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Emmanuella of Brooklyn, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I put my children to Ad Kids in 2008 after giving them $600. Then every six month they want update pictures like the child change so frequent. I mean they never call her for no job or anything and now every time I call them no answer.

mary of Bronx, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up my daughter March 2013, they spoke like "yeah, she will get jobs, she's perfect." Took the so-called professional pics (the one pic does not show any personality in my child) I could have done better. After being called maybe twice to ask me a question, I have not heard from them as of today 5/15/14. I understand the modeling business is a maybe but my goodness, I paid them 500.00 for a management fee and they have not managed anything at all. I want my money back!!! DO NOT BOTHER WITH THEM EVER!!!

Chikai of Bronx, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Same exact thing happened to me and my husband, and now they won't call us back. It's been 3 months now and we haven't heard back from these people. I wanted to know how could we get the $400.00 back that we paid too. I hope this works and we can all get our money back. This company is so horrible and so dishonest!

Stephanie of Irving, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I met with David. I was told and showed all the children that received work. He even mentioned all the children that worked in other states. He made the company seems as if they had so many connections and my child would have a great shot. We talked for over an hour. He did a test. Then, we were hit with a $495 fee to get her started. Of course, we paid the fee. They took her to a location in Richardson for the pictures they were using to market her. (By the way, we paid an extra $65 for my own personal copy which I never received.) Well, today's date is 08/15/2012 and I have not talked to David since. I called the head office and they stated my child has not been chosen. That's all. I waited another month. Nothing.

I called and talk to an admin. She has taken my number six times as of today and I'm yet to get a return call from David. I called corporate again and ask what's being done. Does she need to do retake or should I change her hair? They stated no and just wait for some work. Still nothing. No phone calls, no mail, no emails. Nothing. This company is a scam. They take your money and never contact you again. No effort towards putting the child out there. I can't even see my child in the line up on the regular website. They stated it doesn't mean she's not there. Oh yeah, I signed up in March. Please don't let the nice people and building fool you as it did me. They charge $495 each kid. They can afford to keep it afloat.

Toni of Queens, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Complete Scam - Hi to all parents out there. Be careful of this company. They rent offices in the Time Square area and things just didn’t feel right. You walk in and the offices are cold and white and not child friendly at all. We were greeted by a staff member, which is apparently not their "usual" secretary. We went upstairs where we were greeted by a cynical man, found him to be very strange. They were quick to ask $495 fee, but careful enough to protect themselves by not guarantying any work for the next 2 years. We were left to discuss the contract which was only 1 page long. We packed our things and got out there very quick. The man was very unresponsive and totally disinterested in us after we said no thank you. Be very wise and careful.

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Lisa of Athens, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I found them online, and submitted my son's pictures and information to them. They set up an appointment for us to go to Dallas, and meet with Don **. When we got there, it was a little strange. A girl met us downstairs and took us up to the office. When we got up there, it seems really strange that this was a professional company, yet the two females that he had working with him looked as if they just got out of bed. One was wearing what looked like her pj's. The other looked like she just threw her outfit together. She even had a large hole in her sweater. My son was so excited, and my husband and I just looked at each other.

We went up and met with this gentlemen, who told us they had been in business for many years. He had been doing this for over 20 years. After an hour of talking, and him talking with our son, he said he was perfect, and then the paper came out. The fee for 4 sessions of photos was $495.00. We told him we could not pay that right now. He offered a payment plan. We talked about it and agreed. Then he came out with credit card slips and a pen, and rubbed our credit card onto the slips. We both knew something was not right, that this company did not have the system to run a credit card. Come on now! Anyway, we left, and I put a stop to the transactions. It just did not look right from the moment we saw his helpers. We will continue to look for our son an agent, and be a lot more careful.

Anamaria of Corona, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My experience is very similar to everybody else, making a complaint about this place. I received a card in the email and afterwards we went to have my son interviewed. I really don't want to go through the details. I just want to know what can I do to get my money back!

Katina of Queens Village, NY on

My husband and I have wanted to get our son into modeling and acting for a while now. Everywhere we go, he demands attention and everyone tells us we should see about putting him into something. I found Ad Kids online, and to be honest, didn’t do any extensive research. I found one thing wrong that someone said and it was about the location in Chicago. So we went to go visit the place and we were so excited. Now I know from previous experience that anywhere you go, they provide you with information and you have time to think about it especially if it isn’t a casting call or anything along those lines and involves you handing over a lot of cash.

We went in and met with Donald ** who at first was very courteous. He explained everything and then took our son out into the hall to see if he would stay with strangers. This I could understand because working in this industry, kids have to be able to interact with strangers without the child throwing a tantrum being away from Mommy or Daddy. So, all is going well until we got everything being completed. We told Mr. ** that we would like to go home and think about everything and do our research a little more on the company. So he started telling us the only thing that could be looked at is the BBB report. He kept trying to tell us that the company is in good standing with them and it’s the only thing legit to look at. We kept telling him that we would like to think it over and possibly come back the next day. The guy began to get rude with us and basically kicked us out of his office. All in all, no company should become agitated with a client if they simply want to think things over especially if they are a legit company. So long story short, they are a scam probably just trying to rip people off every chance they get. He must not have been getting very good business lately and was hungry for our money.

Ana of Bronx, NY on

We went to this modeling agency with my daughter for an interview. The guy named Don told us that my daughter is perfect for the job. He asked me for money upfront. We paid $400.00 only from the total amount which was $680.00. Don told us to pay after, which we never did, because we found out that this place was a scam. I called him to get my money but he refused. Please tell me how I can get my money back.

Nisha of East Elmhurst, NY on

I recieved a letter from this company named Adkids sayingif u have a child you feel may be suitable for we called them, made an appointment and went there.He convinced us that our kids r eligible and they will surely get job we were excited and he forced us to pay right away.So we paid him $680 for 3yrs.When I came home many of my family friends told me that I should not have paid right away and some told me that this is fraud company.

So I did research on internet and found many complaints .So I called for refund and he was very rude.I'm trying my best to get my money back.Moreover I called DCA and they told me Adkids is unlicensed.I have no idea how can these people work so confidently without license.I'll try to get money from them somehow if not i'm gonna tell local news.if u guys want o support me in this matter u can email me

Nisha of East Elmhurst, NY on

I recieved a letter from ADKIDS saying if ur kids r eligible for modelling pls call. So I called made ana ppointment and went there. He checked if my baby is ok with stragners and also my elder duaghter. He acted as if he was a professional. So he forced us to sign a contract for 3 yrs and we paid $680 using MC. But I did research and found out they r scam artist. I'm trying by best to get my money back and will fight for it.

Casey of Glenside, PA on

We were sent a letter shortly after our daughter's birth, we then called the agency and they set an appointment with the New York office with a man named Don Voight, we were told if our daughter did not cry while he walked her around and into the next room for 30 seconds then we were in...we needed to pay NOW $680. With a three day period to send a certified letter to his NY office and in order to break the contract.

We searched more into AdKids and Mr. Don Voight and found out he has been scamming many parents and children for many years! My husband and I feel so stupid and gullable!

Losing $680 as well as feeling embarrassed and ashamed as parents that this man, Don Voight fooled and tricked us!

Jennifer of Staten Island, NY on

A few months after my son was born I received a letter in the mail telling me that my child has what is takes to become a model. I still have original letter. It said to call Ad Kids and make an appointment to meet with an agent. I did and went in to the city a couple days later. A Mr. Voihght had met with us and told us not everyone gets in and he would have to walk out of the room with my son into the front and if he didn't cry he wass in.

Everything went well and then he told us we had to pay $650. I asked if we could think about it and he said no it had to be today or nothing. Being new parents and super naive, we went along with him and paid. It wasn't until later that we realized that there was about 20 kids in the waiting room all with leters and after speaking to 4 women with newborns in my neighborhood, they too all received the same letter.

I have put in a complaint with Better Business Bureu but Ad Kids refuses to respond to them. There is so much more to this story that I would like to share so please feel free to contact me any time.

I lost all my money and received not one photo or one audition.

Beata of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY on

They signed a contract with me to represent my son in an ad/ modeling bussiness, collected money for services which were never delivered. I have a small claims court order for AD KIDS to pay me back dated December of 2005, which I have no ways of collecting because they do not respond to subpoenas and they used a small bank in Illinois to cash my payment. That bank doesn't want to respond to out of state subpoena.

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Ad Kids is an agency that specializes in representing child models. The company has many years of experience placing children in a wide range of commercial modeling jobs.

  • Focus on confidentiality: Ad Kids touts its focus on confidentiality. The agency protects all of the addresses and phone numbers of its young and vulnerable talent to help keep them safe and their personal lives private.
  • Database system: The company keeps a database and filing system of all talent it works with so it can easily access and contact children who fit specific commercial modeling jobs.
  • Industry connections: Ad Kids has many connections to and experience working with a wide range of professionals in the modeling industry, including other modeling agencies, casting directors and commercial producers. It can place clients in a wide range of jobs in the industry, including television, print ads and commercials.
  • Parent communications: Representatives at Ad Kids communicate regularly with clients' parents, ensuring they are informed about and in touch with what is going on with their children every step of the way during a job or casting process.
  • Reputable jobs: Children who have worked with the company have had many reputable, high-profile modeling jobs that are appropriate for children, including jobs with Proctor & Gamble, J.C. Penney, Toys R Us and FAO Schawrtz.
  • Best for Child talent.

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Ad Kids
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