Maultsby Talent

Wilmington, NC

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They are a scam! I took my daughter here earlier this year. I was asked to pay $465 in fees for setup. After taking a week to hear back from them, I asked for a refund and was told it was non-refundable by Patty. So, we went with and set up a photo session that was far from impressive just to get our money's worth. It has been about 2 months with no feedback or leads. Please, do not give money to this agency as you will live to regret it! A real agency would not charge any upfront fees. I wish I was educated from the start!

This site is full of predators and scam artists who post and then want you to talk with them on Yahoo. They all seem to have an 8 year old son named Jack or Mike. They are either from Ontario, Canada; Denmark; Miami, FL and somehow never in town at the moment, away on business or deployed in Iraq. I demanded my money back and was told it would be 72 hours to process! They sure did take the money quickly when I signed up and now they take 72 hours to process the refund? This site is full of predators and scam artists! No one is real!

Cynthia brought her son to audition at Maultsby Model and Talent Agency. We could not represent him without having any training first so she paid a deposit of $285.00 for training. She then asked for $100.00 of that back and we offered her the entire amount back instead even though she signed a form stating the amount paid is "non-refundable". She then refused the money but returned the next day during an agency Meet N Greet for a refund. At that point, we went by our office policy and told her we would give her credit for her money paid, but she had signed a non-refundable form. Her signature and name are signed besides the wording "non-refundable". The office policy is that and we will definitely honor the workshops she paid for. We have been in business 22 years, have an excellent reputation and will continue to do so even with this one person's complaint.

She is slandering Maultsby Model and Talent Agency and stating we would not return her money that we tried to return the day she came to our office. We have built a wonderful reputation in the film and entertainment business for 22 years and this one person who is unstable is trying to ruin our good name and business ethics by writing to you and others to complain. We are going to file a complaint here about her as well. One bad apple like this can definitely cause economic problems for a corporation.

We were told to come to "open call" and this is where it began, my son auditioned immediately said congrats you are the next new face, asked for $575 up front fees, and as we waited to find out what these fees represent. We noticed everyone came back out with their cash in hand and /or credit number. I was getting nervous, as a single mom we live off that little bit of $$.

Anyway I finally got the nerve up to question they and "Patty" the owner said no refunds but when I explained that I was uncomfortable. And I never paid an agency before she offered my $$ back but then saying if you come back tomorrow during the meet and greet I could get it then. So I returned and, yet still no money she said "next week" I reported this to BBB. I feel we were scammed and spent $6.00 in gas sat two hrs in the heat and not mention no money.

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