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I contracted Mirit Great American to move my personal items, clothes, furniture etc., from Queens New York to California. Upon delivery, my things were damaged and two boxes are missing. The driver of the delivery van could not even find my effects because it had been mixed in with other peoples things. Upon that disaster, the driver insulted my friend's Jewish ethnicity. He was very nasty and rude and I, as well as my guest, felt unsafe. To make things worse, the contract was improperly filled out by Great American's representative. "Jonathan" and I was not explained to by Great American about personal insurance. I was told "I would not need any, because I was covered by Great American".

I have been contacting Great American every week for two moths and I have not received a response. This is an utter disaster. Ironically, the two boxes that are missing held priceless baby photos of my family as well as fur coats, clothes and Gucci hand bags etc. Totaling over $18,950. Most of these items were new and never worn. My mattress were walked all over, there were foot prints all over them after I paid Jonathan to wrap them. I want my personal belongings back please.

I responded to a sales call where I was told that I would receive a $1,000 internet shopping spree just for signing up with them for magazine subscriptions. I agreed and was told that I would be receiving confirmation, magazine lists, and further instructions in the mail. All of this for $49.90 per month for 19 months. I agreed. When I received the package in the mail, logged on to the website where I could shop using my $1,000 internet money.

I found that I was misled. the merchandise that was was [bad]. And to top it off, I would have to pay shipping and handling on anything that I ordered. So I immediately called and tried to cancel my account. I was told that I could not. So I cancelled my debit card so that they no longer had access to my funds. I started getting calls and was told that I had a contract with them and could not cancel. So, in order to get them off of my back, I agreed to continue making the payments as originally agreed upon and be rid of them once and for all.

A few weeks ago, I get another collection call from them stating that I am in arrears on my account. That can not be so because they are automatically debiting my account on a monthly basis. They inform me that my original account is current, but that MY NEW ACCOUNT is past due. I never set up a new account, I only agreed to honor my original account with them. After serveral hours on the phone with them, speaking with managers and supervisors, they refuse to cancel the second account. I have once again closed the debit card that they have on file and now they are threatening to send me to collections.

To date they have received $586.50 from me and I believe that is way more than they deserve. Also, I have gone to my US Postmaster to explain my dilema and was informed that they would also report the incident and for me to refuse any future magazines. They are threatening to destroy my credit record. Also I have lost several hours from work just trying to get this problem resolved. I believe they have received more than they are truly entitled to, but even more, if they treat all of their clients in this manner, they are swindling hundreds of people out of their hard-earned money.

purchased gap insurance with my trailer, trailer was totaled 9/6/08 filed the gap claim,sent them the copy of check copy of the stub, bill of sale, contract, and they still want more.

the insurance payout was 13000 that was mailed to marine one, dallas tx, the balance on the trailer is over 15000. gap was represented to me as insurance that covered the difference owing and the value. I feel this is fraud, or deceptive dealing at best. I work construction and have no trailer due to gai, the motel is 325 a week! i want it paid off

Attended a casting call to select upcoming models & actors for TV ads, etc. Then was told my daughter was accepted & to return in a week to view a 2 hour meeting & film w/the details. At this time a quick explanation was stated that involves paying nearly $700 fee & going to Pa. for further evaluation by MANY talent scouts......sounds fishy?

Daughter is VERY unhappy but I do NOT feel this is legitimate. I think it would be as good to throw the money out the window. Am I correct?

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