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I have had this subscription for about a year and have only been offered other ways to continue my subscription. I also continue to receive charges for full subscriptions... BUT today, I actually spoke to a person at this website There is a number to an actual person in customer service... I cancelled all the accounts and am supposed to be receiving a refund for the magazine I was charged full price for... Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm not sure how this company can stay in business... It's a total scam and BAD for the consumer.

I have seen many complaints about this magazine service. Often, when you call to cancel your mag you are offered it again for $2 for another year. However, they often make big mistakes, and end up billing you when your sub is not over, send the wrong mag, or never send a notice thru the mail. I know because they do look lame, but still am aware if they are mailed and 80% of the time are not. Always call the Customer Service #, and ask for a full refund, not partial because you got an extra month or two. They will give this to you because it is a scam basically. Mags want customers ordering and will give out their mags for free, so know this. It does require effort if you are charged incorrectly and usually becomes an issue/fight, but just write down when you ordered and insist you not be charged. They will issue you a full refund.

I almost threw out their renewal notice because it looked like junk mail. It basically said that, in order not to send me too much mail, they would renew 3 of my subscriptions automatically unless I called a number to cancel by Nov. 1. I called that number and was told they could only process one cancellation at a time. I tried to cancel AFAR magazine and instead of giving me the option to cancel, they gave me the option to either let it automatically renew or to have it renew with a 2-year term instead. I had no option to just cancel. This really angers me. Business practices like theirs are illegal.

Cancel the subscription at -, choose Cancel - if you misenter info, you will be given a better choice. First I tried following Utne Reader info - didn't work so I googled the phone numbers and got to (really well hidden, notice that Utne Reader does NOT mention where the cancel button is!). Their scheme generally asks for YOUR last name and zip info. You should probably cancel your credit card number after canceling the subscription, they'll give you a new number - Somehow Utne Reader got my current address, which has nothing related to a magazine ever crossing its path since moving here in June. Not just a scam, but really some form of credit card fraud has happened - Utne Reader, et al, should not have my current card address - be safe and get rid of the old credit card number. In their own words (I just checked the Account Number Pamela ** gave, it's not recognized:

"Thank you for contacting Utne Reader. Our records show that ** subscription to Utne Reader was renewed on December 09, 2013, by an agency NewSub Magazine Services, LLC. The order number is ** The group payment number is **. Her account# **reflects this information. Her Utne Reader subscription is not on auto-renewal with us. The only thing I am able to do is to stop issues from going out, but I am not able to refund any money, as it is thru an agency. I do sincerely apologize to you and any inconvenience you have experienced. I do sympathize with you and the frustration. Here is the contact information you will need to cancel the Utne Reader subscription: NewSub Magazine Services, LLC, Four High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905, Phone) 203-595-8255. I do hope this is helpful and I wish you well. Please advise us on stopping continuing issues."

Notice that Pamela ** provides no website info.

Their automatic renewal scam is underhanded and sneaky! I received this postcard, one of those oversized ones, that looks like junk mail. As I was getting ready to toss it into the trash, I had this strange feeling I should read it more closely. Nothing on the front or in any of the bold, catch your attention, writing mentioned anything about "renewing a subscription." As I read the small print, buried in the middle of the message was a notice that "our offer on the phone will continue for the next term of issues using the account number you agreed to be billed for your selection(s) and will be charged for Marie Claire at $31 for a total of 12 issues. If you wish to discontinue, call 866-560-9273 by May 07..."

Well, it was passed the deadline date by the time I received and read this notice. I was upset that this tactic was used. Since the magazine offers insight and tips that I can use for my business, I struggled with how to respond and handle the matter. So, I put the postcard aside until I could address it properly. I have sent a written notice requesting that my subscription be canceled and demanding that my name, contact information and mailing information be removed from their distribution/contact lists. Boldly pointing out that their underhanded tactic was not appreciated and I do not wish to be associated with any business that operates in such a manner.

I have marked my calendar and set reminders to pay very close attention to the mail to ensure that they do not automatically renew again next year. Isn't there a law against such deception? My credit card was automatically charged without my permission. And yet, to dispute it, I am the one that has to go to great lengths to get the charge credited. Seems like they should be fined or something to prevent them from such scams in the future.

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I tried to cancel their subscriptions but one would not cancel. Now I have a charge on my credit card but will challenge this. This is such a mess and a scam! Spent hours trying to get this mess cancelled and evidently to no avail!

We have been receiving Maxim for maybe one year. I checked my bank account and noticed that I suddenly had a $32.00 charge for Maxim Magazine. I have never received any sort of renewal notice in the mail or in my email. I tried to contact the telephone number that was attached to the charge in my bank account and it was an automated service. I could tried three different times yesterday, for a total of at least 30 minutes and could not get past the simple questions as it would not let me speak to an actual customer service representative.

I emailed Maxim customer service and stated that I wanted to cancel my subscription, which they were okay with, but they stated that my order was placed through this Newsub Agency. I was told to contact them regarding my billing questions, which I tried again today. I tried three different times yet again for another total of 30-45 minutes and again, could not get past my zip code and last name. I went back to the main menu and found the option "subscribe" which I selected.

From there, I was told to visit "". I was able to finally get into my account and there was an option to cancel services which I was able to do and was provided with a confirmation number. However, be careful when answering the questions as they are worded in a tricky manner that can set you up for more future charges. Answer "no" to everything and finally you will be provided with a confirmation number. I spent more than an hour trying to get this mess figured out. I was charged $32.00 with no notification or permission granted by myself. This company is fraud.

Last year I was told I won four magazine subscriptions. I had to give my card information with a $2.00 charge for expenses. This last week, there were four charges-- $57, $34, $31 and $62-- out of my bank account. I had to get their phone number from the bank as no one sent any documentation to me that this was going to happen unless I called them to cancel. Angela said, this morning, that I gave them permission when I gave them the $2. How is this legal?

Yesterday, I received an issue of Entertainment Weekly in the mail. I emailed EW inquiring as to why I was on their mailing list, and to cease further issues from coming. They emailed me back saying their records show that an agency by the name of Newsub Magazine Service signed me up for a subscription and that I'd have to call them to cancel. I called the 800 number provided and the guy I talked to said, I had agreed to a trial subscription on October 2, 2010.

That's an outright lie, since I did not step foot outside my house that day because I was extremely ill. I called my bank, and so far no charges from them have been made to my account. This company is a scam. How they got hold of my info (i.e., name, address) remains a mystery. For others who have called this company and had to deal with the voice-automated deal, I just pressed 0 and that took me through to a live person. The automated voice does warn you that there's an extremely long wait to speak to a representative, and it would be quicker to just deal with the matter with the robot-voice, but I was connected to a representative right away (more proof this company is nothing but lies).

The guy I talked to was of no help. All he said was, "I can cancel" my" subscription in December when I'll be sent a notice in the mail saying my trial is over, yet I don't believe him. This company needs to be put down. I consider this identity fraud since my personal information was used without consent. There are laws against that! These leeches need to be stopped, I can't believe they're still scamming people!

I was contacted by telephone in November of 2009 about subscribing to People magazine. I agreed to the subscription, however, I was asked for my credit card information. In that phone call, I did not give the company my credit card information due to the fact I do not give anyone I do not know that information over the phone. I never received any more phone calls from that company or anyone else. I was then charged $58.50 in March of 2010 for this magazine. I once again had a charge placed on my account in May of 2010. Luckily, there was a zero charge this time. I do not know how the company got my credit card information nor do I know how they can charge people without the consent of the subscriber. I have cancelled my subscription and I am investigating on how to get a refund but have had no luck so far.

I was given "free" subscription to 3 magazines. I was supposed to be notified before my credit card was charged to continue "subscriptions". I never received any notification plus another magazine was "added" to my order at $15 more a year. I now have paid for 4 subscriptions through Oct 2010 for one, Nov 2010 for one and Dec 2010 for two. Last month, I was charged for all 4 magazines for "renewal" of the subscriptions (again, no notification given that account would be charged) even though some were current for seven more months. After I found the company's phone number (automated phone system), I canceled advance payments. I am "supposed" to receive credit of $49.50 for the following subscription charges from Dec 2010 through Dec 2011.

I wanted to cancel "current" subscriptions, but when I tried to use auto phone, it stated the cancellations were already made and I would receive one or two of the remaining issues due to the kindness of the company. However, I am still due to receive subscriptions for 5, 6 and 7 more months that were prepaid. Now I am told my subscriptions are canceled and I will only receive one or two more magazines. There is no phone that gets through to a real person. I have filed charges with USPS for fraud and complaint with Better Business Bureau.

I was charged $57 for the magazine that I never ordered nor ever received a single issue. I tried to call the phone number that was listed by the side in my credit card statement. But they do not have any option to talk to the live person. They do not have any option about refunding or complaints. They have been constantly charging me. I have reported a fraudulent with my credit card company. Hope my credit card company helps me.

They are sending magazines I did not order. You cannot reach anyone by phone. All you get is an automated service. I do not know where they obtained my information.

My son ordered an Alumni Book from the college he graduated from, The Citadel - Military College of South Carolina, and free subscriptions were given to him. We tried to cancel this free subscription to Sports Illustrated and finally was able to do so on 09/01/2009 when we called 800- with a confirmation number. However on 08/27/09 49.00 was deducted from his account for this same Sports Illustrated subscription.

I tried to call Newsub Magazine Services at 877- but they gave me no option to request a refund. As I searched the internet I see where many individuals have been upset with this company for the same reason. Is there anyway you could advise me on how to receive this 49.00 refund for a magazine we cancalled and did not request?

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