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I'm a smoker now a days that's frowned upon. I buy my cigs from Wawa or Hess. My husband brought me home a pack. I opened them and there were three missing. For the amount of money I pay this should not happen. This is the first time it has ever happened that's why I was so surprised!

I smoke. I have been smoking this brand for many years. When I signed up for the special offers and filled in the entire information that they needed I got a "we cannot verify your age. Please call the 1800 number below". WTF!!! I gave them the same information. Yes this included the address that I have had for 8 years and they still cannot VERIFY!!! Are you ** kidding me? So you not show it because you as a company do not want to offer promotions to the consumer (especially if they have been loyal to you since 2001). I have been forking out money left and right for your sorry excuse for a company for years and this is how you treat a consumer! Should I switch to Kools and Newports? I think I just might! Sincerely, A very Unhappy Consumer.

I wrote them about their last promo which you have to download an app on a Smart Phone to enter their contest. Usually all contests require an alternate form of entry but theirs doesn't have one. They told me pretty much, too bad so sad. I told them not everyone can afford a smart phone but they could care less. The last promo Red Moon was such a joke and even crashed on the day you were to enter. AFTER MAKING you enter every week for months to collect the entries, then the site would not let you even enter them!! They settled by sending everyone an ASH TRAY as a consolation, that is bull crap! I just figure they are above reproach. Just sucks. Thanks for listening! :)

I just found out I was blocked by Marlboro for signing for their coupons and free gifts because suspicious tampering. I run a boarding home for the mentally challenged clients and they smoke like a horse. Got them enrolled so they can get their discount coupons which makes them excited to save a little bit of money and enjoy their free gifts which is one in a million, and Marlboro consumer affairs was like “No. This is suspicious.” I was like “What? You offer this and now you think someone is abusing the contest?” Wow. As much money you charge for a pack of cigs and now it is like we are abusing your promotion. I was set back by this and now I have 7 clients upset. Thanks Marlboro for making their day. Moving on to a different brand.

I bought a pack of Marlboro Menthols soft pack (r180x05c1 or bar code 283592). Every cigarette in the pack had pin holes. Too much money for nothing! I’m switching brands! It’s too hard to get Marlboro’s help!

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Yesterday, I bought a pack of Marlboro Smooth 100's and the whole pack was stale. No one likes to smoke stale cigarettes. It was ** that I wasted money on a pack I cannot smoke. I will never buy that kind again! I am very angry with what happened.

I recently bought 4 cartons of Marlboro 100 full-flavor cigarettes, and when I opened the cartons there were at least 4 to 5 packs in them that had 2 or 3 cigarettes broken. I had bought them for myself as I am a heavy smoker and now I can’t enjoy the cigarettes that I just bought and don’t have the money to buy anywhere else. I am very unsatisfied with the situation, and when I called about making a complaint, the representative laughed at me then hung up on me after telling me someone would get back at me within 2 days.

I never heard from anyone since. I am unhappy and unsatisfied with the results that it has been a week since I have called and there still hasn’t been a call, so I am making a formal complaint on here and making sure that I bring this to court if something isn’t figured out soon. I have paid for my cartons and now no longer have the money, and in the state of Maine, cartons are expensive and not cheap either, especially for a carton of Marlboros. Will someone please call me and let me know what is going to be done about this, or please email me instead. Emailing me would be the best way to get a hold of me as I am working about 95% of the time on my own business. Thank you for reading this and, hopefully, replying back to me.

I was recently cleaning out an old file cabinet, and happened to find over 2000 Marlboro miles. I remembered that I called them Re: the miles. I stopped smoking about 5-6 years ago, but I wanted to redeem them. I spoke to and argued with an agent who asked me if I was still smoking Marlboros.

When I told them I had quit,(my brother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer) he told me that since I was no longer smoking their product,I was no longer entitled to cash in the miles. I just read today that Marlboro discontinued their miles awhile ago. But I'm sure I recently saw the packs with miles on them. Is their anything I can do to redeem those miles. That's over 2000 packs of cigarettes I purchased over the years.

I sent in enough "miles" to receive the 2-way frs/gmrs Wristwatch Radio, Model #x32x-2. These were delivered to my home, however they never worked. They came with no phone number or address to return them to. I have no way to exchange them for working ones or something else in the catalog. I could have saved a lot of money buying cheaper cigarrettes but chose Marlboro because of the great "miles" program.

i have been a customer of Marlboro for years and this year concerning the miles was very disturbing. from April to September i saved almost 3000 useless Marlboro barcodes. i was purchasing them by the pack and never thought that because there was not 5 miles printed on the barcode that there would be a problem until September when my room mate informed me that they were useless. i was not a happy camper not even when i found out this was your last year. i could not order Marlboro gear this year because of almost 3000 useless Marlboro pack barcodes i had to give the rest of my miles to a friend to complete her order and i went without this year. i had to throw those real close to 3000 in the trash because you said you wouldn't honor them. i am asking you as a faithful customer of yours to make things right with me so i can continue to be a faithful customer. i have sent e-mails since September obviously to the wrong place. i have not received an answer that i am satisfied with. please make things right.

thanks connie ****

I got some coupons from Marlboro. I went to the store to use them. The cashier told me they don't take them. I asked him why and he told me that Marlboro will not pay them back for the coupons. So I left and went to a different store. Well the same thing happened. They would not take the coupon. I went to every store in town and I mean every store. No one in Poplar Bluff will take Marlboro coupons.

I sent in 10,600 Marlboro coupons to redeem several incentive gifts. Also included $24.00 postage. They had 3 items on back order. Instead of keeping the coupons for the back ordered merchandise, they returned them to me. I called Customer Service and they said, "Just keep them."

Today (7-6-06) I called them because I received a letter from them requesting I return the coupons for the back ordered merchandise. They want me to send back the coupons at my expense although it was their mistake. This is the most negative publicity they could hope to obtain from someone who has been using their product for over 30 years.

Just a follow up of some of the complaints I read about the Marlboro Party Pack back in 2000 . I did the same thing as everyone else when the offer came for the gas barbecue grill, cd player, camcorder, $100.00, gift certificates from Omaha Steaks, disposable cameras and coolers .I know that it was an offer only for a limited amount of people before the set deadline .

You can only imagine that there was a mob of people trying to get that offer . Even though there was a deadline , there was also a certain amount of people that could have gotten the deal . The offers were gone as soon as it started so even if there were 3 weeks left before the deadline ,it was maxed out way before . I remember the whole deal and I did actually get the Party Pack . Just a brighter side to the people that didn't read into what was actually going on ..............

send in miles for order received letter back on jan.3,2006 stating that you would return miles and money for order not processed. have yet to receive anything. cust #700676906 order # 248660706

My name is James ****,

I had received two firestorm 12V drills used on for a year and one half, model #'s on the bottom of the drill being (2001135652)and (2001135653)form the use of Marlboro miles . The chargers that were used for powering these drills no longer work and will not charge any of my suck n decker drills. Now for this I must obtain compensation for my problem 2 more new chargers, thank you.

P.S. I am now thinking of going to burn all of my Marlboro Miles being(128,000) not kidding I am a 50 year old man that has smoked all of my life so please let me have those chargers.

In September, 2005, I sent in my miles and a check for $24.00 for Marlboro Gears. I have been ordering Marlboro Gears for almost 8 years. This is the first time I have not received the products within a reasonable time. It have been 5 months. I have a copy of my product list and cancel check if you would like a copy of them. When can I expect my gear?

never received my items from the redemption of my saved Marlboro miles. I'm pretty pissed off. i hope they offer coffins in their next catalog because i might need one.

I have been trying for 2 years to get a marlboro catalog. I have spoken to reps on the phone, and through e-mail. My response was that I received a catalog before, so I can't have another one. I have moved since my last catalog several years ago, and all I'm trying to do is get a new one. I feel that this is terrible customer service, and I'm very frustrated. I've wasted enough time.

I sent in 125 Marlboro miles so I could get the $25 on my rewards card (prepaid credit card). They said I sent the order form in, but no miles were enclosed. So I did it again, but this time I didn't send my order number or another order form. Well, I didn't have another order form. Altogether I talked to about 9 different representatives, and each time I had to describe the situation, which was an annoying hassle. I even wrote a letter asking someone to respond to my miles getting stolen. So, after five times of sending them 125 miles, I still don't think I will get my $25 on my card like they promised. After reading the other complaints about Phillip-Morris, I'm beginning to think all they are is a scam. All the representatives were rude and impatient and not helpful.

This is not a complaint. I have read all the bad things about the Marlboro Miles that people have sent in and did not receive their items. Ever since Marlboro have been doing promotions I have been sending my miles in and always got what I've ordered. If I did not get them they sent them again.

I ordered 3 watches 2003, was only sent 2. When I contacted Marlboro Gear, they said I was only allowed 2 watches. I ask them to return a coupon for the 900 miles and a refund of $4.85/S&H. That was Dec. 2003. Today Dec. 2004 and 20 calls later, still no mile or money. Although everyone I speak to is going to get right on it, and resolve this matter. "Ha ha!"

Where are my items that I sent in for with my Marlboro Miles. They were sent in Aug 28th,2003 and I still have not received them. Along with $75.00. I would like either my money back or the items I sent for. Thank You Julie **** 3/18/04

On 4/2000, I was sent a promotion/contest order form from Marlboro stating that if I call on May 5 at 12 noon, and if I qualify, me and 4 other friends will be the lucky recipients of "Party in a Box" which consisted of 1 Weber bbq grill, 5 Polaroid disposable cameras, a Canon camcorder, 5 $50 gift certificates to Omaha Steaks, an Aiwa stereo system and 2 Coleman coolers.

Here was the catch: we had to save up 2500 miles (1 pack consists of 5 miles). So we saved up and sent our miles well before the deadline for the promotion. We were supposed to receive our gifts within 6-8 weeks. After months of speaking to numerous customer service representatives, which were extremely rude, impatient, and very unhelpful, we now are in the month of August 2001!

For 11 months now, we have heard the same thing over and over again, "call back in 3 weeks when our system is updated" or better yet, "I am sorry but you are not in our system and we are unable to help you".

What is interesting is I have an official letter from Phillip Morris stating that we did qualify and will be receiving all of these gifts as soon as they receive our completed form and our miles. What really burns me up is that I spoke to someone in their consumer affairs department last November she was very apologetic and promised that we will receive it ASAP, still no "Party in a Box".

Finally, I recently called the consumer affairs division to find out what is the status, the representative told me that I never qualified for this promotion and that I was to receive a complimentary gift only! If that was the case (which it wasn't) where is the complimentary gift? I asked how they could do this to their customers, and why they enticed us to purchase so many cigarettes?

He said in a stern voice "Listen, no one made you buy anything, it is not our fault that you are not entitled to this promotion and besides this promo was over last year why are you bothering us about this now, I am sorry but the promotion is over and we can't help you!" At this point, I am at my wit's end I don't know what to do and I would like to speak to someone that will be honest and straightforward with me. I wish Marlboro would stop the deceptive promotions, by doing this they are squirming their way into the consumers wallet! It isn't fair.

If Phillip Morris didn't have enough of this "Party in a Box" to go around they should have limited the number of recipients, but instead they deceived us and made us purchase their cigarettes (which totaled $2,250, considering Marlboro is not our regular brand of cigarettes nor will they ever be!) I let Marlboro know that I was going to write a letter to our local congressman and they (more or less) said "go ahead they can't do a thing to us".

The deception surrounding a barbecue grill and a couple of cheap cameras is nothing compared to the deception that leads people like Sera to take up smoking in the first place.

I mailed in my miles to Marlboro with my check of close to $20.00. This was in 1999. I have never received that order. I have called them on numerous occasions. I have sent the requested items including a copy of front and back of cancelled check. Still, I have not received my order. When I call Marlboro, all I seem to get is a runaround. I spent a lot of money on Marlboro cigarettes and I have nothing to show for it.

I sent in my miles for the 10 items allowed per catalog and a check for $15.00 for shipping and handling. Along with my order, I sent in a photo of my driver's license. I have called several times and have always been told that the order is being processed. And then I started receiving letters stating that I never sent in my ID. I have sent in 7 photo copies of my ID or the past several month and one was even by express mail to the customer service itself. Now when I call they tell me that the order has been canceled and the check was mailed last Fall. The last time I received a letter from them was April of 2001, they still were wanting my ID to process the order. I told them that I never received my payment back or my miles. I asked to speak to someone higher up and they told me that I could not have another phone number to do so. I have ordered from Marlboro for many years and have never had this much trouble.

I sent in my miles for the 10 items allowed per catalog and a check for $15.00 for shipping and handling. Along with my order I sent in a photo of my driver's license. I have called several times and have always been told that the order is being processed.

And then I started receiving letters stating that I never sent in my ID. I have sent in 7 photo copies of my ID or the past several month and one was even by express mail to the customer service itself. Now when I call they tell me that the order has been canceled and the check was mailed last Fall. The last time I received a letter from them was April of 2001, they still were wanting my ID to process the order. I told them that I never received my payment back or my miles. I asked to speak to someone higher up and they told me that I could not have another phone number to do so. I have ordered from Marlboro for many years and have never had this much trouble.

I ordered several items that were to be gifts for Christmas. I had already told them about it and we were anxiously waiting for the items. I had to explain that they would be late and then finally told them they were not coming. How embarrassing.

This is the second time that Marlboro Gear has not sent my gear out to me and took my money. I did receive a check back from the first time, after numerous calls and complaints. This last time I had close to 6,000 miles sent in and never received anything, no gear, no explanation, no miles, no check, not anything. Several phone calls have been made, and I was given the run around about it's not in the computer showing what was ordered, but my name was put in the computer for the order. I'm very upset that a major company this big can't keep up with their mail and send people what they paid for and deserved. I will not participate an any of the Marlboro Gear programs, until Marlboro can hold up their end of the deal. Which is give their customers what they paid and saved for.

I mailed 7,375 marlboro miles in certified mail to Phillip Morris USA, marboro customer service. I received a letter stating that i have only sent 1,475, and that i should send an additional 5,900. I believe this is unfair, I counted very carefully and don't see how there can be such a large discrepancy.

Marlboro has cashed a personal check in the amount of $15.00 in March of 2000, but I have not received merchandise that was ordered with Marlboro Miles.

Having smoked their cigarettes since they were included in my sea rations in Vietnam, to say Im a bit upset would be an understatement. I have tried to work out the following problem by numerous phone calls to both Marlboro Gear promotion and to customer relations dept.

On 6/17/00 I sent a check and appropriate mileage for a leather jacket, and 2 other small items. After my original order I received a letter noting they could not make out my government-issued ID (NYS pistol permit). I subsequently sent a copy of my current NYS Drivers License. After that I hear nothing. I was hoping to give the jacket as a Christmas present.

I started calling in Feb. 2001 inquiring as to the whereabouts of my merchandise. I continued to call and on 3/26/01 I was told they were going to re-send an ID for me to fill out. I never heard anything. Im tired of being lied to and shuffled around their system. They cashed my check in Sept. 2000 and I have nothing to show for my order.

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