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Rated with 1 star
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Original review: April 21, 2012

I got scouted at the Queens Plaza Mall. They took my number and my son's name. Two days later, they called me to set up an appointment and they said everything will be free. My husband and I got there. We were received by this rude guy Tim. He showed us pictures and said our son was really cute and he can make it to the business, etc. My son is 7 weeks. He asked us two forms of IDs. Credit card is fine, he said. He just wanted money since credit card is not a form of ID. He then showed us this chart with price from $550 to $2250. We felt pressured by him. My husband paid and he said "okay, come to the studio for picture".

Right away, we went and took the pictures. He rushed us and didn't even let us read the contract. After coming home, I had doubt and started to search them on the internet and found out we were scammed. I called the Tim guy to cancel. He said why and they can't cancel because the service have been rendered. So the next day, we went and said we did some research and that they were sued by NYS general attorney for fraud, etc. She didn't want to hear it and said for us to come back tomorrow to see the manager. First, she said she is the manager. The next day, I contacted the ''manager''. He said "come in Tuesday, we will talk it out". Anyway, I plan to complain to the NYS attorney general in Nassau and sue them also. We have to put a stop to these people. If you have been scammed by these people, contact me please. Thank you and be careful.

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Rated with 1 star
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Original review: March 27, 2012

I was ripped off by this company by thousands of dollars. They used deceitful ways to get the money from my pocket. My daughter always wants to be a model, but they offered me a discount for my other daughter, so I get both of them. They did all the pictures. All of this started in October 28 2011 by the end of the month of November. Jennifer ** the director got into all of this. She called me on November 30, 2011. She said that she had a contract for my two daughters in Macy’s that I have to pay more money because of this contract with Macy's. She asked me for my credit card number and she said it may not work. Also, I have to bring my son because they needed little boys to model for Toys ‘R Us.

When I get there in person in December 1, 2011, they already took my money from my credit card. Also, she said that the photos from my son were taken for free. All of these weren’t true. I am still waiting for that contract and also the contract for Toys ‘R Us for my son. After I did the complaint with the attorney general James, the sales director called me to mediate with me, but he wants only to give back the last money that they took from my credit cards. I want all my money back because they didn't give the jobs in modeling that they are supposed to be offering to my kids. They are just stealing money from innocent people like me. I disputed the chargers with my credit cards, but nothing happened. I did also complaints to the offices of General Attorney in Manhattan and in Nassau County in Long Island.

I suggest to all the people that have the same problem to contact the Attorney General offices in both places so we could get them to court to get our money and dignity back, not only for us as parents for our kids. They deserve the best of this world. Here is the website of the attorney general: Also the phone number to do the complaint on the phone: 1-800-771-7755.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: March 4, 2012

My wife and son was approached by Melissa and asked if they would like our granddaughter to model for Macy's. My granddaughter's dream is to become a model. We were deceived by New Faces because we wanted to give our granddaughter her life time dream. This development is ripping people like me and others, thousands of dollars. They begin by telling you that you only have to pay for photos and on the following visit, they lure you into buying for a promotion, which they make it seem that the photos aren't of any value without the promotion. I lost my $2,250 because of what happened.

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Rated with 1 star
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Original review: Feb. 22, 2012

I was lured by this company New Faces in Queens Center Mall. On the initial interview, I was made to believe I only had to pay $750.00 for a photo shoot for them to promote my daughter. Clearly cannot cancel now because they only give you three days. The representative eagerly said to me that my daughter fits the criteria for a GAP modeling job they had available for the spring. I asked him if there was a catch to all this and if I had to pay additional fees. He advise that all I had to do is pay for the composite cards that would carry my daughter's pictures for them to promote my daughter and work with her for a year. I read the contract that they provide that is very vague in detail.

On my second interview I met with an infamous "Marketing Director" that told me that I had to pay an additional membership valuing at $900.00. For 1 year they would promote my daughter by them placing her photos on a website, she advised that she did not recommend the composite cards, that I should buy the online composite cards.

I feel so angry because the first gentleman did not mention the additional monies on the initial interview for them to just place my daughter's picture on a website. Now I feel cheated and do not know if I should continue or pay for the extra services. I have no pictures for my daughter because I didn't have the extra cash to continue with my daughter's modeling. Please advise on what I can do to fight for the money I put up.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Feb. 18, 2012

My daughter and I were approached in the mall approximately 3 to 4 yrs ago. I am glad to read that New Faces is now under investigation because I thought I was the only one that fell victim to this. I paid at least $1000 for a same day photoshoot. I initially said I'm gonna think about it, but I was coerced to pay right away or else opportunity will fly, as per female interviewer from New Faces.

My daughter was very excited so I succumbed to the offer. After the shoot, we got the negatives of the pix and was called in a few weeks for an audition in the city, supposedly for an Alicia Keys videomercial over the internet. It's been a while, but no call back. Please help me to get reimbursed for this scam.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Jan. 28, 2012

New Faces development is an elaborate business to trick and scam parents with young children into a false understanding of a modelling contract. They are con artists who use hard sell strategy to rush impressionable parents into spending money for an outrageously expensive photo shoot and modelling lessons for your children and modelling "gigs" promises that your kids would be paid thousands of dollars for.

We got scammed today and rushed into signing and initialing just like some have described. We got home an hour later and realized the scam and called to cancel within one hour. But they said services have been rendered. It was all 15 minutes of digital photos in a non-heated room by a photographer wearing a winter jacket in the only wrinkled clothing that my son wore. There was no props, wardrobes, make up, lessons, etc. like they said. They denied the refund due to "services already rendered" which was the 15 minutes of the most unprofessional digital photo time.

By the way, they still own these digital photos until you pay extra to get them. So we basically spent two hours of our time being scammed into the 15-minute photo time. We have no pictures to keep, no modelling lessons, nothing to advertise our son to any of the companies they promised to find "gigs" for our son. But their services is somehow rendered, and we are out of $550.00. Unbelievable. We will bring them to court if refund is not done.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 1, 2011

We were suckered into signing the contract for my son with false promises and no information. Additionally, we were forced into paying extra for putting the pictures online which they claimed was included at first. I have been trying to reach them for over a month with no success. Please help us to resolve this issue.

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2011

My wife was approached by a so called rep from this bogus company that preys on children, like predators for the exception one is for sexual gain but this matter is for financial gain. I have given these crooks $3000 for photo shoot and they have stated they would get our son into the business. May 2012 will be a year with no response from anybody. It's quite clear with all the complaints something is very wrong here. I respectfully request something be done about this and my funds be returned ASAP. In closing, it's a sad day when adults prey on innocent kids! Please help.

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2010

I took my daughter to New Faces in 07 where she was told that she will make it far in the business. $3000 later with a 3 yr contact, no work or phone call, I did make several attempts to contact them, finally getting to talk to someone. I was told to bring my daughter in for an updated photo shoot and that she would be on top of the "list" for work. Never did I hear from them. My daughter's contract is up and I'm out $3000.

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2010

I was approached at the mall by a representative of New Faces Development so that my son could be assessed for his acting/modeling potential. I provided my name and phone number. A day or so later, I was contacted by someone named Josey to set up the face-to-face interview. During the call, I was told that if I was a single parent, I would not need to bring the father along. I replied that my son's father was in his life but they said the criteria they used were whether we lived together or not. I also asked Josey if the interview process involved arranging for a portfolio. She said that it did not but that if my son was called for a catalog work then perhaps they would need to arrange for photos. Before we hung up, someone else got on the line to confirm the appointment and subsequently they called me three more times to make sure that I was still coming to the appointment.

On the day of the appointment, after an hour of waiting, I met with Tim. He said that if the father was in my son's life, he would need to be present whether we lived together or not. He wanted to meet with the person who made the financial decisions and it is I because the pictures may cost $500. I told him that I was informed that there would be no photo costs and he scoffed at the suggestion. He agreed to continue the discussion and showed me a huge binder and asked me to look over the thank you letters they had received.

I commented that I observed that the letters were very old and he became agitated. I asked him what exactly it would entail if I decided to proceed. He showed me a price list ranging from $500 for one picture, to $2500 for multiple shots. I looked at the costs for 3 shots for $1550, $550 for the computer cards which are necessary if the pictures are going to be sent to agencies, another $1550 to be added to their website and $45 to get a copy on a disk. I told him I wanted to sleep on it and get back to him the next day. He said that if I could not decide then and there, I could meet with them again next year.

I protested that it was not fair that the money would be expected that day since I was told there would not be any costs and I was unprepared to spend that amount of money that day. He then said one is either in or out. I asked how much of a deposit is required and he said that the money would have to be paid in full upfront by credit card as a required form of ID. He then said that if they still want to work with me tomorrow, they would give me a call.

When I left there, I called and asked to speak to the manager regarding my rude encounter with Tim. Tim came on the phone and said he was laughing and that he had taped our interview without my consent or knowledge. I finally got to speak to James and he apologized and said that if I wanted to, I could contact them again and speak directly to him. When I got home, I conducted some research on the company which I should have done beforehand and found out that they have scammed many people out of their hard earned money and caused a lot of disappointment to children with their unscrupulous and deceptive practices. My time is money and I spent a lot of time entertaining their scamming practices and it caused a great disappointment to my son, and stress to myself when I was treated so rudely for not paying thousands of dollars on the spot to a man I had met only minutes before, and with no contract to review beforehand.

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Original review: July 7, 2010

I'm trying to get desperate help with the fraud Ad Agency. I am a parent of an 8-yr old and I was recruited in Queens Mall Rego Park New York for my son for modeling by the agency. Their name is New Faces Development located in Hicksville Long Island N.Y. They prey on families with young infants and children. We fell into the trap and so many others who doesn't even speak English. They will show a pretty picture but no outcome of the deal.

I signed the contract on 4/7/2010 and it has been 3 months with no response. I ended up paying $1600 for the contract. Then another $850 for pictures. Then another $45 for picture rights and that's it. It has been so frustrating everyday and my son is hopeful and waits for the news everyday coming from school about his modeling gig as they said to him and he gets upsets. My heart breaks for him. I don't know, please help me and many other family members who are the victims to this scam. After I ended up paying I "googled" the agency and that's where I found out the agency's complaints. I tried to file a complaint online but I couldn't get through so I am emailing to your organization to get help with this dire situation.

Please help me and many more kids and families. Kindly please resolve this complaint before the complaint time limitations are over and I can't get any justice and they get away with a slap on the wrist and we get slapped on our faces. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or email me with answers. The State should close down this business.

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Original review: June 4, 2010

I was approached by a teenage scout at Smith Haven Mall many months ago regarding my daughter was told that my daughter was beautiful and that I should get her into modeling or acting and that New Faces would be able to deliver this to me and that there was not cost to see and speak to an agent there. Once they called, all I had to do was make an appointment so that they can look at my daughter to see if they felt she was was what they were looking for. I received a call and was told to come by and the person sounded very friendly and since I had just had my son, I told him that now was not the time for it. She assured me that whenever we were ready then to give them a call or stop by, so they can look at my daughter.

On June 3rd 2010, I decided to stop by the New Faces since I had seen where they were located before, just passing by, and I had some free time on my hands. I was also interested in getting my son for some ad modeling, so I thought I would just stop by with the kids and ask some more information of who they were and what they had to offer, I stopped in and asked if I could just get some information on them and right away they asked if I had an appointment with them, I said no and repeated that I just wanted to ask some more information on them and another lady at the desk said, "Oh well, do you want to sign and are your kids with you, I answered yes and she said, "Well sign in and maybe a talent agent can look at both of them today."

I got excited and agreed. I was later called by man that didn't even introduce himself and seemed like he wanted to intimidate me. He asked me if my husband was with me and said no he away at work, than he said well it says parents so he has to be here. I told him that was not possible since he was deployed. He then asked me if I can make decisions on my own, and as an adult I felt like that was a pretty easy question to answer, I answered yes and he told me to have a seat and that someone will be calling me soon. Minutes later, he again called me in his office, he told me my kids were very cute and that I too was pretty and that he would love to have the chance to photo shoot me and he asked how old I was. I told him no and that I was only here for the children.

He pretty much rushed the entire process and showed me all of these success stories of how they all are new faces clients. He showed me his own daughter even and said she has been doing it since she was seven and that he how has a college savings for her from the work she has done. He asked for two pieces of ID, one being a credit card, and my license. Then he showed my daughter and I the wall full of DVD covers of movies and how they are all new faces people and the potential my kids have, he said he has Toys R Us and law and order that are looking for someone. He said, he would really love to get some shots of my daughter. He than pulled out a blank paper that he drew a circle on and marked an X with and said write down a number that you can do and I'll see if I can work with you. He said that if I did both kids, than I would receive a discount and that he would throw in a free change of clothes too. At the same time as he had pulled out the blank paper, he also pulled out a paper that had prices and the number of head shots and number of outfits. It raged from one to four outfit changes and the prices ranged from $550 to $2500.

I am new to all of this and didn't really know what to do, I wasn't sure what to base the number on since I felt that I can only spend a couple of hundred but since the chart of numbers were laid out in front of me, I wrote 800 but in no way was I aware that minutes later he would ask for my card and quickly charge the entire thing upfront. It really happened so fast, I was initialing a contract that I had to time or chance to read. He just pulled it out and said okay sign here, and initial here, and date there, and so forth. I really didn't get a chance to understand what I was doing and why it was all happening so fast. I didn't feel good about it and they ruse my daughter off to get her ready and put makeup and fix her hair. I went to get a change of diaper for my son and my daughter was half way done. My sons diaper had leaked and I had no change of clothes for him, so I didn't worry because he said that he would do both of them with one change of clothes so i thought okay good, they have clothes they will put on him, i asked the makeup lady and she said no we don't provide a change of clothes.

So the clothes that we walked in with was what my kids would be forced to wear to a photo shoot that cost me 400 each child for a bunch of pictures that no talent agency or modeling industry would be interested in because my daughter was wearing cut off raggedy jean shorts with an orange tee shirt and shoes that didn't match. When he said an outfit change, I thought they would have that there since I am being charged an arm and a leg for the services and supposedly they are professionals that would give me expert advise on ways to get into the modeling industry but yet they are willing to have her look like that in her photo shoot. Now I know it's because they don't want anyone to have the time to go home and realize that it's all a scam and to cancel their contract or agreement which supposedly they only have three days to do if they didn't have a photo shoot yet, in which it has to be a certified return receipt letter that they (new faces) must have in their possession within 3 days of the written contract. Ridiculous! It's all a scam, I plan to cancel my son's shoot and I hope to get my money back but from all of the other clients online that I have read, I probably won't see that money for a while if at all. $800 in charges to my credit card.

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Original review: June 3, 2010

On March 2010, I was also approached by a teenage scout from Queens Center Mall like everyone else by the New Faces Development Center, who thought my daughter was model material. They called me up and asked for me to come to their area of location which was at Hicksville Long Island. My husband and I saw many people and felt this is a business that is in high demand for models.

Mecca ** approached us and asked for us to settle down while she explained the options of a lucrative career in modeling for my child. She was very good in manipulation and explanation in how she had thank you cards from clients. We were suckered in and paid 850 for 2 photo shoots. I then went home and we were confused. I looked through the contract and was in dismay and in shock because I was scammed. Right away I cancelled and did not go for the second shoot. I want all parents to read what I am suggesting how to get your money back because I did and here are the ways:

1) Make sure you follow the 3 day cancellation with certified letter and return receipt with signature. Please notarize your letter and make a copy of that letter. Write on the receipt New Faces Development Center refund. Also e-mail them the same letter you sent in the certified letter and fax as well.
2) Call them a few days later and ask if they received the letter and also contact your credit card company or bank. Document the times, days and a detailed conversation in a small notebook.

3) Keep all documents what you sent and what you received, make sure you also e-mail, fax and keep all telephone records for proofs of contact with them. They do not respond to e-mails but you will have a copy of the sent e-mail that you can print out.

4) Call them everyday and ask what is going on regarding your refund.
5) They may call and inform you that you will receive a small percentage of the full amount that you have paid, which happened to me. They told me that I will receive only 150 out of 850. I had a huge argument with Mecca and ended up talking to Deidra who was known as a refunding manager. We had a very unsettling argument and at the end when I told them I would go to the media that was then she promised my entire refund after 30 days. I drafted a verbal agreement letter of the conversation I had with Diedra and again faxed, certified and emailed that verbal agreement letter.

6) After 30 days, I called them again and demanded my money. It took them a week to process my full refund.

I have been completely traumatized by this experience and feel that they should be sued. They took pictures of my child which I have never seen or know what happened to it. They have been in trouble and continue to do this to other innocent people. To all parents and to all caregivers, please do not give up, let your voices be heard and let others know that they should contact the Attorney General. FTC, Consumer Fraud, and any senators who should know what is going on is a scam and psychologically crushing of dreams.

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Original review: April 19, 2010

My wife met someone at Roseltfield Mall, and was invited to go New Faces of Hicksville. I went with her and my daughter. Christian explained to us very clearly that they are the agency that get paid by an agency to look for models for them, and will not have to pay any money only to shoot some pictures. We paid $1500 for the pictures. When my wife went over there for the pictures, they told her she had pay another $2000 which she did. Now I need my money back because it is a scam.

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Original review: March 7, 2010

We were scouted at the Queens Center Mall in December. We were more curious than anything and wanted to find out what this was about. They told us over the phone that it would cost us nothing so we made an appointment to see them. We got there and waited a little bit and then this guy, Tim, brought us into his office and said our son was cute, etc. He showed us a book full of other kids photo shoots and also said most of these kids will get a gig of some kind. He was a good salesman and he really made us believe that. They then asked for a credit card and ID which I foolishly gave.

I signed the contract but felt kind of rushed and didn't read it carefully. He asked to take some pictures that same day which we also agreed to do. The studio was a mess and the photographer seemed incompetent. I had a bad feeling at that time but it was already done. So we went home, did some internet research and found out that this company has been scamming many people for a while now.

We felt really stupid that we got pressured into this by this Tim guy. We called him right away and told him we wanted to cancel everything and he got really nasty on the phone (180 degree change from when we first met). I called my credit card company and told them we thought we were scammed and they put this charge on hold while they investigated. However, about 2 months later, I found out the charge will stand since everything they did was "legal". I am now out $850 for nothing. However, it is a good learning lesson for us and hopefully we will be more careful next time. These guys were really scam artists in disguise and should be put out of business permanently.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2009

We got scouted at Roosevelt Field Mall, made an appointment, got suckered into signing the deal the day of the appointment, and then got suckered into paying to have our photos put on (which we thought was included with the initial fee). No Deals! We spent $3,000 and got nothing out of it.

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2009

i did sigh a contract, i followed their cancelation policy which is within 3 days i can cancel the contract by sending acancelation notice via certified mail and within 30 days my money will be refunded. it has been 40 days i dont have my money yet. Please help.

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Original review: Nov. 20, 2009

I had dealings with a modeling/scouting agency for my 2 children. I was going to take 4 outfits each of my kids. I paid $2000. They told me on the day I was there for the consultation, "oh the outfits they are wearing are cute, lets do one of the outfits now." I did, after all I have 4 outfits to choose from.

After reading up online about the scam they run, I called them and told them I am canceling all transactions with them after what I read. I followed their cancellation policy, sent them the letter to be refunded $2000. They agreed and said they were sorry that we weren't doing business but only after 30 days passed only refunded me $600. I disputed it with my credit card company and they tell me they can't do anything.
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Original review: Oct. 6, 2009

While shopping in the Queens Center Mall I was approached by a gentleman solicitor who claimed my granddaughter was extremely beautiful, and asked if I wanted her to become a model or do TV commercials. Naturally my response was yes, but then I asked who he was and who he worked for. He said he worked for NewFaces Model Agencies out of Hicksville NY, and gave me a card. I called, they scheduled me for 10/4/09. I recieved a confirmation call from a Jennifer. I arrived on time to my appointment along with 100 others, waited three hours to be called then was informed that prior to any modeling jobs they required a complete photo shoot on the spot and needed to give them $1000.00 immediately which would be fully refundable if I was unsatisfied in any way. I went along with the request because I was offered a full refund within three business days if I unhappy. They took a several pictures of my grandaughter right there and told me to prepare several outfits and come back the next day for a full photo shoot for her portfolio. Afterwards I did a little homework on the company and found out that they are not a modeling agency, but rather photographers and have been introuble before for swindling people out of money pretending that they would get them modling work. I immediately, prior to the photo shoot went to the office to see Jennifer and requested my refund. They said they would not refund the money. Less than 24 hours had passed from when they charged my credit cards yet they would not refund my money. I was angry and confused at why they lied and wondered how many others they had been doing this to. So this why I called you, I need help in obtaining all the photos they did take of my grandaughter as well whatever money was charged to my account. I tried to stop the credit card charges myself, but will not be certain if they dont go thru until next billing cycle. I am extremely concerned with where the photos of my granddaughter will wind up. Please help me resolve this issu and guid me on how to help avoid others from making this very same mistake. Annivette

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2009

My husband and i were in Queens Center Mall. A guy from the New Faces stand came up & said that our daughter was so cute and that we should put her in modeling. After we filled out a slip giving them our phone numbers. He said that we should get a call from them in a few days. A week later we got a call and my husband set up the meeting. We were ok with everything they had told us until the day of the FREE Meeting. They must of called like 5 times in a matter of 10 min. I was so upset. I told my husband and he said that we shouldnt go but i told him that it wouldnt hurt to see what they had to say. I told him that if we didnt like what they had to say, we'll just walk out. On our way there we called 411 to get information on them before making the full trip over but we couldnt get the right number.From the min we got there we didn't feel good about the place. We waited more then an hour for someone to talk to us. This FAT Lady Director came and took us in her office and strated to tell us how they have been in business for more then 10 years and to look at her books of all the kids they found jobs for. So my husband wanted to get to the point of how much was everything was going to cost us. She got a upset and said to wait that she was going to get to that in a few min. My husband also asked her how many complaints they have had in the past 10 yrs. She had that they have a high % in finding kids jobs and only had 1 complaint. She told us that not ever kid they interview gets in New Faces. So i asked her how long would it take for them to let us know if our baby was accepted, she never answer my question. After her Speech she showed us a price sheet and said that everything was included (pic and website)and had to pay the price of the picture before we left. It started from 550 and up. Right away my husband said that we didnt have that kind of money and she said that if we couldnt spear 550 and we said NO. After that she said that it woludnt work out with our baby. So we Asked her if and when we had the money can we back just to see what was her answer. She said No and had to wait 1 year to got back for another interview. When we got home we checked them out on the website and saw all of the unhappy ppl and a lawsuit. Its sad to know that they are in business. Dont understand!!... Every time I hear the name New Faces coming out of any parent mouth I tell them that it's a lie. They should be removed from all MALLS. Be strong and say NO if you fell unsure.

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2008

Got Scammed!

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

I believe I was scammed. I was approached at Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City NY by a talent scout representing New Faces. they were very interested in my daughter, Daniela (16 months). My wife and I thought it was a good idea as the talent scouts led us to believe that Daniela has the look that may her succeed as a model. The scout told us that it was a free evaluation and we should contact a Director at New Faces to schedule an appointment. on July 26th, 2008, after waiting nearly two hours for the appointment, we met with a male Director. He gave a convincing sales pitch, showing dozens of their clients that made it, including his own daughter. Bottom-line, to take advantage of the Fall catalog opportunities, we were told that the sooner we decide to do this for Daniela, the better for her potential career.

Not wanting to be bad parents, we paid $850 that day and a half session photo shoot. We had a follow-up appointment on Aug 2nd, 2008, where we paid an additional $1,200 and complete the second half of the photo shoot. I have not heard from New Faces since that last meeting. I got concerned.

I started to do an internet search and found on the NYS attorney general website that in 2006, New Faces was sued and found guilty of deceptive business practices and had to paid restitution and penalties. I read the article and I turned white. The article described my very experience as if the whole process was videotaped. In the article, it mentioned that New Faces rarely obtained modeling or acting employment for its clients. The Director stated the photos of Daniela are placed on a website where prospective clients would view them. Are there any prospective clients viewing the websites? I am not sure. But then again, how would anyone know?

I had no prior knowledge of New Faces legal history. I thought this was a legitimate company. Most consumers do not research companies on the NYS attorney general's office to see their legal status. If I knew New Faces was sued for deceptive business practices, I would not have paid $2050 with no chance of receiving a refund. Obviously, no one at New Faces disclosed this information. When I was at their office those two days, there were dozens of families coming into their facility every hour, on the hour. All of them with hope that their children may have a chance at modeling. I feel like a complete fool.

Economic Damage: $2050 Emotional Damage: High

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Original review: June 18, 2008

I went to New Faces as my daughter wanted to be interviewed in hopes of becoming a model. We spoke to Tim, Director of Operations, who said my daughter was very pretty, she would probably get called for work right away, and he said that he wanted to take her pictures right away because he expected a call for movie extras. He showed us a book of kids and teenagers who had their pictures taken and had been in magazine ads, movie extras, and commercials.

He asked me for my drivers license and credit card and I showed my license and an additinoal photo I.D. He wanted a credit card and I said a credit card is not I.D. and why did he need to see it. He became very angry and I became skeptical and said I thought this was a skam. He then was very upset and my daughter started crying. Because my daughter was so excited about this, I felt I had to apologize to him and then showed him a credit card. He then explained to me that he received no money from companies who called for photos, and if my daughter got work, she would be the client and be paid directly by the company.

He then explained the photos and I felt they were very expensive, but again my daughter wanted to do this. He said they needed to take pictures right away and wanted to schedule a photo shoot for Friday, June 20th. He gave me a contract to sign and left the room, but came back in five minutes and said he wanted to show us where the makeup artists were and where the photos would be taken.

I felt everything was in a rush. I signed the contract, unfortunately, without having time to read it. We then toured the photo area and left. I felt uneasy and went home.

On Tuesday, June 17th when I went back to work, I asked people at work and they told me to check the Consumer Affairs page and NY State attorney general web site. I did and to my dismay New Faces was brought up on charges for misleading people. I read the contract and realized to cancel was impossible as it stated a certified return receipt letter needed to be sent and received within three days of signing which would be physcially impossible to do.

I called Tim on June 18th and requested a refund. He said I had to sent a certified letter in three days and I responded that it was physically impossible to do so and he purposely set up the paperwork that way. He asked me why I wanted a refund and I told him that I check out New Faces on the consumer affairs web site and they were brought up on charges of misleading people. He then said he had yellow signs in his office and he told me to read them when I was present and I told him that I did not see any yellow signs in his office and he did not tell me to read them. I then said I wanted a refund and asked him what is response was. He said I had to read to contract and send a certified letter in three days. I told him I would get a lawyer and hung up.

I am out or have now lost $1,000 as New Faces refuses to give me a refund and would really like some help on this.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2008

Someone came up to me and my children in the mall and wanted to make an appointment for my children at New Faces. They said it was free, so we agreed and gave out info. We went for the appointment thinking they were going to test the kids to see if they were too shy or photographed well, but they didn't even care about that. My wife and I were really put on a spot when she told us it was almost $1,800 for a photo-shoot which she said we would need. We said we didn't have the money. So they went down in price and gave it to us for $900.00, and they said we would come back for the photo-shoot, and then again to pick the pictures we would use. We would have to pay $45.00 for the rights to the film, and we would have to buy either composite cards which were $4.50 each or have an online membership at a comparable cost to the cards.

I was shocked and very upset when they are now telling me they want another $3,000 to get the online membership, and that they are doing away with the cards because you would need 100 cards. When I told the woman I couldn't afford it ,she was nasty and gave me back all the slides. They told me when I agreed for the photo-shoot that they would airbrush the photos and stuff, and now they just gave them back to me "as is", even though I paid $900.00 for pictures that I could have taken better, myself. They are very deceiving; they also wanted their money right there and then--no time to go home and think about it. She just wanted us to put it on a charge card. Now I am out $900.00 for nothing but some slides that are horrible, that they didn't even airbrush like promised, and if I want to use them I have to spend more money to have them made into regular photos.

My credit card is at it's limit and i have to pay off this $900.00 for nothing and they knew my wife was 9 months pregnant they also told her to bring in the new babay when it was about 2 weeks old , it wouldn't need a photoshoot or anything because it is hatrd to get newborns, after we didn't have the money to list the kids on there website they want nothing to do with that anymore.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2007

We were Shopping in Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn, when some Talent scout began to hound us about our son had this incredible look. 2 days later some one called us to set up an appointment then suddenly we were SLAMMED into a $ 250 photo shoot agreement on 5/12/07. Then we had to comeback a week later to view the slides which again we had to PURCHASE the negatives at $45. Further more they set up an appointment to meet with the MARKETING DIRECTOR on 5/27/07 and SLAMMED us into paying an additional $600 for some online comp cards that takes 6 WEEKS to put online.

We were late on our rent payment that caused an economic hardship on us we had to borrow money from family members. our family was almost torn apart because we kept arguing and bickering about paying for something that we really did not have to begin with. There was alot of emotional distress due to the fact that we and our son really thought that he would get casted for a movie role and model for some magazines. We have been having a hard time explaining to our 6 year old who watched the movie invasion with us and can not understand why these kids are acting and he is not.

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Original review: May 22, 2007

We were recruited from the Mall at Roossevelt Field shopping center. When we went to the actual site. They stated they were not an agency. But would promote our daughter. We paid $1000.00 up front and had a photo shoot done. Then we had to pay another $1000.oo to have the pictures posted on a web site. We had the option of making the comp cards. But I have a friend who does printing and told them I can have it done myself for more than half the price they were charging. The rep did not like it. But we wound up going with the on line gigacomp promotion they selected.

Nothing ever came about. When I questioned what was being done about promoting her. They stated that they work with agencies such as Ford and Wilomena and it was up to them to contact new faces if they were interested in my daughter. That was not what I had been told prior. I thought they promoted her somehow. I could have had her pictures taken anywhere and sent them out to agencies myself.

They are basically a photo studio and nothing more. The first day we went I felt unconfortable and decided not to go with it. When I had called to ask for a refund or at last question what the policy was before I even had the photo shoot, i was told that my request had to be in writing and accepted via fedex and not in person. If they choose to refund me they would. The person I spoke to was very rude and no one there had a phone extension or actual contact number.

I decided to give it a shot anyway for my daughters sake. After the photoshoot, they never told me I had to pay more money to have her promted. So at that point I felt stuck to continue. I guess I was too trusting.

I paid about $2000.00 for just negatives o fmy daughter. What a jip. Plus my daughter was so excited. Plus I had to drive out there like 4 times and gas is so expensive. We always had to stay there for hours at a time. Very frustrating and I regret it.

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Original review: April 16, 2007

i went to new faces a few years ago and i was told i was chosen to go to paris for a modeling convention and that id have to pay out of pocket for the pictures so my dad knew how much it meant to me and paid the money for the pictures and after the pictures were taken and paid for they told us we also had to pay for the trip so my dad said we ouldnt afford it so they never gave us the pictures we paid for and it wasnt untill i read an artical about it that i realized we could have sued and im not sure if its to late to do so

we lost over 1,000 dollars and got no pictures in return

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Original review: April 15, 2007

My daughter and wife were approached by some people who stated that they had a special look and they should made an appointment to speak to someone from new faces who get people into modeling, commercials etc. We made an appointment, we were unable to make the appointment because of a medical emergency that I had. My wife called them and they said that they usually only give a person one appointment but they would make an exception in our case.

We went there, Jennifer met with us, and began to tell us how great the company is and that they work with a whole bunch of advertisement agencies that use their Web site to recruits people for acting position, to be in movies and magazines. She even said that her son had been selected for a Magazine shoot. She also said that we could get a discount off of the photo shoot, but the offer was good only today. I hate these types of sale tack ticks, but O went along anyway. She made it should as if the photo shoot was a glamorous thing, she said that we should be per paired to spend at least 4 to 5 hours there, Yes we did spend 4 to 5 hour there, but it was sitting on an uncomfortable wooded bench!!

The day of the photo shoot, we went there, the area where the photos were taken were in an area that was cold and not stat of the art. The photographer had to move the background by hand, we sat on some old stools and chairs, and they had a space heater that was supposed to keep you warm. It was a letdown from the feeling you got when we first spoke to Jennifer. They gave us a date to return and see our picture, pick out 3 or 4 picture for their web site which Jennifer told me would be an additional $450 for the pictures to be placed on their web site for 6 months.

Before we went back to see the pictures, my wifes friend told here that she say on the news that they had been under investigation for fraud. I went on the intranet and I saw the write-up on what had happen to them and I became very upset at what I had read because I was going through the same thing. When we did go back there because I wanted the negatives from the pictures that we had taken so that I could possible use them with another replicable company. When we say the picture, they were lest than spectacular, they did not look any better that picture that my daughter takes at Wal-Mart!!

My wife and I stated that we were disappointed with them, they asked when, and I told them that they had been in trouble with New York State for miss representation. The person first person said that if they were a not giving their customers jobs, they would not be able to show the picture that they had in there offices of their clients in magazines, she also stated that her nephew had just got work in prior weeks, (That sound familiar).

She walked out and said that she was going to get a manager, my wife followed her out of the room, and saw her ask the first person who she past to come and speak to us.(was not a manager) I told this new person who was sitting their with us that I had heard that they were charged with fraud, she first acted like she did not know what I was talking about, then I told her that I had read the write up on the Consumer Affairs web site. Then she said that that happened in 2005 and that all they ONLY had to do was post the two new signs where people could see them in their offices. We paid for the negatives and left.

I took the negative to a photo shop to verify that they were negatives and how could I get actual picture made from them and get digital picture from them. Jennifer from New Faces told me during our first meeting that I could use the negative to create picture as large as posters, of I could use computer software and scan in the negative and print pictures. This was not true, the person form the Photo shop said that we could possible get 5 x 6 pictures and they could not change them into digital.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2007

I paid over 150 dollars and recieved nothing from them. I put that money up to get something better and recieved squat!

That was alot of money that i could've put towards something better like hiring an agent!

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Original review: March 15, 2006

if i was one of the people that new faces modeling agency scamed how do i go about getting a refund or making a complaint also.? they still have a big booth set up at roosevelt field mall in garden city.

no one ever called my daughter for any type of interview leving her a crushed seven year old she thought she would be in pictures

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