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Long Island, NY

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Last updated: Dec. 2, 2017

22 Newsday Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

I paid for 26 weeks of Newsday weekly delivery in March 2017. At that time, I indicated that it is the full payment for the time of the subscription which would end in August 2017, and if I wanted to continue it, I would pay when this time period expired as I had done for a few years, always paying for the time frame I wanted to when due. We were out of town for personal reasons starting at end- August and arrangements were made for Mail delivery, and since my subscription with Newsday ended, I did not believe I had to contact them. However, Newsday continued to deliver the papers, leading to an accumulation of papers in the front of our house, which indicated to robbers that we were away, allowing an attempt to enter the premises.

In October, I received a bill for Newsday delivery that I DID NOT REQUEST. When I contacted Newsday in October to dispute this, I was told that it is their policy to continue delivery even if the paper is not paid for. I got another bill and had to call them again to first discontinue service!! (The previous call was NOT noted as a subscription cancellation!) I spoke to a supervisor who informed me that their attorneys said this is permitted. I did not want the paper, did not agree to a continued subscription and do not want to pay for a service I did not agree to have for all of the reasons above. I just got ANOTHER bill for continued delivery even though I told them to cease delivery. If a business wishes to extend a "courtesy", such as continued delivery, it is not incumbent upon the consumer to pay for such a service. Clearly, this practice should be discontinued.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

After years of paying for Newsday I called to cancel. The people at Newsday (Long Island) said, "No problem we will cancel it today". The next day I was recharged for the upcoming month. I called again and was told, “No problem we will take care of it.” The next day I received a credit for $1, not the $45 I was due. I called again and told, “We can't issue credit until later next week.” If this was a store I would have filed a criminal complaint against them. THIS IS THE REASON THAT YOU CAN'T TRUST THIS COLLECT OF CRIMINALS. DUMP NEWSDAY!!!

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

BY CHANCE I found out Newsday rates went up and my debit card was charge $398 for the 7 day Newsday. A patient of mine told me he was charged the same so I decided to check my account... By Jove I was charged that amount. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Military, SENIOR and they charged $398. I canceled... Please check your account NOW.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2016

I had been a Newsday customer for over 15 years and continuously paid my bills for the weekender subscription (Friday-Sunday) on time. I noticed a few month ago that I was receiving a Thursday delivery that I hadn't asked for and my bill was additional. I looked online and saw that the weekender subscription was $3.49 a week and the introductory rate $2.99 a week so I continued to pay the $3.49 a week (plus tip) but added a note to the bill that I never ordered a Thursday delivery.

Thursday delivery kept coming so today I called and was told that the 3.49 rate was a promotional rate (the website shows $2.99!) and that this rate increases every 40 weeks. Nowhere does it say the $3.49 is an introductory or promotional rate that increases. I was told that they were sending me Thursdays for free because of the food circulars. Free really, when the price increased! I cancelled the subscription as I detest being scammed. I would have no issue paying additional if I am advised of an increase but I was never advised. This is bad business and not having all the terms and conditions posted is wrong!!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 6, 2016

I ordered a 2-month promotion for Newsday for $40 then one day I didn't get the paper delivered. I spoke to a Miss ** who sounded more like a robot with robotic answers. I explained that I didn't get my paper and she said it was too late to get it re-delivered and notified me that I have a 52-week subscription. I told her “Where is this that I have a 52-week subscription and why can't I get the paper delivered that you didn't deliver.” She said "It's past 10am and we don't re-deliver after that." She told me that she is going to mail me a CONTRACT? All I want is the paper delivered today that I didn't receive. Her solution was to deliver it the next day. REALLY!!! Customer service at its best. They trick you into a year subscription then fail to deliver a paper when you want it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2015

David Reich-Hale and his fictional journalism. David whose email is ** posted a story that was later proven false and after showing proof of it being false, still declined to remove the article. This is the kind of journalism that should not be tolerated and needs to be addressed. He is very unprofessional and the reason no one reads the paper anymore.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2015

This is the second time Newsday upped my rate. It was $48 for Sun-Fri for years. Then $64 Jan/July only for Thursday and Sunday and now six months later it is $87. I asked them why don't they contact us. I was told it is posted in the Newsday on certain days. No one told me that and I never noticed it. They email you when you don't update your credit card so they can charge you but they can't email you when they are going to raise the rate. Really? Then why do they have your email? Only to contact you when they don't get their $. To me Newsday has gone downhill and it's all about the money. And customer service is always rude. So Newsday KEEP YOUR PAPER!! And to everyone out there, good luck!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2015

What is going on!! I can't log on to the Newsday website for at least 4 weeks. I have never had this problem before. I have been a customer for many years. If this problem doesn't get fixed soon I will cancel my subscription on July 12, 2015. I want to check my account and read Newsday articles online. I have called Newsday today numerous times regarding this situation. Their Customer Service and Technical Support Reps said "Just hang in there, they are working on it." Who's they!!! Hey Newsday your customers aren't stupid. Please stop ignoring us!!! Needless to say these statements by your customer service reps don't make me feel too confident that this problem will be rectified. I even e-mailed Editor Debbie Henley regarding this situation to no avail. I guess Newsday just wants to lose its customers to the NY Daily News. Soon to be a Former Long Time Customer.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2014

I was selling my home and placed an ad in Newsday for an open house last weekend. The address on the ad was wrong and remained uncorrected (despite notification of the error) throughout the weekend. I was never able to access the online portion of the ad although they tell me it was there somewhere (we were supposed to receive a link but never did and have now been told a link doesn't exist).

Not one person showed up. I was charged $656.45. I called to discuss this and no one could do anything about it. I left two messages for managers but they never return my calls. Although I cannot afford to spend anymore time on this, I'd at least like to have a receipt. They keep promising to email one but never do. I do not get the impression that anyone cares. This whole process has been extremely frustrating! Your time and money would be much better spent elsewhere!

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2014

I ended my subscription to Newsday on 8/4/2014. Yesterday 11/6/14, out of the blue, I receive a letter from Biehl & Biehl, Inc. - a debt collector - trying to collect $13.16. I have no record of Newsday or Biehl & Biehl ever trying to contact me concerning this matter. The supervisor at Newsday just gave me the run around claiming they tried to contact me. I was a loyal Newsday customer for over 30 years. Shame on them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2014

I have been with Newsday for quite a few years. They offered me sun-fri for $47 for every six months and never said it was for a year, etc.. I have had it for quite a few years. Then they upped it to 49.17 for the last year and 1/2. Now I was billed 106.34 for a six-month subscription with no notification. When I contacted them, they said that the subscription I had no longer was offered. I asked them why they did not contact me, and they said they don't do that. They send me emails all the time but I guess when it's about a change in a charge for it, they don't. To me that is illegal. They never said an expiration date on their offer...

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Original review: Feb. 27, 2013

On 1-13-2012, I purchased a $50 for $21 a coupon from their daily deals division. The place in question went out of business. I spent 6 months literally 27 separate times trying to get a credit. No reply from multiple ways - online, phone calls, etc. I finally called their advertising department and they issued me a $21 credit to be used on my next purchase from them (I was okay with that). Right after they issued me the credit, they shut down the daily deals division. I then contacted them again. I filled out a form to have the credit issued to my credit card and now nothing. No credit, no replies from the 2 people I actually had contact with. Nothing. This is over one year. I want a refund and a huge apology.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2013

I placed an online ad to sell a puppy and was overcharged. When I called, they said my ad was for four lines and I said I thought it was three but did do the ad on my iPod Touch so perhaps I didn't notice. Several weeks later, I again placed an online ad, this time using my laptop, and being very careful to check that the ad was three lines. I received a confirmation page that stated I would be charged $89.20 but was instead charged $115.35. When I called the Classified dept. the day the charge showed up on my account, I was told that I needed to forward them the confirmation email which I never received. It was just a confirmation page online.

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Original review: April 17, 2012

Not refunding my 2012 LI Marathon $59 charge - I signed up for the LI Marathon the end of January and my credit card was billed on 2/3/12. In the process of training for the marathon, I incurred a minor leg injury and was unable to continue training. I tried calling the phone # on the website over 20 times and kept getting hung up on, which started my frustration as I was trying to cancel my order to run the marathon on May 6th.

Finally, I reached someone in the Mitchell Field office and he was very quick and rude to me. He told me the only way I can receive my refund was to get a note from my doctor describing my injuries and he was very dismissive to me. I run my own business. I have 2 young kids I take to daycare everyday and I don’t have time to go to my doctor, incur a co-pay charge just to get a letter to cancel my marathon order and get my refund. Also, I am a loyal subscriber to Newsday for several years and did not appreciate being treated this way. $59 is $59 and I have tons of other bills to take care of. Please let me know if you can do something since Newsday is sponsoring this event and I don’t know whom else to turn to. Thanks.

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Original review: March 21, 2012

Newsday has continued to call to get me to subscribe to their paper, after telling them about 7 or 8 times already in the past year to take me off their list, because I am not interested.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2012

Newsday telemarketing has been calling us at least twice a week for over a year. We have asked them repeatedly to remove our number from their system which they say they do and we continue to receive calls. When we tell the rep that we asked to be removed from their list they say that it can take a month or two for their records to update. This is completely ridiculous. I wish I could block their most recent telemarketing number.

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Original review: Feb. 7, 2011

Upon entering the wiggles at Nassau Coliseum, I was approached by a Newsday rep. He asked me to sign up for a Newsday subscription. When I said I wasn't interested, he continued by telling me that they were offering a promotion and I would get free gift items for the kids. I asked him if I was contracted into anything by accepting the offer. He said that I was not and I could cancel at any time, but I would have to pay for the initial 52 weeks up front. I asked again if I am not bound to any sort of contract and he said no. I gave him a credit card to pay for the 52 weeks and he asked me to sign my name on the credit card receipt. I trusted that the rep was telling me the truth and I took my gifts.

A year went by and I noticed a charge for $40.00 on my Amex card. I called Newsday and they said it was for the renewal. I said, “What renewal?” It was 1 year of service. They canceled my account and now want the $40.00. They now have a collection agency calling me for $40.00. It was B&B collection at 630-653-5400. The funny part is B&B sent it back to Newsday due to no other info related to why I should pay the $40.00. I explained to the rep what happened in the store. She said that she has received a lot of complaints and the agent with whom I signed up would be reprimanded. To me that is not a solution. It does me no good. I am now told that I am being faxed a contract that I signed for Newsday to renew. This is extremely irritating.

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Original review: July 29, 2010

I walked into my local Amityville Stop N' Shop and was flagged down by a guy at a booth. He told me that if I signed up for a 'free trial subscription' I would be entered into a $100 gift card for Stop N' Shop. I don't care for their paper but I was told it was free with no strings attached whatsoever (after asking several times if there was any way that I would be committed to anything). Some months afterwards with no warning from Newsday, I get a bill from a collections agency for $63. I called them up and told them what happened and their response was that it doesn't matter that the guy straight out lied about my responsibilities and the basic facts of this program (they would 'look into it') and that I still owed them money as I had signed a 'contract'. At the time, I was not told I was signing a contract but a 'sign up sheet.'

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2010

Newsday telemarketing calls are now bordering on harassment. For weeks, they've been calling my house at all hours, asking if I'd like to subscribe to their newspaper. For weeks, I've been telling them to remove my number from their calling list. Just this morning, it happened again. After furiously telling the telemarketer that I've been asking them to take me off their list, he tried to pitch me again! I said he just wanted to get us started with the subscription and if I say yes, the phone calls would stop. What kind of nonsense is that? Needless to say, I hung up on him. I used to occasionally pick up this newspaper but they'll never get my business again.

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Original review: Feb. 20, 2009 I am a new customer with Newday. While shopping at a supermarket I was offered a FREE $100 gift card immediately to Shop Rite. I signed a contract and received the gift card. I questioned the salesperson what were the strings attached and he said only that I am locked into a year subscription. I also asked the salesperson if I am really getting a free gift card or am I paying for the card in my subscription fee and he said absolutely not.
My parents also has a daily subscription to Newsday and their charge for 8 weeks is $24 and my charge is $40. I called Newday customer service this morning and was told yes I am paying for the gift card and that they salesperson should have made it clear and they are unable to do anything about it. I fell Newsday knows exactly how they are misrepresenting the consumer and their only goal was to get another subscription. Of course, I should have read the very fine print but I fell that a representative of Newsday should be honest.
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Original review: Jan. 26, 2009 Upon entering Babies R Us I was approached by a Newsday Rep, who asked me to sign up for a Newsday subscription. When I said I wasn't interested he continued by telling me that they were offering $100 Gift Card promotion. I asked him if I was contracted into anything by accepting the Gift Card and he said that I was not, I could cancel at any time, but I would have to pay for the initial 5 weeks up front. I stated again, I am not bound to any sort of contract and he said no. I gave him a credit card to pay for the first 5 weeks and he asked me to sign my name. I did not read the contract, but who would really have the time to read the contract in the middle of Babies R Us with a baby on their hip. I trusted that the rep was telling me the truth and I took my Gift Card, bought formula and was on my way. Fast forward a couple of weeks, my husband gets laid off and I am going through my current bills to see where I can save a little money. Naturally, the Newsday subscription is not a priority, so I call to cancel only to be told that I am indeed contracted to a year, because I took the gift card. I explained to the rep what happened in the store and she said that she has received a lot of complaints and the agent with whom I signed up would be reprimanded. To me that is not a solution, it does me no good. I now am told in order to get out of the subscription I have to pay Newsday $100. I instead offer to take the remaining $75 worth of papers and call it even. The woman becomes rude and I ask to speak to a supervisor. After a week of phone tag, I finally reach Lisa. She repeats the same thing to me and is no help at all. Since the last phone call,I have found out from my father that he only pays $2.99 a week anyway, so the promotion I signed up for is no promotion at all, because it works out to be the exact same as if I was just to call up and order Newsday on my own. I am extremely irritated that this company is out there taking advantage of people in this very difficult time and I hope immediate action is taken, so no one else falls victim to their trap.
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Original review: Jan. 26, 2009 This newspaper was recently bought by Cablevision, a long island cable company.
Because Cablevision has been ripping off Long Island for years, many people are switching to Verizon FIOS. Newsday refuses to print TV listings for FIOS. They will only print them for Cablevision, which they own.
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