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Bronx, NY

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My fiance and I hired this company for a move in Manhattan last week. They move was basically 3-4 blocks only. They intially arrived 1 hour late and then proceeded to tell us that they would not do the move because of construction in front of the building. There was no place for them to park their truck in front of the building and essentially they were too lazy and did not want to carry the boxes and furniture around the side of the building. I informed them that all the other moving companies we have seen have done this but they refused. When I asked for the number of their supervisor, they refused.

My fiance called the company and was informed they had called in and were leaving. We called another moving company, Moishes, and they were at the apartment in 45 minutes and had the truck loaded in an hour.


Ron of Atlanta GA (11/19/01)

On 9/21/01 Ron, Operations Manager of Northern California for All American Moving & Storage (AAMS), came to my residence at 4141 Stevenson #329, Fremont, CA to do an estimate. He and I sat down and I questioned him regarding the estimate. stated that AAMS would handle everything including my auto. I questioned him about the estimate stating I wanted an all inclusive price. I explained the hardship my wife and I had gone through on our move to California to make it clear that I wanted a fixed price to include packing & shipping for everything.

He signed the Estimated Cost of Service and circled the Total Estimated Cost he listed at $3673. On 10/22/01 the movers arrived, I asked the Foreman, Tal, when my Jeep Cherokee was being picked up. AAMS arranged for NanBy Trucking Inc. to pick up the vehicle. On 10/23/01 with all but 5 to 10 items unloaded, the foreman Tal approached me with a bill for $6925 that did not include the auto transport charge of $975. While giving the inventory list Tal dragged his clipboard across the hood of my '01 Jeep Cherokee. I pointed it out and called the AAMS in New York, the man on the phone would not take my complaints.

Tal asked for half the bill to be paid before they left. I wrote a check to AAMS for half the original estimate ($1936.50). Since 10/25 I continued to call AAMS, leaving a number of messages never returned. On 11/6/01 the New York office said they have my things in NM and will not deliver my property unless they are paid the the balance of $6925 in cash. The written estimate say the maximum amount is not to exceed the total estimated cost plus 10 percent.

They are holding our household hostage unless they recieve cash. My wife has been in tears, I'm so angry I can't work. We only brought 10 days worth of clothes for the move.


When they moved me from Stamford, Connecticut to to San Francisco in 1999 they were supposed to store my stuff in S.F. until I give them the go-ahead to move me into a new apartment, instead they stored everything in New York. Which delayed my move in by about 2-3 weeks. They also lost my DVD player and offered like $160 for it (price was $500). I did claim the offered compensation, but they never sent it to me.

I had to stay at my own expense 3 weeks extra time in a hotel which cost me thousands of dollars. This expense might be indirect, but resulting from their business practices.


All American Movers lost $1,056 worth of personal household goods and refused to reimburse me even though I purchased $15,000 worth of insurance for protection of my possessions. They also quoted me .55 per lb after the first 1000 lbs and then proceeded to charge me .65 per lb.

They refuse to return my calls or acknowledge my fax communications. This has been going on for the past seven months now with no results.

I am a single mom on a very low budget. I made this move to attempt to better my daughter's future. It infuriates me that companies are allowed to get away with such poor quality business practices!

I am a part time tax preparer and my tax prep manuals and all of my notes were lost in the move due to the mishandling of my property. My eight-year old daughter's artist easel was also lost, and her sewing machine that was to be handed down to her when she was of an appropriate age to use it.

They were rude and condescending at a time when there was enough emotional stress to go around.

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