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Has just about everything you need or want to see right here. Good resources and brings a different side you might not see or agree with. The quality is top notched and the articles are well done and gives the reader a chance to relax and see maybe different points of view. Very upfront with what they have to say and really gives the reader some thoughtful ideas or different things. The articles are different but in a good way. Upfront and has all the entertainment news right at your finger tips. You will totally enjoy this section. Gives you some stories you never even heard of before that no one else has.

The articles I have range from insightful, interesting all the way to cute. They help keep me informed, yet they also help give me a break from my own work to read something interesting. I would recommend them to anyone. Quality is great, articles generally include photos and loads of information on the topic at hand. I often find additional links at the bottom of articles useful as well. Overall, great quality. Normally relevant to current events. I have learned a few things from their articles that I didn't know before. Still, they do have a lot of what I would consider feel good articles as well. While some of those are not relevant to my day, they do make me smile which is always welcome. Very entertaining. I can't think of an article that has failed to entertain me. All in all they are just very good reads. Regardless of if it's feel good stories, or current events they keep me engaged and reading.

They provide the details that I needed to know, so that I was able to make informed decisions. I love reading stories that I might not ever hear anywhere else. The writing is like hearing a story from a best friend who is in tune with her emotions but informative and knows how to hold your interest. The topics vary, but are of universal interest. They are relevant to living in today's world, and functioning in a social setting that doesn't always allow us to find out the details that make all the difference. The stories touch everyone in some way. They may sometimes put a different spin on an issue and cause you to reconsider your stance. Sometimes you need a shot of coffee in your day, but the mental break you can have from a story is more lasting for me!

They are very accurate and trustworthy, so much so in fact that many of my professors in college would have us refer to videos from Upworthy for various assignments. They are socially responsible and fill a clear need. Have a clear conscientious goal. They present accurate information and clearly identify their bias towards social responsibility. I'm constantly sharing their videos on Facebook and referring friends and family to their site. My professors frequently use Upworthy in class, so it really couldn't get much more relevant. If you are entertained by learning, you are going to be entertained by Upworthy. They have many fascinating social experiment videos demonstrating modern racism and sexism, homophobia, etc. so if you can learn about social justice without getting depressed, they are entertaining.

I find that they are worthy of what they say and they have interesting viewpoint and I read it every day. I use it every day. And it a great resource to go too. The writing is outstanding and very informative. Well researched and easy to read. I can understand what the point is. Also it very well read. It material I can relate too and is about what I am looking for. All different kinds of material is used and very informative. I read what I want and if I am not interested I pass on it. I have laughed. I have cried. I have had heartfelt things I have seen on it. I love the stories and what goes on. I love most of the stories.

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I find it valuable because it keeps me entertained when reading or watching any videos on the site. It's a good time passer when I am not involved in anything else. The quality of writing is great. And I find it interesting and makes me keep coming back for more. I enjoy reading what they write. I find the material to be relevant because I am able to relate to what is written. There are also other arrivals I can take the time to read and enjoy. I find the material to be very entertaining. It keeps me coming back for more and refreshing to see what next available to read.

The site is easy to use and easy to find what you are looking for. People find that this is very helpful to them and it makes it fun also. The articles are interesting and you can find a good amount of useful information. Well written and easy to follow and understand.There are articles for everyone. Some of their articles help me and other ones are interesting to read to find out about new things that I didn't know before. I have found some good information here. Many of the articles you find are interesting and enjoyable to read. I have found things that I have enjoyed reading and relaying to friends and relatives.

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