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Do not use these people for any of your business advertising as they will mess it up completely. I used them a couple of years ago and they were so bad I got the advertising cancelled and my money back. I have recently been contacted by them again saying that all the problems I had before had been sorted so I decided to give them another chance, big mistake. I received an email stating my Adwords advertising has gone live but it wasn't showing at all. After numerous calls I managed to get that sorted but it was being seen 24/7 and not the designated days and times I wanted.

Also the number that was being displayed was for another company so I was getting calls from people who wanted to hire a van but I'm actually a locksmith. I complained so much my account managers manager said he would get it all cancelled which was music to my ears and the advertising disappeared shortly afterwards. I thought that was that but today they took the monthly payment from my bank and when I called to complain yet again they said the account had not been cancelled and is still active. My problems still go on as I now have a fight on my hands again to get my money back. Also I have given them 1 star cause I'm unable to give no stars.

Absolutely the very worst advertising you can buy! They promised to build a website, which was never completed, but they started billing me a monthly fee despite doing absolutely nothing for me. I paid them about $1400 for absolutely nothing. If they weren't a large corporation, it would be theft.

So we recently just closed our shop and we called to let them know to cancel our services with hibu. She offered 2 months free since we are closing done, we thought we were done with it. Then the following month we receive a deduction on our account for hibu after we already cancelled! We called and after arguing and arguing with them over and over and explained we already cancelled we were still not refunded our money we were not supposed to be charged in the first place. I would definitely NOT recommend them at all!!!

I am a current customer of hibu and I am extremely disappointed of their services. They failed to do everything they promised they will do at the time we had to sign the agreement. My business moved almost a year ago to a new location. Someone called me from hibu and offered us their Wave services, saying that they will take care of most of the online listings, like google, yellow pages, google... and will make sure the business appears with the new address, phone number, maps. Everything sounded like we don't have to worry about a thing, and they will take care of all that. We did sign up for the service Wave, which is about $30.00 per month and we thought we are all covered. It's been at least 7-8 months since then, and my listings are still a mess, showing all different locations.

I have customers calling us to complain, that they went to the listed location and they didn't find us! Not to mention that for some of the listings I had to do it myself, and for the one they did it took about 6 months, and they put in the information wrong!!! I have called several times to complain about that, and I wanted to cancel their services since I am not getting anything they promised, but they wouldn't cancel since there is a contract for one year.

They are just taking the money out of my account monthly without providing anything! It is not only the monthly payments, but the business we lost from all the customers that couldn't find us, and also the time we lost with them over the phone trying to resolve the issue. I guess I have no other choice but wait till the year pass, so they stop taking the money from the account and in a meanwhile I have to pay another company to take care of the issue. Simply, I want to warn all the business owners out there that are about to sign up with hibu: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! IT'S A SCAM!!!

Hibu took two years to refund an overpayment, and then they put the wrong name on the check!

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I am being billed $699 a month for zero results. One email says I must wait for 6 months to cancel, another says one year. I told them I would not pay them because their services were not what was represented by their rep. We shall see where it goes from here. They should be forced out of business. They are a scam!!!

They are expensive, the salesman doesn't follow up as promised, and a mistake they put on my website made me look like a dishonest fool, even though I told them to correct it before they put it up. Awful company to do business with. Avoid at all costs.

BEWARE! DO NOT SIGN THEIR CONTRACT! Our company is being charged monthly even after we have cancelled with them. They are charging us for clicks on a website that are not for us. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

HIBU does absolutely nothing for you. My representative Adrew ** made a lot of "great" promises that is not true. Now he doesn't work for them any longer, I get a name of a new representative (Kevin **) and he doesn't answer my calls (called 3 times). They tell you, "You can cancel anytime," but that's NOT true. Then when your business listing is not climbing on the search or your information was not updated on all these "wonderful sites that will bring you business" they tell you, "YOU have to do a few things on your own to increase your SEO potential."

When the rep shows up to your office, after you pay they tell you they will "EMAIL" you the contract should have been my first clue, because what he says and what's on the contract is two different things. By then you already paid and signed. ZERO STARS for this company. They are basically taking your monthly payment and doing absolutely NOTHING for you. This is more of a SCAM than anything else.

I was contacted today by a hibu Sales Rep. about re-doing our business website. I asked him to send me the information via email. I found the fact that there was a recurring monthly charge for designing a website concerning. The sales rep never mentioned that. I checked hibu's reviews and found them to be bad. Hence it was an easy decision not to use this company. THANKS!

Hello Shylea, If I can assist in anyway, please let me know. Please respond providing the name of your account and the best number & time to contact you.
thank you,

hibu Customer Service

Hibu responded to the complaint on a timely basis and provided a refund within 1 week. Follow-up was done by the representative. The original review was strictly a reflection of my phone and email contact with customer service. Our representative was always professional and tried her best to make the situation work.

Original Review

After spending 45 minutes on the phone setting up my website, I received the link 10 days later. I was appalled by the amateurish writing and lack of cohesiveness. I immediately contacted Hibu to cancel. I was told that I could have a free rewrite and to send them the copy I wanted. Why would I need them? I gave a $399 deposit, pages of copy and 50 pictures to use. I followed up 6 times by phone and email before the cancellation was authorized. Today I followed up to see when my deposit would be refunded and was told it took 3 weeks to process. This is after it took three weeks just to get the cancellation approved. The worst company I've ever dealt with.

Hibu was unable to find a proper widget to complete our website. I paid in advance and requested a refund when they were unable to complete the site. It is now eight months later and they have refused to give a full refund. Don't trust them! You will be ripped off!

Every year there are misrepresentations with this company. This year I reiterated and documented. However their trick is you sign but they can’t give you a copy until later. Which you never get. Take a lot of notes if you use them and keep documentation. They added my 2015 contract to my 2016 contract so I was paying for 2 years together for the 2016 contract saying the old one auto renewed. Makes no sense other than you get ripped off big if you’re not careful. If they get your checking they go to town and charge large amounts you do not owe. I don’t know how they keep getting away with it. But please stand your ground or like us we will not use them next year.

I have been sued by HIBU 3 months after my business had to close. Pay attention to your contract. If your business experiences hard times they will sue whoever signature is on the contract. The signature is a personal liability contract. HIBU tried to get a judgement lien on my property and forced me to file bankruptcy to protect my family from losing our home. The good news is HIBU is now itself struggling and filing for bankruptcy to protect itself from lawsuits. What comes around goes around HIBU.

These people are crooks, they charge through the nose for each phone calls even ones that aren't relevant to your business. Even after attempting to cancel my subscription with them for a year now. They failed to cancel the subscription for one book. They still send me a bill each month for a service I no longer need or want. I get billed for advertisers calling 30 times a day, it's getting to the point I want to stop listing my phone number and become an online-only business.

They automatically renewed me without calling. Now they are saying that I have to pay for a full year. Also I'm pretty sure that they are the ones that had me listed 4 1/2 hours away from where I actually am. Totally wrong zip code and as a business, that is not good.

Very disorganized company, I have been charged over $7000 for website service that was advertised 2 states away from our location. That problem got solved by getting a full refund. The other incident was our company was charged for website hosting that was not published, but was on their server. Do not use this company. Their web developers are not professionals at all. They will put together a quick generic website that is cheesy and undesirable and start charging for it even if you don't approve of it. We will never use hibu or Yellowbook for any advertising service in the future at all.

No good. Website design is very outdated, and also they're not mobile responsive designs. They're just templates.

I received a bill through a creditor with this company's name of HIBU DIGITAL. I have never even spoken to this company. I have no idea what this company is or what they do. Even worse it's a bill for a company and I am not even a company. I'm being threatened for a bill that I don't even know of. When I called I was hung up on. This is crazy. I hope this goes to court. I know the judge will enjoy this case. Be warned of some company called HIBU DIGITAL EVERYONE.

The billing statements have not been arriving for the last months and now they send an email stating that they have been trying to contact us but we have never received one email, phone call, and contacted by mail. I have been with this company before they became Hibu. The rep I have is nice but the actual company is needing to be overhauled.

I was tricked into signing up with HIBU to advertise in Yellow Book. IT IS A SCAM SCAM SCAM. I was told I could cancel anytime but didn't read the fine print that said I was locked in for a year. I am currently getting charged $28 a call for bogus phone calls. For example, I was charged for people calling me trying to sell me ad space. Or people calling me out of state. Also, I was charged for people calling me for services I do not even provide. When I would call to complain or try to end my subscription they would threaten me with their legal team. SCAM SCAM SCAM. You can only lose money. They will rip you off!!!

We had an account representative come into the business where I work and when I told her we weren't interested she got really rude, saying that she wished she had come in before "her sister hired us". Even if we did need service I wouldn't go with them after her attitude.

hibu keeps calling me on a weekly, and sometimes 2-3x per day, about updating our listing with Google, Yellow book and websites. When I tell them no, they say it's for the coming year. I have told them multiple times to take us off their calling list. They said that there is no list and I have to go on Google to stop this. What a crock of crap! The fine is huge! I do not want their services. It is ridiculous the harassment we get from them at our company. They are rude and disrespectful. The next step is the FTC!

I contacted them over 6 months ago and requested that they not list me in the upcoming phone book. They told me no problem and I left it at that. 6 months later they call me demanding payment. They said they had no record of me calling previously and wanted me to provide written proof of my phone call and cancellation. I told them I was told over the phone that I would not be listed again. They are now demanding over $400 from my business that has been closed for 6 months for a listing that has phone numbers that are cancelled and for an address that is no longer there.

A direct sales staff came to my business soliciting business. By the time I was ready to use their service, the sales rep no longer worked there. I then googled hibu and was able to talk to someone. What he represented on the first phone call was totally different from what finally transpired. I was desperate to find someone to get a website up. They represented to do a website with no obligation until I approve the site to go live, then it will be charged monthly $99.99 (original phone quote was $69.99). The add-on wave service is $29.99/month. Also no obligation until the website service goes live and approved. They got someone on the phone and get all of the information to build the website.

First draft was sent, but then the staff asks me to edit the site. I gave the staff what I want edited, but the staff insisted on me writing it. The only reason I seek professional help is that I am not a writer, and also do not have the time. Now these so called professional staff asks me to write and finish the draft. At this point, I know this is not the company I want to deal with. I told this support staff to cancel everything. I then was bounced back and forth with this guy and the sales staff. Finally it took weeks to get it canceled. And in April 4, I finally got a cancellation order. Well, then I saw charges on my visa card that hibu was charging me $51.63. I then filed a visa dispute, and called the company. They gave me this excuse and said I was on a 12 month contract for the wave service.

Well, they were not supposed to even start that until I approved the website service. In addition they had done nothing to improve all of the public listings. I had proof in May that all of the internet presence was still with different names, different addresses etc. I had to be on the phone with multiple people, many hours, and threaten this review before they would issue another cancellation order. I still have to waste time to complete the visa dispute to get the hibu charges removed. I thought other people should know these bad experiences to avoid getting hurt in the future. Do not use this company. They are a fraud and a scam.

Terrible. They hide reviews that are essential. For example: Phone for quote a company. The quote was ok and I said yes. However the guy did not arrive this morning to do the job so I naturally looked who his company is. He is not a limited company nor self employed, yet he visited me with a nice and expensive trailer and car with who he claims is one of his employees! He also claims he has insurance of so many thousands. Well nowhere to be found as paying revenues though seems to be doing well. Also found a hidden review via Google of him been a woman predator! Ah Hibu/yell thanks god I found this before letting in my property. See I am a single woman living on my own. Very scary!

I had a great experience with a local rep who was detailed and explained a qualified tech with experience in my industry will design site for me. It was a mess. Worst site I had ever seen and I told them it had to be done correctly before I would allow it to go live. My customers can not see this site. It took 4 months and over 50 emails and messages back and forth and hours of my time to get site looking reasonable. Then I see they have been billing me every month for a site that was not even ready to go live. I was billed two months during this process. I got to the point that I said I don't want the site unless they get it completed and credit me what they have charged. District manager agreed and site went live.

Spelling mistakes in first page still not corrected after several requests. Can't see content on phones, hello it's 2016 and now I get a new statement billing me again this month. No credit put on account. Website design is so basic and they can't get it right. When I asked about billing I was told it takes couple of weeks to hear back to see if I even get a credit. Do not use this company. I will not be using them again for anything. They say you can get onto a DIY tool. I requested this to correct the mess they have made. Still no feedback on that. You do not want this company representing yours!

When the PPC sales rep turned up he was friendly and promised regular updates and phone calls to optimise my PPC campaign, plus telephone masking to allow me to know when a call came from a site visitor, and that if I don't get any clicks I don't pay a penny. I emailed him a week later to say I was willing to trial it for 2 months at their minimum buy of 150+VAT/month but couldn't afford more. He rushed over and got my signature and set up the direct debit. For the next two months I never got a single call or email to optimise the campaign, nor did I get a single call from any website visitors, just my existing clients.

However, each month they maxed out my campaign budget. When I emailed the rep after 2 months to say I'm ready to cancel I was told I signed up for a minimum term of 6 months and that was not an option. I run a small self-employed business on my own and simply do not make enough money to cover the remaining 720 they want. I've spoken to several staff at Yell but none seem capable of doing anything and I'm being repeatedly threatened by the original sales rep that if I don't pay they will send a collection agency after me! I'm now having to try and claim it back through small claims court. Yell should be called Hell since that's what they have put me through!

This place should be shut down by the government. They are the biggest liars and scam artist I have ever come across. I have a few ads in their phone book but plan on not renewing the ads with this crooked company. I purchased a website with them a few weeks ago because the sales rep promised me all the things I requested. But after I gave them $399 down and agreed to the price, from that point on was nothing but a headache for me, and many, many man-hours of my time.

First off they did a crappy job on the website. I had to call them many times to correct a lot of words that were not spelled correctly and phone numbers all bunched together. It looked like a little kid was playing around on my website. That is how bad it looked. Also the sales lady Bobbie ** promised me all kinds of stuff that I needed to have and did not come through on any of it. She basically lied about everything. She told me that hibu will put me on all the search engines in all the states and counties I cover for whatever radius I want. I find out a few days later that they only do up to a 50-mile radius, which was unacceptable. I need at least an 85-mile radius.

The whole purpose of me getting the website was because of the search engines. I already had a great website I did myself for like $100. I basically bought this package from them for the search engines. So after many hours on phone with them and many people brushing me off, I finally talked to billing, and told them about what I was promised and got nothing. They basically said, "OK we will cancel your website but we can not give you back your $399." Of course I said "No way." I told them I wanted my money back. The website has only been up for like 9 days. The supervisor was rude, and basically did not care that her sales staff gives customers false information to get a sale. She said that she will ask someone higher up about refunding my money which was the $399.

I told her that if they do not refund my money I will seek legal action and I will also report them to the BBB. I'm sure the BBB has already dealt with them probably thousands of times. I would tell anyone who reads this to stay far, far away from these crooks. I would give them a 0 stars if I could. I have a few ads in the phone book with them also, but I will not renew next year. They lost all my business. I will not give no more of my hard earned money to these worthless crooks. I am willing to bet they will try to fight me on the money they owe me. I have many emails supporting me. In the fact that the sales lady told me they can get me in all my service areas with no problem, so being that they can not do that, they did not render the service they told me they would.

They can't even get my yellow pages ad correct, so why would I want to pay for more advertising!

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