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Last updated: Jan. 14, 2018

98 Publish America Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2014

I have two books with Publish America. I asked for my rights back on both, (one of which I paid $599.00 for illustrations to be done), because I had received notice my book/s haven't sold in over a year. That email offered me to 'buy' back my rights for $99 per book. I had several people tell me they have purchased the books, in the last 8 months, and then recently (two weeks ago), I was informed that a family member had purchased both.

When I emailed PA (Pub America), I told them (and I had) tried to make contact before, but no response through email, and per phone, I can never reach anyone. The nasty email told me I was wrong, that it wasn't true. I made NO attempts to contact them, and my books have sold. I just hadn't reached royalty amounts yet. When I told them not to call me a liar and if my books had sold, why then was I receiving an email offering me to pay for my rights back.

The emails from them were ugly, and intimidating. Telling me they would not listen/read any more of my emails that I make accusations in. Really? Isn't that what they did when they called me a liar? I'm not sure what to do at this point, and this company BULLIES the little people. I'm going to take a step further into this because I do believe if I have a contract, they are OBLIGATED to talk to me about my concerns. It's a contract. BEWARE OF PUBLISH AMERICA. I feel sorry for others who have fell for their line of garbage. I don't understand how this is legal?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2014

I have published two books with Publish America (PA). In both instances, although I thoroughly edited the books, there are more mistakes than my cringing can account for. As others have stated in their reviews, I have found the books for sale in multiple places (including eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.) and know I have not received royalties for those copies. I have also found sites that offer my books as free downloads and the only person who could have given those downloads to those companies is PA unless some person decided to take the time to copy into a word processing document all 500 pages of both books.

My contact with Publish America has been anything but pleasant. While signing contracts, they were helpful and willing to bend over backwards. Once signed, and as the date of those contracts is drawing to a close, I have received nothing but name-calling insults, refusals to cooperate, and threats of retaliation for my contractual rights (all of which come in one-liners, demeaning subject lines, and one-syllable exclamation words). I have spoken with a lawyer and it was suggested I let it all go unless I was willing to pay thousands to process the claims (which I cannot afford) as the company could do nothing to me (I fortunately have never paid for anything the company has offered such as editing, purchase of books, etc.). PA has threatened to send a "cease and desist" letter to any publishing company I use in the future.

I am also not happy that they have done nothing to promote my work, have priced my books for approximately $30-$40 each which is far beyond anyone's price range, have made editorial errors, then claim the formatting I created is theirs and I have to pay them for those rights. I am also not happy that I have to pay for them to promote the book and fix spelling mistakes.

What bothers me most is that my books were total and complete failures, have been for seven years; and trying to find another publishing company who would take books with mistakes, a bad sales-history, and the threat of a belligerent company refusing to hand over my rights to my books without payment of those rights (which is not in the contract), is almost nada. They have in effect completely destroyed my writing career and are promising to completely destroy it should I decide to pursue it with another company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2013

My first novel "Hawthorne Cottage" was published by Publish America in October of 2011. From that time until present, I have not received one cent for royalties, though evidence from other sources have proven that my books have sold. Initially, my edited book manuscript was sent the Publish America without errors and when I received the proofs from their 'so called' editors, the manuscript was noticeably rife with formatting and spelling errors. I corrected their mistakes and returned the proofs, but when I received a copy of my book, the errors were still present and more were added. And when I contacted them, they stated that the text could not be changed because it was already in print.

Other complaints: The book cover was not of my choosing and was poorly designed by an incompetent art department; the book was overpriced, $24.95; and their policy of print on demand has kept my book from being displayed in brick and mortar book stores. They obviously make their money from the authors who are bombarded with emails regarding marketing options that are exceedingly costly and with various promptings for the authors to purchase their own books. In my opinion, Publish America is a scam and therefore should be shut down and the persons responsible thrown into jail and fined. I would like the print rights to my book released back to me so I can publish it with a respectable publisher.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2013

I got onto their website to order a book, Angels With Dirty Faces. I went through their order form. Received a confirmation number, thought I was to receive an actual book. I did get an email from them saying my book was at another html. I went to that site but it would not allow me to the book. It went to another order page, continually. I called their customer help number. Never to get an actual person. Always getting a recording. I left messages with my phone number. I repeated said I wanted a book. They did not nor have they returned my calls nor tried to resolve this problem. I would not recommend this company to ANYONE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2013

Years ago, I decided to try and become a published author. A friend told me about Publish America and I decided to give them a try. Immediately, I was accepted and offered a $1.00 yes, one dollar, advance. I was too excited to read the fine print and signed on with them. Big...BIG mistake! First the cover design was horrible! Second, the price of my book was $24.00 for a 125-page paperback! Third, they didn't offer any editing and they published anything, no matter how poorly it was written! Fourth, they do not promote their author's work. Yes you might get on the "Up in lights" page for an hour or so. Book promoting is your job. Fifth, they do not contact you back if you have too many questions. After a few times, you become a pest and they ignore you so don't expect any kind of customer service.

Sixth, you get 8% royalties! That is! IF you can sell any of the overpriced books. And they ask you for up to 100 names and addresses of family and friends so they can be spammed. Seven, they give you one free author book, one! Eight, very few book sellers will carry Publish America books because they have no returns on unsold books. Nine, their contract is absolutely horrible and you can't get out of it unless you pay major bucks. And it usually lasts for 7 years! And ten, when you finally get the rights back to YOUR book, they continue to list your book on their website (if you look your name and book title up) and if by a huge miracle, one sells, who gets the royalty? Not you. Your book has to have some sort of sales in order to get a royalty check. Something like $25.00 and at 8%, that takes forever...IF your overpriced book sells.

So, there you have the top 10 reason NOT to use PA. They will accept two books, but if you don't have a certain amount of sales, they will not accept a third. This is all true because it happened to me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2013

Having no money to spend on a publisher, due to: a bad surgery, medical bills, loss of job and living on SSD, it seemed only logical to go with Publish America. I read and listened to their CEO and new writers' testimonies. It seemed only logical to trust them. At the early onset, I would be contacted by one of Publish America's representatives periodically for an opportunity to have my book displayed at some book big fairs in places like Florida or Las Vegas, etc. I have tried to get information from Publish America on royalty checks and received one email stating the old clique "a check was in the mail". That was months ago and I continue to ask the same question with no positive feedback. It is amazing to me that Publish America contacts me via the phone when they see an investment opportunity for a book fair, but not in addressing this issue. The email address that Publish America Support used is... Can you help me?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2013

I put out my first book in September of 2011. When the first royalty statement came from Publish America, I gave them the benefit of the doubt that not everything had come in. Then I allowed them to publish ** at the same time as the botched Royalties statement. So I waited patiently for the August Royalties... During this time, my roommate purchased a few books from Barnes and Noble and I purchased books from one of their sale (Mysteriously my cost for my book was 60 DOLLARS AND LIST PRICE WAS $19.95). When August came, it also left with no payments from Publish America. Again I was sure it was an oversight considering I check daily for sales and Amazon is always ordering new books. Now two years later with multiple groups selling my books on eBay, being classified as a best seller on Amazon, and taking up over 39 pages of Google, Publish America still says I have made no sales.

Original review: Oct. 18, 2013

I published my two books with Publish America this year and was told that I did not sell any books, yet when I go to or and check, it shows that my books have sold. I had to go with their book covers and pictures for the children's book and the book cover for my other book. I have had friends tell me that they have bought the books, yet Publish America says I've not sold any books to date. I live in Canada and am on a fixed income so taking them to court is impossible for me, but I would like them to pay me for the books sold and for them to tear up my contract because I am NOT happy with the way they portray themselves as decent and honest publishers. MY ADVICE, DO NOT PUBLISH WITH THEM EVER.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2013

On October 23, 2012, I was in Menorah Park located in Beachwood, Ohio. I was in there for rehab regarding breaking my right hip in an accident. While at Menorah Park, I had written a manuscript along with drawings for my children's book Mika and The Queens Quilt. I sent my manuscript to several book publishers, and the only one that responded positively was Publish America. Prior to agreeing to go with them and I did research regarding who they were, and did. It is true they will publish your manuscript for free, but any other kind of marketing that they do there is a cost involved. The costs to this this can really add up so I have declined to do anything. So far I have not received any royalties from Publish America, and I know for a fact that my book has been sold through Amazon, and other companies.Their replies to why I have not received any royalties are nothing but made up lies. My book was published on December 11, 2012 ISBN# 1627098090.

Today I sent them an email letting them know since I was in rehab due to my broken right hip, the contract that I signed with them was done under duress. I will be taking the contract to my attorney to see what can be done to get me out of this contract, and try again to get a publishing company that is reputable, and will do the best for my book. My thought is that Publish America should be investigated by Consumer Affairs, and make the public aware of what kind of underhanded business they are doing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2013

Publish America did not do any of the things they said they would do when I signed the contract for my children's book. The said that they would set up book signings at book stores for me if I would send them the names and contact info for the book stores where I lived. I spent a lot of time getting all this information and sending it to them and they never responded or did anything. A few months later, they sent me an e-mail saying, "Don't you want to have some book signings? Send us the information on book stores in your area and we will set up book signings!" I wrote back that we had already sent them this info months ago and no one did anything with it. I never heard back from them again. Except to tell me each royalty period that I had earned no royalties.

That is a lie, because I know multiple people who bought my book off Amazon and I never saw one penny for those sales. I wrote and inquired about that and they had some weak excuse that it was Amazon's fault. Yeah, right! I inquired with Amazon and everything was hunky-dory with them. I approached PA again and got absolutely no response. They treated me like I didn't exist. I could go on and on. I just got a Rights Reversion Offer from them where I have to pay them to get the rights to my book back. Hopefully this will be the end of it, but I'm not holding my breath. I don't know how any self-respecting person could work for this company. They are the biggest scam, do not ever use them!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2013

This is not a good company to turn your manuscript over. It sounds good when you hear "FREE", but don't be fooled by these people, because while you do business with them, your book will only be sold to yourself, family and friends. The money I spent buying my own book I could have real professionals working with me. I ended up paying PA to get them out of my life. I wrote my book over and gave it a new title, and it is now on Amazon and I am still working with CreateSpace to finish it up. I still don't trust PA, the reason is I had a seven-year contract with them. PA told me that if I paid them money, I would gain all my book rights back and they would remove my book from their online bookstore, so I paid what they were asking. Still, I need to get an attorney to send a letter to PA letting them know I will not be renewing the contract. There is a part in the contract that if you don't write them to cancel, the contract will automatically renew for another seven years. I would not put it past PA to try stepping back in my world.

Original review: May 30, 2013

I sent Publish America my book, Heart of Deception, and they stated that they would publish it for me. They made so many promises that they did not keep. They stated they would market my book and put it in stores online and other but none ever happened. I get so many dumb emails from them wanting me to buy my own book and pay for marketing and basically everything you have to pay for. When I received my book, it had a mess of mistakes in them when I spent much time editing my book. They promised in email after email that my book would not go out with errors but it did. I have not received a penny from Publish America and my book was published in 2010. They are a rip-off and really needs to be stopped.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2013

This is as fair as I can be. About a year ago, I finished writing a book that took me well over four years to write (with research that took about seven years and about ten years of studying). I sent out a few quarry letters to some publishers. Two of them contacted me right away. I told them both whoever can offer me a better contract, I will sign with. Publish America ordered me a deal where I get more than 8% royalties. More than a 7-year deal. Anyway, they could have offered whatever they wanted as it turns out because they have no intentions on paying anything. But let me begin by saying they robbed me initially of a few hundred dollars. They told me to turn in the manuscript when I was done getting permission from NASA for some pictures. Well I did that.

Now I was told that they had a text department that would correct any grammar mistakes. That they would have it for a month then they would email me a copy of what was to go to print within 24 hours of them sending me a copy. Well I was dumbfounded at the mess they gave me. It was a Friday, of course. This book was in shambles. It had worse than what I gave them the month prior - about twice as many mistakes. The book is rather large. I had four chapters with about just over a hundred and fifty page per chapter. Well, by the end of the first chapter, I counted 60 misspellings. I turned in a book with less than 20 total. Thinking they would be corrected, I thought nothing of it.

Well I protested. I wrote them back and said if they print that book, it will be something I will not have out there in my name - that it must be corrected. They said I could pay to have it not printed the next day for about 260 bucks. Then I could resubmit a second manuscript to be printed whenever I finished correcting it. Well, I did what they said and about 3 weeks later I turned in a perfect manuscript. I mean it was perfect. I anxiously waited for my book to go to print, something which should have taken place right away. I was told I didn't have to wait, but a few days since I paid that and had already waited once. Well, another more than a month passed before I finally wrote them and asked what the holdup was.

They just so happened to respond saying the book went to print that day. I was happy, of course. So I ordered myself a few copies right away. The book sold for $34. When it finally came more than a month and a half later, it was loaded with typos and mistakes everywhere. I became very angry, however, I didn't say anything to them. I was actually glad my book was out and just tried to pretend there were no mistakes. I began to receive daily emails saying if I wanted my book on shelves of bookstores or promoted in any way, I would have to pay them for each individual promotion. I paid for 3 promotions (one was a supermarket chain on the east coast, another was a big one where they introduce my book to 33 different publishers in Europe over a three month period) and that I would receive updates on how those would go.

I never received anything except more emails on promotions I could pay for. I paid for one more (one I could check on myself since I live in Los Angeles). I paid for them to make a poster of my book and display it at the Los Angeles book festival over the weekend. Well I went to the event and sure enough, my poster was not made or brought there. I found the Publish America booth and asked their representative where my poster was. I was told she was not given one of my book and it is not on display. Well that night I wrote Publish America demanding that somebody over there better call me before I get a lawyer. They wrote back saying my message was deleted without being read and that I can write to them again.

I did, several times, asking them where are the updates on the 33 different publishers I paid for and why wasn't my book being promoted at the festival. Why wouldn't they call me and talk to me? All they would say is my messages were deleted without being read. I got mad after about a week of them totally ignoring me. I finally told them I was going to get a lawyer. I was not going to let them sit on my book for ten years and not make money. In fact, I could not trust them to promote my book anymore.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2012

I have not received one dime for my novel, and I know that family and friends have purchased my novel. Plus, every time they have an event, they wanted me to pay for it. I recently asked for copy of my contract. They said sure and for me to pay fifty dollars for it. They also published wrong copy of my novel; instead of publishing second copy that was corrected, they published first manuscript that had some errors but could still be understood. They also kept saying every time for me to receive royalties that I didn’t make a dime. Meanwhile, on their site, my novel is priced $16.95. And they also changed their page site. It’s not the original site. It’s a lot different now. Can you help me? If you can, please contact me at **

Original review: Sept. 16, 2012

I used Publish America from Maryland to publish my book. It has been available on since September of 2011 and I know it has sold hundreds, if not thousands of books. In addition to their never picking up grammatical and other errors, they have continuously emailed me for ways in which to pour out money for ways in which to market my book. I never trusted them after their nasty ways in which they tell me they don't edit and abruptly dismissed my inquiry. I have not received any royalties and three periods have come to pass for them to give me a statement and a payment! They have avoided calls and never answer emails. They are nasty scam artists and prey off of people who give their hearts to their writing. They have to be stopped. I can't believe they've gotten this far!

Original review: April 22, 2012

My complaint is about my book I signed with Publish America in 2010 and never received a dime. I purchased my own book and paid money to them to put my book in the bookstore, library and other option. I emailed them to cancel my contract with them and they asked me to pay them $299.00 to cancel my contract. I want out of this contract. Why should I pay them?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2012

I received my royalty statement from this publishing company in February for my second novel, ‘A Silent Killer Within’. PublishAmerica claims the mentioned novel did not sell one copy at all during the six month royalty period, in which is an outright lie and completely contrary to the evidence I have dated from illustrating the dates the book was sold, shipped and delivered and also more importantly, who the book was sold and shipped to. I have the actual statement of sales receipt. The person purchased a copy of both my novels A Silent Killer Within and Sworn Not to Betray. This company has been ripping its authors off, lying about sales of authors’ books, and royalties earned for years and they are constantly getting away with it.

PublishAmerica is breaching their end of the contracts and being allowed to get away with it. It's truly absurd that they are being allowed to get away with and it absolutely seems that nothing is being done about it. They are playing with people’s lives and dreams with no conscience. There is no telling how many novels my first novel Sworn not to Betray nationally and abroad that I haven't been given credit for and they keep sending me royalty statements claiming I haven't reached the required $49.00 amount in order for me to begin receiving royalties I've earned in the fifteen months for Sworn Not to Betray.

No one forced us to sign the contracts, which is true. But most who signed these contracts were under the faith and belief that we were going to be working with a very upstanding moral and professional publisher. August will be the third royalty period of the six months for Sworn Not to Betray, I promise they'll send me another statement claiming I haven't reached the amount required to begin receiving royalties. I hope someone out there in our great United States will be watching! Thank you sincerely!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2012

They keep sending me emails to purchase my own book at a reduced price. They send me emails saying they are going to market my book, but that I have to pay a fee for them to do it and the fee is not cheap. I have requested that their legal department contact me about a possible plagiarism of my book, but they only email me back and say I should go to the "author support" link on the web site. I filled out that form, but so far, no response.

My book was just "published" in March, so I have no sales except what I have purchased for family and friends. After reading all the complaints, I probably won't have any book sales, and I certainly won't have any royalty checks. I want to get out of the 10-year contract they subjected me to, before things get any worse. I am willing to join in with a lawsuit, as this company needs to be shut down. It is misrepresenting the authors and breaching the contracts.

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Original review: April 5, 2012

I've read the contract over and over. Not once did PA pay me any royalties. They claim that they will never ask authors to purchase their own work. They always send you, sent me offers to buy my books at a discount. The books “sell” for $24. A 75 page story for that much? No wonder they did not sell.

I had to purchase a few, 10, just so I could give them to relatives and I did sell on my own 4 of them. They never sent my stories to any promoter. They claim to have sent a copy to “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Never was one sent. Read the numerous complaints from other authors. They all say exactly the same thing. The pitch from PA is the same for everyone.

Publish America sent me an e-mail stating that none of my books have sold. Not one. They offered to “sell” me the rights to my book back to me for $148.00. That is outrageous. In the contract, I retain the “rights” to my books. Not PA. The contract is full of contradictions and falsehoods. Publish America has lied, deceived me and other authors. All I ask is that they cancel both contracts that they hold over me for my two stories. I will never use PA again. I will continue to alert everyone to their scam.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2012

They use deception to trick folks into signing with them, then do absolutely nothing but pressure the author to buy large quantities of books. In two years, I've sold three books that qualify for royalties, which they didn't bother to send me. Every other sale of my book has been to myself, and those are not subject to royalties. If I had known, they didn't read any submissions before accepting them. I would never have signed with them, but they assured me they did indeed read before acceptance or rejection. There is absolutely no satisfaction, or sense of accomplishment, knowing they accepted my book, because they accept anything, no matter how bad it is (see "Atlanta Nights" by Travis Tea. Say that name fast, as there is a hidden meaning in it).

They also took money from me to drop the price of my book, then didn't drop the price of my book. They sure kept my money, though. When I complained, they suggested I pay more money to go hardcover to make the book's pricing more attractive. I worked for two years on my book, and I'm very proud of it, but I'd rather not sell any more copies for the next five years (the length of time until the contract expires), than to give them one more penny. I would love to have an attorney contact me about my complaint, but I am a self-employed contractor, and money is not raining down on me at the moment. Bills come first, correcting a brainless move like signing with Publish America comes second. I'm really just glad to be able to vent.

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Original review: Sept. 27, 2011

I wouldn't even give them one star. Prior to signing the contract, I had access by phone to representatives (sales consultants). After that, I was referred to the author help line, which is an answering machine telling they will return my call in 24 hours. That did not happen. They might email you after several days, if not weeks later on off hours, and then claim they tried. I was actually told they do not have phones in their offices, so they can't call clients. I was told they would bring the book to brick and mortar stores prior, after they said that I have to go into each store and sell it to the manager. I was told they would do press releases, web sites, etc. But they have done nothing. They have even written me a reply email, after 6 attempts over 3 weeks to speak to someone, calling me whinny. They said that if I complained again, they would not tolerate it. Stay away from this scam company. Do your research and get a reputable, honest company. They have 153 BBB complaints. That says a lot about Publish America.

Original review: Sept. 15, 2011

Publish America has constantly denied my request to see my sales reports and refused to correct the errors.

I have been told that it would cost me $200 to cancel my contract and I have proof of sales and no royalty checks to show for it. They want me to buy my own books and won't put them in stores, plus, they wont let me change the agreement, so the books are returnable.

I have had a lawyer request to see the books and he was told that they refused to answer.

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2011

Publish America is in breach of contract with the author. The problem that I am having is that the book sales statement came out back on 31 Aug 11 and right to this day, I have got nothing but the run around about my book sales statement and royalties check. I have contacted Publish America on numerous occasions but have not been getting a direct answer. I now feel like the contract between (myself) and Publish America has been breached on their end. They think that this is a joke and the reason why I said that is because I have the emails to prove it. I have my copy of the binding contract between us. I also have the $1 advanced check due to me under publishing contract for what you don't know about your man and me. They have been very rude to me and I am outraged.

Original review: May 27, 2011

I am a contracted author with PA and am very disgusted with them. On the front-end they don't edit manuscripts. They virtually accept any set of writings whether the subject is of interest and/or it's written well. Their philosophy is, if one throws enough manure on the wall, one's bound to stick, if you get the analogy. They claim to treat their authors with respect, but they don't. Everything they do is a smokescreen and it's only used to put money in their pockets. I spent 30-years in computer systems design, Their website is bogus. Most of its features are flashing lights with no substance. They don't post S+H rates for authors to review before placing an order.

The author finds that out after they make a book sales incentive (? ) purchase at a supposedly low cost via an E-Mail received. When the invoice process is activated it includes the S+H cost after the credit card has been recorded. The book and S+H costs highly inflates the book cost average which makes it difficult for the unknown author to sell at a reasonable retail price. Authors should not be the primary customers either. PA doesn't put a date on their invoices either. They offer book line changes periodically but do not specify how many lines can be changed. They are very rigid as to changes made and when offered, it comes at a price too. Everything they offer via daily E-Mails sent comes at a price to the author. Lately they send on average 3 E-Mails a day. Who knows what they mention really takes place?

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Original review: March 4, 2011

They claimed in an email to me that I had no sales for the period of August 2010 until January 2011. I did have sales as people I know bought the book plus there's a 5-star review of a reader who bought my book from January 2011. Ingram says that they can't give me information regarding any sales data and that Publish America would be the ones to do that for me. But Publish America in the past would not give me figures. I know I had some sales during the six month period. As to how much, I don't know. But I want my money that I made. I would like to go after them in a lawsuit. Can you help me?

Original review: Aug. 24, 2010

Hi my name is Raymond and I'm a victim of Publish America. First, they never pay me any royalties or send me any statement for royalties. Second, they asked me to change the title of my book to Rise of the Humanoid but the problem they never change the title on my contract it's still called The Unknown and it's been over one year now. I feel abused and cheated because they done this after I signed the contract. I hope you can help?

Original review: Aug. 11, 2010

They do not want to take responsibility for errors and corrections that are publisher's fault. I suffered loss of publications and charge of over $1000 for books not salable.

Original review: Aug. 9, 2010

In 2008, I signed a contract with Publish America to publish my first book. I read the contract from the first page to the last and completely understood the content within. What the contract promised and what Publish America provided were two completely different things. Promises of placing my book and making my book available in book stores across the nation never happened. Upon further investigation and many phone calls, I was told by the bookstores that my book would never ever be displayed in any of their stores because it was a POD (print on demand) book. If it did not sell at their store then Publish America would not take the book back under any return policy.

Over a two year period, I purchased hundreds of my book from Publish America through many offers made available to me. From the very beginning, I found that the price of my book set by Publish America was way over priced by the normal market pricing standards. In the last two years, I have received offers from PA telling me that if I am buying 5 copies of my book that they would send two to five copies for review to celebrities such as Oprah, Larry King, Stephen King, New York Times best seller list, movie studios for possible movie contracts and many, many other people. As exciting as this may have sounded in reality I knew that this would not happen.

In my contract, it told that Royalties would be paid twice a year to the author and the amount would be according to the number of books sold. As of today I have not received one penny for any books that have been sold. When I sent an email to them asking why I had not been paid royalties for the books that had been sold they told me that none of my books have sold in these royalty periods. I knew this not to be true because friends and relatives had purchased books through special orders through book stores. I even received an offer from PA early on that if I bought 10 or more copies of my book that I would receive royalties on this purchase. I bought 20 copies through that offer.

I received no royalties for these books either. When I asked PA about this and also told them about the orders from friends and family they came up with a story about an independent company who is supposed to collect the royalty payments for the sales of books sold and distribute these royalty payments to the authors but that they (PA) were involved in a class action lawsuit with the independent company and others on this matter and that once they heard anything they would contact me. I have heard nothing yet and really don't expect to hear anything.

I am a disabled veteran who lives on a fixed income and I am tired of getting no answers and being taken advantage of by a company whose track record is anything but honest. I sure that I am just one of hundreds or maybe thousands that have but taken by Publish America. Oh, by the way I see from the message boards on line that being let out of my contract with PA is virtually impossible.

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Original review: July 3, 2010

On October 10, 2008, with reasons to believe that I was losing my eight-year battle with breast cancer, I foolishly signed on to an 8% (only) royalty contract with Publish America for a book that I was penning as a written legacy for my four sons. It was titled, Land of Our Fathers: An Odyssey of Hope. To date, I have received from the publishing house $1.00 as advance payment, and $3.14 in royalty payments, for a grand total of $4.14 even though the book seemed to have been doing very well at home and abroad, and have been translated into different foreign languages. I have previous Internet printouts where there were at least ten sellers on this Amazon site alone, and printouts of bookstores in India, the UK, Italy (translated) that had the book in stock.

Publish America, LLC purports to be a "Free" publishing house-- free indeed. This publisher practices the rankest form of deceptive trade practices, using unfair contracts as umbrellas to shield itself from the law. Although the contract does stipulate that the author will only be paid royalty on full priced books, the publisher mendaciously made no mention that at least 95% of the time, 95% of books would be sold at a discount, hence, not giving an author a fighting chance in sharing any gainful profit from the book sales.

Moreover, they craftily failed to mention in the contract that "galley" copies would be published and sold at a discount before the final copy of the book was released. The galley copy is the author's exact book without the decorative cover. Had I known about the galley copy, I would not have rallied every family member, friend, or co-worker that I know to buy the first printing of the book for which I would have received no compensation.

Also, Publish American claimed that they had expert editors to proofread the books--the only reason why I elected to use their services in the first place. However, in my case, I had to proofread the entire work by myself, and when I was a little late in December 2008 to submit the final copy because of poor health, the "editor" threatened to print the book in its then grievously faulty condition without any further editing. His contract was the banner he waved over my head. Sick as I was, I had many oversights, and the book was published with more than forty-two errors. Embarrassed by that unprofessional representation of me, I pled for a reprint. They eventually agreed, and 12 additional corrections were submitted by me. Still, the book continues to be sold with many more grammatical and typographical errors therein.

Under the pressure of meeting the deadline for the final manuscript submission, and the fear of being sued for breach of contract, I left my teaching job to pursue my final dream--becoming an author. Now, not only am I unemployed, broke, depressed, and living only on child support, I have a finished manuscript of Book 2, and a Book 3 in the making, which I am afraid to submit to any other publisher. I can't help but lament over the grave injustice Publish America has meted out to me.

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Original review: June 12, 2010

Publish America is the biggest scam in the publishing industry! This Publish on demand (POD) company has been misleading authors for years. They claim to be traditional publishers, which is a total LIE. This company has made bundles of money off new gullible authors by publishing their books and selling them back at discounted rates to the authors. They do no conduct any promotions or distributions, even if the authors facilitate it. The alleged promotions are paid for by the authors when they buy their own books. No one will actually ever know if these promotions have actually taken place. PA's representatives are only addressed by first name or anonymously as "Publish America support". It takes miracle for them to get back to you with the simplest question. Most book stores will not carry Publish America books, because they equate PA to any other self-publishing house or worse. It also takes over two months to receive a book after you order it from Publish America.

Their royalty statements are vague and inaccurate. You will never know how many books your book has sold, unless you hire a private investigator. They can basically do whatever they want. This is an unethical and integrity free company. You are better off being unpublished than being stuck with this alleged publisher. Review the innumerable complaints against this company on the internet. It is truly a publishing mill that will publish anything they receive. They actually have an electronic editor that will keep your book filled with mistakes. You better hire an editor before you approve your final transcript assuming that you will decide to go with this scandalous company. Ironically, their representatives are taught to defend their scams, and they pretend to have pride and ethics. Publish America is truly the biggest scam in publishing history! It's so big that many other scam artists have started their own POD publishing houses. Beware! Research this publisher before you submit your transcript.

I kept buying copies of my book and they never promoted it. The whole thing is a lie. Most of the companies have to go through their corporate offices before they display any books, whether it is Borders or Walmart, etc. but PA makes promises that if you buy enough of your book they will match it and send it to your local store to be displayed (that's a big lie). I got international distributors interested in buying and distributing the book, Publish America blew them off and never contacted them. I never knew who I was dealing with at PA, because they only contact me by email and the representatives are always either anonymous or on first name basis, and you can never reach them again. The book would've sold a lot of copies with the Distributor I found, but PA was not interested in promoting the book, but they were only interested in selling it to me at a discounted price. They wouldn't even send copies to book reviewers that were willing to review my book. I am amazed that this company is still in business. This is one of the biggest scams in the industry. With every complaint, they have learned to cover themselves better. They have no editors, my book was never edited and was filled with mistakes. That was a humiliating and stressful experience, especially when I found out that they published anything that was scribbled on a piece of paper.

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