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The notion of fraudulent psychics might sound redundant, but study the cards carefully and you'll find that most of these complaints are really about fraudulent use of 900 numbers, surely the worst idea the telephone industry ever came up with. For an insider's view of the 900 psychic game, here's Lisa.

The Federal Trade Commission and consumer groups have been trying to get control of the 900-number problem for years but with little success, unfortunately. All consumers would be well advised to contact their telephone company and be certain there is a 900 block on all their phone lines.

We have nothing against psychics but consumers ought to beware -- there is no standard against which someone who claims to be a psychic can be judged. Thus, anyone who voluntarily gives money to someone who claims to be a psychic can be sure of only one thing: the supposed psychic now has what used to be the client's money.

There's no way to say this delicately but those who give money to psychics identify themselves as being somewhat, uh, gullible. Many supposed psychics will continue pushing just to see how much money, travel, housing and so forth they can get before the "mark" finally wises up. If life's getting you down a better bet is to consult a licensed psychotherapist. This would be someone with a Ph.D., M.S.W. or M.D.

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Last updated: Jan. 15, 2018

81 Psychics Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

Very disappointed. I felt depressed about my relationship status. Missing my ex badly. I thought I could get some clarity & closure from a Psychic. I was so wrong. Paying $50 I called in to speak to several different advisers. They all claimed they were clairvoyant, psychic and didn’t need any information that they would give me information yet every single one of them asked me questions without even noticing how much pain I was in or why. How could you claim to be a clairvoyant and not be able to feel my aching emotional pain. I’m honestly thinking of suicide and I don’t understand how they couldn’t pick up on it if they were real psychic. is a fraud and fake.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2018

I've been calling Keen for over 10 years. It's evolved a lot. Most of the psychics aren't really psychics. If you ever notice a lot of them are online for 10-12 hours a day at minimum. These people have no lives except Keen!! I admit I was a horrible psychic shopper in the past, but I have found two top readers that I stay with now who have proven to be accurate, practical and helpful. The first is a woman who may not have been on Keen. Her name is Madame Pamita and she is out of Los Angeles. Her site is called She has a shop and sells all kinds of items. She is a very experienced reader of the tarot, fifties, super professional, and a published author to book. Like talking Barnes & Noble.

The second reader I really enjoy is Emily West. You can rarely get her on Keen. Like ever. We've talked about it after readings and she's told me that she hates being associated with Keen because of how bad most of the readers are. She doesn't want to work that platform. She uses cards too. Both Pamita and Emily do Skype/audio readings and that's what I suggest because you can see them, see the cards and it's 100% more insightful. Emily's predictions for situations with my live in boyfriend have continuously been spot on. Pamita was a little off at times, but still an excellent reader and picked up on past and present splendidly. Pamita also can tune into past lives and your Akashic Records (spelling?).

Overall, these are my two fave readers. I attached Emily's picture because she's from Keen and this thread is on Keen. I can highly recommend either of these readers. Emily is better with final outcomes and love life. Pamita is great with intuitive advice and life path and making you think and giving you peace and hope. Emily's site is Her rates are steep, but she is worth it to get it right. Pamita is not cheap either. Hope this helps someone. I saw this thread and I felt the need to chime in. I've been so screwed over in every way in the past so I get it. To all the psychic shoppers... Find 1 or 2. Wait for predictions to happen then STOP calling. You will go broke if you don't.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 24, 2017

Seaintuit Medical Medium - Scam! I researched this extensively and found nothing negative. I paid $210 for a reading and healing. Prior to the reading she tells you to write down all of your symptoms. She doesn’t ask what they are. She says that she will go over them all during the reading. She spent the hour working on my back and neck. None of which were on my list. This was my last hope of trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I have been to numerous doctors and had a 45k surgery of which didn’t help. So spending $210 was a lot to have nothing I wanted resolved. Save your $$. Very disappointed!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 18, 2017

8 months ago a good friend of many years recommended a woman named Marlene of Caribbean Psychics. I had previous experience with California Psychics and others that flat out lied to me for many years. To make a long story short, Marlene was the only psychic in 10 years where everything she told me matched my life. She did not ask me any questions but was spot on. Her readings make sense and are honest.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

There are some great and gifted psychic advisors out there, but there are those who love to take advantage of the weak and desperate. I have had more than one run in with a fake psychic online. I have lots more to expose so stay tuned. I just want to make sure that we can reduce the number of victims when it comes to this. I just got off of the phone with an online psychic after coming across her website a few months ago. Yes, she gives a free sample reading which to convey she asks for your date of birth which is fine, but then proceeds to ask me what my occupation which you do not need to make a connection on a psychic level with someone. I am an advisor myself, but I am still developing my gift so I do seek others in the field from time to time to help me with my own personal life.

We can help others but sometimes don't always know where to turn ourselves. Anyway, she gives me the reading which was filled with information I already gave her that she just repeated back to me basically and as I was talking she kept cutting me off. She goes by Ashely, but I have an identifier on my phone for even unknown numbers in which it gives me the first and last name of anyone one that calls as well as their location. Her real name is Debra **. This is her website She pressed me for money at the end and kept trying to get me to get the money somehow for a love spell which I never asked for. All I wanted was a sample reading which she proudly advertises on her website. She asked if I could borrow the money somehow... before she could talk more I hung up because this is almost every psychic I have contacted over the phone and I am not naive. Beware!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

I want to believe there are good psychics out there. But there are just so many fake ones who want nothing but your money. They would claim that you are cursed or your ancestor is cursed. You have to keep paying and paying in order to remove the curse. My story is I had my this psychic reader Ashley telling me that I was cursed. Therefore I had to give her money. She acted very caring and etc. She gave me hugs. I told her I had no money, she told me to max out my credit cards and give her the money. That way, she will put in the church, they will help me. The church will double the money or triple it and help people in need. People like me. LMAO I actually believed her. I was $1500.00 loss in total. Good thing is I stopped before I realized she gives me no receipt or anything, no help either, she just kept asking for more money.

She preyed on the weak. She loved weak crying clients. I saw clients coming with more tears instead of smile. And this business is in the middle of Manhattan near Grand Central Station. It's on the second floor. I went to the police station, they don't deal with those things. If you give people money willingly, there is nothing they can. There is this gray area, if people tell you that you are cursed and rob you with lies and cheats, too bad, you are out of luck that you are the weak one. Talk to a professional doctor, instead of fake psychic if you have an issue. Talk to a therapist. Because fake psychic will make sure you have no bones left if you are already out of blood. It is very gruesome and disturbing. But vultures and sharks have to live on. They feed on the weak. Just don't fall into their traps. They are trained professionally to brainwash you once you are in their web. Do not be fooled! Do not be the victim!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

I came down to visit Amanda one day and my life changed forever. First, we did the palm reading about my past, present, & future. She told me some good and bad news. As we were having a productive conversation, we did the face reading and it was very good. Finally, we did the tarot card deck and that was interesting. I was amazed at her abilities. She didn't sugarcoat anything. She was an advisor and able to answer any questions I had about aspects of my life. My life direction improved and I felt she had clarified situations. Thank you, Amanda!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

I just submitted a complaint to the BBB-Connecticut w/ her business location in Willington, CT. I have also added to her negative review (2013) on Complaints Board in addition to creating new ones on RipOff Report & YELP. I wish I had copy & pasted the review I just crafted for the BBB because it was concise & thoughtful, & included evidence for both my claims & statements of fact. The bottom line, however, is that Laura Scott provides false advertisement on her website where she states she can "see their [clients] Akashic Record info." In my reading, she stated she couldn't see my Akashic Records well enough to read the 1st name of a man whose real name I had just asked for. Isn't that False Advertisement? And that's ILLEGAL.

She couldn't give me simple yes/no questions to my answers, but simply rambled (i.e., evaded answers) most of the time in order to CONVINCE me as opposed to CONVEY answers/info from The Committee or my Akashic Records. Additionally, she filled some of time with silence and explained that she was TRANSLATING info from The Committee. Inter-dimensional beings communicate with humans via images & telepathy. No translation is needed; so, she used this time to CREATE, using her imagination, a believable response. In at least one instance, she didn't even answer my question. The questions I asked was if a specific influential group of people from my past had ever faced punitive action in the past and what would happen if I went public with this information. She then told me that the Statue of Limitations has passed & it was too late.

She made no comment about my going public with this information because she either had no psychic information -or- simply didn't correctly understand the question because she doesn't have a proficient grasp of the English language. Furthermore, I had to press her for details about my Akashic Records because she never offered any. Why? It’s because she had no information to give me. She's not even capable to Improvisational Acting. And that's a good thing because she'd be a very talented actress & hurt more emotionally vulnerable clients. Moreover, she provided no real insights, so she filled the empty space with self-evident advice. Finally, she contradicted herself about my past lives, & was so ignorant she gave misinformation. I inquired if I had ever lived in Ancient Egypt. She answered, "Yes." So, I then asked, "When?"

She stated something to the effect of 1600's AD. Ancient Egypt was in the BC times. Doh! In retrospect, based upon my notes, EVERYTHING she told me could have been EXTRAPOLATED from my specific, detailed questions she required of me at the "top" of the reading. About 3 hours after my reading, I emailed her Admin Asst requesting a refund based up on the FACT that Laura Scott is a FRAUD and stating I refused to pay the overage fee because she rambled. I was met with an email that stated my complaints were "dissociative." They stated, referencing the recorded session of my Akashic Records reading, my complaints contradicted my in-session responses. I can tell you from this experience, when you're in a thicket you can't always see the forest for the trees!

Like other victims of fraud could tell you, it's usually that sinking feeling you get in your gut hours or days afterward that alerts you to the FACT that you've just been bamboozled. Their claiming that my complaints were "dissociative" is both emotional abuse & gas lighting. Why? In my reading, I prefaced my list of questions with an information that I am one of the very rare human beings who has a Dissociative Amnesia Disorder.

That's not indicative of one incidence in my life, but several incidences (that I am aware of) because it is a bona fide disorder, and not a one-time event for me. I was not traumatized during this reading, so I didn't experience Dissociative Amnesia during or after this reading -- as cruelly implied by Ancient Stardust by Laura Scott. However, my bank account was traumatized! Ultimately, Laura Scott is no Lisa Williams who is truly gifted and offers evidence-based insights just like James Van Praagh. I'll never patron another person listed under Bob Olson's list of Best Psychic Mediums, but will consider the ones listed under Lisa Williams' and James Van Praagh's sites.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! I bought a LivingSocial deal for a 30 min reading & what I received was a 10 min reading & then the scam started. At first I sent her $199 for cleansing, then $125 for materials that she needed then $1800 which she said she would return to me... Then she told me she burned it... Haha (stupid on my part). She told me 2 things that would happen in Oct 2016... Well I'm still waiting & she won't return phone calls or text. DO NOT CALL HER FOR A READING. LivingSocial provides a hunting ground for this woman to prey on people.

profile pic of the author
Original review: April 14, 2017

I paid 150$ to this wack job out of Texas through a Walmart to Walmart money transfer. She claims to be psychic. She says she can tell you your future and guaranteed to make things be better. She said she is a true born Christian which apparently is not true. Christians do not believe in psychic abilities. Her name's ELIZABETH **. She works with another wacky job named MRS. ** MARK. Which these women go by other fake names as well. Elizabeth got a bad attitude and said she was going to curse me and told me I will now regret the day I called her... this twisted crazy person continued to contradict herself. Which shows she's a compulsive liar!

These wack jobs both claim they have a lawyer as in to scare me. First off neither of you fakes scare me. You're dirt poor that's why you run around scamming people. She told me I called about a man which is not true, she said that is what she picked up on. No I did not call for answer about a man. I called to know about my future. They say they are working on my case, well I want a refund... if I do not get a refund. I do know the address to your business, do not be suppressed if you show up with police.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

I had purchased 30 min reading with Elizabeth Joyce from Bergen County, New Jersey, United States and when I had called her I had to wait because she had double booked and she was not ready. She didn't let me speak, she had constantly cut me off, she was very rude, aggressive and then she started yelling and screaming at me. I had paid her US$ 185 for 30 min of reading and I didn't get that.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2016

I paid this crook £29 and then a further £49 and have nothing from her except a load of rubbish and phony experiments with all sorts of funny chemicals and words all meant to confuse the hell out of me and demanding a further £180. I have received endless emails in response to my requests for refunds and she just ignores them and keeps plugging away at the forecast of a fabulous fortune awaiting me if I GET HER TO DO HER MAGIC CRAP. My argument is this, If I supply goods or services I do NOT get paid beforehand but only when that good or services has been rendered. These people on the net are a bunch of crooks. All I asked this woman for was a horoscope, not a ** seance!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2016

This woman is a FAKE! She also goes by QUEENOFWANDS2018 and JAY **. When I could not resonates with what she was telling me in the reading, she caught an attitude and became tremendously defensive. I am still in shock how unprofessional and rude she behaved. The short reading ended by her rudely and abruptly name calling me. I hope this review can save a lot of people money & time. I booked a 30 minute reading $47.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2016

I met with Jennifer ** back in June during one of her gatherings where she introduces herself to the local community and shows off her "gifts". For a modest fee of course. The money was minimal and I have had the opportunity to know people I consider genuinely psychic so I thought I would try her out. I had been going through a rough patch in my life and I thought I would try her out. It didn't take long to figure out her game. She pulled out all the tricks, seeing some dead woman behind me, claiming it was someone close to me, not being able to see her clearly and blurting out different hair color hoping I would say "yeah, I know who that is", etc. I didn't fall for it and pressed her about my work situation, but she kept trying to steer the reading back to the woman. I held my ground and pressed about work.

I was quickly told that I wouldn't lose my job and that I would be promoted and everything would be fine, obviously to shut me up so she could move the reading along how she wanted it to go. Turns out I didn't get promoted, but in fact did lose my job due to downsizing. I found a better position a couple of weeks later in a new company. That was the first thing she was wrong about. The second thing was my personal life. When I would not take the bait about the mysterious "dead woman" behind me that she claimed to see but couldn't see clearly, she immediately jumped to my relationship status. I decided to take the bait and told her only half of what had occurred with my ex a couple months prior. I left out 2 very important details though. 1, that she had already remarried, and 2 that she had already had a child. She had been cheating with someone while she was with me and had gotten pregnant before she left me for him.

At first she had told me the child was mine, but toward the end of her pregnancy she could not keep lying to me and told me the truth and she left. Jennifer told me I would get back together with my ex and that we were soulmates. I did not tell her the missing 2 bits of information yet because she went back to the dead woman. I finally chose to outright lie to her and tell her my aunt had passed recently. She told me immediately that the dead woman was her. AT this point I could not let the charade go on any further. I told her about my ex and that I had lied and that my aunt was still alive that no one had passed away in my life recently. She became irritated and suggested I attend one of her "classes" since I was blocking her and needed to be opened up. I said "no thanks" and left. I did not request my money back nor do I want it back now because it was not much.

The obvious true scam was to get me talked into attending her courses or classes or whatever else she planned in order to "open me up and make improve my awareness". I posted about this on ripoff report but I waited a few months to do it because I believed that she would not remember me. I was wrong. She posted a lengthy rebuttal, complete with phone numbers of her friends, no doubt business associates or friends she has close to her who would say or do anything for her. In her rebuttal she accused me of being a competitor, which I am not, I was only a duped customer. I didn't think anything much of her rebuttal and it was not surprising to me that she posted it.

Then though, I received 2 phone calls from people claiming to be representatives of Ms. **. They made it very clear that she would be seeking legal action if I didn't post a retraction. So in order to keep from becoming another statistic about some person being sued and paying out the nose for posting a negative review I decided it was not worth the hassle and I posted a retraction which seems to have pacified her. My report was 100% factual and true but at the same time I didn't want to get sued.

But I did not want my complaint and review to be so easily dismissed and I chose to submit my complaint again and was told by a legal professional that I just have to add the disclaimer that this complaint is solely my opinion based solely on my own experience with Ms. **. She has only a Facebook page at the moment. She claims to be working on an actual website. My advice to everyone in the eastern PA area who is considering her services, and again this is just my opinion, to not bother. In my opinion she will tell you what you want to hear and try and bait you into one of her classes where she can make some real money off of you and your problems.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

I went to work for this company, and they were so unprofessional. They took over a month to hire me, then when they did they didn't train me. Then they wanted me to be on skype every time I was logged in, ridiculous. On top of that they didn't have any work on the landlines only chatting. I told the owner that my eyes hurt, he didn't care. He said he would put me on the line but that it was very slow. Then why are they hiring other people if it's very slow. BAD MANAGEMENT!!!!STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2016

I spoke with Wendy ** seven times over four months with one simple question: when will my job search produce a job? She made three predictions, each proven false over the time period. When I reached out to hold her accountable she made a fourth prediction (conveniently timed after the feedback period), sent me an email laced with insults, and then blocked me. has refunded me less than 10% of the moneys I gave to Wendy ** but has removed this feedback from's website.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2016

Psychic Emily **. I called her twice, once during a breakup in 2013 and again in 2016 and she was so great and to the point. During the end of my engagement in 2013 I was not ready for the truth but she gave it to me and now I couldn't be happier. Both calls ended up being truthful and I really like her.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2016

Wellington Psychic & Love Spell Specialist, **, By: Michelle ** or Gabrielle who knows at this point! She got me for $225.00 for her "services". The woman goes by several different names, her ads say she lives in Wellington, she says she lives in Boynton Beach, and her phone number is from Hollywood Florida. She is very nice at first as she claims she wants to help you, but then comes the money. She will contact you all day long about getting her money, but once she "begins to do work" good luck!!! She texts you constantly saying she's going to call you back or call you with good news, but never does. You can call her and she won't answer.

She knows just what to say to keep you on the edge, but doesn't ever come through. STAY AWAY!!! Just so you know she goes by the names of Gabrielle, Michelle, and another name which I forgot. She claims that she goes to the church for her rituals, but I don't see it that way. She provides zero info that is beneficial. Please take this advice and run run run!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Aug. 17, 2016

Problem solved.

Original review: May 30, 2016

Was ready to try a new relationship, it cooled down a lot and I wanted to secure it, so looked for help and found someone who said she could help. She has done nothing but drain me and constantly change stories. I just want my money returned and her to just leave me alone forever.

Original review: April 20, 2016

Psychics born Bianca charge me over $1300 for work she didn't do. She didn't help me, just kept stringing me along, for at least 4 months. I ask her for my money back. She said no so how is that helping a person. She took my money and had no regrets. She should be punish for taking people hard earn money.

Verified Buyer
Original review: March 13, 2016

Please do not have a psychic reading with a company called - 'Psychics Connect'!! The phone operator that first answered the phone was an English lady and she was very condescending, patronizing and over the top - too friendly with the YUK Factor!!! The reader was from Australia and she was fantastic but the operator I think her name was Tessa and a terrible experience and very depressing person. Cost me a lot but worth it for the reading from NSW but the phone person was too personal and I did not trust and she took too much money from my CREDIT card and I had to go to a lot of trouble to get a refund. BEWARE of these companies!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2016

I contacted them and asked their help with getting work at an army base and they worked a money spell to help me land this job, and all free, no gimmicks, no sneaky charges for the service. They also help with many other spells. They helped me out. Now I've got the job I have been after. Thanks talismanlovespells. May the universe bless and keep you always.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2016

While I enjoyed the Psychics and received good information from two, when it was time to move on, this website located in Luxembourg decided to keep the change...$12.76, in my case, which is less than their required payment of $30 or so allotment, but still quite a shock to this American! Just a warning. Apparently, you're supposed to talk until they shut you down.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2015

So I too am a complete skeptic to psychics. My sister raves about a reader she calls on Keen often so I figured I'd give it a try. I got 3 free mins so I called this lady named Persian Medium Fiona who charged a ridiculous $25.99/min. I used my 3 free mins with her. It was generic and did not apply to me at all. Then I decided to deposit 100 bucks and try out a few other readers. Next I called Steven **, the site's #1 reader. It was even more silly than the first reading. Just general, vague answers.

I was about to give up before I decided to call Emily ** who has a very professional, neat listing which most of the other readers did not have. I was blown away!! Emily knew things that she totally could not have known... it was almost scary. She read on my job and my failing marriage. She was personable, funny and charming. I can totally recommend her to anyone seeking a REAL DEAL PSYCHIC READING. Her name is Emily ** and she is a reader on

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

They have ruined my spiritual life and exposed me in a sexual way for no reason. It is sick and utterly disgusting. This will not stop and I want everyone to know that this can be done by a psychic. I did not know and I go to a Catholic Church everyday and I say a rosary. They practice black magic and are witches.

Original review: Oct. 10, 2015

They were very disrespectful once they got my $100.00. Sister Michelle gave me a free reading. Then Sister Michelle told that spiritual work can done for $100.00 everything. She hands my case over to Bishop Phil because he is so much more experienced. The only problem is, Bishop Phil does not know that much about my case because they obviously don't communicate that well with each other. So I finally get Bishop Phil on the phone and he charges $500.00? He gets angry when I ask questions (please keep in mind that this is all over the phone, not in person consultations). I was able to pick up on his bs really quickly while remaining respectful. He started yelling when I asked him the right questions. He said that he could not do my case but, there is only one problem with that; I already paid $100.00.

The same $100.00 that Psychic Sister Michelle told me that all was needed to complete the work. I get on the phone and Sister Michele started yelling as well. I wanted to hang (I mentally blocked the negativity from her yelling), but I did not because I was thinking wow now they got my $100, I guess they feel they can treat me like crap. She then told me that everything would could $700.00. They like to fast talk you into believing that you must pay or else. They don't call you back. They want you to call them. They don't minister to you, they try to find out your job so they can charge you more money.

I would not refer any of my clients to them for spiritual work. I have over 100 clients. Everyone is tough over the phone and over the internet. They work with 100s of people on the phone. Spiritual work should but treated with care, not like some food at fast food restaurants. I decided to go to someone that is more reputable, has real reviews, and that I can see in person.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2015

I felt conned by both these websites/companies to be honest. The readers on there (I've tried so many in hopes one might be good) but they're no good. The readings are not accurate and I've been told off by a reader before when I've told her that I don't think we're connecting and she blamed me! The readings seem made up with the only thing that has been consistent is the amount of time wasting and lies that has been told to me with no value. I'm tired that these big companies are going downhill and not checking the people they hire to give readings. A lot of them ask me multiple questions and then repeat your answers acting as though they've in fact predicted it or their 'guides' have told them. It's as though they're being taught to deceive people. What happened to the good old days, if you don't connect you don't connect.

Nowadays it's all about money money money. Keeping you on the phone pretending they're connecting with you - a lot of talking and asking and not much predictions. To be fair BETTER COMPANIES ARE THE SMALL ONES LIKE PSYCHIC SOFA AND STAR TEMPLE. They charge less and I guess have more to prove so are more picky as to who they put on their roster. Anyway as a regular customer of both Michele Knight & Russell Grant, their decline in giving top rate psychic readings has made me start losing my faith in ever finding good readers. It is now a way to exploit people instead of helping them. So disappointing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2015

I had a reading with Roya via telephone since she told me she only does phone readings, which is contrary to what it says on her website. In the past I've had accurate readings from other people, but I've visited my fair share of scam artists and Roya fits that bill. Before your initial reading she requests your Facebook to "friend" you, gee I wonder why, is it to fish for all your personal information so that she can give you an authentic reading? At the reading, I remained open but I wanted to keep personal information limited in the hopes that she can give me an accurate reading and that I didn't want to influence her reading of me. She made me pay $150 prior to my reading and spent 40-minutes on the phone.

Like a master gypsy, she pokes and prods you for your personal information throughout the reading and gives you information based on what you say, and then twists it into suggestions of what you should do with your life, after all, she claims to be a "life-coach" too (for an additional fee). She is so general in her readings that it could apply to a plethora of human beings, and she tries to set you up for future readings and "up-sells" you during the reading, and tries to set you up for future paid readings. She might as well be sitting with the classic crystal ball and bandana over her head while draining your money. She says she's always busy and reads about 10 people every day, almost every day of the week, so she has obviously built a network of unfortunate people that continue to believe her, because she offers a fake sense of hope.

Let's calculate what she would take in if she worked only 5-days out of the week and read 10 people per day... that's $1500 per day x 5-days would equal at least $7500/week which would be multiplied by 52-weeks, which would mean she earns AT LEAST $390,000 PER YEAR. I know that Turkish Coffee readings can be accurate when conducted by someone who actually knows how to do it (she is Iranian, not Turkish by the way, i.e. she possibly knows the art of some Gypsy's who are only interested in personal and steady cash flow from unfortunate believers), but she is a straight up con-artist. You can see by how much she advertises her services everywhere that she's always searching for more cash sources. Roya is just as bad as Sylvia Brown was and should be avoided at all costs if not thrown in jail.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2015

My husband had left me. I contacted Mambo Sandy, she replied after some time. After I paid her she refused to answer my emails or calls. When she did return my calls, she was hostile and angry for no reason. Her love spells did not work and they started at $750. Mambo Sandy lives in New Jersey. You have been warned.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2015

I contacted ** who is a psychic. She was completely wrong about everything. She was negative and critical and seem to use her own opinions other than psychic impressions. She gave me medical advice that was totally incorrect and unprofessional. She was forceful about her medical advice and would not listen to the fact that I have a medical condition that is out of my control. It seems that she has personal issues of her own and she passes this on in her readings and therefore I will not be consulting with her ever again.

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