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Last updated: Oct. 3, 2017

23 National Readers of North America Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

In early 2016 my late wife and I subscribed to Readers for 5 magazines with the location based in Florida. Several times since my wife's death I have tried to cancel, not knowing there was a grace period to cancel until much later. They said that information would be sent to me, which I did NOT receive, and I do not recall a grace period mentioned either.

For the past few months, I've tried reasoning with them, asking to have the account cancelled, but the guy during my next to last phone conversation said it was a No Go but could cut the monthly fee down to half the amount. I called today, and the woman I spoke with (Theresa) said there was NO RECORD of my speaking with a fellow about this reduced amount and that I cannot cancel... regardless of my situation, like my wife is dead and no longer receiving the same amount of SSI as when she was alive.

There was no mention (in my conversation with the male representative) of the fact that I have to call every two months to repeat this process of getting the amount reduced, due to the system re-setting itself to the original fee of $49.90 each month. I did not receive documentation spelling out all the information required to contact the organization and/or its regional office being dealt with, in my case it was in Florida, within a decent time frame so as to cancel. There should be a clause for survivors of a marriage partner dying that allowances can be made if requested, not to mention actually sending out clear cut information about the account being initiated. The phone number I used to contact these scumbags is 1-800-269-4179.

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Original review: July 17, 2017

I received a call from the National Readers of NA in January 2017, and was offered a gift credit card for $250.00. I notice that the company was charging my credit card for 3 months and I never received the gift card. So, I stopped payment against my card. The company called stated that they were no longer being paid, I advised them that due to me not receiving the gift card that I was promise and I stopped payment on all future issues and request that they cancel my subscription and do not mail me any more magazines.

I spoken with the billing supervisor Mr. ** on around July 12 2017, concerning this issue, I was told that I cannot cancel and I was not entitle to the gift card because I stop payment after 3 months of them being paid. Mr. ** told me that I was not entitled to the gift card because of the balance that was owe them. I advised him that I paid for 3 months and never received the gift card this is the reason I stop payment. I never had any intentions of canceling, but why should I continue to make payments when they did not mail me a gift card as promise. This company is a scam and should be shut down. I no longer want the gift card and I wish that they stop sending magazines to me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 13, 2017

National Readers of North America promised magazines and a promotional watch which I didn't receive in a timely manner. So I called and canceled the order and they took my cancellation. They said they would cancel the order. I still am getting billing and collection calls.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2017

I received a bill for books I DID NOT ORDER. I tried emailing, got an email right away stating basically that they were too busy to respond. I tried calling numerous times, on hold for 20 minutes each time. This is the ** company ever. Absolutely no prompt customer service.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: March 10, 2017

A female name Jessie called me and I did subscribe to a 2 year deal to purchase 5 different magazines from this company with payments of $39.99 every other month to be taken out of my checking account. Well after 2 months of funds being taken out EVERY MONTH AND RECEIVING NO MAGAZINES, I called and spoke with Jessie and told her to cancel my account. She said it couldn't be canceled so I told her I would close my checking account. She informed me, "Well you will have a late fee every month." I told her again to just close my account. This company not only still has my account open but are taking $39.99 out of my checking account every month. Now I have to go to the bank and close my act. and open a new one and go into all my act. I pay online using my checking act. and change the information. I called to speak with Jessie again on March 6, only to find out she is now on leave???

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Original review: June 2, 2016

Neither my mother nor myself have ever done business with this company. They have continued to call us since sometime last summer. I contacted them via an e-mail address I located and told them to stop calling us after doing research about them and yet here they keep calling us. I am asking for a cease and desist.

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2015

So I guess I'm the latest person to fall for their tricks. I initially agreed because they told me I had won a diamond watch and free magazines. Anyway, I noticed a payment come off. I waited and then a second payment of $25 came off, which was reversed. This second unauthorized payment sent my account into overdraft and that immediately sent up red flags. Anyway since I couldn't find a number for them since no welcome package was sent out to me, I immediately became skeptical and assumed this was a scam, and that they got 60 bucks out of me and I called it day. Then on the 22nd of December they took $93 bucks off my account for a second payment. This infuriated me, so I called them. The call kept me on hold, it cut out. I called back, they kept me on hold, cut out. So I immediately called my bank and had them flagged for fraud.

Today I called, the CSR I spoke to was Ashley. I don't know if she was having a bad day or not but she was rude from the jump. I had to explain to her why I was calling three times and then whilst I'm speaking, she's interrupting me, yelling at me to shut up and let her speak, and then when I say to her that's no way to talk to customers, she hangs up on me. I called back and she hung up again. I called back, got a guy named Terrell. Immediately I asked to speak to a manager, he said "no problem" and put me on hold, the call goes dead. I call back it's Ashley again. She starts yelling "your cancellation period has passed and we are not releasing you." I said "I haven't received one thing from you. Who pays for a service that they won't receive?" I said I can easily go to any store and buy magazines without having to worry about the amount of money being taken off my account which keeps increasing every month.

Anyway she says "you only have 10 days to cancel", and that "subscriptions are only sent out after the 1st two months of the subscription", and that "it could take from 30 days to 16 weeks for you to receive magazines". So I said "it should take that amount of time for you take money out of my account". I said "you're charging me for something I haven't received, that's fraudulent." I said how was I supposed to know that, since it was ever said and should have been the first thing, and that was said that it takes a while for the magazines to start rolling in and that you can't leave ever. How can I have only 10 days to cancel a service that doesn't even start until January? How does that even make sense?

So then I say I want to speak with a manager, she says there is not manager. I said "Terrell just said he was going to put me on hold to speak with a manager." She was like "I'm not letting you speak to a manager for them to tell you what I'm telling you." I said "that's really not up to you. If I request to speak to a manager, then you should let me." Ashley hangs up. I call back, she keeps hanging up. I called back 6 times, she hung up every time. Then Terrell answers, I asked to speak to a manager he says "you're already told you can't speak to a manager." I said "that's not what you said when I spoke to you initially." He then hangs up on me. Then I call back Ashley answers me and I said "I'm not going to stop until I speak with a manager." She says "well I'll just keep hanging up on you."

This continues until Debbie answers the call. Then we have a discussion. I explain to her my issue, I explain I haven't received anything and I want to cancel before I receive anything, and I want my money back. I said this company has been accused of fraudulent activities and before I go any further with them, especially after the horrendous customer service experience, I want to end it. She then tells me during that 30 min call I had with them when they were pushing the product, that I had agreed to them saying 3 days to cancel, which was played for me but I do not recall that I had 3 days to cancel (probably due to bad service since the call quality on my end was put clear and consistent), which I also said I didn't even question not being able to stop the service?

I said does that seem right? If I can no longer financially risk paying for these services what am I supposed to do. They told me to pay them $500 dollars and they will write it off. Even though I haven't received one magazine they are refusing to cancel the subscription. Never let this happen to you and I don't know what I'm going to do, but I know I can't afford this commitment and I won't be badgered into.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2015

Three years ago they called me while I was at work, told them no, did not want magazines. If I want one, I buy it. I was raised to not hang up on people. He would not take no for an answer. Badgered and bullied till I said fine. I called back within 15 minutes and cancelled. I called back the next day to verify that the cancellation went thru. I was assured it had. I was told my credit card info had been deleted. I have never received a bill. Was never charged. Then 2 months later, all sorts of magazines started coming. I called and was told to not worry about it. I was told everything would be cancelled.

Magazines kept coming. Titles I hate! Titles I would NEVER take! Today I received a letter from a collection company for almost $900. I called them and was treated like a moron! The jerk I talked to said I should have kept all that info. When I threatened to go to the authorities, he laughed and said good luck. They would just laugh at someone who won't pay their debts! Not one letter or email from them... EVER. Now this company will not talk to anyone. I have tried to call 4 times. Been put on hold for 20 minutes, then the line disconnects.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 9, 2015

My name ** is very common; I was sent a final notice bill for $34.94. This bill is the first sent. I did not order the book. I don't read nor interested in the content of the book. I have written a letter asking for more information. I refuse to send a payment just because it stated final notice. I can only imagine how many senior citizen are targeted with threats as this. If ten persons send in $34.94 this would quickly add up to a great sum. The joke is that I am legally blind and hard of hearing, I don't use the computer. My wife does all financial transactions. I don't use the Name **. So this is a red flag that this bill is fraudulent. This company has violate mail surface and I guess focus in the elderly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 29, 2015

A few years ago I got a call saying I had signed up for 2 years of magazines. I told the guy I didn't intend to do that and please cancel the subscription. I was in Wal-Mart at the time. He argues and refuses to cancel. I hang up - he calls back. Refuses to take no for an answer. I take them, agree to pay and after I've paid like $150.00 over a period of time they call and say I owe for 3 more years. I told them I don't want them but they argue and refuse. I hang up. I had already told them by then I was going through a divorce, had no job no money. "We'll put it on your credit card." I told them I never wanted it in the first place and I can afford it. I ended up doing it then calling and cancelling the card. They refuse to take no for an answer. I tried blocking the number but they call from different ones. Now they threaten to turn it over to a collection agency. What to do?!! I don't even receive the magazines.

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Original review: March 24, 2015

I received a call from this company with a deal of getting 13 magazines and only paying for 3 subscriptions. I've paid 5 months of payments and have only received a few of the magazines I ordered. I stopped payments and have been receiving harassment calls for payments from them and now a collection agency threatening me legal action. I'm living on disability and don't have the money they want for this. I have been scammed. They are saying I owe $743.20 for magazines I'm not even getting! Please contact me if there is a class action suit against this company. They are ripping people off and bullying the elderly! I stopped payments because 3 subscriptions shouldn't cost such a high amount of money. If I would order directly from the magazines I chose 3 subscriptions weren't even $100 and they are charging $700+? How am I getting 10 magazines free? Again, beware, this company is scammers!

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2015

I could not pay my regular bills because of the money you stole from me. I am writing the BBB today. I am laid up disabled person and I want my life back like it was before I ever talked to one of your people. I moved from White Deer TX to Panhandle, TX. None of the magazines have ever been moved so I am paying for someone else to be entertained. This so called little bit of money is a lot of money from someone in my circumstance. I am having life problems with this. Like paying my water bill each month is more important than a damn magazine or having food is way way more important. This company is a big rip off.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2014

I received a phone call about a magazine subscription and I only had to pay a total of 3 payments and that would cover the magazines for the next 20 months. I'm thinking this is a good deal because my mom loves magazines and I'm always buying them at the grocery store. However, upon receiving the initial letter from them it states that I agreed to pay an amount of $49.90 for the next 20 months.. I politely told them No (you know what, I didn't)...who does that and do you know how much money that is over the time period for ** paper?? I have been trying for months to get out of this and have not been able to.. Please tell me how to get out of this.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2014

I just got a call Thursday saying that they were contacting me from Publishers Clearing House and because I was a preferred customer I was being entered into a $25,000 Sweepstakes and I was also going to be sent a diamond watch, free 3 years subscription to 3 mags, they named them but told me I could switch them up at any time. Plus I would get an 3 mags per month at a cost of $3/month per magazine. They then started I would be getting the info in the mail within the next few days. 5 minutes later I got a call from a "supervisor" to go over everything and get my cc information, because Visa Mastercard, American Express and one other I can't recall were sponsors of the "deal".

The card I gave them was a pay as you go card and so the woman I was speaking to kept talking to me. I guess until she saw if the payment went through .... I knew it did not as I had not put any money on it. She told me the payment didn't go through, asked if I had another card and I said no. I asked her how much the payment was and was told $53.50. She said she's going to call me back on Monday. They tried to take $73.44 off my card. I did some thinking and figured out that taking $73.44/month from me over 12 months was $881.28 but 3 mags per month at $3 each/month is actually only $324 over the 3 years ... $557.28 less than what they were trying to get from me. Hopefully it's not too late to tell them to stick their order ... you know where! I wish I had known of the complaints prior to the call. But in hindsight they always say ... If it sounds too good it probably is.

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Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Sept. 14, 2013

I had reported them to BBB of Cleveland, Ohio and the next day yesterday I received a call from a Supervisor named Stacey. She wanted to offer me a shorter subscription to be paid for 6 mos. I said I've paid for 14 months and really don't want the magazines, because of the money and I can't get thru them to read.

She said the publishers won't return the subscription $ they give them, I said that that is an issue they need to resolve but then you are putting on the consumer. Who without the publisher and NRS aka HRS would make no money and that is not my problem with all due respect. We discussed things how stressful this had become and she realized I was not interested and got no benefit from their service. She said she was CANCELLING my subscription and would send a letter out to me and they will worry about the

the publisher.

I know that they can write off losses on their corporate taxes as I worked for the IRS for 16 yrs. I must say she was very nice about it, but I know you have to keep your head and talk reasonably to people till you get them to see your side of things. I hope she follows through...just saying...

Original review: Sept. 12, 2013

National Reader Service aka/dba Hallmark Readers Service - As everyone else I got the call regarding sweepstakes. I must have been having a bad day or a weak moment but I took the subscription. I know better but am on a fixed income and don't always feel well. Anyway, I am getting the magazines and have paid regularly on time. I saw in the contract that the total is $900 and that it's for 4 years. Well of course that was not told to me then. Today I called 888-369-7323 to cancel; I can't afford to throw any more money away on magazines I can't possibly read and don't usually get to either. I got a script of - “We made a commitment to our publishers, and can't cancel. We can change your payment or you can gift the magazines.” I asked for a supervisor. Apparently they have to be summoned by computer. I was enraged. I worked a Government call center and the supervisors are near their employee units. What about the consumer, who without, there would be no call center? I emailed hinting that I will get legal advice. Their payment site says they don't cancel after it goes to the publisher, hockey puck for sure. I need to get this cancelled. I am going to call the manager who gave his # during the initial call. I will inform of the outcome.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2013

I received a call from Reader Services concerning magazines and a gold watch. I was billed $39.90 per month but didn't receive magazines that I requested. I called the company at the number listed on my bank account and spoke with someone (who became very rude when I asked them to cancel my subscriptions) who informed me that I couldn't cancel my subscription. I informed the person that I was calling my bank and stopping future payments. It will cost me $30.00 to cancel all future payments to them but it is worth it.

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Original review: March 25, 2013

Somehow, I signed up for a subscription to some magazines on the internet. I don't remember signing up but the person told me that I had a contract and if I didn't pay the monthly charge, to get out of the contract would be $750. This was several months ago. I have had magazines delivered that I never chose - ESPN, Sports, no way. I just paid again and was offered a bargain; if I wanted out of my contract, the fee would be $499.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2012

I got a call from National Readers' Service this morning informing me that I'd won a diamond watch. I've been around long enough to smell a scam, so I asked the telemarketer for NRS' address and phone number; this was given. She said that they were located at Virginia Beach. I knew the place had been hit by hurricane Sandy, so I casually asked about the weather. She described flooding and debris. So far, so good. Further questions prompted her to tell me that NRS has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau; this I doubt based on what I've been able to learn on the Internet. If anyone out there has actually received a diamond watch, instead of a bunch of ** magazines, they should say so on this site. If you're like me, you'll find that the line goes dead as soon as you tell them you'll talk about magazine subscriptions after you get the watch.

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2010

Okay. I got this call from these people about a deal of a diamond watch and a deal of a magazine subscriptions of $39.31. I put a stop to it by cancel the payment from my bank. I don't want them to keep sending me payments after I cancelled. I have heard about this company being a scam and cannot locate them.

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Original review: June 15, 2010

Starting April this Jesus ** called me to "help" me. He said that I signed up for magazines and the subscription had run out and he was going to help me keep hordes of people calling me to sell me magazines. All I had to do was pay $59. For 20 mo for 5 mag for 5 years. I said I had not been receiving any, didn't want any. I was on the telephone for 45 min with him telling me that it was a federal law that I signed up and I had to pay. I told him if I paid that I couldn’t buy my heart meds, that I would have to sell the mags on the street , that I would have to sell my body to be able to afford that. He didn't care. I finally told him to do his worst and to crane it.

I've been getting regular calls now usually at 6pm or 9pm.I don't know that it's the same company but it is a readers service. Of course when I call the # back it's disconnected. My husband told him one time that the call would be recorded. He hung up. I don't expect this to end. From what I read from others experiencing this that they turn it over to a collection agency. I would like to do something about it before that happens. I canceled that credit card before they got any money. They tried to tell me that the # was updated. I doubt it. This has got to be a crime.

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Original review: March 21, 2010 These people are calling me 10 times a day (no exaggeration). The first time I answered, they said it was to thank me for using my credit card ending in 4 digits that were not familiar and said that they wanted to send me a Target credit card and I don't know what else. So, is this Target stores? When I said that the card was not mine and that I didn't appreciate their call, they hung up. But they keep calling. Except now, when I answer, they hang up without speaking!

The annoyance of my phone ringing all day for no reason.

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Original review: Nov. 2, 2009 I received a call from them and they asked for me by name. They stated that they were calling regarding my Visa credit card ending in 9149. At present I don't have a card ending in those numbers. When I asked about what company they were from they hung up. They had been calling for about the last 3 weeks off and on and I finally decided to answer thinking they were soliciters for magazines. Definately sounds like a scam to me!!!
7 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 23, 2009 Dear Sir/Madam:
I received telemarketing call about subscription of magazines, National Reader Services 1709 SO. BRADDOCK AVE # 166 PITTSBURGH, PA 15218 Ref: Account # VZ019816-8 1-877-608-2470 I was told by telemarketing sales person that this is just promotion and membership can be cancel after trial. I received the bill of $208.25, while I already have paid $68.28 in July. I am college student and don’t work, I called customer service and found them kind of forcing to remain member for next 2 years and have to make these payments. Please help me to close this account and ask to refund from balance amount and resolve this issue. I don’t want to reflect this on my credit that might have effect on my career. I will appreciate all help regarding this. Hassan Ul Haq 1322 Grapevine Dr Allen Tx 75002 214-495-0491
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