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I ordered and received the 5 silver bars. I thought the bars would have at least the spot value of silver. The weight of the bars was not given in the ad I received. I paid about $10 for the bars and about $4 for shipping. The bars were 1 gram each--more like wafers. The value of this small amount of silver is less than $5! What a rip off....

On the form it gives you the option of monthly billing or pay in full. I choose monthly billing and sent in my check for stated amount required and checked monthly billing. I received a letter with a note saying they were not accepting orders on payment plan, contrary to the order form. When tried to talk to the dept that wrote the letter, three people refused to help me and the supervisor refused to talk to me they would call me later.

The customer service person hung up on me when I ask to hold to talk to supervisor. Someone also without my authorization voided the check for the order. If you are not going to honor your order form then I will report this to the BBB as fraudulent advertising and bait and switch marketing. DOCUMENTATION ON REQUEST WILL BE PROVIDED.

I order the silver watch package from the gallery. I received the package and the watch was not built well, I could not change the time. The vault boxes were nothing but cone holders and the wheat pennies were nothing more than I already had. The guarantee to return for a refund would be honored but they never said that I would have to pay for the return. I am done buying anything from them. I have ordered many products from them. If this is the way they treat their customers then I want no part of them.

I ordered a large Vault tray/Vault bag of old and rare coins, the cost was $249.00. I received my order and to my dismay I got junk!!!!!! New quarters, a roll of pennies, some newer Kennedy half dollars, a small bag of old coins that were so worn you could barely make out what they were or what year they were!! Also an empty coin album to store my sets of coins in! Wow, all for the low price of $249.00 dollars. What a rip off! Needless to say I was on the phone in seconds calling them and giving them a piece of my mind! I had been a loyal customer until that happened. Needless to say I am no longer ordering from them!! I sent the order back for a refund and I'm ordering elsewhere from now on. They ruined the trust I had for them.

When I first ordered the Presidental coin collection, I paid for a complete set, this was in 2007. I haven't recieved any more coins since last year. When I called about the remaining coins to be shipped, I was told that I only paid for five years. I have spent thousands of dollars with this company. Yet they now want me to pay for the rest of a set of coins, that I paid for in full! Do NOT do any business with this company!

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I ordered the big silver blowout sell with 5 free gram bars. I have not received them yet. Plus I ordered wheat pennies that were supposed to be dated from 1911 on back but, they were not. I am beginning to wonder about this company myself. I am joining the rest of the people on this complaining about this company. It is heartbreaking to see our United States on their letters and website.

First let me say I have not contacted the company; however having said this I would like to tell all that this company sold my husband coins that he will not receive until 2015. Without my knowledge, he made this purchase, paid in advance for these 2015 coins and he is presently having some memory problems. I will contact the company to ask that he receive no more mail from them, due to this issue. But, whoever heard of paying ahead for a delivery that will take place in TWO (2) years! Be wary of this company that is in No way affiliated with the United States of America!

I ordered their vault Tray #2. I misunderstood it to be vault Tray #1 and #2. Okay, my mistake. I ordered #2 and that's what I got. They gave me a free Pres. Lincoln dollar, a "free Tray," and then the Tray #2 I purchased. I paid $79.00 plus shipping. I am a serious collector and immediately saw what they sent me was trash. I value everything they sent me and it came to $82.00 - and that's retail. As you can see, after paying shipping, I lost money. I kind of thought this was a scam but I thought I'd give it a try and what I received confirmed it. This company is a joke! Don't order from them! Oh, by the way, I am returning everything and asking for a refund. I imagine that's going to be a joke also. Don't order from this scam of a company!

Titanic commemorative coins with captain's pouch - identity theft. Yes, I said identity theft. Actually, more of possible identity theft. Why? Oh, let's see. All of my purchases up until I ordered the Titanic coins from here were secure! No troubles at all... until this point. Then I checked my bank account one day and it came up that there were two holds on my account - one for a clothing store in California and another charge for a hotel! What?! For one, I have never even been to California; and two, I couldn't even afford to buy patches for my workout jeans, much less buy new clothes and stay in a hotel. The bright side is I caught it before the charges went through and called the bank as soon as I could (in this way, it was a good thing it was a holiday weekend). Never again will I get anything from this so-called company. Even if it is Titanic stuff. I'll stick with eBay, thank you. That's sad when eBay and PayPal is more secure than something with United States in its company's name.

Products were paid for but nor delivered. I ordered silver ingots and a bag of dated coins plus two-tone American eagle silver bullion dollar. If not received in 7 days, FDLE will be notified.

I received 15 coins and a magnifier (I've plenty of those). The coins in any retail would be worth about $10. Also, I sent a scratch-off for a small free coin bag. I received the magnifier instead. I sent all of it back and requested a refund of $35.85. Next day, I received another offer for Safe Box Coins. I'm debating if I should repeat another order now?

Crater Lake Oregon $1 bills - A friend gave me this item and I cannot locate a value for it or find any info about it. This company needs to have their ** reamed out. They sell junk, there is no value to it and they keep circling in wanting you to order their junk that is worthless. They want my hard-earned money for it. I don't think so!

I have requested to be removed from your mailing list! You keep mailing me. Please remove me from your mailing list!

I ordered and paid for these items (5 silver ingots & biggest silver ration bag) and never received them at all. Please let me know when I can expect them. My order number is **.

I ordered wheat pennies, and I should have known that you never get anything below 1940, unless you order them and pay out of your ** for them. I paid hundred dollars for nothing because that's what I got. What I have is not worth what I spent.

My 88 year old mother began ordering coin sets from them. Eventually they were sending her offers every day and she signed up to purchase several "sets" with monthly charges and additional pieces to the sets. She can no longer keep up with the piles and piles of paper solicitations and unsolicited deliveries so they began to charge her more. The representative, Laura, began to call daily and threatened my mother to pay up a balance of $231.00.

I called the number for "Laura" to cancel her account before my mom paid the balance, but that number really just wanted you to order something. However, I did speak to one sympathetic representative and she informed me that anything my mom had received was paid for. She then directed my call to a different number. I called there several times and it was always an answering machine. I made at least 10 calls to this number, left messages every time and no one returned my calls.

So then I instructed my mother to get the name, phone number and EXTENSION of the women that kept calling and harrassing her about the $231.00. Three phone calls later and a little harrassing of their operators, I found the elusive rep that was constantly calling my mom. I told her not to call again; that I wanted my mom's account cancelled and her name removed from the U.S.Commemorative Gallery mailing list. Laura said the $231. was to pay for the future items of the set that my mom "promised" to buy. I asked her to tell me what I needed to do to return any merchandise to expedite the closure.

It took 2 weeks for her to send the return label for shipping and a huge list of items to return. Again, one of their customer reps had told me everything was a prepaid purchase. I began to return any packages that came from them, at least once a week. Daily, PILES and PILES of their offers continued to pour in to my mom's mail. Being elderly, she was tempted to order their "shiny" coins. They will not stop the hideous harrassment of my mother.

Meanwhile, I have checked into the value of these coin collections and they are just ordinary shiny coins worth face value. They mark them up about 1000%. They come in pretty wooden cases with fake velvet. They are very attactive to elderly that think they are coin collecting.

I read a newspaper article in the SFGate that makes a connection between the U.S. Commemerative Gallery and the selling of mailing lists. My mother currently receives a full shopping bag of junk mail each week. In conclusion, I do not believe that my mom OWES them $231. [they have not proven it] and I will not send them a dime until they honor my request to take her off their mailing list.

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