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I renewed my subscription to country living and simple & delicious at the same time. I'm received country living for several months, but not simple & delicious. What is the problem. I want my subscription or my money back. I want a answer immediately. I have watch long enough. Send all back issues from the last several months now or mail me a check for $24.98. I'll wait 2 day for an answer.

I cannot get these people to quit sending books. I don't want their books, have never ordered them. I returned the last one unopened. I am going to cancel my magazine because of these stupid books. I know have another offer, why do I have to spend 50 cents to refuse their offer, and the stupid book will probably show up anyhow?

I like TOH magazine. However, I received a bill for a book I did not order. Apparently with a year subscription, they send you more stuff you wouldn't order. $25 for a cookbook of recipes I can find in the magazines and internet? When I complained about their ILLEGAL practice of sending unordered merchandise then sending numerous bills, they completely ignored the 3 complaints I sent. Apparently their form of customer service when there is an issue is to ignore it entirely. Their loss, now I have a free gift and will no longer subscribe to their magazine or give as a gift. I will also be advising anyone interested in TOH that it's garbage with poor customer service and illegal practices. Use the internet for recipes and don't get involved in their scams.

I did not subscribe to Taste of Home magazine but have now received a copy of the magazine. I threw the invoice in the mail. I will have to wait for another invoice to contact Reiman Publications about this.

This company sent me a few magazines (Taste of Home) which I did not want and did not order. Now they continuously send me invoices for these magazines.

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After reading all the negative experiences and knowing the patriarch of Reiman Publications, Roy Reiman personally, I feel compelled to make sure everyone knows all the 'shenanigans' mentioned herein have occurred following the sale of RP for other parties several years ago. Roy Reiman is legendary for treating subscribers, employees, and people in general with the utmost respect and sense of fair play. It's a pity the existing company continues to carry the Reiman name - it's causing a bad reflection on what was a very pristine pond. FYI: Roy revived his publishing interest with a new magazine: Our Wisconsin. I suggest you check out it and its reputation. You'll find what's always been a Reiman responsibility.

I spoke with Taste of Home office this morning explaining I'd never subscribed to their magazine. The lady on the phone told me that a '3rd Party Agency' had subscribed for me in 1911 and this was a renewal notice! I'd not received the Taste of Home magazine these past years and told her the same. I was concerned because the letter indicates they will be 'forced to classify my account as delinquent, and additional collection activity becomes necessary'. The Taste of Home office lady then explained “Well, don't pay any attention to what the letter states. I'll just clear your account. There is no need to worry.” What do you think? Sounds like SCAM to me.

We have subscribed to Country, Birds And Blooms and Reminisce, along with the Extra versions of some. Whether dealing with Reiman, or their billing agent Dial America, we find their renewal practices abominably confusing. This resulted in my wife's renewal of subscriptions for years in advance. We have come to the conclusion that this is a purposeful practice on their part so that their subscribers usually are not aware of their subscription status. We are double billed from Reiman and Dial America. This is unfair to their usually older subscribers who are easily confused and bamboozled. We are discontinuing any further business with either once our current subscriptions expire, if not sooner.

I participated in an offer to receive the first copy of Birds and Blooms free with the option of subscribing at a reduced rate if I liked the free copy sent. This offer was on a card that arrived in the mail. I attached a postage stamp and sent it back thinking that if I liked the issue, I would take advantage of the $13 subscription. Before the magazine arrived, an invoice for the subscription showed up. I found this annoying. The deal was to try and then buy if I liked, but they were trying to make me pay for the magazine regardless. A red flag went up but I thought that perhaps it was just a mistake.

I received the first issue and it was okay but I would not ever buy a copy of this magazine. It had nice pictures but it was not really what I was looking for so I did not want to take advantage of the offer. Invoices have regularly arrived. I ignored them because I realized that once they had their hooks into me, it was a scam to get me to pay for subscription.

Yesterday, a notice arrived telling me that unless I paid immediately, they would be passing my details on to a Credit and Collection agency. It was also said that I had not kept my side of the bargain. I feel that this is a scam. The bargain as far as I am concerned was to review the free copy and then decide if I wanted to subscribe. It seems that from Birds and Blooms' point of the view, the bargain was to scam me into paying for a magazine I don't want.

I did indeed make the mistake of ordering a book from this company. Since that time, I have received and refused many books. I even ended up paying for one I refused because I couldn't prove I refused it. I have written numerous letters to the company trying to get them to stop. It is 30 miles round trip to go to the post office. I am not thrilled to drive to town for something I didn't order, nor do I want! They are like a leach; they don't let go. Stay away to start with and you will be much happier.

I have had an ongoing problem with this company for over a year. Last year, I was charged for a book I never ordered nor did I ever receive. For months, they harassed me with notices for payment, and to avoid my credit being downgraded, I opted to pay for the disputed book to get rid of the problem. Approximately 6 months ago, they sent another book I did not order and I sent it back unopened. Today, 12/6/12, they sent another book I did not order nor do I want. I have asked to be taken off their mailing list, but this must be a scam whereby they continue to send books and some people can't prove they didn't order them and they get paid for something they did not initiate. I am warning anyone who does business with this company to be aware of the way they conduct business. I've also written to this company and asked to be removed from their mailings and for almost two years, I'm still on it. What does it take to communicate with them? If this harassment does not stop, I will seek counsel from my attorney.

The book (Guilt Free Cooking) was returned to you sometime ago with my note on the invoice that I wished to cancel it. Yesterday, I received a bill for the same in the amount of $25.98. I did not keep the book. I do not want it. And I will appreciate it if you will correct my account and take this charge off the same. I do not want any more books sent to me.

For the second year, we have received a date planner from Reiman Publications. Neither was ordered. Last year, I paid the bill. This year, upon receipt, I returned the book unopened with a note on the invoice indicating that I had not ordered the book and did not want it. The package was returned to me completely intact! When I tried to return it, the post office told me that would be a charge of almost $3.00. I did find that I could print a postage-paid return label from their website. However, I could never succeed in getting past an error message superimposed on the label! After trying for 3 days to get this label, I quit. I will not pay for this book at $25.98. I imagine I will continue to get notices about my owing for this book.

I mailed in my renewal form with my check for $10 for Claudia Carroll on 7/30/12 with check #**. Today, I received another notice that I have 15 days to reply to secure my renewal for Ms. Carroll. Please contact me ASAP to get this rectified! Thank you.

I keep getting bills (but in another name) to this address for Taste of Home magazine that I did not subscribe to and now threatening letters about turning me over to a collection agency. I refuse to pay $10 for something I do not want, did not subscribe to and do not intend to ever buy a magazine from Reiman. I remember when they were a reliable company, but no more. I only received one magazine, in someone else's name but this address and that was several months ago. Something should be done about this company threatening people who never ordered from them! How and why does this scam continue? With all of these complaints, surely it can be stopped!

From Reiman Publications (Taste of Home magazine), a bill was received. I have been very careful when entering any sweepstakes, making sure I'm not subscribing. It happened once and was easy to cancel. Therefore, I check all my mail and spam if I have entered any just to be assured. I received a bill but no email correspondence from them, and I went to their site. I entered the account number on the bill, and it does not exist. It may not have been activated yet, though I received a bill. The only way to cancel, no un-subscription, is to address through customer service. I did call. Having the agent repeat and spell her name repeatedly seemed an annoyance. She said the first issue was free and to look through and decide. I stated I did not want, and she said it was cancelled and to ignore bill/bills that might come. I am already dissatisfied and will stay away from their sites. Taste of Home only leaves a bad taste. I will wait to see if the matter has been resolved.

Reiman Publications has sent me numerous books I haven't ordered. I have told them repeatedly to stop sending books. I looked up all my recipes on All Recipes on the computer and have no need to pay $29.98 for a cookbook that I will not use. My postmaster says to send them back unopened which is what I do, but I got another one today and am sick of getting them and sick of the bills for them. I enjoy the Taste of Home magazine but will have to cancel so they will get the idea.

I do not want to receive any books! If I want a book, I will buy it. I will keep the next book that you will send me and will not return or pay for it because it is not by my consent!

I have received three books that I did not order and have spent over $20 to send them back. I did not order them and I do not want to continue receiving them. Please take my name off the list. If ordering the magazines has anything to do with receiving the books, I will no longer keep the subscription. What else do I have to do to keep you from sending them? Stop, stop, stop.

My mother received three books form Reiman Publications (Reminisce Books) that she never ordered. My mom was in the hospital at the time these books came to her house with an invoice date of the so-called order when she was in the hospital. Obviously, my mom didn't order these books nor would she even have ordered those books. The books were all sent in three separate mailers, each with some cheap plastic LCD clock/thermometer piece of junk. I was able to print shipping labels and I sent all three books back to Reiman Publications. Lo and behold, my mom receives an invoice claiming that the payment for the books is overdue.

I left a recorded message with Reiman Publications telling them that the books were sent back to them. A month later, my mom gets a more threatening bill from Reiman claiming that her account was in jeopardy. I called them again, left a terse email with Reminise Books and I got no reply to either. Now, almost six months later my poor mother is being threatened by Reiman claiming that they are going to have a collection agency pursue the "matter.” My mom is in ill health and is really worried what Reiman Publications may do to her credit rating. What is to be done to get this matter resolved? The stupid books that my mom never ordered were all sent back to Reiman Publications. What more can I say? Do I have to have my attorney deal with Reiman Publications? I may have to.

I am receiving threatening overdue bills for a magazine I never ordered - Cook's Country Magazine. I can't get them to stop billing me for a product I never ordered. This is a scam against consumers. I refuse to pay for a product I did not request.

We paid $20.00 on 1/11/12 for two years of Birds & Blooms Extra and $20.00 on 1/31/12 for two years of Birds & Blooms. Why are we getting renewal notices and why did we get two copies of April/May Birds & Blooms and no copy of Birds & Blooms Extra?

I had a subscription a few years ago and enjoyed the magazine. Then they started sending me bills for books and subscriptions that I did not order. The last one came at a time when I had a family member dying, and I just paid the bill while I was away from home just to keep them from sending it to collections (another scam trick). When I returned home, I checked all of my records; and indeed, I did not owe them anything. When I wrote them, I never received a response much less a refund.

Today, I received another unsolicited book and a bill for $30.98. It's going back. I find it interesting that they do not have any way for people to contact them in writing through their website. Another red flag! Obviously, they are not in business to publish a magazine; they are in it to con as many innocent people as they can. Your best bet...never subscribe to any Reiman publications!

I received a $25 book that was not ordered and now I am getting billed. I refuse to pay this bill and I am worried that this scam may affect my good credit standing.

I never ordered the books. Last month, I said I did not want to receive the books that cost so much . Please cancel these type of books. Your prompt attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

I received an unsolicited sample Magazine (Taste of Home) a couple of weeks ago from this company, along with an order form. I threw the magazine and form in my trash. Today I received a bill from them for a year subscription for that magazine, saying I owe $12.98 and to pay by Dec. 30. I did not order and will not pay. I am sending that bill back to them with “did not order on it” and not paying them 1 cent. This is a company I will never deal with because of their way of doing business. I wonder how many other people they have done this to. This company should be prosecuted. I am sure I am not the only one they are doing this to and they should be stopped fast.

Reiman Publications (i.e. Taste of Home, Cooking for Two, Cooking Light, Country Woman) will not stop sending me books and magazines I have not ordered. I have called them 6 times over the last 3 years asking them to never send me anything again. Every 1-2 months, I get another book. The last year I have just taken them back to the post office unopened and marked "return to sender". I am still getting bills for these. They are threatening my credit and I feel extremely harassed.

I have a special needs baby and have an extremely stressful schedule and life. I have to make special trips to the Post Office every month to return these books. I have spent countless hours on hold with their customer service reps to get off of their mailing lists. Please make them leave me alone!

I was offered a "free issue" of Simple & Delicious with an option to look at it and if I didn't like it, I could cancel. I never received a bill and did not care for the magazine. Today 4/25/11, I received a threatening letter from them that if I did not pay for the subscription, they will send it to Collections. I am very angry and called them about it and I will contact the BBB and whom ever I need to, about their evil ways. I never gave them any credit card information. Nothing and they are harassing me.

There is constant billing and threatening letter regarding an order I never placed. I was a magazine subscriber with this company for 20+ years. Something or someone changed and they started trying to get you to renew your subscription long before it was due to expire. About 10 years ago, my late wife fell for this scam without telling me. She renewed her subscription when due and within a month received a threatening letter telling her she had to renew now, again or she could lose the subscription. The end result after a few more of their scam letter, was a paid five year subscription.

In Feb, I received from them a book, Slow cooker, etc. I never ordered it or anything else. I returned it as soon as I got it with a note and using the return label as instructed inside the box. I received a bill from them some time ago and returned it with the same explanation. Now, they have sent me a bill saying I am overdue. I am not and I owe nothing! The only business I have and do with them is I buy the Reminisce magazine, which at the end of that I will cancel and do no more business with them. That is where they have my address. They have me as acct #**. I am a reasonable person but do not like the way this was done. I consider it underhanded. I have A+ credit and don't want this to affect my credit, etc. Thank you,

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