.


I was on budget (like everyone else) and was looking for a medium priced mover with good reviews. I found several moving companies. All You Can Move had the most stars so I called them to see what they had to offer. I am completely convinced that any positive review was put there by this company. Philip was my contact and was extremely helpful and responsive right up until I actually booked the move. Once it was scheduled, the communication dropped off and no calls were returned. This applied to even simple calls, things like questions about prices and services, the very basics of business. I asked him about his reviews and inquired about the truck coming to pick up my furniture just to be sure I wouldn't be charged the extra fee of them having to rent a smaller truck to get to my building (which I was told could happen). I was told by Philip, "Well, you saw our reviews. They are very good. We have our own trucks, large 75-foot 18-wheelers that pick up and deliver. We are a full service moving company with our own movers and employees."

I asked this specifically because I have heard horror stories and these were things I knew to ask to be sure I was dealing with professionals. I was lied to on all fronts as far as I can tell. I lived in a very tiny 650 sq. ft. apartment and I had no appliances. Literally, the list of inventory given, which was not exceeded was: Bed with headboard, footboard and rails, TV stand, Ikea desk, office chair, side table, couch, small kitchen table and two chairs, with an estimate of about 25 medium-sized moving boxes. (I took anything valuable with me in my car: computers, TVs, art, anything of any real value). I was given a quote based on 2000 lbs at 45 per pound and was instructed that this was the most accurate way to pay since square footage is an estimate of about $7 per sq. foot and obviously a box of pillows weighs less than a box of books. So my initial estimate was $1,170: $900 for the initial 2000 lbs and the rest was made up of a $45 fuel charge, $75 elevator charge at my current residence and $150 stair charge at my final destination which is on the third floor.

This price also included disassembly and blankets for larger pieces of furniture like beds, desks, etc but this price did not include reassembly. I was told that the average delivery was 3-5 days from the first day I was able to receive my furniture. After reviewing the e-mailed contract and terms, I gave him a 3-day window of when they could come to pick up the furniture and booked the move. I was told they would call 48 hours before that moving date so I would know when the truck was coming. At that time, I needed half the estimate at the time of pick-up in only cash or money order, approx. $600. Most importantly was the procedure I was told about how the estimate would be given with the driver on site. I was told that one of their employees would come in and evaluate if they thought I had 2000 lbs.

If he thought I had less or right about, he would guarantee my price of $1,170. But if he thought it was more, he will have already been to a weigh station right before my move and then immediately after going to a weigh station, he would call me with the amount in pounds and show my verification of this weigh-in in the form of a slip and then charge me 45 per pound. This is important because I tediously researched my furniture online and weighed most of the boxes in my apartment on a bathroom scale and my girlfriend and I were both very confident that it was between 2000-2100 lbs. So I was expecting to pay a bit more and then for plastic wrap for my couch, which I was told would be about $10 by Philip.

The following timeline reflects my experience: On March 25, 2013, I tried contacting them several times to ask about how much I would need to have on hand for payments with no calls back. On March 27, 2013, a call was given by a dispatcher named Barbie (remember this name, it's important) for pickup within about 48 of actual time. On March 29th, I was called by the moving truck driver (broken English) to explain he was running late. A few hours later, he arrived with another young Russian in a small rental truck, not the 75-foot truck I was told about. The truck had no logos dealing with All You Can Move. It was simply a small rental. He came in and looked at everything explaining that he did not charge by weight. He charged by volume which he claimed worked out to be the same thing. I told him this wasn't on my contract and he asked if he could load it and then show me and if I still wanted it weighed, he would do it. So I agreed.

At that point, I walked outside and called All You Can Move and asked for Barbie. The person on the other end of the call picked up with a different moving company name, and I was told that no one named Barbie works there. Thinking I had the wrong number, I told him my name and that the driver was trying to charge me by the square footage rather than by the pound which I was initially told. He said he would call me back. I went back into the apartment and I heard the driver's phone ring in the other room where he was disassembling the bed. I heard him arguing and saying, "No, no, no" and telling them in a discouraging tone that he would deal with it. Then he came into my living room and asked if I had called the company. I said yes. I want my moved based on my contract, by the pound. He again explained it was the same, murmured something about it being too much trouble to weigh and all, and then again said to let him load it and if I still wanted it weighed, he would do it. So I asked him, "So you will go and weigh it with just my stuff, correct?" And he looked at me and said, "Yes, man, of course."

So he finally got everything loaded and then showed me the truck. I fully intended on telling him I still wanted it weighed no matter how it looked. But when I got there to my disgust, he explained he already had someone else's furniture on the truck and had not weighed it before. So basically, the weight idea was gone and he had to estimate 2800 lbs which I knew was wrong but in fear that he would go, put a full tank of gas, then weigh my stuff with someone else's stuff, I agreed on $1,540. Now, I realized that this may not seem like much but that is 25% more than my initial estimate and the way he got around to getting that number was dishonest and infuriating. He told me that the movers who delivered would not be them and he was bringing my stuff to a large truck and that the price given to me did include reassembly, which again was not in my contract. But I saw that as a possible and only positive to the miserable situation.

After leaving dirt tracks and empty tape rolls and packing materials all over my apartment, they were off. This company's name was Times Moving Company dba Statewide Relocation from Florida. I informed them the first day I could take my furniture was April 2, 2013. On April 2, 2013, nothing. I waited my full 3-5 day estimate and then some until April 8, 2013. On April 8, 2013, I called the movers for status update. Again, I got a different moving company name and was told it would be 3-4 days. I waited 3 days and then called again, as I hadn't been given my 24 call yet. On April 11, 2013, Javier explained I was misinformed the previous time and said he would call me back; he didn't.

On April 12, 2013, he literally called me back to tell me they would call me back. On April 12, 2013, I got a call from the truck driver to say he would be there in 1-2 days. On April 15th, I received a call from movers asking about my 24 notice, which I informed them I hadn't gotten yet (they were unaware of this). I waited on hold for 45 minutes (because I refused to get called back and ignored again) and was told if they didn't call with my 24 notice that day, they would definitely call on the 16th. On April 18th (2 days after that definite 16th), I got a call to say they would be delivering on the 19th. On April 19th, the truck driver called to say he would be arriving. Three Mexican guys in a Ryder rental truck, quite filthy, showed up to deliver my furniture. I gave him the rest of my payment. He attempted to charge me extra for reassembly, which I had to ask about, as when he first arrived, he said that was included in the price.

When I told him I had no more money to give him, he was annoyed and tried to allude to the scam of him having to rent a truck to get into my complex. I told him to take that up with management of the property as I asked them before moving and they said there was room for his large truck. My boxes were all beaten as though they had been moved several times between trucks, several large chips on my bed and rails, and the foundation boards were pretty well all broken. So in summation, it took 17 days to get less than 2000 lbs of boxes and furniture. Awful customer service, unprofessional movers, dishonest shady behavior and just lies upon lies. One of the worst experiences of my entire life.

Satisfaction Rating

I found this company as a referral from one of my friends who really take evaluating companies seriously. So I trusted her. I talked to Tekla. She was very nice and very helpful. We were moving from New Jersey to Miami. Over the phone, she asked what the items were and I told her the best I could in 5-10 minutes. She gave me an estimate for about $3000 which was okay. I asked her what happens if we have more items. She said the estimate will cover the differences and the big thing was that she stated multiple times that if I wanted to weigh the truck, the truck will be weighed. They will not weigh the truck. Price was reasonable. I really didn't shop for any other company because $3000 was a reasonable price. In March 2012, we rented a 40-ft. trailer to move our warehouse from NJ to Miami and we paid about $2100. Then we had Hurricane Sandy. We had to move the date multiple times and Tekla was always there for us. The truck arrived. The first thing they did was come in to our house and start itemizing every single item that we had.

The driver showed me what the initial weight of the truck was and they would weigh the truck after loading is complete and he told me we would be charged some cents per lb. These were never mentioned to me. Tekla made me so comfortable that I was even moving all my weight lifting equipment such as Squad rack, Olympic Bar and barbells. There was no indication that it was going to be so detailed. Anyways, on the way to Miami, I received a phone call from the moving company that had nothing to do with All You Can Move. The lady told me that the move was going to cost $6700 and if we don't pay the money, they would not deliver the items to our home in Miami. In addition, there would be an $800 fee if the trailer cannot enter the building.

I immediately called Tekla who had been there all the time to help and she said she could not help and she was sorry. I talked to the manager at All You Can Move and the manager said I should talk to the lady (Barbie) at the moving company who had been the dispatcher all along the way. I recommended that we should listen to all the phone conversation that we had with Tekla and she said they don't record phone conversations. I was (am) extremely disappointed. If I had known that it was going to be so detailed, I would have shipped all the boxes in pallets not using All You Can Move. I got Mr. ** email address too. Stay away. All You Can Move is not a moving company. They are just using the Internet and the web to find people and trick them to get their money. Yelp is the first place that I looked and I found Matthew's review. I will do more. I will post this review everywhere. I did call Tekla and I told her that I was going to write this review. I am sorry for all those people who work for **.

Satisfaction Rating

After sending their representative to our house for a site visit, this company gave us a quote of $2,300 for a full-packing/full-service move. Our house was a 1900 sq. ft. 3-bedroom, 2-bath for a family of four. They estimated 13 hrs. of work. The total time ended up being 19 hrs, so their quote was almost 50% off in the amount of time the move would take! After arriving at our new home, the driver had to tell me that I was now having to pay for 19 hrs. At $125/hr, this was $750 over the quote. He then got Krista on the phone for me and the best she could do was to say, "I'm sorry". She was completely unwilling to compromise on the overage, which was her (All You Can Move) mistake, not mine!

I offered to pay for 2-3 hrs, if she would pay the rest. She was unwilling and told me I had no choice, as she would have them stop unloading the truck. I did pay the total of $3,076 to the company and expressed my severe displeasure at their substantial mistake. They only sent 4 guys to pack and load our entire house, then drive 4 hrs and unload and reassemble with only 3 guys! The crew did a great job, but the company placed them in a no win situation - not their fault. At the end I gave them a tip, but explained that it was much lower than what I had planned to tip due to their company's substantial mistake on the quote.

In my opinion, this was a classic example of a bait-and-switch to get my business, then stick it to me - the consumer - at the end. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

Satisfaction Rating

We used All You Can Move to relocate from an apartment to a house back in March of this year. The original price for the move was $400 and in the end, it somehow cost us $900+ to move within state. We didn't argue over the cost, but are very upset with what happened after the move. The driver (Mario) had borrowed a very expensive Leatherman to open a box and never returned it. I talked with the mover that night and he said he would return it in the mailbox, but never did. I called numerous times and spoke with managers who kept stating they would contact the driver. After the 4th phone call, I advised them I was going to contact consumer affairs and they laughed at me. One of the managers said "What do you expect me to do about it?"

After paying so much for a move that shouldn't have cost that high (I know because I've moved out of state before), we at least expected they would reimburse us for the Leatherman knife or get it back as it had sentimental value. I moved on 3/12 to ** if they need to look up my information. It's under Allison **. Thanks! I hope no one else uses this company!

Satisfaction Rating

This is the worst possible company you can hire to move. I urge everyone never to use them. I hired All You Can Move to do a full packing move. The moving consultant named Tekla ** was the person I dealt with. Throughout the set up period, she was courteous and professional. She got the basic information she needed and estimated 6 hours for the move. I felt that was too small, so she revised it to 9 hours and 3 men. She took a quick inventory and addresses. She called me like 6 times and sent numerous emails until a date was finalized and she informed me she had all the information she needed and the movers will arrive at 8:30am.

A day before the move, another person called and told me to expect the movers first thing in the morning, I asked him to define first thing and he said between 7am and 8am. I waited until after 8:30am the next morning and called their office when no one had shown up. Someone else picked the phone and said Tekla was not available. I told him what the situation was and he put me on hold, contact the driver and told me they were on the way. He apologized and said "be rest assured your move will be taken care of today". I said not only today, but timely as well. Three men showed up at 9:16am, walked in and the lead guy said good morning, and I replied. He then said, you don't answer your phone. I was quick to stop him from being rude and told him the proper thing to do will be to apologize for being late not trying to make excuses.

The move got started and an hour into it, he said we may have to just pack up today and move you tomorrow. I knew that would not be okay because my husband and I had taken the entire day off work to get the move done. After a few more hours, he said his management had told him to stop and continue the move tomorrow. We found out that they had double booked us. They will start with a customer and do a few hours, put you on hold and go start someone else. This was a nightmare. We called their office like 6 times before we could talk to anyone and they started making excuses, that the work was more than anticipated.

Please note that they had not even spent half the time on their estimate. I insisted I wanted to speak with Tekla since she was the one familiar with the move. She answered the phone in a rude low tone and said "I can't help you but will transfer you to my manager". I was shocked by how fake she had been before and how quickly she changed. She put me on an indefinite hold. We never got any assistance from their so called management, no call backs, nothing.

They stopped work, we paid them for the horrible work they had done and told them not to come back. Several pieces were broken when we unpacked despite their claim of "professional moving". It was a nightmare, never use this company. They are definitely not worth it, all this pain at $130/hr.

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Satisfaction Rating

It has been a horrible experience dealing with All You Can Move (or Freedom Van Lines). They are incompetent and they lack the basic skills required to run a moving company. The management is both extremely rude (especially the manager Krista) and lacks any empathy for their customers. The customer service is non-existent.

In June 2011, we hired another company (Unity Van Lines) to move our belongings from Providence, RI to a storage facility and then to Dallas, TX. Our original company sub-contracted All You Can Move without our knowledge or permission to transfer our belongings from the storage facility to our apartment in Dallas. We would have never hired this company due their numerous Better Business Bureau (BBB) and online complaints.

The rudeness from All You Can Move's Krista began at the very beginning of our relationship with this company. She called me one day in October to schedule the move and didn't even state what moving company she was with. She seemed frustrated with me from the very beginning of the phone call and it only exasperated her frustration when I tried to get her to clarify what company she was with and why she was calling me to schedule the move instead of the company I had originally hired.

Upon delivery of our belongings, my boyfriend and I noted that a handmade wooden chair and bike were missing. When we told the lead mover this and he said that he would personally check for us and to call him the following day (Saturday) on his cell phone. Additionally, one of the men stated that he may know where our belongings are in the warehouse and that maybe they were just left behind. Later on in the day, we realized that we were not only missing the chair and bike, but also a large picture frame that was individually wrapped and multiple boxes. My boyfriend called the lead mover the next day at about 2pm and he told him to never call his cell phone again and hung up.

For the next couple of weeks, we realized that we were missing much more and reported to the moving companies the additional missing items. Instead of either moving company being apologetic, they just kept blaming one another. We would get promises that they are doing everything they can, yet would receive no update. When I would call for an update, I would be told they would call me back but there would never be a return call. We even threatened to file a complaint with the BBB, to which Krista responded that the BBB was just a bunch of crooks.

In late November, we got a call Krista from All You Can Move saying that they found some of our things and we needed to come to the warehouse to claim it. My boyfriend and I took off work and drove to the warehouse to get the stuff. Krista, who promised she would be at the warehouse, was not there, leaving other employees with less knowledge of our situation to show us where our boxes were. Half the boxes they thought were ours weren't ours (seems this must happen a lot to have a large unclaimed pile of belongings) but we did get about eight boxes back. Evidently, the boxes were just sitting in the corner of the warehouse. All You Can Move said that the rest of the belongings may be on a moving truck that's leaving Vegas and to call later in the week to find out. Of course, we call and of course we are avoided.

It's January now and we are still missing many irreplaceable items. I have no hope of finding them. We are in the claims process but money can't replace many of these items. I don't know how these items were lost; this is their job. Judging from the multiple names this company has been under the only protection we can give you is this review and hope you see through the fake positive reviews. It has been a terrible experience and I hope that no one else has to go through it.

Satisfaction Rating

Horrible scammers, stay away!

I've moved across the country three times and this is absolutely the shadiest moving operation I've ever worked with. Their sales staff will feed you a beautiful story about their services, but look no further than their Better Business Bureau grade of F. They lied about the weight of my shipment, saying it was 1500 lbs heavier than it actually was. They charged by weight, so this meant they tried to defraud me of over $1,000.

Luckily, I saw through the scam and forced them to re-weigh. They didn't even apologize, no surprise because their representative, Krista **, was completely rude and uncommunicative the whole time. She has never returned a phone call and has mono-syllable responses to my questions. Once they've got your stuff, they just ignore you and fraudulently demand extra money to get it back. Note that many of the BBB complaints are about false advertising, like the fake reviews on google and the illegal use of the BBB logo on their site.

It forced me to overpay $1,038 to receive my shipment. After three days of stressful re-weighing, negotiating, and penetrating their lies, they finally refunded my money but did not make it right by compensating me for lost time, headaches and stress.

Satisfaction Rating

We agreed to use All You Can Move last summer. We requested and paid for packing, moving, and storing of our belongings. We were told that the packers would have all the materials (included in the price) and that our belongings will be placed on pallets, shrink-wrapped and stored in a secure, climate controlled warehouse.

The movers were 4 hours late and did not have proper packing materials. They "packed" our clothes in dirty packing blankets, packed our kitchen items in unpadded boxes, and put our pictures loose on the truck. We had to allow them to move because we had made no other arrangements for storage services and no time to regroup. The only paperwork we got from them was an email with our initial order that said they had to cancel it and reschedule (it was the rescheduled date that they were four hours late for arrival).

Several months later, we discovered that some important items had been taken by the movers against our instructions. We went to the All You Can Move warehouse in the North East part of Houston. We discovered our goods were piled in a hot, dirty unsecured warehouse alongside other people’s items. Upon discovering this, I made arrangements (at great cost to me) to move these items to a private, secure storage facility in Katy (not affiliated with the moving company). We even had to tolerate a group of movers who mishandled our goods and then wanted to follow me to my bank so I tipped them for their poor service. Again, we were never given any paperwork (no bill of lading).

Once we finally moved our items out of storage this past month, we discovered that we have someone else's box of items and four of our boxes are missing. These boxes held many of our family albums and keepsakes. We complained to the corporate office three times and were ignored. We asked the company to allow us access to their facility to look for our items and had our request denied. We finally asked for a copy of our bill of lading so we can file a claim since it has been 10 days and four phone calls from us but still no bill of lading.


My trauma began upon their arrival at **, Houston, Texas on that fateful day of May 8, 2010 and delivered on June 8, 2010. Upon arrival, one of the movers named Aaron Sandoval stated that they had been there before. My son’s apartment was on the second floor, but right next to the exit door leading to the garage and also ten feet from the elevator. So there was two ways they could exit and load the truck. They took the long route. I never mentioned anything because I thought they knew what they were doing and since they have been there before. They proceeded to pack, which I might add was extremely professional. I mention to the guys that I did not have enough tape to finish wrapping the last box, which was the one that my son's Apple computer was in. They responded do not worry, we will wrap for you. Guess what, that box is missing!

He started shuffling papers at me to sign (Raam was his name) and was telling me that I had more boxes then I had mentioned, which I agreed. I had 38 boxes, the rest was furniture. I had 81 pieces total. They charge by the weight, which Raam said could go as high as 6000 lbs. at 0.38 equals to $2280, which was ridiculous. I had estimated 2650 lbs. and I was really going over just to be safe. So we discussed this and I said, “No, I would go with the unbinding contract not binding,” which none of this is discussed with you prior to them coming.

Binding, meaning I would agree with the 6000 lbs., or unbinding taking my chances at the weigh station seeing how true I am to weight, which really does not matter because they can add the weight at the station and you are at their mercy. They had said I could follow them to the weight station and see for myself, but I lived out of state and I had to go on my way. I told the one guy that I trusted, Aaron S., to let me know about the weight. He said he would, which he did not because they did not go to the weigh station. He was given instructions to drop the shipment at some address that I do not even know.

So, they quote you a price when you call, things change when they come and quote you another price which I understand I had more but 6000 lbs.! Really. Oh, before I forget, I was suppose to get a copy of the actual weight of my shipment that day, which I did not get until the middle of June. Odd? So I went from a charge of $900 something to $1700.00 and extra charge of $300.00 for long haul from my apartment to the truck. In other words, I went from 2695 lbs. to 3560 lbs. for a one bedroom apartment. This is ridiculous, but believe me true.

On Monday 10, 2010, I called the customer service department and spoke to a Krista Wilson. I mentioned my move date, which was two days prior to Monday, because I knew it could not be much more than specified, like I said my son's apartment was only one bedroom and she said she still did not have it give her a couple of days. I thought how odd, I had checked with the weigh station and they said that a copy of the weight is given right away to the driver. So where was mine? The person said I should have that copy right away or at least told. I started seeing the writing on the wall, so I started investigating. I repeat I did not get that until the middle of June.

Why? Krista never called me. I had to call several times and see if I would get the weight and how much more or less, what a shock! I lost it, 865 lbs. more and extra $300.00 for the long haul! I said I never signed no such document. She said yes. I wanted proof. They sent a copy. Yes, it was my signature, but they had copied my signature from another document that I did sign and pasted it to this document! How unethical! There were many e-mails between Krista and I and a lot of arguments about the charges. I had to send a registered letter so I can get my shipment because she would not respond to me. This was a nightmare!

I had hired two men that work in a furniture place here in Houma to unload my furniture upon arrival, that way I did not want to deal with them any longer. They are so unethical and not to be trusted. As soon as Aaron saw me, he apologized for not calling me on the 8th to let me know my weight. He said he never weighed my shipment that night; they told him to drop off the truck and they would take care of it. He also said he did not weigh this shipment crossing the interstate; it was done for him and he did not recognize the signature. Now I did not get my weight on the May 8th, but he gave me the weight on June 8th and he did not weigh it! What is going on?

When my guys, which I hired came and started to unpack, I asked them, since they are professionals, how much weight they thought this particular shipment weighed they responded around 1500 to 2000lbs. My goodness, how unethical! Aaron was extremely apologetic about the whole situation and started telling me that they, All You Can Move, add weight to the shipments. I just don't trust them! I had to leave to go back to work and begrudgingly signed and had to give him cash or a money order nothing less is acceptable. Right there tells you something.

To make a long story short, the damages I encountered on my furniture. The Armoire, only over a year old, had chunks of wood missing and one of door does not stay. My son paid $953.00 for the Armoire; they only offered $162.00. The missing Apple computer was paid $1530.00; still have the receipts and they offered nothing. My son had been at the hospital, so I was in was charge of moving his things. What a mess. There were other things missing and damaged. Also, my son's silverware, which I gave him (it was mine when I was married it was over 30 years old), is gone! I do not recommend this company to anyone. I also sent a letter to the Better Business Bureau recently and the way their IR accreditation has been revoked because of the overwhelming complaints and not resolving them. Please do not use this company!


We had a terrible experience with All You Can Move. My estimate was $700 (1 truck / 3 men 6 hr at $110 by Tekla). I was told that there was no extra charge for moving our upright piano and no travel charge as it was short distance - 1.5 mile. On the moving day, I was told that they had an extra mover so they could move things faster. I agreed to the extra $19, thinking we could finish moving under 6 hrs. The movers showed up around 10 a.m., telling me there was extra charge for piano of $150 and travel charge for $39. I showed him my email confirmation and he dropped the travel charge but insisted on the piano charge of $100. I felt cheated but had to agree.

They finished loading around 2 p.m. While only two guys were working constantly, I couldn't see one guy most of the time, and the head mover worked maybe 15% of the time. They took a lunch break and got to my house little before 3 p.m. Again, two guys moved things into my house; the head mover took down the furniture pad, the other was not in sight. They unloaded all my boxes in the garage, not moved to the rooms. For the last hour, all they did was taking the pad outside, folding them and organizing their truck. They did not move my stuff.

In the end, I was charged a total of $1107.50 for 7.5 hrs. And my dining table was damaged, our mattresses were dragged dirty and damaged. One wall in the old house was damaged as well. The mover did not feel bad for the damages they made and asked for tips! What a shame! We moved before and this is the most terrible experience we ever had with moving companies. I was outraged and I talked to Tekla about our experience. Nobody called to email me as promised. Be careful if you plan on using them.


On 4/14/10, I entered in to a moving contract with All You Can Move. Javier was my representative with the company who quoted me $987 to move my household items. This included a team of four men, one truck, at $119/hour. Javier gave me this estimate based on an extensive detailing of my household items. On 5/12/10, the movers can as promised but by end of day, I was told that I was being charged for an extra truck and additional labor hours. I spoke to the owner, Hezi, the next day who told me that he would give me a deal and only charge me an additional $800 to get my items back. Krista **, also a representative of the company, threatened to put all of my belongings on hold until I agreed to pay twice the estimate I received. At this point, I knew I was in a bind and said that I would call once my new house was ready.

I called the company on 5/27/10 and spoke to Javier. I provided him with my new address and was told that the movers would come on the morning of 6/18/10. I also emailed Krista with this information on 5/27/10 and asked for a confirmation email. Airline tickets were purchased so my family and I could return to Dallas for the move on 6/18/10. When I received none, I called the company on 6/1/10 and was told that they no longer could move me in on 6/18/10 and I have to wait until 6/21/10. Now, I am out twice the amount of money from my estimate, the cost of an airline ticket, the cost of a few nights in a hotel and I still do not have my belongings. I worry about the safety of my things. I believe this is not just unethical business practice but borderline illegal. I have attempted to talk to these three contacts at the company and they threaten my belongings and charge me more money.

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